NBA / Dec 9, 2008 / 11:11 am

Is Chris Duhon An All-Star?

After posing the questions, “Is Rajon Rondo An All-Star?,” “Is Jose Calderon An All-Star?” and “Is Derrick Rose An All-Star?,” at an editorial meeting yesterday we decided that Chris Duhon has played his way into consideration.

Although he wasn’t even mentioned in the “10 Potential All-Star Snubs” in the Eastern Conference, Duhon is currently playing out of his mind. With the surprising Knicks 9-11 record owing mostly to the fact that they’ve been playing with only seven guys, Duhon has been everything the Knicks hoped he could be (and more) when they signed him this summer. Basically, he’s been D’Antonized.

Through 20 games, Duhon is averaging career highs in points (12.1), assists (8.3), rebounds (3.6), steals (1.2) and, significantly, minutes (40.2). The dimes he’s dropping is good enough for fourth in the League, a true testament to a point guard playing in Mike D’Antoni‘s system.

“Duhon already has five games with double-digit assists – as many as he had in the previous three seasons combined. Two weeks ago, he dished out 22 assists in a victory over Golden State, breaking a 50-year-old Knicks record.”

In Sunday’s win over Detroit, the captain had a season-high 25 points and nine assists, and until the Knicks find a backcourt teammate to spell Duhon, expect more of the same.

What do you think? Is Duhon an All-Star?

Source: New York Times

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  • MSkittle

    Nah, he’s balling though

  • muwu

    Gotta wonder how long he’s gonna last with him playing 40 mins a night, he’s bound to have nothing left in the tank at the end of the season

  • Bill

    Maybe, with those offensive numbers and his respectable D…he is definitely in the running. Especially if the Knicks can get over .500. I think the big-3 in Boston will all make the team…so in my mind, that actually hurts Rondo’s chances. Toronto is pretty bad so far, and with JO & Bosh…they should be much better. Jose can’t make it, unless they go on a run.

    If he doesn’t make the team, might be a candidate for most improved player.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4 fallinup

    Most improved…sure. But I don’t see the consistency enough. You look at his game by game stats, and you can tell if the Knicks were playing against a mediocre/poor team by what he put up.

    Credit D’Antoni for really putting a fire in this team. And credit Duhon for picking his game up. But he’s no allstar.

  • justice(knicks fan)

    Forever a backup, the east is really shitty with the pg spot A.I will get one and the coaches will vote in D.Rose, im not drinking the duhon juice just yet, he is the new anthony johnson that’s his ceiling

  • Mike

    If the Knicks are a couple of games above .500 and he is still putting heads to bed, not only will he deserve to be an All Star but you have to consider him top 3 PGs in the East.

    But we all know All Star selections are glorified popularity contests and unless he puts a little swag into his game, he’ll be overlooked by the casual basketball fan. That’s why Iverson will start as the East’s starting PG over Devin Harris….say I’m lying…say I’m lying!!!

  • got them..SCOOBY DO’s

    No…Duhon is not an AllStar…he’s player good ball…but not an AllStar….The east is weak…let’s see what he does over the course of the season….

    Why do you guys want to label AllStar to a guy after he has a couple of nice games….

  • Mark

    The Knicks suck and his numbers arnt overwhelming…..so no hes not an all star. He is a good player however and the east isnt exactly stacked with great point guards? Will Iverson qualify as a point guard? if so I see him gettin the votes for the start just because of who he is and what hes done, not because of this seasons numbers.

    East All star starters –

    D Wade

  • http://jumpman23.com Christian Grant-Fields

    He hasn’t just had a couple of good games. The dude has been solid all year.

    If the All-Star game is supposed to measure a player’s performance thus far this year why shouldn’t he be considered?

    I was a Duhon hater. I was so mad the Knicks got him. But, I am not gonna front, the dude is putting in work.


  • justice(knicks fan)

    Id take Iverson at anything involving basketball over chris duhon, h-o-r-s-e,dribbling drills,suicides…he plays his role well which is play d and distribute the ball but he’s mediocore on his best day mo williams,id even take rondo the knicks have to break 500 for him to have a shot..and d.Rose is just nasty and there’s a lot of hype surronding him he’ll get it

  • http://www.k1x.com Mr. K1X

    ya’ll buggin wit this all-star stuff.

    is the league so wack that anybody putting up decent numbers is an all-star snub?? duhon will never be an all-star. he has no swagger and a solid game.

    chill wit all that

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    No. No consistency.

    12 ppg and 8.2 apg don’t make you an all star. Nate Robinson averages more points and more rebounds.

  • http://housethatglanvillebuilt.blogspot.com/ Reverend Paul Revere

    No. No. No. A thousand times no. Especially with Rose, Calderon, Rondo and Devin Harris. Right now, the starting five shouldn’t even have a true point in the East: Howard, Bosh, LeBron, Wade and Joe Johnson. No room for someone average 12 and 8.

  • Mike

    Again, I’ll take 2008 Duhon over 2008 Iverson..anyday!

  • P_Dizzle

    No, but I would put him closer to an All-Star than Rondo.

    Chances are there will only be one MAYBE two actual PG’s in the All-Star game. So nope it’ll be Harris and Rose/Calderon battling for the 2nd nod.

    Someone made a blog when Duhon was in Chicago that showed how much of a loser he was. Where is that link? Now is the time for that link to be shown, and put this Duhon All-Star talk to rest!

  • Ross

    He’s 3rd on your East PG lists, ahead of Rondo.

  • mules

    He’s definitely playing well enough to deserve consideration and if the rosters were decided on this season’s play alone, I think he gets in (Harris, Duhon, Rose, maybe Rondo). But since it’s really just a popularity contest for the starting spots (A.I) and the reserve spots can often be chosen based on pedigree/career stats, I don’t see Duhon making the cut this year.

    That being said, he’s definitely a Fantasy All-Star. Got CP3 with the first overall pick and Duhon with the last…with the numbers Duhon’s puttin up I’m almost regretting not taking Lebron.


    NO!!!!! Duhon plays for a coach who makes everybody seem like all-stars… For example, marion, he is not even close to becoming an all-star this year because he doesnt play for d’antoni. David lee is playing like an all star, but would he be a potential all star without D’antoni??? (I think not)

    Also look at nash this year, he’s not playing like an all-star, why? because d’antoni is not there!

    Duhon just benifits from the style of play, anyone would benefit from the knicks style of play. ‘Run and Gun’ and no defense.

    rondo, calderon, and harris are infront of him. Period.

  • Mike

    All Star selection has nothing to do with consistently in terms of year to year. Selection to an All Star team is based on a player’s production for that given year. All this talk of consistency is unfounded. Name 2 PGs in the east that have been playing equal or better than Duhon other than Harris.

  • George W Kush Sr

    What are yall smoking? My shit obviously aint as strong as yours, can you hook a nigga up?

    Duhon aint no All-Star. Numbers are nice, if he was to keep it up all year, then maybe next year. But within this 7 man Knick rotation, even David Lee has scored over 30 points in a game, that dont make him no offensive threat. And benching Marbury dont make Duhon an Allstar.

  • TJ

    No, not enough scoring (especially considering the pace they play at) to be an All-Star.

  • George W Kush Sr

    @ mike :

    D.Rose. M.Williams

  • TJ


    True, no one has mentioned Mo Williams yet. He’s putting up good numbers on a much better team.

  • jjankechu

    Hell no, this is chris freakin duhon! I think he’s pretty much established his baseline talent level and it sure as hell isn’t all-star level?

    Although maybe he should get an ASG sympathy vote–40 minutes per must really be putting a hurt on his party game.

  • http://www.where2hoop.com Jason

    He is ballin. I didn’t like him when he was on the Bulls,but he is doing he’s thing. Derrick Rose is way better then him and should be an all star!


  • Three Stacks

    If you’re asking, “Will he make the team?” then I would say no. But if he did make it, I wouldn’t be that upset about it. Guy is ballin right now, especially the past couple weeks.

    He’s averaging 8.5 assists a game, which is 2nd to Calderon in the East. He only avgs about 13 a game, but that’s still more than Rondo. And he’s had a 22 assist game already. If the Knicks keep hovering around .500 and he gets that FG% up a bit, they might not be able to keep him off.

  • Celts Fan

    @3 Stacks, sure, better averages than Rondo, with 10 MPG more and NO DEFENSE AT ALL. If you want #s that get juiced in a crazy system, grab Duhon, if you want a piece that helps you WIN (“You play to win the game!”), take Rondo (or Harris or Rose.)

  • j from la


  • AB_40


    Rondo isn’t either, Rose isn’t either, and Calderon might be a 12th man… Face it if these guys are all stars the east still sucks… which it does… I don’t think cleveland is a contender they’re definetly not better then utah and san antonio… I don’t thinks they’re better then houston (whenever they’re healthy which will NOT happen this season:c ) the west is still a lot better and deeper then the east… boston is tops, LA is seccond but I don’t see them clashing in the finals this season… LA is a regular season type team not a real championship team… I just don’t see them winning

  • Three Stacks

    @ AB_40

    What exactly about the Lakers makes them “not a real championship team?”

    @ Celts Fan

    Since they play no defense in the All-Star game anyway, you completely proved my point for me.

  • Juanito

    more of an All Star than Ramon Rondo…no doubt…peace

  • J Tok

    he’s no all star, but he’s keepin the knicks alive

  • Three Stacks

    LOL @ Ramon Rondo

  • Lanfeas

    no way.

  • Richard Wellner

    fallinup at post #4 said it best, and that’s the bottom line.

  • http://yahoo.com eddy

    if u dont average 20 or more points a game, u should not be on the ballot….the only exception is if u dont average 20 points than u have to at least average 10 assists or more than 10 rebounds.

  • masterp

    hey aron,

    what are you smokin’??? Seriously!

  • analord

    looking at stats alone, it’s funny how Chris Duhon had (sometimes) put up Marbury numbers while Marbury doesn’t have anything close to the typical Chris Duhon numbers..

    no i don’t think Duhon’s all star worthy yet…he’s playin’ really well and playing beyond pretty much everyone’s expectations though..

  • Jeremy J

    @#18 JCarr

    He said it best. It’s the system people. Nash would never have sniffed an MVP without D’Antoni as his coach, just like we wouldn’t be talking about this clown as an all star if not for his coach. I can name at least 5 better pgs in the east

    1. D-Ha
    2. Rose
    3. Rondo
    4. Calderon
    5. Ramon Sessions…if you watch him you’d know, the kid plays like a vet and if the dumbass Bucks would sit little Luke Ridnour and give Sessions minutes soley at the 1 people would know

  • Juanito

    Bibby before Ramon Rondo as well. Jameer Nelson too. And Andre Miller. And TJ Ford.

  • dano

    yeah this is a perfect example of a system meshing well with a player. how can a point not get crazy numbers playing, basically, streetball in the NBA. the D’Antoni system allows for straight street, run and run and run, the only difference is that the PG HAS to bring it up every time, not any of the five players. with that much time controlling the ball, a pro PG BETTER get numbers. i hate to admit it, but nash, even though he is way better than duhon, was a product of a system.

    (all of the small white kids that go to my gym are collectively crying)

  • analord

    steve nash really gives hope to a lot of not so athletic guys around the world..

    Gilbert Arenas was once quoted saying the Hornet’s offense system is literally custom built for Chris Paul. The right system can make the average player look good, and good players look great. That’s the way it is in the NBA. Lots of guys out there are looking for the best system for them, and Chris Duhon is our latest success story.