NBA / Dec 29, 2008 / 7:06 pm

Jamaal Tinsley Could Sit For Years

Jamaal TinsleyThis will never be worn again

If Adam Morrison is irrelevant, I don’t even know what you’d call Jamaal Tinsley. Aside from perhaps Stephon Marbury, has there ever been a player as big of a pariah as Tinsley?

This summer, reports from Indianapolis talked about how the Pacers emptied his locker and banned him from any team function. For a guy who still has three years and $21.5 million left on his contract, this was unheard of. Presently unwilling to buy out his deal, Larry Bird is still trying to trade Tinsley – although there appears to be no interest around the League.

“We’re going to try to do something,” Bird said. “We’ve talked to just about every team in the league. There were a lot of teams that were interested in him. You never know, they can say that all they want, but until something happens you never know if something is really going to happen.”

Every team? Wow. This is a guy who started 365 of a possible 398 games in his career. And for a team in search of a point guard, Tinsley has a career average of 7.0 assists per game (including a career high 8.4 last season).

When do you figure Tinsley will find his way back onto an NBA court?

Source: IndyStar

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  • SteveNash

    what the hell is going on in the NBA… the doghouse treatment usually meant sit at the end of the bench and either play 4mins. or not play you at all for like 3 games… time to restructure some of these contracts…

  • Luigi

    Tinsley is a decent player…we’ll take him in Washington

  • Luigi

    oh what kind of poll Q is that…im just wondering.. because the the best for players in the draft of 03 is LBJ. Flash. Melo. n Bosh

  • dagwaller

    I wouldn’t want him.

  • Coop

    The reason he’s going nowhere is because, unlike Starbury, his contract has NO value to a team. Boston might look like they did with Marbury but Bird will be waiting til his funeral for someone to trade for Tinsley now.

  • Joshua

    fuck tinsley why is even an blogspot that nigga is a dud

    let him do something with his lazy ass first and show some spirit and stop the bull

  • Lady Luck

    It’s really a shame because he is a good player. There are several teams that could use a decent point guard, even if he is injury-prone. Maybe he should follow Bonzi Wells to China so he can play for awhile without being under the radar.

  • Me

    Could you include more info in the article? Like, why Indiana is treating Jamaal like shit in the first place?

    These GMs are getting out of control.

  • Michorizo

    21.5 million can go a long way at a strip club

  • Jeffco

    think lakers

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    They’re just tired of the bol. BUT – they got alotta money tied up in him (this is thier seller’s dilemma), however, it seems they’re ultimately willing to eat his contract if they have to (stifling his career in the process) Furthermore, thier treatment of him I’m sure is sending an adverse signal to other clubs. Business gets REAL STUPID when it gets PERSONAL.

    My theory is, they look at him as TROUBLE. That’s why even though they can’t get rid of him, they barred him from the organization which had the same effect. It’s like if NY Giants told Plaxico to never come to the facilities ever again. Well, you’ll know why.

    I feel the need to say this ’cause I LOVE Tinsley’s GAME: TALENT is not the issue.

    Since he got to Indy, everytime that he wasn’t HURT, he was either:
    1. at a bar fight with Marquis catchin cases,
    2. At a strip club with Jackson, beefin with heat on board…shots let off
    3. At the downtown hotel, flo$$in, and beefin AGAIN with heat on board…shots let off…somebody’s hit…somebody’s chased…more shots let off.

    Hey, he’s not always the MAIN TROUBLE-MAKER, but he’s seems to be a/the common denominator in these situations. When people got million$ invested in you and they’re not convinced you’re gonna conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, or what they deem an ‘appropriate’ manner, then they give you the cold shoulder. Well, these people do…coughPACERScough

    I hope sumptin happens though. He’s NICE. I wanna see him on the court. You can be a hustla, ‘hood legend, BED-STUY representative…just not in Larry’s organization.

    He’ll get PICKED UP again by another ORGANIZATION if he takes care of himself, stays in shape and just sits out his remaining years, in essence playing out his contract. Then come back. He’ll have fresh legs. The only thing that may HINDER a club signing him, is the perception of him. He can lob himself an assist if…


    IF – AND ONLY IF – he wants to.

    But for right now, I doubt a deal goes through. Is Larry being vengeful or is he really trying to fetch fair value for Tinsley? Or are clubs REALLY not biting?

    If number$ are the $OLE root of the problem – All parties should just compromise to the bone. Easier said than done I guess. It’s gonna take some serious contract restructuring b/c he’s not gettin’ the face value (unless he just sits which is cool I guess, he just can’t play) and the organization’s not gonna recieve fair compensation (unless he just sits which is cool too, ’cause the value of him being away is the value they wanted by banning even if it means a huge chunk outta the budget). So both sides gotta take a loss but that’s where speculation ends and the unknown truth stands in the way.

  • http://www.disekt.com Wil

    Seeing Tinsley and Marbury go through these situations and made me realize that it really isn’t about the money for these guys or is it?


  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    Miami? Sh** we’ll take him. OKC? Philly? Orlando?

  • yoda

    as much as i dont like marbury, its not fair to compare two of them. i still dont understand why marbury has to go trough all of this. he might be nuttcase, but i cant remeber him doing some shit like tinsley did ( shooting in public places and things like that). it seems like marbury has to pay for isiah’s years in new york, and he is the one to be blamed, altough he did nothing wrong ( well, he was same person like he was in minny, new jersey, phoenix) and same player. so, how come he turned evil over night?

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    is it just me, or was it not a true shame that jamaal never got a chance to really flourish and play on those celebrated “jail”blazers teams? it’s a tragedy on the level of ike and tina . . . you know that nothing good would really have been the end result, but you just know that whatever happened along the way would have been damn fine entertainment.

  • haslem

    tinsley and marbury need new homes, I belive in them.

  • AB_40


  • got them..SCOOBY DO’s

    I think the Pacer organization are trying to rid themselves of any future problems like when they had SJack and RonRon…I don’t blame them…however, you may as well play him, that’s the problem they are having with trading him, they’re trying to sell him based on career numbers instead of today’s stats!

    If Larry called me, my main concern would be why aren’t you playing him now? Why would I take a guy based on what he did for you last year…

  • Dell

    Thank you wise Yoda… how does what Steph has done compare w Tinsley? With players going to jail, getting caught up in shootings, beating wives, and getting into real trouble…why’s Steph treated like a pariah because he’s basically a good interview???


    Pacers- “No more thugs!”
    Tinsley gets 21 million to sit at home for the next three years!! Wow… Bird is _______ (Fill in the blank).

  • LakeShow84

    The real problem is Bird.. Miami, OKC, and even the Suns would go for Tinsley and since he hasnt played in forever you can get him cheap AND restructure that mega deal..

    But is Bird creative enough?? Hell no.. is he savvy enough?? hell no and last but not least he isnt profressional enough to bite the bullet and take the picks and/or cap space.. His thinking is hes put up with Tinsley long enough and they probably DESERVE something of value.. Moron

    I thank god he didnt agree to trade Lamar for Jermaine straight up and hes a foo because THEY would have made out.. we would’ve had an injury proned center/forward who has lost a steps and is on the down side of his career..

    Like i said Larry Bird is a dip..

    Celtics brass can kiss my ass..

  • Buffalo Brave

    I’ll say this for tinsley, his off court problems are now a good 2 years behind him, and he’s still getting paid even though he’s not getting played and we havent heard his name at all except for the occasional “Where IS this guy?!?”

    Doesnt that show the SLIGHTEST bit of change?

    He’s not making it rain anymore.

    I might be wrong, but with some of the other contracts that are floating around out there $7 million (Duhon just got 6 and tinsley is inarguably better than him)for a guard that still has prime years and averages better than 6asts a game cant be that bad of an investment.

    Im sure there’s a team that has a couple of quality vets or expiring contracts that are useless to them and could use tinsley even if its in a back up role.

    I dont get it.

    Again, if you’re that hard up about not wanting a player and you cant move him then just buy him out and move on.

  • Kush

    Larry Bird is the thug! He tried picking a fight with a friend of mine because we wouldn’t leave the table Bird ‘always sits at’ at a restaurant.

    Tinsley disagreed with Bird’s philosophies and management. Bird wasn’t having it. Bird made it personal. Bird sabotaged the Pacers by doing so (as evident by their record)

    The Pacers will be rebuilding for the next 3 years, and will not rise from the bottom half of the East until Bird is out of office.

    Tinsley is NOT TO BLAME for 2 of the 3 incidents he’s been criticized for. S.Jax was the one who shot the gun out front the club. Tinsley did not shoot, he got SHOT AT out front the hotel, and somehow that was HIS FAULT?? He has EVERY RIGHT to go clubbin and to live the lavish life. He is hated on because he made a name for himself and has money. Jealous punks want what he has and resort to violence.

    He probably shouldn’t have socked up the bar owner… but who really knows what happened there.

    In the end… Bird is the sucka paying Tinsley millions to sit at home (not a bad deal for J.T.). The Pacers are GARBAGE! Pacer’s fans who hate on Tinsley are arrogant foolish. ISU Cyclones for life!