NBA / Dec 29, 2008 / 12:11 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: David Lee For Linas Kleiza

David LeeDavid Lee

For a guy that loves David Lee, I have no clue why the Knicks keep bringing his name up in trade talks. The only thing that makes sense to me is if LeBron has beef with the kid. Although the talks are apparently dead, the Knicks and Nuggets were discussing a swap of Lee for Linas Kleiza earlier this month.

“A person with knowledge of the situation said things got close enough just before the West Coast trip for Lee to get word that something might go down. Coach George Karl, however, persuaded Nuggets management to hang on to Kleiza because of his versatility. Kleiza and Lee will be restricted free agents this summer.”

Would you make this deal?

Source: Newsday

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  • http://www.k1x.com Mr. K1X

    good deal for both teams, bad deal for David Lee. can LK be consistent?? ive played with him and i know he could be nice if he wasnt behind Melo

  • Kudabeen

    Don’t like it…

    David Lee is the knicks only presence inside and Kleiza fits in nicely with the Nuggets who need a guy that can play 3 positions off their bench…Not a good move…

  • Joshua

    new york is crazy he is a fan favourite and you getiin back a worse player i owuld wan’t a pick with that otherwise NO DEAL

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    this looks like a joke…

  • jace

    doesnt make sense for new york.. but makes sense for denver. denver could ALWAYS use more big guys. it hasnt happened yet, but denver has always had a fragile front court. linas cant do much but score. and i kno d’antoni’s squads dont do much but score. but if he aint gonna be a starter might as well have more versatility defense-wise with a backup like him.

  • QQ

    Cmon now, is ‘alienating the fans’ the new hobby of the Knicks executives?

  • Jeremy J

    Has there ever been a trade rumor on here that actually happend??

  • QQ

    LOL @ 7:

    I first saw the AI-Billups rumor here, but that’s about it.

  • Duke

    The Knicks are Masochists. They love hurting themselves.

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…Now yo party wasn’t jumpin and yo dj was weak!

    This is an interesting trade …but really it’s not going to make a diff. to the point of getting the Knicks in the playoffs or Denver to a championship.

    Pull the trigga!

  • Chaos

    they are really really gonna make the nuggets a good team. while he has no where near the offensive range as kleiza…he has gives them more toughness on the inside, has a better motor, and gives better rebounding and defense off the bench. the trade overloads the knicks with more shooters (yea they need that) and another guy who is limited defensively. knicks are gonna hurt themselves in the long run (yea Duke, youre right, theyre masochist…theyre just downright f***ing themselves)

  • calvin brodus

    @Mr. K1X
    Why is that a bad deal for Lee personally? I don’t see why anyone would want to play on the squad the Knicks put on the floor every night…and that goes double for King James. The Nugs are a far superior, and far less dysfunctional team. Plus, they aren’t located in New York.

    @post #7
    True that. This post got my hopes but I doubt I’ll see Mr. Lee in powder blue and gold anytime soon.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron


    Haha. Yes.

  • BxBaller

    This trade is beyond retarded if the Knicks thought of making this. Why would they consider trading their only rebounder for another 3pt shooter. Not to mention dude is a fan favorite.
    Walsh has no clue what he’s doing. This dude is almost as bad as Zeke.

  • George W Kush Sr

    I like Kleiza, but I dont like this trade.

  • that’s whats up

    who is Vaginas Kleiza?

  • dagwaller

    I like both of these players, but I don’t see what either one would do for the other team.

  • http://thehuntingclub.net William

    “The only thing that makes sense to me is if LeBron has beef with the kid.”

    Why are people acting like it’s a sure thing that LeBron’s gonna choose the Knicks when he’s a free agent? I don’t get it. Look at the Cavs this season. They play well as a team, have the 2nd best record in the L and down the road they look more like a contender than the Knicks. I’m a die-hard Knicks fan and I’d rather see them win this season, make the playoffs, keep the guys together and try to build a functioning unit with the players that are already on the team. The Knicks would be foolish to trade everyone away just to get a shot at getting LeBron. There are talented people in the NBA who’ll be free agents just like LBJ and most likely they’ll even be cheaper.
    Honestly, if I was LeBron I would stay in Cleveland. It’s home to him and if the Cavs can keep playing well they’ll surely be an attractive team for 1 or 2 good players to add to their roster. To me it seems to be more likely that LBJ wins a title withe the Cavs than with the Knicks. They couldn’t even beat the Wolves at home. Thinks about it, maybe they ain’t as talented as people say. Individually, yes, but certainly not as a team, yet.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    lmao @ all the guys here who don’t realize that kleiza is a three point making, running forward who can do a little bit of everything . . . a perfect fit for d’antoni’s european system.

    i would not do the trade, but i can see what NY sees in linas, you dudes probably never watched any int’l ball save for the olympics every 4 years.

  • Paul Wall

    George Karl loves Kleizas cock. This is the second time he didn’t pull the trigger on trading him. Last year he said no to Ron Ron (Ron Artest) at the deadline. I say trade him, he can be solid but hes not consistent. I live out in Denver so I see him play ALL the time.

  • Big V

    What the hell? Linas Kleiza? He ain’t shit compared to D-Lee. Thank God this wackass trade didn’t go down.

  • My 2 Cents

    Why would Lebron want to move to a shit NY team, when the Cavs could become a better and stronger team in 2010?

    Lebron can make more money staying with the Cavs and would he really want to play for a team that could be rebuilding?

    Lee’s a good player and he deserves more love and respect from NYK management!


    DO it… Kleiza…. for Lee… YEA!

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    Nope. I wouldnt make it…mayb holla at em over the summer though

  • Jules

    Kleiza would fit with NYK perfectly, the thing is, they already have Al Harrington, Tim Thomas, Jared Jeffries, Wilson Chandler, not to mention all the guards, for 3-point gunners.

    Id like to see the Bulls swap Nocioni for Kleiza…although Im sure the numbers dont work.

    People forget LK dropped 40 last year when Melo was out. Dude has skills. Id take him over the other 3-point gunners I mentioned above, for sure. Don’t know if the Knicks can afford to lose Lee though.

  • http://www.youtube.com/paulandre Paul Andre

    Just an amazing site!


  • http://espn red

    DANNY FERRY Please trade for david lee !!! put hickson gibson and wally in a package for lee add lee with shaq !!!!