NBA / Dec 16, 2008 / 10:20 am

NBA Trade Rumor: Shawn Marion to Cleveland

Shawn MarionMatrix

Though the Cavs are sitting pretty at 20-4 right now, they’re still entertaining a roster change that would seriously mix up the flow that they’ve got going. But it might be worth it.

The Cavaliers have had ongoing discussions with the Miami Heat about an Anderson Varejao and Wally Szczerbiak for Shawn Marion trade, a league executive familiar with the discussions said.

The Heat have had talks with the Cavs, the Raptors, and the Kings for Marion, but it seems that Cleveland is the front runner because of the belief that Matrix will play his best if he’s playing for a championship contender. (Sorry, Raps fans.)

And if Cleveland is going to get the most out of Marion, they’ll be adding a player who provides unparalleled defensive versatility. He could guard any member of the Boston Celtics except for Kendrick Perkins, and everyone on the Lakers except Andrew Bynum. It doesn’t seem like Szczerbiak and Varejao is a big price to pay for that.

The Heat have reason to pull the trigger on this deal because Marion really isn’t playing anywhere near his potential, and because the finances would benefit them. Wally’s $13 million comes off the books after this season, and Big Andy’s got about $6 million this year and a player option for ’09-10.

What do you think of this deal?

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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  • the hate

    A+ for the cavs if the deal will be done!

    Adding Matrix to the Cavs will make them more dangerous

  • barons beard

    Shawn Marion has been a shadow of the player he was at Phoenix but still think Miami can get more than Sczerbiak and ‘Sideshow’ for him

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Varejao is playing well this season. He’s a defensive pest who can guard guys like Sheed, KG and Bosh like few others. Without him the Cavs would be paper thin at the 4 and 5. I would not give him up for an over-the-hill prima donna who essentially plays Lebron’s position. Nor would I throw a shooter into the mix. If the Cavs do this (which I doubt), look for their record to take a spill.

  • R.ELI


  • jl90

    i like the trade. marion is good but he just seems out of place a bit in miami’s growth and team unity. varejao just screams south beach and wally, well wally can shoot every once in a while…

  • Kermit the Washington


    LA should be very afraid of this move…they already should be afraid of the Cavs NOW, and if they pull THIS OFF?!?! Bron will snatch Kobe’s trophy away from him with this team.

    LA should jump in and snag Marion just to keep him from going to the Cavs! Give up Odom NOW

  • dagwaller

    Doesn’t Marion’s contract come off the books after this year, too? In other words, isn’t it just as beneficial to them to keep the guy? They do need help at Center, though, which Varejao would give them. Plus Wally would be a spark off of the bench.

    It would be a good trade for the Cavs, too, I think. As long as Marion doesn’t get any delusions of grandeur, like he did in Phoenix.

    All that having been said, 20 years from now, this will be one of those crazy trades, where you see Marion (who will be remembered as a decent all-star) getting traded for guys with the names “Varejao and Szczerbiak”.

  • Kobeef

    I don’t get this trade at all for Cleveland. It seems to me that they already have a SF (Lebron?) unless they plan to move Lebron to SG which could work.

    Wally has no value but I agree with Dagomar that Varejo is an important defensive presence and energy guy for Cleveland and trading him leaves them without a backup Center…which should be a concern if your starting C is Big Z.

  • richard from cleveland

    I think its a toss up deal if Marion plays like he did in phoenix yea if not then no way because andy has been playing crazy this year but we could get a nice free agent next year with marions expiring contract

  • richard from cleveland

    I think its a toss up deal if Marion plays like he did in phoenix yea if not then no way because andy has been playing crazy this year but we could get a nice free agent next year with marions expiring contract

  • Blue

    if miami pulls the trigger on this…FUCK THAT!!!!

    they need a player who can create his own offense. wally and varejao aren’t that player!!!!

  • Kermit the Washington

    @ Dagwaller…

    I think it’s safe to say that Marion was justified in thinking he was more valuable to the Suns than they would acknowledge. Dude was the one that made that team go, which is mad obvious now. They lost defense, quickness, etc.

    But your point is still a good one; no one will remember them cats…that’s happened throughout the NBA’s history though. There was always a superstar traded for “Bo Hendricks” or some random name, just for contract reasons I guess…

  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    I’m torn on this as well – Marion has looked sluggish now for a while,

    Plus the mojo that the Cavs have going right now is really solid, why would you possibly want to shake that up? – Anderson has played well this year,

    I think the glaring issue here is the fact that Bron and Matrix play the same spot, could be to much of a good thing, who knows – teams are really getting antsy with as well as the C’s are playing

  • bone0315

    Cleveland is 20-4 and just won 11 games in a row. Why in the hell would they screw up their chemistry? Like Kobeef said, where would Marion play? Who would go to the bench? Would Lebron shift to the backcourt and Delonte slide to the bench? Bad, bad, bad idea for the Cavs, especially since Marion would be the third option (behind Lebron and Mo), which is what caused him to whine his way out of Phoenix.

  • DH

    @ Kermit:

    What trophy is he going to snatch away from Kobe? Kobe isn’t holding the NBA Championship and ‘Bron’s already way ahead of him in the MVP race…this would change that at all.

  • TO

    Brain Colangelo
    Please work something out.
    Get us Wallace or Marion at this point.

  • Banga

    I’m assuming they would play Lebron and Marion at the forward spots. I don’t think this trade would improve Miami at all. I don’t see it happening… but then again Camby got traded for peanuts

  • karizmatic

    I don’t like this trade, Marion could play an undersized power forward for the Cavs, but he doesn’t play the type of D necessary for Mike Brown’s system. I don’t think the chemistry would work for the Cavs on this trade. And what’s in it for Miami? Varejao?

  • Kudabeen

    don’t like the Varejao subtraction unless they really feel Hickson is readey to put in work. Varejao is their best defensive Big and their only other productive big behind Z. It would help Miami a bit, but that is a tough lost for Cavs. I’m not a Varejao fan, but I see that he makes a lot of those little plays that gets teams those hard wins.

  • Brown

    AK, don’t apologize to Raps fans. We know they stink. I blame Colangelo.

  • Desrat

    DO IT!

  • Isaiah

    Odom and Radman for shawn marion.

  • Kermit the Washington

    @ DH…snatch Kobe’s CHANCE at a trophy
    basically, I’m sayin’ that Kobe’s right there, mad close to grabbing the trophy, and Bron and his team come in and swipe that joint out from under his nose. IF the Lakers aren’t extremely careful about their next move…

  • Charles

    Anytime you can trade Wally Z and Anderson Varejao for the Matrix in his prime or not you go a head and do it. This might be the one and only opportunity they Cav’s have to make it to the finals for the sake of keeping Lebron. Trust me if you’re relying on Wally and Varejao to win you a title you probably should prepare for disappointment before the playoffs start.

  • Heckler

    i dont really see how this deal would help the cavs. it would help miami, but not cleveland.

    first off, the contract situation is a wash since marions contract and wallys contract both come off the books after this season. no benefit financially to either squad.

    2nd…what position would shawn marion play? small forward?..LeBron is there. Power forward?….and move $15 million a year Ben Wallace to the bench? 2 guard?…I don’t think so. since he can barely shoot, he doesn’t fir the description of a shooting guard.

    or maybe the cavs would bring shawn marion off the bench?…HAHAHA. yeah right….if he aint happy tricking on south beach, ya think he gonna ball out if he gotta come off the bench in cleveland? HELLS NO

    this trade (rumor) doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense for cleveland

  • Ashlov

    I have to believe that the only way the Heat do this deal is if they can dump Marcus Banks and his 2010-2011 contract on the Cavs. That way, we open up even more space for 2010.

    Otherwise, screw this trade.

  • control

    Marion didn’t like not being the “star” on the Suns…ironic if he ends up beside probably the biggest global basketball star in the world.

  • one66soul

    If im not mistaken the Hawks were the only winning team that the Cavs played during the 11 game streak. And they split with the Hawks. I could see Cle getting the best of this trade. Not sure how it works for MIA unless Wally contract is near done. I know AV heldout last year so he has at least another 4 years or so. AV and Haslem at the 4 & 5 spot. Poor Wade.

  • CitizenB

    I agree with Ashlov. If Cleveland is going to do a salary dump, we gotta drop Banks.

  • http://www.djv43.blogspot.com David

    This idea is a workable if the Heat get a 3rd player maybe. We can add Banks to the deal in order to do that. We need better 3 pt shooting (Wally) and another big man (Verajao). Maybe if we get a third player to add more depth, it can work. I don’t know. I just know that Marion’s contract is HUGE and he’s probably gone after this season if the Heat don’t make it past the first round of the playoffs.

  • Big Shot BOB

    I agree with Heckler this trade makes no sense at all. Andy Varejeo is money in Clevland. He hustles and plays great D. Marion doesn’t seem to fit in well with this group. I think Marion plays he’s best when he is recieving passes from a great point gaurd. I say trade him to Dallas for J. Terry and Eric Dampier.

    1) J.Kidd
    2) J. Howard
    3) Shawn Marion
    4) Dirk
    5) Diop

  • Dragonyeuw

    Why mess with success?? Cleveland is gonna give up their best defensive big and a shooter who can stretch defenses,for a former All-star who,while very good and versatile,overrates himself as a primary option. Marion wanted a bigger role in Phoenix,but was overshadowed by both Nash and Stoudamire.How’s he gonna respond to Lebron,who casts a bigger shadow than anyone not named Kobe??

  • UltimateRapsFan4

    I think if the raptors are trying to get Marion they have to put alot on the table. If the raps try to get marion i pray that they dont give up Janario Moon

  • Celts Fan

    @Heckler – you slide LeBron to the 2 (or make him a 4, he’s plenty big enough) and still facilitate the offense, Matrix is the 3, they run like hell, and I’m terrified for my Celtics if this goes through.

    @Big Shot BOB – sure he’s not a PG, but LeBron basically runs point for the Cavs anyway and isn’t exactly selfish w/ the ball. Matrix will get plenty of nice looks.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…He slapped that girl in the library! Hahaha!

    That happens then go ahead and put LeBron in the Conference finals and that game 6 or 7 will be ill.

  • rob stewart

    do it

  • DJ Go Go Gomez

    I don’t get this at all either. Do they start him at the 3 and LeBron to the 2? Does he become the first “big” off the bench? Or does Big Ben move to the 2nd unit? This makes no sense.

  • dagwaller

    Kermit – I’m loathe to admit it, but Marion was pretty important to the Suns. He was tied with Amare, I think, in terms of importance, RIGHT BEHIND Nash and D’Antoni. But they were just as important to him. Hopefully, the new look Cavs – running offense – will grab him up, since he fits in well with their defensive identity, too.

  • Buffalo Brave

    That would be a HORRIBLE trade for cleveland.

    In all honesty they’ve been the best team in the league so far and havent even come CLOSE to peaking as a unit.

    TERRIBLE!!!-Bill Walton

  • miamiVIS3

    ABSOLUTLEY 0 chance this happens! The Heat have log jams at both forwards so why add another one dimensional shooter(along with Cook & James Jones)in Wally and Haslem minus a jumpsohot in Varajao?



    DO IT cleveland… win/win situation.

  • hadoken

    riles, hold out for jj hickson and then pull the trigger

  • MSkittle

    Dont mess up the good flow, Cleveland. Matrix will mess up the chemistry

  • John

    Mo Willians
    Lebron James
    Shawn Marion
    Ben Wallace
    Big Z

    That is a very good, big, defensive, fast team ,,,
    If they add Mutombo …. damn ,,,, you have Delonte, GIbson, Pavlovic, J.J., Mutombo. Scary ass team ,,,

  • Bron42 AkA Your Moms Best Friend

    I still say i’d rather trade marion for josh howard. I mean this trade helps teh cavs…anyone who says marion isn’t levels better than Varejeo is dilusional. Plus like others said, the positions don’t matter since lebron has the ball in his hands 85% of the time anyway. Marion would make them more athletic, has playoff experience, a better defender than both AND if he slacks, hes gone this summer anyway…what the heat are thinking…i dunno…unless their def gettin bosh or boozer and we just dont kno it, their roster straight sucks.

  • http://www.nj.com elk burger

    as a cleveland cav fan for over 15 years (shout out to mark price, hot rod, gerald wilkins & bobby phills), I think this is a good trade for both teams.

    First off, you can shave Wally staying with the Heat right off the top. This has Antonio Mcdyss/Stackhouse written all over it… he would be going back to cleveland for sure. Cook/Jones/Beasley>>>>>>>>>Wally

    Secondly, I don’t think people realize how good of a player AV is. He has had more production off the bench this year than Shawn Marion has had as a starter AND in less minutes & always makes an impact someway, somehow. Miami needs size and low-post defense & that’s what they would be getting in Varejao. Marion’s contract is probably worth more than himself as a player at this point. As Jigga once said “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.”

    Lastly, for Cleveland, who is already tops in the league in speed, size & rebounding, this move would add even MORE speed & even MORE rebounding. Everyone knows if u give shawn marion a good set-up pass he can hit that lil corner 3pt from the power forward position. This was the last thing the cavs offense needed to spread the floor to the maximum & with this trade they wouldnt have to suffer defensively by playing 3 guards w/ LJ at the 4 to reap the benefits.

    So as a cavs fan I say pull the trigger. They have plenty of time to restore “chemistry”… lol gtfoh w/ that bullsh*t. Its not like they are gonna resign varejao long term anyway.

  • http://www.nj.com elk burger

    Josh Howard>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>S.Marion

  • jace

    sounds like cleveland is doin the stealin.

    butttt.. it does make sense for the heat too. theyre thin down low. and varejao sounds like a high energy type of low post player they need. decent shooters on the heat, would be nice to have an almost reliable shooter. prolly a better pure shooter than the other guys.

    add a 2011 1st round pick and thats a deal. if james leaves in 2010, that means theyll have a horrible ’10-’11 season. plus both varejao and wally will be off their books.. maybe a possible 1st overall pick, d-wade, mike beaseley, and an improved mario chalmers will sound good to bron at the same time? maybe shaun livingston will be decent by then too.


    MARION was playing like DOG SHIT all year for the HEAT. And some moron in my FANTASY LEAGUE chose him 7th ahead of my choice at #8. I TOOK D WADE!!!

    NOW the HEAT has unloaded that salary, they can be players in 2010 BOSH sweepstakes AND retain D WAAAAAAAAAAADE



  • Lady Luck

    As a Cleveland fan, I like the deal. Marion can play PF. Andy was probably going to leave anyway, and you get a great player for he and Wally.

    As a Laker fan, (yes I’m both, scary huh?) I think Marion for Odom is a better trade for both teams.

    Playing for either team only makes him the 3rd option at best offensively.

  • Celts Fan

    If you’re both a Lakers fan and a Cavs fan, you’re not a fan of either, sorry.

    Matrix is gone at the end of the year anyway, so they basically get to keep Varejau for a few more years, drop Wally’s salary and move on. Still wouldn’t do it if I was Miami, but it’s not completely terrible (getting literally nothing for Shawn Marion is terrible.)

  • http://dimemag jhov24

    This trade works out for the Miami Heat. Varejao would help the Heat defensively and in the post, and provide high energy, and second possessions. However, you can guarantee that Wally will be shipped immediately to another team. Maybe, lets say for a Washington Wizard guard named Caron Butler. Caron would welcome a return to the Heat, and he would be that second scorer. The salaries almost match up. Washington Wizards aren’t going anywhere, so why not clear up more cap room for next years free agency.

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    ah hell na heat don’t need anderson nor wally, day should pick up rudy and stackhouse instead

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    or may be even gooden

  • Meren

    The Deal was just that a stupid Rumor someone came up with.
    The Cavs don’t need Marion, They have a club that is improving by leaps and bounds. Defense wins Championships and the Cavs are playing it.
    Shawn Marion 12.1 points 9.1 Rebounds, 1.8 assists
    1.3 Steals 1.25 blocks

    Varajao/Szcerbiak combo
    15.4 Points, 9.5 Rebounds 2 assists 1.6 steals .86 Blocks
    plus Varajao gets offensive boards in critical situations
    is shooting better, and scoring key baskets, and making his shots from the line. Other then Lebron James
    and I said it last year the Anderson Varajao is the heart and soul of the Cleveland Cavaliers, because of his energy. Why did Phoenix trade Marion?????, and why does it seem the Heat want to get rid of him as well???

    The Cavs Chemistry is just too good to mess with.