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Nike KD 1

KD's KicksKD’s Kicks

Today Kevin Durant’s signature shoe, the KD1, hit the office. This shoe is nothing like I’ve seen before. The design has a bit of a futuristic feel to it.

The shoe looks really sleek and it is extremely lightweight, maybe that is because of the limited stitching. Like the Hyperdunk, the KD 1 seems to have been constructed out of three main pieces. Unlike other sneakers that consist of many different parts sewn together the minimal pieces cut down on the bulkiness.

KD's KicksKD’s Kicks

My favorite aspect of the shoe has to be the colors. I really am indifferent in regards to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s unis, but the teal and the orange/yellow pop on the sneakers. Expect these to hit the streets in Feb.

For more info on the KD1, hit up www.nikebasketball.com

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    Does KD even wear those during OKC games?? Change the color up a bit and they aint bad.

  • fallinup

    Alert. These shoes have already hit the streets.

    Oh, my bad…that was just a traffic pylon.


    haha traffic pylon. haha

  • phenom

    UGLIEST colors.
    these could be hot in a nice colorway, but this one is just brutally ugly

  • Mark

    How exactly does a player on a 2-19 team get a signature shoe? I thought there were expectations to achieve a sig shoe. Durant might be exciting, but comparatively, even Big Baby is exciting comparatively to the Thunder.

  • control


  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    Straight out of the 80’s

    Those are some Miami Vice shoes,

    I would rock those, they look light and sleek,

    They’d be perfect if you ever balled in a rolling fog

  • Kobeef

    They look like boxing shoes. Even so, they look better than the last KD shoe.

  • dagwaller

    Would like a lot better in green, yellow and white…

  • rob stewart

    I like em

  • caeubona

    man that orange just goes “whoa” at ya.

  • http://www.pencilinteractive.com rex

    colors remind me of soulja boy

  • mike ward

    you guys are just haters and probably never touched a basketball in your life