NBA / Dec 23, 2008 / 12:55 pm

Rajon Rondo Challenges Usain Bolt To A Race

Rajon RondoRajon Rondo

There’s no doubt that Rajon Rondo is one of the fastest players in the NBA, but Friday night the point guard was just plain talkin’ crazy. With Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt in the building, as he was filming a commercial for Gatorade the next day with KG, Rondo called out the world’s fastest man.

“I challenged him,” Rondo said. “I told him I don’t think he wants it, though. Yeah, I told him that, ‘You don’t want it.’ But I also told him that he might see me in 2012. He said, ‘OK, see you there.'”

How badly would Rondo lose?

Source: USA Today

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  • JBFC

    These pretzels are making me FIRSTY.

  • Dumbfounded

    Bolt could hop backwards on one leg with eddy curry’s fat ass strapped to his back and he’d still easily beat rondo

  • banga

    Realistically the difference between Usain bolt and the rest fo the competition is probably half a second at max…

    Given that I would say Rondo is probably 1.5 seconds slower than bolt… but with some training you never know what rondo might be able to do if he had a proper amount of time to prepare

  • YOUNGFED…”I’m at the call of duty but my metal gears solid”
  • Uknow

    I’m sure Rondo was just joking around with Bolt.
    A quick NBA point guard is still no match for he Worlds Fastest Man. Wouldnt even be close.

    And I thought you guys stopped this ‘first’ bullshit. Who fukin cares??

  • Kobeef

    Interesting. Great athletes are more likely to choose a sport that allows them to make lots of money (Basketball) vs a sport where they make little money (running).

    There are more than a few athletes of Bolt’s caliber in the NBA. The problem is that none of them have been training to run fast for the past 10 years.

    Specialization and repetition is key to success at an elite level and Rondo just doesn’t have the experience to run a world record.

  • john

    pretty bad ,,, 1.5 seconds in a 10 second race its a lot of time ,,,

  • Kudabeen

    1.5 seconds is an eternity!!

    You all are tripping. Rondo beat him I can’t see that, but depending on the distance I can’t see it being that wide of a margin unless Bolt is in Olympic type condition.

    Related Note:

    This is why I’d like to see a cross-sport challenge to each sports “top athletes”…The prize should be considerable to gain their interest and also cover insurance for their respective teams…

    Dime ya’ll need to link up with your ESPN connects and get them to put something together…Ratings will be crazy and to be called the Top Athlete should water the mouths of any real competitor… They use to have things like this remember anybody? Dude that was a safety or something in the NFL would when a lot…Jason (something)?

  • srb

    bolt would get rondo’d

    but seriously they should have three contests. one regular sprint, one sprint with a basketball. the third could be checkers or something, maybe history trivia.

  • control

    There are alot of nobodies on the Celts who are getting some huge egos. From that fat center guy they have talking crazy mad shit and looking like he’s going to beat everyone up, to KG’s usual antics, PP saying he’s the best baller in the world, and now Ragin “Boner” Rondo chipping in with some crazy talk. I hope these guys get bounced in the first round with how they talking.

  • nick

    i think tj ford would have a better chance then rondo. i think he is faster. but no athlete has a realistic chance at beating a runner without proper training.

  • Kudabeen

    Was it Jason Sehorn that use to win those Challenges they had on NBC/ESPN? I think so…

  • mules

    @ Kudabeen
    Jason Seahorn?

  • Kudabeen

    I think so…It was like a Triathlon/Ironman competition…There was athletes from all over competing and he won at least twice…

  • PALakerFan

    The Celts went from sisters of the poor to most hateable in a year and half, and now they talk like they been dominating for a decade. STFU!!!

    I hate all Boston sports teams and their fag fans. Bunch of big mouth queers.

  • Jim

    Bolt pulled up and ran a 9.69. A 10.3 was good enough to make the NCAA finals last year. People saying it would be .5 second are insane.

    But people taking Rondo seriously are bat shit insane.

  • kg fan

    he was obviously joking

  • PALakerFan

    Bolt was barely tryin at the end too. He was like the dude in that annoying cell phone commercial, talking on his phone while his legs move a 1000mph.

  • itsakademiks

    yall are forgetting that usain is 6′ 5″ even if rondo somehow up his quickness son’s strides is just too damn long.

  • JCARR “K1N6″

    Bolt is explanatory enough.

  • dagwaller

    I think that he must have been joking, but to answer the question, Rondo would lose. Badly. I love it when people think (not saying Dime or its posters – moreso real life friends and acquaintances) that football players, basketball players, baseball players, etc are faster than track and field athletes. They look faster than they are because they’re playing with Shaquille O’Neal, Warren Sapp, and Ivan Rodriguez.

    Seriously, Usain Bolt won the gold – while coasting – by a huge margin. Over other athletes that would leave anyone in the NBA in the dust by FAR. Bolt would win by a few seconds.

  • Kevin K

    NBA players are the best athletes in the world. no other sports come close. it’s not even a contest. As someone pointed out, young athletes will go to a sport that will make them money and basketball is the cream of the crop. You only need a ball and a hoop to play. I am pretty sure if the NBA players concentrated on any other sport except golf and bowling, they will dominate.

    Rondo > Bolt

  • Celts Fan

    they were all hanging out in the locker room w/ him when Rondo was joking around. if you think he’s being serious, you’re dumb.

    also, Rondo would get smoked like some of Jamaica’s finest…

  • JCARR “K1N6″

    THis would should be shown in the Pros Vs. Jocks show on T.V.
    Bolt- is the pro
    Rondo-the jock

    Bolt would straight up dust Rondo.
    I think Barbosa is faster than Rondo.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Gold and bowling aren’t sports. That’s a skill.

  • PALakerFan

    Anyone remember when Mike Conley Sr., a gold metal winning triple jumper, one a dunk contest when he jumped from a foot BEHIND the foul line and dunked? Not even MJ could do that. Let’s not assume our NBA heroes are the absolute best athletes. Overall, I’d say they are but it’s a realistic argument.

    And yes, Bolt wins by at least a whole second over Rondo.

  • PALakerFan

    Oops…WON a dunk contest.

  • PALakerFan

    I think Kobe would be a Pro-Bowl receiver and Lebron would be the greatest TE ever.

  • Ross

    So are ALL of the Celtics douchebags now?

  • celticdada

    hey PAFakersfan that fat center name got a ring while bynum ain’t got nothing. Hahaha his average is right around what bynum is and he is making like 6mill less a year. Go suck on
    Your lakers

  • celticdada

    Get at our level then you can shiet too. I bet your team sucks so you can’t

  • dagwaller

    Hahaha Celtics fans talking garbage after they won a title after 15 years of being terrible. Funny.

    Anyway, yea, I hope that Kevin K is joking? And whoever said that Bolt would only beat Rondo by a second…I hope that you’re joking, too. Bolt CRUSHED the field of professional fast people. It’s their job to be fast. Rondo wouldn’t even come close. It would be like Rondo playing Bolt in basketball. Yea, technically Bolt might score a point here or there, or Rondo might miss a shot once or twice, but Rondo would otherwise obliterate him. Get your heads out of your a$$es!

  • PALakerFan

    The MVP of last year’s Celtics was Kevin McHale. So yeah, they all need to shut up. I suppose if KG wants to pound his chest like a caged animal and act like a badass he can. And if Pierce wants say he’s the best player in the world, he can. Fact is, everyone knows KG couldn’t lead his original team to a title, and Pierce is dreaming and/or smoking something. The rest of them need to shut it. Perkins, Rondo, etc. You weren’t even good enough to get traded for KG or Ray Ray.

  • Ross


    So are ALL of the Celtics fans douchebags now, too, or is it just you?

  • Ross

    Honestly, I thought the Celtics could have won it last year with just Pierce, Allen, and Al Jefferson, but PALakerFan, you have a good point.

  • AY

    rondo is too short; unless it’s a 100ft sprint instead of 100 meters, usain at 6’5 with all legs is going to have a higher top speed than rondo even if he quits basketball now to train full time at running. Lebron may have a chance at achieving a higher top speed than bolt if he loses most of his upper body muscles, but rondo won’t ever be able to do it.

  • dagwaller

    Height is overrated in sprinting. Bolt is an anomaly. Look at the (I believe he was British, I believe it was the 400) white runner vs. Bolt – he was just as tall, but not as fast.

    Then look at the rest of the recent field. Asafa Powell, Maurice Greene, Shawn Crawford, Justin Gatlin, Tim Montgomery – none of them were as tall as Bolt.

  • Bron42 aka Thugnificant

    height doesn’t make you great but if your already great AND tall its over. If your tall you usually have a long stride length…Now if your gangly shawn bradley with no coordination that one thing. But bolt is 6’5 muscle with like no ground contact time on his steps since hes so fast. so someone taking quick steps vs someone taking quick huge steps? Thats like me and you racing up stairs at the same time but me takin 3 at a time while at the same speed as you.

  • Kevin K

    when I said Rondo > bolt, it was obviously a joke…
    but then again, I am pretty sure that if all the best athletes in the NBA trained for track field all their lives, most likely there will be someone that is faster than Bolt

    @ dagwaller : you retarded? do you even play sports? can you imagine how dominant NBA players would be if guys like KG, AI, Lebron, Kobe, Vince, and 100 others played soccer? football? hockey? swimming (Mike Phelps is huge but looks like a dwarf when he stood beside Kobe and Lebron)?? think of sports that requires athleticism buddy and please don’t reply about stuff like gymnastic or bowling.

  • Kevin K

    oops, i meant that to @ PALAKERSFAN not you dagwaller, MB

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Yall need some grits up north!

    Rondo would pull the grab your calf or hamstring and fall.

    Bolt would WORK that dude.

  • Three Stacks

    I don’t think any player in the NBA, now or ever, could ever be as fast as Usain Bolt, even if they dedicated their entire lives to track like he did.

    What he did at Beijing was inhuman. People thought it was a big deal when Ben Johnson ran 9.85 while juiced up on steroids, Bolt ran a 9.75 into a headwind, on a soft track, while letting up for the last fifteen meters. You can’t just write something like that off as “athleticism” that could be duplicated by anyone with a gifted body. That boy was born to run fast.

    Besides, running up and down a court for 2 hours and setting yourself up for a top speed sprint are two completely different things. So you can’t really compare them.

  • dagwaller

    Ha, Kevin, I was like…whaaa? I said that you were joking, I thought! Haha.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ Kevin K–
    Kobe played soccer when he lived in Italy, that’s why his new sneakers are low tops

  • hooper5013

    I am pretty sure RONDO would lost by like 1 or 2 seconds if not more. BOLT is REDICULOUS fast people. Listen at my university in my 1st year…we had a track star at my and baseball star. The baseball star had apparently ran a 4.2. So he challenged the track star to a race at 1 a.m. in the morning the whole dorm was outside watching. The the put there money at the start line raced 100 yards, the track start left his ass…and ran past him full speed back towards the start line way before he got to the finishline to get the money and picked it up and ran back into his dorm and got back into the bed. Ain’t no damn rondo is gonna even come close. thats the moral of the story.

  • Celts Fan

    @hooper – exactly!

    @PALakerFan – the KG trade got them Big Al (could be in the All Star discussion if the rest of his team would ever show up) a guy who was a solid prospect at the time (Gerald Green, whose stock has plummeted faster than our 401Ks) and 2 1st rounders (one I think was last year’s, which SHOULDA been OJ Mayo,) Ryan Gomes (solid rotation guy on a good team that’s lost on the TWolves) and Bassy (doing aight.) Let’s not make it out like they traded KG for Kwame Brown (oh right, that was YOUR TEAM fall back dude.) It was as good of a deal as they were gonna get and McHale took it. You NEVER get fair value for a superstar, but McHale at least got about 80 cents on the dollar, which is as good as it gets usually…)

    Perkins is doing just as much as your boy Bynum, only without the bitching and huge contract and Rondo’s probably an All Star this year who was considered completely untouchable in the off-season (McHale supposedly wanted him and we gave them 2 #1s instead.)

    anyway, yes, as I said earlier, Bolt would smoke Rondo like some of Jamaica’s finest

  • Celts Fan

    *AND $14M worth of cap space (Theo’s deal) that they could’ve leveraged in a trade if they were actually looking to improve the team instead of pocket some $$$

  • wiseman

    rondo could kill tht kid bolt

  • Rob

    Seen how Rondo is a professional athlete & in good (if not great) shape I’d say he could go slightly under 11 seconds if he were to take a serious attempt at it.
    But still, he wouldn’t even be on the finish-photo with Bolt by a long shot.
    I would like to see a Rose, Parker, Barbosa, Rondo,… race though

  • Celts Fan

    @Rob – throw Aaron Brooks, TJ Ford, and Mike Conley (dude’s got the genes) in there and that’d be must-see TV

  • marcus the great

    i think its funny how Dime didnt even ask IF he would lose but how bad lol

  • doc

    Rondo would get smoked faster than a crackrock left on the floor of a recovery home

  • Eddy K

    If u guys did watched the Olympics during the 100m, u’ll see Bolt didnt really went all out and yet he still managed to break the world record by 9.69s…

  • johnny

    @ I forget who

    It was BOSTON who took less in the KG trade. They did it to win a ship. With 30 teams in the league it is understandable to go for a quick ship. Big Al will peak under KG’s peak but is 10 years younger. So right there, the trade is even, but look at all the other stuff they got with Al.

    @ I forget who else

    It was MEMPHIS who took less in the Mayo trade. They are stuck with paying Fatoine/Jaric/Buckner for 3 full seasons. Minny gets Love/Miller (good enough right there) and only has to pay Cardinal for 2 seasons and Collins for 1 season. And Collins is actually a good back-up big for his defense.

  • Mani Ramamoorthy

    Wow, rajon rondo is an idiot. Rajon Rondo is nothing in speed compared to the fastest people in the league. Rajon Rondo is not even close to being as fast as Tony Parker, Leandro Barbosa, TJ Ford, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, and Devin Harris. And these guys are nothing compared to Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is “Lightning”. He’s faster than a puma. he is faster than a cheetah. He is as fast as lightning.

  • http://killer_drugz@hotmail.com craig

    i dont believe rando could beat the lady who come in last at the beijing olympics finals. NO AM WRONG, i know he could’nt beat the lady who come in last at the beijing olympics finals.

  • http://gmail John

    Rondo is not fast. There’s a difference between “quick” and “fast.” Rondo simply has good acceleration, but his top speed isn’t that high. Usain Bolt on the other hand, has simply awful acceleration but would kick Rondo’s butt in the 100.

  • Dick

    You sure Rondo wouldn’t grab him and throw him into a scorers table somewhere?



  • Lines+Linens

    Umm yeah. Rondo is fast, and i will forever be a fan, but Usain Bolt? Come On, seriously? It takes like 2 seconds for him to get down the 100 meter. seriously. lets get real here, and I hope I’m not taking this too seriously, cuz I almost bet Rondo was kidding. He’s smarter than that.

  • mr. basketball

    devin harris is faster than rhondo….he holds tthe guiness world record on the full court, end to end dribble…3.9 seconds…look it up

  • mr. basketball

    this order…..devin harris, barbosa, rose, and they all would be blown out against bolt on his worst day