NBA / Dec 30, 2008 / 2:05 pm

Ricky Davis: Suspended

Ricky DavisRicky Davis, Dime #10

Ricky Davis‘ terrible season just got worse. In 13 appearances with the Clippers, Ricky isn’t getting many Buckets, averaging 4.3 points while shooting 27% from the field. It says here he hasn’t played since Nov. 22 due to a sore left knee, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been quietly Tinsley‘d. Whenever Ricky does get activated, however, he’ll have to serve a five-game suspension for violating the NBA’s drug program. The suspension was announced yesterday.

Ricky’s two-year contract includes a player-option for next season, and while he’ll mostly likely want to stick around (who else would pay him?), 2009 could easily be the end of his career if the Clips decide to just cut their losses and buy him out. Through all the sideline drama and controversy and even his disturbing track record of losing, the one thing Ricky and his employers could always depend on was that he can score. Seeing as he’s not even doing that anymore, what is his value?

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  • stephen a


  • control

    Good for Ricky “ShitBuckets” Davis…probably the best thing he could do for the Clips is go away (or die).

    They only picked him up to ensure they still lock down the bottom of the league.

  • dukesman2000


    In a previous post you claimed that Dime loves Ricky Davis, but why do you hate him? What has he done to you? Did he bang your chick in college or something? You said the NBA should kick him out the league for being a douchebag and now you have called for him to die.

    What’s the matter, white people do not like a Black man with attitude?

    Get over yourself, sucka

  • QQ

    Come on now… Don’ make it a race issue. Honestly, who wouldn’t hate Davis? A selfish son of a bitch who plays for the accolades and stats and not for team. You may be white, black or any other race, but frankly why WOULDN’T you hate at this clown?

  • the cynic

    Why is this guy still in the league, he has never done anything but jump, while Pargo and Bonzi are out of the league?

  • dukesman2000


    Hate him enough to want to see him die?

    I may not like his actions on or off the court, but I do not hate him. I save my hate for someone who has done harm to me or my family.

  • control

    Black, white, yellow, brown, green or blue…ShitBuckets would be a piece of shit regardless of what colour he is. Bringing race into it is just straight out silly.

    Here is an asshole who has a job anyone would kill for, and yet he has done nothing with it except ruin teams he has been a part of. Hating on him because he has completely fucked up what would be the best thing to happen to anyone is justified. Hating on a guy because he seems to be nothing but a living piece of shit is justified. I agree with weezy hating on him, and support him 100% in it.

  • dukesman2000

    Weezy, I apologize the number 3 comment was for Control.

  • dukesman2000

    @ Control…

    Well, if he has a job that anyone would kill why the f*ck don’t you lace up and go try out for a squad? Again, I think, you hating a grown man for decisions he has made that doesn’t affect you or your family is sensless. Maybe you are too caught in the man’s life.

    Get a girl, get a life…

  • http://www.k1x.com Mr. K1X

    what a waste of talent. we considered signing him once. we dodged a bullet on that one, lol


    His role as an NBA player is similar to being suspended, except he gets paid. He does absolutely nothing to help contribute for the team. Just trade him for a cold bud light.

  • control


    The irony here is that you are hating on me, a grown man who you know NOTHING about for hating on ShitBuckets, a grown man I know enough about to hate on. Your hating is worse than my hating.

    I already have a great career that provides a decent enough living for my family…and I ain’t going to give it up for the CHANCE that I might make a squad. If someone offered me ShitBucket’s job, I would take it in an instant, and I sure as hell wouldn’t make the dumb ass choices he continues to make on a daily basis.

    It’s human nature to hate on someone who has something you’d love to have, while they piss it away and fuck it up. If your boss, or guy giving you food stamps, was a complete asshole and jerk, and kept fucking around, I am sure you would be hating on him. Get your holier than thou attitude out of here son.

  • K Dizzle

    All this drama over Ricky?!?!?!

    How is dude only 29 and on the verge of pullin a Francis/Marbury/Miles?

    It’s true tho. If dude ain’t scorin, he’s useless…He needs a trade to Boston…..

  • control


    You must really hate Boston…wishing ShitBuckets onto a team is a good way to ensure they fail. That guy ain’t going to win shit, even as a 12th man.

  • I’m prally gonna get a lot of heat for this one, but I like what the NBA seems to be doing with the “Problem Children” of the league. If they can’t get over their ego and selfishness, the teams put their foot down and don’t let em play. That sounds a lot like real coaching to me. Yeah it looks bad for a while, but once the cancer is removed, then the rebuilding process begins.

  • K Dizzle


    keep that quiet that I want the Lakers main comp for a ring to sign dude. I’m hopin that Boston or San Antonio “give him a shot” cuz Ricky can really be a good teammate if (fill in blank with tired cliche)lol..

    but for real tho, dude had all-star athletism, superstar scoring ablity and he damn near done at 29?

  • dukesman2000

    Now you have gone urban on me..lol. Hey, I understand semantics. “Hate on” someone is totally different from hating someone. When you say the guy should die, in my opinion, you have taken it too far.

  • control


    When I said the guy should die, I meant it would be the best thing for the Clips, which it would. I am sure that more good than harm would come to the entire world if he were to die, his dying wouldn’t be a bad thing for anyone outside his family.

    Do I wish him death, or would I kill him myself? Nah. Would I be upset if I seen a car ran him over dead him right in front of me? Nah, unless I mistook him for some poor homeless guy or something. If I heard he died right now, at most I would think “well, there’s a free spot on the Clips…I should lace up my shoes and give it a shot!”.

    I hope that clears it up for ya.

  • it ain’t easy being green

    we aleady had ricky suckits on our squad. No mas

  • dukesman2000

    @ control…

    Yeah, you cleared it up perfectly for me. You caught your moms catching a backshot from Rick Davis and it has driven you stark mad…

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    Damn yall…remember when ricky was legit? Used 2 enjoy watchin him..kinda like stephon

  • control


    Why would my mom having sex with someone drive me mad? Is it because he’s a black man and my mom is a white woman? Do you not think that two people of different colours can have sex without driving people insane?

    I’m sorry you live such a shallow, racist life. I hope you get help for that so you can see the true goodness in people under the colour of their skin. With a name like “duke”, I doubt you see any other colours but white (cept maybe blue).

  • has to be anonymous

    wow… backshots, racism and death all from a Ricky Davis column.

    Well, someone suspended his jumpshot back in 2003-2004, which was the last time he was decent. He’s a cancer, like Steph and Tinsley, but somehow these slugs always find work. It amazes me

  • Celts Fan

    funny enough but I heard he was fine here. I’d take him if it meant not playing Tony Allen as much (or Scal at all)