NBA / Dec 26, 2008 / 1:30 pm

The NBA’s Best Alley-Oop Combo

Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett (photo. Gary Land)

It seems at least once every game for the last couple months — including yesterday’s big Boston/L.A. matchup — Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett have hooked up for an alley-oop, one that was commonly a dagger during the C’s 19-game win streak. And later on Christmas Night, one of the League’s other regular highlight tandems, Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez, hooked up for a sick play, albeit not their traditional ‘oop. Looking around at all 30 teams, who are the NBA’s top alley-oop combos? Some candidates:

* Mike Bibby to Josh Smith
* Rondo to Garnett
* Ray Felton to Gerald Wallace
* Mo Williams to LeBron
* Derek Fisher to Kobe
* Jameer Nelson to Dwight Howard
* Andre Miller to Andre Iguodala
* Steve Nash to Amare
* Rodriguez to Fernandez
* Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler
* Deron Williams to Ronnie Brewer

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  • Paul to Chandler

  • 5 it takes

    CP to Chandler. They look like Kidd and K-Mart back in the day.

    Nash n Amare used to be money until Porter F’ed up the Suns’ offense.

  • Big Sia

    easily Lebron + Cavs guards

  • http://jerseyspot.blogspot.com Vince

    leave it to lebron fans to make sure lebron gets mentioned in EVERY discussion. theyre quickly becoming the next kobe groupies.

  • David Brandon

    i’ma have to say cp to tyson too… chris MAKES the defense do what he wants them too. some other guys get oops offa missed assignments or just a lapse in the D. but cp gets his by pulling defenders right to him. and come on, how fresh is that…

  • Detroit Dave

    Kidd to K-Mart is better than CP to Chandler.

    Rip to Tayshaun is pretty good, but Tayshuan has no variety, but Rip throws the lob 10 times better than Chauncey does.

  • QQ

    How about Hedo Turkoglu to Dwight Howard?

    That high-low lob play (which they run about three times per game) is AWESOME.


    Turk to Dwight for me.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Big Bubba to Tim Donaghy’s ass hole

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Skip to TMac. Basketball Beauty.

  • srb


    cp/tyson is nice too. theirs doesn’t have as much flash usually but it’s nearly perfect.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    cp —> chandler, when they are not arguing, like they did against ORL

  • isotope

    Who was the best at throwing the lob? Jason Kidd or Jason Williams?

  • David Brandon

    @ detroit dave,

    well are we talkin about now or in general? cause youre right, kidd/kenyon was always bad…but not as bad as kidd/vince!! its been a minute since we’ve seen that. if you wanna take it back, i’ll say white chocolate/cwebb was cool to see happen too…

    i think i like seeing wing players get oops more than big men. its not as cool seein garnett get up for a oop as it is seein kobe. a dude pushin 7 feet an a guy who’s 6’6″ makes a difference to me.

  • David Brandon


    i’ma say kidd. i like williams and he made it fun to watch hoop here again in sac what…30 years ago now?…but kidd’s been doin it everywhere all the time.

    damn, the kings suck…….that just hit me again. lol
    at least we’re not the thunder tho. *shrugs*

  • vinny

    @isotope man kidd might be the best lob thrower ever-Ive seen him throw a lob from damm near halfcourt. him to Vince was nasty!
    right now its any cav to Labron

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    Big Mac —> Eddy Curry The perfect lob!!!

  • Detroit Dave

    @ David Brandon….lol since you wanna take it back, how about GP to Kemp! SHUTS DOWN EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST

  • Detroit Dave

    Eric Snow to Todd MaCullough ranks second behind GP to KEMP

    oh yea can’t forget Steve Kerr to Bill Wennington

  • K Dizzle

    Nobody’s ever touchin The Glove to The Reignman. Full speed fastbreak alleyoops destroyed many a team. Damn, I can’t believe they did Seattle like that
    Where y’all think JKidd learnt it from?

  • Prof. TX

    In ‘recent’ NBA history: Payton and Kemp.
    Today, it’s Paul and Chandler. They led the league in this last year, hard to argue against the stats.

  • MSkittle

    Paul to Chandler. Damn, dont forget about last year so soon

  • isotope

    Mobley to Francis at least gets honorable mention

  • isotope

    AI->AI2 used to be nice back in the day too

  • Jah

    Right now: Cleveland Cavs to LeBron James

    All Time: Gary Payton to Shawn Kemp

  • Ian

    all time gary to kemp
    and no one can mention anyone with vince
    fuck i can throw a no look pass from the stands and vince will dunk it

  • David Brandon

    @ detroit,

    aiight man, lol! see what you started??! haha, yeah, we took it BACK!! the glove/reignman was the illest…i’ll rock w/ that.

    hold up! what about johnny dawkins and manute bol?! LOL!

  • Ian

    weird i cant mention the spurs without posting something about it but sure u can post bs like that gtfoh

  • BSBD

    Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler. Definitely not the most exciting or flashing, but it damn sure happens a lot… as well as makes Chandler a useful offensive player rather than an offensive liability, which he otherwise would be.

  • isotope

    looks like someone didnt get what they wanted for Christmas. I didnt know u was sensitive like that. what BS am i posting? Dont get me started on u.

  • Ian

    lol the bs about rocket players
    damn if i mention a spur
    actually i got the same thing i wanted twice lol gotta sell one now

  • Ian

    and started on me i post facts about what a player has done not the what ifs people like to use here

  • BEdger

    the spanish armada…these guys pull off an alley-oop pretty much every game, and they are both bench players

  • Ian

    btw iso im not sensitive im pissed (not at anyone here u know we get along) at my gf she took my fuckin car this morning and she knows i dont like her driving that shit just waiting for that bitch to come back

  • isotope

    what? Mobley to Francis? Is that what got ur panties all twisted? lol I guess u didnt see that i also mentioned AI and JKidd and white chocoloate. Mobley and Francis were getting oops in their days. I know cuz I saw them do it live many times.

    I understnad why ure mad at TMac (i would be too after what he did to the spurs) but why Francis/Mobley?

  • isotope

    lol oh ok understood.

  • Ian

    mad a tmac for a regular season game comon???? u know we dont do regular season???? i love francis he was the shit i was just gonna jump on u no matter what lol because of the other post
    u coulda said jordan is the best ever or wilt and i was gonna be back with a umust be crazy they suck lol

    again francis was awesome that was just me talkin a bit outta my ass (but hey atleast i admit it)

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 33 LMAO!!! That’s some funny shit. Everybody can relate to that.

    One more- Jameer to Dwight. Remember that lob on the break couple seasons back that was about 2 feet too high and Dwight suction cupped it, took it aaaaaaaaaalllllll the way back to S.W.A.C. and rammed it. Best alley oop target today…

  • David Brandon

    hahahaha damn!!! ian is hella mad!! LOL
    she left you with a skateboard or her car…

  • isotope

    Lucky for ur gal, u’re calming down now.

    I bet she went day-after-Christmas-shopping with your credit card too. And then buy 200 items for herself and 1 item for u and expect everything to be okay.

    women. Can’t live with or without ‘em.
    RIP the male gender.

  • Ian

    nothing im home bro chattin with u guys i picked her up yesterday so i dont even have her car god damn this shit its amazing

    bro dont laugh man kickin a man when hes down i was mad as hell a while back actually my girl has to thank isotope when she comes back he calmed me down

    i gave her and my sister my crdit card in nov for her to pick up her bday present
    never again my man shes shoppin yes but with cash when that runs out done she better use hers

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Some more..since we’re talking all time:

  • Ian

    i dont know about the last one

    btw yall can tell i have notghing to do because of how fast im posting here.

    what do people watch on tv this early OMG im boreddd i should be at work or doing something. 500 fuckin channels and nothing on

  • SayItAintSo

    CP to Ty in a landslide. It’s unexplicably consistent.

  • isotope

    @ SayitAintSo… except yesterday unh?

    @ ian
    We in a recession gotta hold on tight to yours-money and gf. We all know rookie GFs are more expensive than vets.

  • http://www.jcsonline.wordpress.com J.C.

    OJ to Rudy Gay


    ok first cavs guard to lbj combos
    then cp3 and tc

  • Ian

    oh shes a keeper iso she doesnt waste money
    shes manages mine better than i do since ive been with her i waste less money on crap. i gave her money because its easier for me than going out and buyin her crap she might not like

    and the credit card incident i know it was prob my sister now that one has no control

    btw the gf called she got me something like u predicted lol that to cool shit down a bit hahahahaha

  • Ian

    if u get to read this we got together with massiel last night

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ Magic to Kareem….Magic to Coop, Magic to Scott, MJ to Orlando Woolridge even. I don’t remember Mike or Kareem catchin oops…

  • Christopher

    one Tandem that wasn’t mentioned is Pau Gasol to Kobe. The best has to be Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler. We will look back and look at those two making the alley-oop into a regular play not just highlight real fodder.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    Last year it wouldve def. been chris paul n tyson chandler, the year b4 that prolly amare n nash. This year idk, imma say rondo n kg

  • Ian

    right magic kareem wtf
    if u dont remember and u r a lakers fan imagine the the nonlaker fans like me

  • Ansonious

    @ Ian is this what you do when your not rooting for the spurs picking up dudes on dime blogs wow your gay and the spurs still suck. I’m out like Ian being a heterosexual peace!

  • isotope

    haha. Chiks are all the same. I feel that on the keeping ur money tight tho. Thats a keeper. Mine been trying to help but i dont buy that much crap anyway. One strike against her tho, she be trying to talk during the game. It’s like if u dont talk during a movie, why u want to ruin the game like that?????

  • Ian

    ehh ok? im gay and the spurs suck sure if u say so ethug

  • Ansonious

    @55 nicely put I think I’m going to make that my middle name “Ethug” it has that ring to it that intimidates people from great distances I’m co signing it thx Ian the Queer

  • Ian

    lol iso
    i buy crap alot of it that why i cant have cash on me u see a dude on the street sellin beans and i will be all interested i mean comon what the fuck is wrong with me. its not that bad a prob as long as she gives u peace during the 4th quarter but hey none of them are perfect so its not a deal breaker problem. my gf has a tv in general prob she gets up to do some weird shit 80 times during a movie and everytime i have to replay (or is the english word rewind?) the whole part again. i mean a 2 hour movie is like lord of the rings for us

  • Ian

    @56 ok what ever makes u happy

  • Mark

    CP and Chandler. A) it’s not really about surprise (you either commit defense and get mismatches, or let CP play off you) and B) the mismatch is usually a 5 and 1. Chandler is a athletic center and CP is… well, CP. If the rotation is late, it’s pretty much over with CP or Chandler.

    But honestly, the Crescent City Connection isn’t really fully realized this year just yet. Let’s hope Chandler gets to his ol’ form setting picks and rolling.

  • Johnny Knox

    i say CP to tyson, however if u replace chandler with someone else, like lebron or dwight or j-smoov….now that would be nasty…

  • Luke

    Paul doesn’t even have to look when he alley-oops to Chandler, so I think that kind of makes them the defacto winners.

  • rob stewart

    Per actual minutes played together I would have to rank Fernandez/Rodriguez combo as the best.

  • theSchonz

    Quantity? CPaul to Chandler.

    Quality? Sergio to Fernandez (the Spanish Armada).

  • Ansonious

    @58 yeah I guess that’s what it’s about

  • Isaiah

    David Lee to himself

  • T-Dub

    CP3 to Tyson : currently

    Glove to Reignman : all time.

    Any of the East all stars to Lebron or Dwight: favorite

  • E$


  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    okay for all you paul to tyson fanboys, two words for you all: jason maxiel.

    schools out.

  • LakeShow84

    The Glove – The Rainman


  • http://www.peterrobertcasey.com Peter Robert Casey

    CP3 to Chandler without a doubt. They are the duo incarnation of The Glove/Rainman.

  • Mark

    Amar, two words for you: one play.

    school’s back in session.


    At Post #69 and #70. REIGNMAN not Rainman. We know what you meant but get it right.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Before it was Nash 2 STAT, It was KJ 2 TOM CHAMBERS!

    CasselL 2 Horry, probably the “Bestest Basic Alley-Oop Combo! LOL (Hey, it helped win them 2 rings)

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    new orleans should be in the east (ever look at a map?). . . then they’d play detroit more, and you’d see more of maxiel. it was one play, but what a play it was.

  • viva la regular guys

    Go to youtube and check out some spanish connection alley-oops, they are amazing, and when you meet the guys in person they could be your next door neighbors. Not tall, not huge, totally normal. Just SKILLED!

  • ab_40

    rogridez to fernandez

    the spanish connection… in portland? say that ten times haha it doesn’t feel right:P

  • Dorian

    once the defender gets distracted by chris paul’s pits, cp3 throws a sick lob to chandler for the two-handed jam!!! wooo lol lebron james is like a one man alley oop :)

  • Mike
  • N

    Rodriguez to Fernandez is absolutely the most exciting of the combos.

  • http://thacksblazerblog.wordpress.com Thack

    I don’t think any of these completely stand out as the winner, but my vote is for the Spanish Connection. First of all, you’re talking about a guard throwing an alley-oop to another guard. Second, it’s not just the way Rudy finishes, but also the ESP-like chemistry that they have from years of playing together.

  • bobitto

    tmac to himself

  • doc

    Any breathing soul to bron or Dwight or Josh.CP3 to Tyson.Nash to Amare just because i seen that shit so much.J Kidd to anybody.Vince from anybody.

  • ……

    Easily, Rodriguez to Fernandez, the Spanish Armada

  • Kudabeen

    Anybody to LeBron…

    Jameer to Dwight…

    Bynum actually catches a lot lobs for those awkward looking dunks…

    Rondo and KG has been hooking up a lot this year…

    I’ll still take LeBron with anyone…That Opp from Gibson a couple years back was one of the nastiest ever. Right up there with Dwight’s ” Full Cock-Back” from Jameer, Kemps finish flying out of bounds from GP and swinging around the rim, AI to Dre I where the lob looked like it was untouchable 12ft high and Dre I pulled it down…Crazy.

  • 22baylor

    best oopers: Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez. Spanish fly! – Elgin

  • don angelo

    I think the best team ups in alley oops is fernandez and rodriguez. They create fantastic moves and unexpected moves. I like them a lot when it comes to alley oops. They are the Best..