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Who’s Better: Derrick Rose or O.J. Mayo?

We argue. You decide…

DERRICK ROSE (by Christian Grant-Fields)
I hate to sound like a douchebag, but come on; Derrick Rose wasn’t the first overall pick in the NBA Draft for nothing. Let’s break down why O.J Mayo, who received national recognition since he was in the seventh grade, wasn’t.

Look at their college careers. Both stayed for only one year, and in that one year Rose came within a three-point shot of winning the National Championship, while O.J. got knocked out in the NCAA Tournament first round. Memphis and USC, respectively, had deep rosters: Joey Dorsey, Antonio Anderson, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Robert Dozier for the Tigers, and Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett and Devon Jefferson for the Trojans, just to name a few.

Derrick RoseDerrick Rose, Dime #32

The difference in the squads was the point guard play. O.J. and Hackett split time at the one for USC, while D-Rose came in and made everyone better … and that is what he is doing for the Chicago Bulls now.

Yeah, O.J. averages more points (21.0) and shoots better from three-point range (.389), but Derrick is not too far behind, dropping 18.5 points a night and shooting 49 percent from the field. Rose is also coupling those buckets with 6.1 assists per game. For a guard with weapons on his team like Rudy Gay (19.5 ppg), Hakim Warrick (9.7) and Marc Gasol (11.8), Mayo only dishes out 2.5 assists a game. Rose has six games this season where he has tallied nine assists or more. Mayo only has two games with five assists or more. Go figure.

Mayo will have a long career in the NBA as a professional scorer. I have no doubt in my mind that he could possibly lead the NBA in scoring some day, but Rose has the potential to be a player like Chris Paul, just way more athletic.

O.J. MAYO (by Austin Burton)
Don’t be swayed simply by the fact that Derrick Rose is in the All-Star ’09 discussion while O.J. Mayo’s name has barely surfaced. Not to play the “What if?” game, but you’ve gotta chalk that one up to circumstances.

Rose is playing for a more talented (albeit still below-.500) team, in a system where he dominates the ball and has carte blanche, in a conference that’s lighter at the guard spots. While Rose battles the Jose Calderons and Rajon Rondos of the world for an All-Star reserve spot, O.J. is up against the likes of Baron Davis, Steve Nash, Brandon Roy, Deron Williams, Kevin Durant and Chauncey Billups. For a rookie playing on a terrible team in a small market with no TV presence, no wonder he’s getting minimal All-Star consideration.

O.J. MayoO.J. Mayo, Dime #17

But step back and take a real good look at their pro resumes. Mayo ranks 15th in the NBA in scoring (21.0 ppg), highest among rookies and tops on a Grizzlies squad where he’s not even the offensive focal point. Less than two months into the season, O.J. already has seven games of 25-plus points under his belt, two of them against the Spurs. As an undersized (6-foot-4) shooting guard — where he’s inevitably going to take a lot of three-pointers because the Grizzlies are constantly playing from behind — Mayo is hitting an astoundingly high 47.1 percent from the field and is money from the charity stripe at 87.8 percent.

And that’s just this season. Throughout their basketball lifetimes, O.J. Mayo has been the standard by which Derrick Rose is judged. Going back to middle school and through college, O.J. was the rarely-disputed top player in the national high school Class of ’07, which produced 10 first-rounders in the ’08 NBA Draft. Just because Rose had his name called first on Draft Night, don’t think that alone means he’s better.

You think O.J. couldn’t have flipped a Memphis scholarship into a No. 1 selection? That he couldn’t have owned Conference USA while leading the ultra-talented Tigers to the brink of a national title? I was at Madison Square Garden last season when Mayo and Rose went head-to-head. Mayo outscored Rose 16-9, but what stood out most was his defense. Guarding Rose straight-up most of the time, O.J. shut him down, allowing Rose just nine shots and helping force him into five turnovers.

If Rose — explosive, athletic, kinetic — is the next Baron Davis on the court, O.J. is the next Chauncey Billups; efficient, consistent, shooter and slasher, better defender, a versatile guard who can play both backcourt spots and ultimately be a top option on a championship team. His numbers (2.5 assists) and role in Memphis don’t show it, but Mayo has point guard skills, and the sooner he moves there and utilizes the size and strength advantages he’ll have over opposing ones, he’ll be a beast. And given the choice between Baron and Chauncey, whom would you take?

Who do you think is better?

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  • fiyaman

    OJ did it

  • Banga


  • Mr. A

    Are you kidding me?

    Kwame was the number 1 pick, so was the Kandy man.

    I’m not saying OJ’s better (way too early to make that decision – they have both been outstanding), but that’s a horribly weak argument in Rose’s favor. So are the assist numbers – Rose is a Point and, i believe, OJ is a 2, no?

  • dueces08

    wow. you made a compelling argument, austin. i like oj as a player but you just made me lift his potential a few notches. still, if i had my choice i would love to live and die with rose as my starting 1. he’s incredible.

  • d

    OJ is a better shooter by far, but I think Rose is a better PG. This is more of an apples and oranges coversation cause OJ really is a 2 guard and Rose is def a 1.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4 fallinup

    Give Rose a consistent mid range shot. And he’s deadly. He’s clearly leading that dysfunctional Bulls squad. Don’t get me wrong, OJ has impressed. But so did Ricky Buckets in his younger days too.

    I’ll take “Red Delicious”.

    Yeah, that’s his new nickname. haha

  • Vinny

    isnt point guard in the nba supposed to be a difficult postion to step in and start as a rookie?? and yet Rose makes it look easy. I’ll take Rose

  • Vinny

    Red Delicious???? where did that come from fallinup?

  • Frodo T. Baggins

    Rose has taken games over already as a rookie. The Bulls had their best “Circus” trip since Jordan left, thanks to Rose. At the moment, Rose is looking like the better player. I’m so glad he’s on the Bulls.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4 fallinup


    Get it. Apples. Bulls jerseys……(fallinup makes gesture of a plane flying over/past his head.)

    It’s okay Vin, it was a lame joke anyhow. haha

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    At first I thought you wrote “Red Diculous,” which is something I expected Stu Scott to come up with.

    (BTW, I’ve never heard anyone say “Sigg-Nasty,” but Stu swears it’s all the rage. Am I just not up on it?)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4 fallinup

    Boooyah, Austin.


  • Vinny

    ok-my bad, lol.

  • wanabballer

    Oj is s stud no doubt… he does what the team needs him to do. Unfortunately he is on a bad team… so scoring is what they need. he will be a beast once he has legit talent around him.
    For some reason I am not high on Rose.

  • Big Shot BOB

    I think both will have amazing careers but Rose will be a better player just because great point guards are hard to come by in the league.

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mikey

    It’s Rose by a landslide.

    It’s like comparing Chris Paul with Kevin Durant. Sure, on any given night, Kevin Durant can get you 40 points, but Chris Paul is a better player who makes his team better.

    Note: This article isn’t about what if they went one-on-one, it is about who the better player is. It is Derrick Rose.

  • rd$

    rose. if the bulls weren’t so broke he would easily have nine dimes a game no doubt. rose all day.

  • srb

    this one’s too close for me to call.

  • i am a witness

    austin makes the better argument and christian’s sucks really ( i ain t hatin just speakin the truth) but i think mayo is ready now but you gatta go with d rose….. thats like d will and cp3 combined!!!!

  • Arrogant

    If i have to choose i would say rose… he is not only great but he makes others better. oj is a great scorer and all and they both are the future of the league. But ill take Rose any day he can practice a shot. thats all hes missin…

  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    Mayo because he is amazing now, and I still think there are parts of his game that can develop and make him one of the elite players in the game,

    But this is a tough call – They are both playing at a very high level, very early

  • Justin Solomon

    Mayo with a doubt. Rose can ball, but he is also playing with a far better team. The Bulls are dysfunctional, but have more productive players when compared to the Grizz (the reason behind Rose’s high assist total is throwing the ball to dude’s that are gunning, like Ben Gordon). Mayo seems mature and ready to step into a leadership role that Rudy Gay may not be ready for. Rose is doing well in the leadership category as well, but let’s remember that a more than capable Kirk Hinrich is on the shelf for a minute. Mayo seems to be a player that is only going to get more dangerous as time goes on and he does not cut apples in bed! Mayo for ROY.

  • Justin Solomon

    Mayo without a doubt. Rose can ball, but he is also playing with a far better team. The Bulls are dysfunctional, but have more productive players when compared to the Grizz (the reason behind Rose’s high assist total is throwing the ball to dude’s that are gunning, like Ben Gordon). Mayo seems mature and ready to step into a leadership role that Rudy Gay may not be ready for. Rose is doing well in the leadership category as well, but let’s remember that a more than capable Kirk Hinrich is on the shelf for a minute. Mayo seems to be a player that is only going to get more dangerous as time goes on and he does not cut apples in bed! Mayo for ROY.


    @Christian Grant Fields
    “Rose has the potential to be a player like Chris Paul, just way more athletic”…. FYI chris paul CAN shoot the ball. And chris paul is extremely athletic. Until rose proves that he can shoot, he wont be better than CP3. CP3 also makes players around him better.

    ***Si Mayonesa…. Mayo… Mayoo…. dude is a beast i know he only scores the ball as of right now. OJ mayo has the potential to be a Gilbert Arenas, he just needs to get his assists category on the rise.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Again, Numbers don’t lie, but certain commentators will!

    Gotta go O.J. overall.

    Rose has his moments though.

    On a side note. A.B., Aron, C.G.F. and P.C. (Has P.C. made an argument yet?) tell the truth….

    ..Are you all keeping a score of who wins based of what the readers say in response to who you all defend?

  • craig990

    Hmm.. nice discussion
    But I think Mayo wins this one

  • mules

    way too early to call…this Friday should give us a better idea.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @GEE — I just assume I win every argument.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Again, Numbers don’t lie, but certain commentators will!

    Haaaa haaaa! Sound like AB’s Swagga is on a hundred, thousand, trillion.

    CGF, P.C., Andy Katz and Aron are y’all just the pilgrims?

  • that’s whats up

    Rose Love Gay Darko Mayo

  • Chaos

    its even as of right now…

    Both are doing waaaay more than was expected of them very early in their career. difference is that the bulls have better more experienced players on their tema while the grizzlies have load of potential but nowhere near the experience nor the chemistry yet.

    Rose has the athleticsm, ball handling ability and the team around him that can at least finish a play. rose needs to work on his D and jump shooting. the east point guards right now are weak and him and devin harris are arguably the best in the conference…

    OJ is better scorer and defender than Rose. he is also playing against the leagues top backcourt players and holding his own and playing alongside another player with upside. he may not be as athletic as Rose but is athletic in his own right. he needs to not rely on his outside shot as much. his team has the potential but have terrible chemistry. and he is not a PG! he is a SG!

  • method526

    oj if i need 25+ points
    rose for everything else

    i think rose will get ROTY due to his versatility in scoring and assists. there are too many pure scorers in the league already.

  • jiggaman

    OJ Mayo will never lead the league in scoring. I’m a hater.

  • AY

    oj mayo. if your lie about getting 10 stitches is “i cut myself peeling an apple”, you’re going to suck.

  • N-Truh-Kit

    so is this argument going by the “better player” guidelines or the “better potential” guidlines? as a player i believe Mayo is undoubtedly the better player RIGHT NOW, but more potential has to go to D.Rose. who didn’t expect Mayo to come in to the L and drop buckets? but PG is supposed to be the hardest position to master in the pro’s and for a rookie, top overall draft pick, to come in and earn the respect of his teamates makes it that much more difficult. if you give Rose OJ’s shooting ability he’d be unstoppable. same goes for giving Mayo Rose’s playmaking ability. but down the line i’d rather have someone who controls the tempo of the game and makes the players around him better as well.

    short term Mayo wins
    long term Rose wins

  • rkirby

    oj mayo actually has had a 30-5-5 line this yr…yea it was against the suns, but it still shows his potential to be a well-rounded player…also he is pretty good at defense already…i see a smaller version of kobe…a well-rounded player known for scoring…

  • http://iballforreal.blogspot.com Trey

    I honestly don’t think this is that close.

    1) Mayo was regarded as the top player in his class…until the rest of his class caught up with him in talent and we were all introduced to Rose, Beasley, Love, etc.

    2) While Mayo has shown a great knack for scoring so far in the league, Rose has shown the same knack for getting to lane at will and coming up big on the road in tough situations (see @Philly, @GS, @Utah, 25/9 @Lakers, 20/7 @Cleveland. Not to mention he and his team already got the best out of O.J. and Memphis (26/6 vs. Mayo’s 16/4 boards)

    3)This myth that because the Bulls have more talented names is wrong. The Grizz are currently getting twice the production out of Warrick and Gasol than the Bulls are getting from Drew/Tyrus/Noah. And more nights than not, the Bulls are a collection of quick-shooting, no passing, free-willing gunners…and Derrick Rose. Much better team they are not, just much bigger names.

    4)And for all this talk about CP being able to shoot..it’s true, CP can shoot..if he’s wide open. Contrary to JCARR’s belief, CP is not that athletic. That’s why he struggles against athletic pgs like D-Will. He can’t rise up over big pgs or simply take them off the dribble without a screen. Plus, he’s at 35% from 3 compared to Rose’s 34%, and one’s a rookie going into his second month.

    Don’t get me wrong, CP is my second favorite player behind AI and my fav pg, but Rose has potential to be way better than him just off God-given ability. Which leads me to my last point: Pooh can develop a great long-range shot, but Mayo will never be the explosive creator and finisher that Rose is. It’s simple God-given ability. Mayo is real good. Rose is better.

    (Sorry for the long-windedness. I love these comparisons)

  • http://iballforreal.blogspot.com Trey


    Not even sure if I’d go to Mayo for the 25+ points. Rose gets easy layups when he feels like it.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Rose is better, and I’m pretty sure 90% of GM’s, coaches and scouts in the NBA would say so.

    Mayo is a dynamic scorer, but so far a one-dimensional player. No, he is not an exceptional defender, nor is he a a good passer, rebounder, etc. In fact Mayo is not really a point guard, but a bit small for a SG. On the other hand Rose is almost on-par as a scorer, and his athleticism means that if he works on his shooting he’ll be a better scorer than Mayo soon. He is developing into a genuine point guard and will have exceptional athleticism/size for the position. He’s a much better passer than Rose and a better rebounder, too.

    Give me Rose ten times out of ten.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Dagomar — Not so fast on assuming what all GM’s would do:


  • Timmy D

    Grizzly fan here as well as a Tiger fan. I love that the Grizz got OJ more than anything but I have to go with Rose on this debate.

    I think the bottom line is I think Rose can be the best point guard in the league. And yes better than Chris Paul, he is bigger, stronger and faster than Paul and has done more than Paul at a younger age. I just never see OJ Mayo as being the best shooting guard in the league or even the best point guard if he gets moved to that position. I think both are going to be all-stars and OJ may become the bigger “star” but I just think Rose has the raw skills and physical abilities to be the better all around baller.

  • http://iballforreal.blogspot.com Trey

    And no one mentions that O.J. is a full year older than Derrick.

  • Max

    I’ve been consistent in posting around here that I think Rose is special. OJ may turn out to be a special player, but he strikes me as more of a gunner the times I’ve seen him. Maybe that’s what he needs to be on the Grizz, but he seems very one-dimensional right now…and I’ve seen some very nice games from him (like the 4th quarter explosion against the Suns).

    I’ll take Rose every time, but it’s great to have two very talented rookies start strong off the blocks.

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    O.J. “All Day” Mayo is my pick, guy reminds me a bit of a taller gilbert arenas but I don’t consider him as much of a gunner as people say.

  • Diego

    Rose from what I’ve seen this year. (And look to see Mayo’s ppg drop as season continues is my guess.)

  • Steve A

    They are both pretty even at this point but the edge has to go to Rose. If he gets a consistent J he’ll be better than Paul and Williams in a few years. Mayo will be filling it up for years to come, but will he ever be the best at his position? No chance at a Kobe or Wade level. His lack of athleticism and other facets outside of scoring makes it hard to fathom him reaching that status Rose will most definitely reach.

  • knoc

    are you kidding me…not the offensive focal point. dudes been jacking more than rudy lately.

    at this point il take rose. but who knows down the line.

  • YGB(Obama 08)

    OJ. He’s done more with less talent. And when he was coming in the NBA Most scouts thought that he was going to be a bust.

  • Tom

    Rose easily

  • http://www.iloveevelyn.org Chad

    OJ, hands down. Off the chart shooting percentages for a 2 guard? Yes please. Besides 6.1 assist per game for a starting guard playing nearly 40 minutes a game is weak. Who would OJ pass the ball to? Rudy? He can only do that so often. OJ scores, therefor he’s the man being passed the ball. And he’s provided with buckets, high percentage shooting, a disgusting FT%, and 4 RPG.

    Rose is nice, but not as nice as OJ.

    Oh, and there’s absolutely no comparison to the USC team OJ was on and the Memphis team Rose was on. Memphis was a contender before Rose. USC was not.

    Taj Gibson is not Chris Douglas Roberts.

  • Lucky

    Rose all the way. Mayo is explosive enough or athletic enough for my liking at the 2 guard spot, so I don’t see him reaching a Kobe or Wade level. But he is good at what he does which is scoring the ball. I also think his defense is overrated, it might have been decent in college, but I haven’t been impressed with his D in the pros as of right now.

  • Lucky

    Lucky says:

    Rose all the way. Mayo is NOT explosive enough or athletic enough for my liking at the 2 guard spot, so I don’t see him reaching a Kobe or Wade level. But he is good at what he does which is scoring the ball. I also think his defense is overrated, it might have been decent in college, but I haven’t been impressed with his D in the pros as of right now.

  • rick773

    I vote for Rose. I don’t know if the bulls would’ve won 1/2 the games they have with out D.Rose especially after Hinrich went down. Please close your eyes and imagine the Bulls having Ben Gordon or Larry Hughes log more than 30 minutes a game at the point. That queasy feeling you just got should solidfy my point.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’d say it’s pretty even right now as far as talent. Being a Bulls fan I’m just happy that Rose seems to be the player we wanted him to be. The one thing about Mayo though is that he seems to be a one trick pony. He doesn’t do much of anything but score. Rose is more of a leader and contributes in many ways.

    Mayo could end up the more dynamic scorer during his career but Rose will have the greater impact.

  • tobacher

    O.J. is like Mr. Bigshot?
    With 2.5 Assists a game?

  • Derik

    Derrick Rose by a margin, the only thing Mayo can do is score…and that’s because he is on a terrible team too

  • dapro

    I gotta go Rose

    I didn’t think he’d be this good this soon but truth of matter is Rose seems to elevate his game and take over when needed. If you watched the Memphis vs Kansas game you can see why he was drafted #1. He makes those around him better but still has the ability to takeover when needed.

    OJ will be a prolific scorer but I can’t help but think he may be just that. From what I’ve seen, he hasn’t elevated teammates or dominated in big moments. From USC to Memphis he hasn’t made that transition from big time scorer to big time player/playmaker

  • kevin k


  • kevin k

    oh for you people that hate on Mayo’s 2.5 assists… did you even bother watching a grizzlys game? Memphis sucks. i will say their talent level is up there with OKC Thunder. Rudy Gay is overrated who jacks up more than 5 3s a game when he can’t shoot. In fact, they don’t have any shooters other than Mayo. They start 3 rookies and Millic and Conley are jokes. Someone said something about Hakeem Warrick… you serious?

    Rose gets to dominate the ball most of the time while being surrounded by guys like Gooden, Deng, Gordon, and Hughes who are WAYYY BETTER THAN Mayo’s cast. Mayo doesn’t dominate the ball at all. Also Mayo is matched up against guys like Kobe, Tmac, and Joe Johnson ( i was at the hawks game where mayo fouled out… mayo looked like a smurf guarding JJ).

  • the scola


  • Buffalo Brave

    They’re 2 different players, and play 2 different positions.

    They’re both future all stars and both potential HOF’s

    LOL @ there being a QUESTION of rose having a better surrounding cast!!!!

    But he’s still as special as the crossover that ended dre miller’s rep as a solid defender.

    Still as solid as the CROWNINGS he’s been giving people.

    Dumb stat’s for a rookie.

    Mayo is as someone said earlier in my mind, a shorter Kobe.

    I just happened to watch that explosion against Phoenix (that the coach blew btw) and couldn’t believe what i was seeing.

    Gotta give DIME credit for calling him out a long time ago.



    And his stat’s are off the meter as well for a rookie.

    Only knock you can make on him is his asst/to ratio, but look at who he’s passing to and i dont want to start throwing guy’s like Conley under the buss.

    I gotta give it a push.

    The REAL question is…


  • skywarp

    yea oj is beeter i agree with all of austins pick except for the yao vs howard

  • skywarp

    yea oj is better i agree with all of austin’s pick except for the yao vs howard

  • chronix8

    Mayo for sure. Shut down wade tonight, and his numbers are incredible. 20 games in with these numbers, it doesnt look like a fluke. His assist numbers shouldnt be compared to Rose, a PG.

    And everyone keeps saying they’d rather get a PG who does his job (controls tempo of the game, assists, etc) to a SG who does his job (score). I’d take Jordan over Magic or any day of the week.

  • Wajhi

    Anyone who says Rose can’t shoot yet or needs to learn to shoot has no credibility in this argument. He is actually a great shooter, and if you watch him play you can see that. His ability to find poeple and score the ball was clear from day one, here’s the point people are missing.

    1)Rose can score 25+ a game, except he is forcing himself to be a PG and a better teammate to duds like Gordon and Deng. If you see him snap in the 4th quarters against GS and Utah you can clearly see that the only thing holding him back from being a pure scorer is his willingness to be a true point gaurd.

    2)Mayo cannot be the pg or the teammate rose is. Mayo has and always will be a pure scorer.

    3)Having OJ Mayo is like having a hot girlfreind.
    Having Rose is like having a hot girlfreind who will do anything you ask her to do…

  • http://localkats.com Kose

    Wajhi says: Having OJ Mayo is like having a hot girlfreind.
    Having Rose is like having a hot girlfreind who will do anything you ask her to do…

    HaHa.. so true. But I love your thought process. Never even saw it in that light.

  • flavur

    D rose is good and is definitely a good pg I mean he is putting up the same numbers that tony parker was putting up in his 5th or 4th year but I like OJ because he doesn’t have to use his athleticism as much (ala brandon roy it’s called sneaky athleticism) as rose because rose’s jumpshot is not as efficient as OJ which is why D rose goes for layups and dunks most of the time and he’s become comfortable doing so which is not a problem I do see him developing his jumpshot in another 2 seasons but mayos jumpshot is efficient for a rookie and his job is to score not pass because he is not a pg but I also see him in a season or 2 getting better at passing and creating better shots for himself and his teammates like Dwade did in his 3 season. For now though I would not pick any because 1. they’re rookies
    2. They’re on losing teams(rose’s team is better but they’re in the east)
    3. They haven’t even finished they’re first season yet

    I personally think that they will both share the ROY trophy as co-ROY because they’re so equally matched and they both have equally the same different amount of flaws.


    Yo, Dime! I need some help with a research paper for school on who’s gonna win NBA Rookie of the Year.

  • http://dimemag Nate Reynolds

    Man OJ MAYO ans DERRIK ROSE LOL. Ok now Rose is good but he is no OJ at all. Mayo is the truth playing head to head wityh guys like Kobe,T-Mac,Hamilton just all the guys thaT we consider the face of the NBA ans=d he competes with them. Rose has skills but he is just not going to cut it in this case maybe you can ask this question when he is being compared to Russell Westbrook! OJ MAYO ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

  • balLN

    Man forget what the rest of yall saying man oj mayo will kill derrick rose. oj had the better stats and the better season only reason he didnt win rookie of the year is because he had a sucky team derrick had player that could step up oj had only one rudy gay so i think if he would have made the playoffs he would have won rookie of the year.

  • Jeremy

    they play different positions but i would say there is not much between them pretty equal