NBA, Video / Dec 30, 2008 / 2:50 pm

Who’s Better: LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

Don’t get mad. We didn’t ask the question. But in honor of 24 Hours of LeBron, listen to Rick Kamla’s take and let us know what you think.

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  • srb

    Paul Pierce is better than both combined.

  • Taj

    Rick Kamla is a Douche….. But he does make interesting points in his breakdown.

    Let the discussions begin!

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…Ironhide was my favorite transformer

    I didn’t listen and really don’t plan on listening to Rick.

    Kobe is the best still. The gap is really close but still Kobe.

    I would compare LeBron and Wade before I compare him and Kobe.

    That is just GEE though.

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    Rick Kamla should also compare who has the edge in Rape charges haha

  • shake&bake

    Kobe is better now, but Lebron will be by next year.

  • control

    Pau Gasol “donation” haha. Pretty good line.

    He makes some great points…at the starting of the season I would have said Kobe, but I think at the end of the season it’s going to be Bronbron.

  • isotope

    Didnt watch the full vid either but are we talking better basketball player or better fantasy player?

  • Pioneer

    LeBron is better statistically, but the most interesting aspect is that he’s dominated the last few meetings between the two.

    Stephen A. Smith might cry about it, but LeBron is clearly the best, and there really isn’t much need to discuss it in all honesty.

  • Mike

    Of course Lebron will rebound more…he’s 3 inches taller!

    Kobe will relinquish his “Best basketball status” when he retires..2015

  • Blue

    when the fuck is d-wade gonna be put in the conversation? and you know what…people have been saying for years that lebron has been doing a lot with not much in the way of complimentary players, and now, all of a sudden, he’s winning because of the players around him. WTF? it’s basically the same f’in people!!!! or did adding wally world and mo williams make that huge of a difference.

    yeah, maybe i am being a hater, but everytime i see lebron doing his ‘dick swinger’ walk down the court with his mouthpiece hanging out…i just wanna smack the taste of his mouth!!!!

    ok, i’m out!

  • Kermit The Washington

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…

    If you try to ask if Kobe’s better than MJ, you’ll get (and rightly so), a giant list of MJ’s accomplishments, and they’ll tell you Kobe isn’t better because he hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as MJ. I believe this is true.

    So for the SAME REASON, Bron has much to do before it can be said that he’s better than Kobe.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Valid points I guess, but Kobe did get after it on “D” in the Olympics.

    LBJ did pick up his defense this year. Give someone on Gasol’s level to LBJ and the Cavs would be a problem.

    Kobe, and I hate that dude, by a small margin.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Kamla is usually an idiot, but he was on point with most of his arguments. Only beef I have is with the defense argument, he basically just used stats to make his case for LeBron. Kobe definitely is the better defender between the two, but the gap is definitely closing.

    Also, when you put it in categories like that, it’s easy to make it seem like LeBron is better. But you don’t consider the fact that the biggest knock on LeBron (and Kobe’s best advantage) is shooting, and LeBron is waaaayy behind Kobe in that area.

    All in all, I’d have to agree that LeBron is better overall than Kobe. But, time winding down, score tied, there is nobody I’d rather have the ball in his hands but Kobe.

  • nola

    i just think this debate is so stupid. both play completely different positions really. lebron plays playmaker with the ball in his hands at all times. literally he had the ball in his hand the whole game, every game since he’s been in the league.

    kobe plays shooting guard. he’s shorter, he shoots better because that’s what he is needed for. to score, much more than lebron. that’s why when we discuss what kinda players are needed around each player, it’s completely different. lebron needs shooters, kobe needs a post player.

    i can go on and on about this but it’s just a ridiculous argument that will never be settled because they’re just different players completely.

    ps. rick kamla kept on saying how he would propose the facts and let us make the decision in the end, yet his proposition was completely biased.. like always. “it would be naive for me to say steals and blocks numbers make a good defensive player, however… lebron has higher numbers in both catagories so he edges kobe in this category.” what an idiot.

  • ERIC

    @ Kermit – great point.

    Wow, I am usually a big Rick Kamla fan, but he needs to stay in the virtual world of fantasy basketball.

    Bron better defensively? Kobe is the one with the All-Defensive honors, Bron is just good for the highlight swat per game.

    Hunger? Lebron? Really? Kobe is the only player on the same level with MJ in terms of tenacity and competitiveness.

    Getting to the finals? LeBron lucked out and had the easiest road to the finals in recent memory. Kobe and the lakers dismantled the west – you cant complain about teammates and trades.

    Leader of team USA? I just rewatched this game YESTERDAY, no question it was Kobe who took over with 8 minutes to go and willed the team to the Gold.

    LeBron is certainly more physically gifted, but in terms of basketball skills that go overlooked (use of left-hand, amazing footwork) and intangibles (clutch, competitvenesss), Kobe still remains superior.

    Case closed.

  • Mr. A


    Ben Wallace and Charles “The-Mound-Round-Of-Rebound” Barkley were both very short for their positions, yet they managed to out-rebound nearly everybody on any given night.

    It’s not how tall you are, it’s how much you want it on a constant basis.

  • K Dizzle

    Kamla is an idiot.
    Lebron was the leader of the olympic team? really?

  • hahns

    i think the question you have to ask is:

    if both players are playing their best- (ie bron’s 42 point outting against detroit 06 playoffs, kobe’s 81 pt game against tdot) who would rather have? interestingly in both cases the opposing team decided not to double team both players…i didnt see kobe’s performance live, but i saw brons…and as amazing as it as, id have to say id rather take kobe at his best than bron. and for me that decides the “whos best” debate.

    but as everyone else is saying- by the end of the year i think bron takes it.

  • K Dizzle

    Who’s worse? Rick Kamla or Stuart Scott?

  • Dennis Castro

    Who’s better: Rick Kamla or a big, heaping pile of shit?

    A big, heaping pile of shit.

  • PALakerFan

    I take exception with several points.

    1. Defense – Kamla says Kobe is a better one on one defender. No shit! Lebron is covering small forwards while Kobe is clamping down on the quickest perimeter players in the league in SG’s and PG’s. Stats in this area don’t proof the argument.

    2. Rebounding – I’ll agree Lebron is a slightly better rebounder but again, position and opportunities play a major factor. 6’9″, 260 lb. forward versus a 6’6″, 225 lb. guard.

    3. Hunger – Are you kidding??? Know way can Lebron be compared to Kobe. If he was as hungry as Kobe, he wouldn’t have such an incostistent jumper. Kobe works his ass off to get better every year. No sign of that from Lebron yet.

    4. Leadership – Unless you’ve played with both players, how can you speculate who is the better leader?

    5. Playmaking – The triangle limits an individual player’s ability to generate large numbers of assists. Magic or Kidd couldn’t average 10 assists in this offense because it relies on movement and everyone to pass to the open man.

    I think Lebron is awesome and really look forward to watching him for the next 14 years, but Kobe is still the best player in the game! Suck it Kamla.


    If the game is on the line, I want Kobe to take the shot not Lebron. That is the difference, folks!

  • jasondolemite

    i can’t stand rick kamla. he is way worse than your local sports anchor, or i would go as far to say worse than the guy that covers sports for your community college. it’s such an embarrassment to the nba. when i first got the nba channel a few years ago, i thought it was a joke or some prize that a dork won to announce for nba tv one day. the folks at the nba channel need to learn from the nfl channel and get real talent (ie rick eisen).

  • dmitry of jersey

    Lebron is better than Kobe for one simple reason: in the past year or so, he has never been stopped. Every once in a while someone is able to slow him down, but no one has ever stopped Lebron.

    Kobe has been stopped two times in the last 2 finals he was in. The Celtics made him look like a straight up punk when he couldn’t “will” his team to win game 4 after being up big in the second half. I would put all the money I got on Lebron never, ever, letting his team give up a 20 point lead at home in an important playoff game. It’s impossible bc he will get points regardless. With Kobe, close the lane and he shoots fadeaways and takes his teammates out of the game. He’s one of the top players in the L, but at this point in his career he can’t touch Lebron.

  • dmitry of jersey

    ( I should rephrase, Lebron did get bitchsmacked by the Spurs in the finals. But since then no one has stopped him)

  • LakeShow84

    Being the best brings rewards and Lebron only has an Eastern Conference Championship to his name..

    And honestly Kobe would’ve won ONE game in the Finals..

    3 Rings, 1 MVP and and a couple of ALL TEAM Defense awards and we still have this conversation.. lol i love the disclaimer Dime.. “we didnt ask it”.. lol

    But people will always have a Arguement because Lebron is like Nique with the highlights.. But this past summer summed it all up.. Dwade held it down but the BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET showed up when it mattered most.. If Lebron wanted to do ANYTHING to dispute that HE would have brought home the gold..

    He disappeared.. Sorry.. But in another 5 years when Kobe is sliding Lebron will be filthy..

  • Pioneer

    Regarding the Olympics, Kobe took over at the end, but throughout everyone reported LeBron was the unmistaken leader of the team, and all kinds of reporters have said as much since.

    Kobe taking over in the fourth qtr doesn’t equal leader of the team.

  • Michorizo

    LeBron says to go ask Vanessa who is better … she knows.



  • E-dud

    Kobe!…….did anybody see D-wade a few years back? he owned that championship run! all the carrying a certain 300lb weight on his back

  • dmitry of jersey

    Dude if you put today’s Lebron on those Lakers team with in his prime Shaq they may not lose a game all season. AND since lebron isn’t a prick like Kobe they would not have broken up after just 3 chips.

  • Sacc

    Kobe is the best right now period. Magic Johnson even said it in their interview and none of you have the credibility of Magic. However Lebron will be considered better when its all said and done he’s a freak. He still has a lot to prove though.

  • Billy Sunday

    this is a bunch of bullsh*t. Fantasy player yeah lebron is better. But who took leadership over team usa? it was kobe who was assigned to be to locked down their opponents best scorer, not lebron. who took the shots when it mattered most, not lebron. i would expect out of lebron if people claim he is 6’9” 274. he should be averaging at least 10 rebounds.

  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt that Lebron James is the better baller y’all. Cat’s got nasty ability to dish dope dimes and got them mad hops. Kobe’s a tight balla forsho, but he ain’t like the King ya’ll.

    True thugs NEVER lie.


    Kobe Now… LBJ in 2 years!

  • LakeShow84

    Lebron is the most athletic..

    Kobe is the best closer..

    And Dmitry.. Bitch smacked aint the word for it.. He got SLAUGHTERED in those FINALS.. And no one is unstoppable.. hes had a couple of bad shooting nights THIS YEAR.. Dont watch sportscenters top tens ok??

    Heres a quick example.. Opening night 15 pts, 6-15 shooting.. Not stopped but checked pretty hard.. And if Kobe got “stopped” in the finals, which is pretty funny because i never heard Kobe getting flack for being soft,
    Lebron got his ass slammed backward in that Finals with the Spurs..

    But lemme guess you took the Cavs that year because of that “filthy” dunk Lebron had on Duncan right??


  • PALakerFan

    Lebron is almost a perfect mix between MJ and Magic. Except for the fact both were better shooters than him. As soon as he fine tunes his shooting, he’ll be the best for about 10 years.

    Kobe’s still the man though.

  • isotope

    In other news: Dikembe just re-signed with the Rockets


  • Ian

    “Of course Lebron will rebound more…he’s 3 inches taller”
    really please bro is not about height

    that was kinda dumb taking one game for each
    so i guess jamison is better than lebron also because he scored 50 once hey tony delk is even better. in fact lets go with ur argument u really think scoring 81 on the raptors on the regular season is more impressive than droppin 41 on the piston in the playoffs and i swear to god those 41 were the final 41 the cavs scored on that game. pleaseeeeeeeeeee check your post.

    lebron is my pick both are top 4 players (yes wade is in there he lead his team to a ring and second round as a rookie blue im with u on this one)

    really a kamela fan what????????????

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Its Kobe. LBJ even said KB is the best in the world this summer.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    I think it’s Kobe. I’m in line with Kermit’s reasoning.

    Kobe defends better, shoots better, makes better on-court decisions, and has a greater body of work…NOW.

    I disagree Eric that Lebron doesn’t match Kobe (who you said was the only 1 to match MJ) in tenacity and competitiveness. And, I believe, at this point in his YOUNG career he’s been CLUTCH enough.

    “…lebron has been doing a lot with not much in the way of complimentary players, and now, all of a sudden, he’s winning because of the players around him. WTF? it’s basically the same f’in people!!!!” See Below.

    No it’s not. Boobie, Andy, Z and Pavlovic are the only ones left (disregarding Snow) That’s all I say about the above statement.

    Anyways, I think Kobe’s a better player now. I think Lebron will be the better player…eventually.

    LATE 80’S to 90’s — MJ
    LATE 90’S TO 00’S — KOBE
    LATE 00’S TO ? — See Below.

    AFTER KOBE :: Lebron and Wade and Howard will be the face of the NBA and the discussions about who’s better will surround those three in particular. Kobe might still be in the discussion by then…

    Kamla’s whole take was to get the convo ignited.

    And whoever said Lebron had an easy path to the Finals…must not remember him single handedly defeating the Pistons in the Conf Finals or how he almost did the same to Boston (w/ a lil’ more help)

    When Kobe had the team all to himself with just complimentary players…LA missed the playoffs.

    On the hand, I believe Lebron started his play-off run with ‘nobodies’ beginning his 3RD year…that says sumptin

  • Ian

    u missing the point bringing out the resume
    its like sayin kidd is better than paul or something
    and 5 years???? lol a 35 year old sg he the slide starts before that

  • Ian

    i rather have reggie miller take the final shot of a game over anyone all time is he better than jordan because of that??

  • UncheckedAggression

    I’m just glad people have finally come around. Kobe is great, but he lacks some things that are very important to be an all-time great. He’s never been able to balance his scoring with distributing the ball so that his teammates actually get confidence. Lebron is better in almost every single way. I didn’t even watch this video because it is unnecessary.

    Many of the people that still think Kobe is the best player in the NBA are also Laker fans. I’ve watched a lot of Lakers games this year and I honestly think they would be better off with Joe Johnson. He’s done more in clutch situations in the past 2 years. And if you switch Lebron and Kobe, the Lakers would easily get 70 wins.

    Some of you guys just need to watch the Cavs every now and then. Lebron is getting close to being the most complete player the NBA has ever seen.

  • dmitry of jersey


    singling out one bad shooting game is stupid. I’m sure i can find some games by Shaq from the Laker years when he shot 6-15 in some early season game but still ended dominating the league overall. that’s just a sad, weak argument.

    Secondly, Lebron got bitchsmacked in the finals of what was his first deep playoffs run. you almost expect that as a rite of passage, especially in a year when no one was picking the Cavs to go that far. Kobe, on the other hand, got his ass handed to him LAST YEAR, well into his reign as supposedly the best player in the NBA.

    Anyway, you missed the part where I was saying Lebron today is better than Kobe. 2 years ago is 2 years ago, but last spring Lebron lost to the Celtics by an inch while that Lakers series wasn’t that close, especially after Kobe laid a giant egg in game 4.

    I don’t care about dunks and don’t watch sportcenter so nice try trying to win an argument with name calling. I watch basketball. in the last playoffs Lebron almost took his team past Boston while Kobe didn’t even get close. What else is there to argue about? .. especially since Lebron has gotten even more dominant this year.

  • Ian

    “Magic Johnson even said it in their interview and none of you have the credibility of Magic”
    oh sure not biased at all not the great magic

    u know what a liked about the finals lebron was talkin shit about having a poster of the dunk for inspiration for shot of the finals he got blocked by timmy

  • P

    The announcer is a clown….there is no right answer thats just me…

  • Ian

    brogden LOL
    late 90s to 00s kobe hahahahaha
    its shaq or duncan
    lol kobe was the pippen on his team please all the lakers fans here are making good points u sir are talkin nonsense

  • LakeShow84


    He really scored the last 41?? For Really?? And you swear to the big boss??Shit fellas..

    pleassssseee check your stats.. it was 25.. which i could never knock and look smart.. but still..

    Who did they even play in the previous two rounds that year?? And didnt Detorit always fizzle right before the finish line.. riiiiggghhhhtttt..

  • Big Mike

    This discussion is like comparing apples and oranges. They play different positions so the guard different types of people. Mamba deals with shooting and point guards while Bron takes slower small forwards and power forward. Bron position enables him to get more rebounds because he is closer to basket, not on wing or top of key like Mamba, being 6’8 and 276 doesnt hurt either. There is no hunger like Mamba’s right now. Defense isn’t quantified by steals and blocks, everyone jumps passing lanes now a days. Bron might have been the leader of USA team but Mamba guarded the best players and we all know that everyone stepped back and watched Mamba bring the gold home in the final minutes. That makes him better.

  • Ian

    hahahaha and u tell me to check my stats hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    please bro relax only u thought that shit was serious

  • control


    I thought you were serious too…

  • Ian

    detroit might fizzle like u said but they did bitch slap kobe and the lakers once forgot that or maybe its because of the super tuff raptors u r comparing the pistons to

  • Ian

    lol sorry lakeshow
    i gues it didnt come out right
    control got mixed up also

  • Ric Hardwood

    I agree with Rick…
    -Kobe can be better defensively but it depends if he feels like playing D. LeBron may go for the highlight block or steal but sometimes those are the kind of plays that get the team motivated.
    -Kobe has trust issues with his teammates. He gets frustrated with them quite a bit and ends up shutting them out. Kobe’s best performances are when he takes over games BY HIMSELF!

  • LakeShow84

    No YOU said he was unstoppable and i’ve seen him stopped/ checked before.. Dont believe the hype.. Dude DOES NOT have a 3 or a reliable J.. If the touch game wasnt in effect his scoring would be down a notch..

    And Right of passage?? is that your arguement?? In the FINALS??? no comment but your right of passge is the PLAYOFFS.. You go win ONE game if you the hot potato.. not get swept..

    We won two games pal.. Our WHOLE team disappeared.. If Ray Ray was on (like he was against us) that series against the cavs wouldve been faster..

    The Hawks took the Celtics to 7 games?? What you want me to believe Joe Johnson can smash on Kobe too??

    Its sad because no matter how better Lebrons team gets around him he takes the credit for it all.. That team looks good 1-8 in my opinion..

  • control


    I was really just being sarcastic…since the whole Manu discussion I don’t take anything you say SERIOUSLY (relax, I kid).

  • Ian

    control manu is better than tmac period or i should check with u before i pick a player i remember i wasnt the only one pickin manu. so why should i take what u say seriously btw pleasee dont do the kid shit doesnt sound right.

  • Ric Hardwood

    Holy crap… Kobe lovers are a hateful bunch… lol

  • LakeShow84

    lol i was hopin u wasnt serious Ian..


    I now bestow SOME of your Bball stripes back.. You never know on a blogging site.. Foo’s think Peter Vescey and Rick Kamla are bball geniuses sometimes.. Gotta love these Lebron/Kobe debates though..

    And Shaq got BEASTED by Ben Wallace in that Finals and Malone was out injured.. we lost our post game.. Yeah Kobe jacked them but he had too.. Our hall of fame PG lost his confidence too?! What we had Slava Medvendenko starting a game?! That finals was the ugliest thing i have ever seen..

    Almost as ugly as this past years.. Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe getting superstar calls over Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom under the smoke screen of Defense?? i can go all day homie lol

  • Ian

    lol just messin lakeshow not serious about stats nba players are more than that

  • Ian

    thanks for the stripes

  • control


    Lil’ touchy eh? Saying “I kid” indicates that I joke, not that I was calling you a kid. Man, mention Manu and you fly off the hook, you really gotta ease up eh?

  • E$

    not this again….why can’t they both be good? This is worse than Pac vs BIG

  • Ian

    i my post was calm lol when u say the kid thing here it means something else
    remember let me slide on this one in not american

  • Kermit The Washington

    Yo CELTS FAN, YOU IN HERE?! Look at post 44; THAT’s what I was talkin’ bout the other day man…these people still exist! lol

  • isotope

    Yeah Lebron’s team is not THAT bad. They have youth, athleticism, shooters, and veterans. What else u need?

    I think the best thing we can say is that Kobe is arguably the best player in the league. Same for LBJ (I personally gotta see Dwade do more post-injury to put him in that discussion). No way we can all agree on who is the best.

    IMO tho, i think its Kobe. You can dismiss all his accomplishments with all kinds of nonsense like he was Pippen, or he doesnt pass, or his team is better, etc. But those are all weak. No one ever accused MJ of being too unselfish. They’re shooting guards, not PGs. They are paid to score. Another thing to consider is Kobe didnt come into the league with the hype and minutes that LBJ did. Dude had to ride the pine for a minute and earn the status he has now.

  • dmitry of jersey

    Ok Lakeshow time for your eye doctor check up: “I should rephrase, Lebron did get bitchsmacked by the Spurs in the finals. But since then no one has stopped him”

    again SINCE THEN no one has stopped Lebron, and I’m sorry your lame example of a 6-15 game in November this year doesn’t count.

    Hawks look like a 50 win team this year.. I don’t know about JJ smashing on Kobe but in a 7 game series I can see Lakers having problems too.

    and btw, Ray Ray is a SG.. you’d figure the best player ever in the whole wide world who’s also a SG may be able to keep him from dominating.

    anyway, arguing about Kobe with a Lakers fan is pointless. I’ll be proven right when L.A. loses to the spurs this year and kobe shoots 7-31 in the elimination game.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Ian – Kobe’s better than Timmy and Shaq. I don’t care what VALUE those big men have but their overall skill set doesn’t even compare…and they’re HOFers…



    We can trade shots all day. I gotta fully loaded clip.

    And oh yeah, Lebron’s on his ass…he WILL be better than Kobe.

    Lebron takes too many risks to be considered a sound defensive player.

  • Ian

    shit i think i cant control myself on the tmac thing till may

  • hahns


    the “ie” at the beginning of the parenthesis was suppose to indicate examples of their best games. i was referencing those games almost as a case study- so no, i wasnt saying that those were their best performances ever, but i’m saying those were instances where they were at their best- using those games as reference points, id rather take kobe.

  • isotope

    i already saw that. Its all good. I’m a lil less eager to jump to his defence after last night’s loss. Horrible!

  • Ian

    i had no problem with the pick just the comparing their best games because like i said imagine if someone pulled out that to compare delk to kidd???

  • Ian

    iso wait that wasnt i deal breaker im not supposed to talk about his playoffs awesomeness that was the deal.

    i was just talkin to control about that article

  • control


    Not sure how you equate overall skill set with what Shaq and TD do…different positions aside, you can compare TD with Kobe quite easily. In some of those discussions TD will come out ahead, sure Kobe is amazing and probably the best, but it’s by a slim margin. Without a valid big man, ain’t no wing player going to win a championship…the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

  • Ian

    control thats true
    the 99 spurs team can be an example of that or the 94 rockets (95 the had drexler)
    they had kinda good wings but not superstar wings
    i mean if that is what u meant

  • Blue


    “No it’s not. Boobie, Andy, Z and Pavlovic are the only ones left (disregarding Snow) That’s all I say about the above statement.”

    5 players (including lebron) on a 8 man rotation are the same, but that’s not the ‘basically the same people’? i guess big ben’s 3PPG are the difference maker, right?

  • Ian

    please what loaded clip are u talking about
    kobe might have an argument as better player NOW
    but u said late 90s hahahahha and the 00s pleaseeeee take kobe and compare him to duncan and shaq from 98 till 05
    and get back to me with what u get

  • Ian

    brogden u know what please dont even answer that because kobe wasnt even the best player on his own team

  • Ian

    what was the voting on the mvp of the last ten years again
    duncan all votes kobe one wasnt it like that (lakeshow dont jump on me i know shaq had some votes also hehehe)

  • Joshua

    you know i can make a huge deal about who’s better and who’s not come up with stats and and perfomances

    but the biggest reason why LBJ is better then KOBE is



  • LakeShow84


    you just saying the Spurs will beat the Lakers this year in the playoffs has taken away all of your credibility..

    We OWN the Spurs.. Trademark and all..

    And so now your saying The Hawks could hang with the lakers in a seven game series??

    AND kobe “shoulve” shut down Ray Ray because hes the best?? Ray Ray blew by VUJACIC for that game winning lay up.. Kobe had to guard Pierce who flopped his mopped his around that game.. If Lebron is indeed the best he shoulve stopped Paul Pierce since they play the same position right?? Cuz i remember a couple of shootouts which one of the hottest shooters in Ray Allen wasnt even apart of..

    So in one post you said three ignorant comments.. Dont grasp at straws pal.. There isnt much to argue.. U like smoke and mirrors?? Fine.. I like results..

    Give it time pal.. He will get there..

  • Smitty313

    Kobe is suppose to pussy whipped by his wife. Remember Colorado.
    But my choice is Kobe. And it’s a known fact that Rick Kamala is a Kobe hater just like the people here at dime.

  • LakeShow84

    And Kobe would make me so proud if he got on Candace Parkers line..

    How hard could it be to impose a friendly shoot around??

  • K Dizzle

    @ Joshua.
    Great argument, buddy. You decided this whole argument with your concise basketball related argument. Please don’t post no more till you hit 12….

    why you argue with Dmitry?
    Read his arguments again then just shake your dome. Lebron’s better cuz he hasn’t been stopped since the Spurs whooped him and the Celts last season. So apparently, it’s better to lose in the ECF than to actually make it to the Finals….or to shoulder the responsibility of defendin the best perimeter player and hittin big shots at the Olympics…..or findin Gasol at crunchtime over and over and over in the biggest game of the year…lol
    most of the posts make good sense then you get a couple WTFs?!?
    I’m out

  • Ian

    u own the spurs lol really why? because of one series
    the most memorable kobe moment for me is seein him cry after the spurs ended the threepeat
    o i guess sayin one team can beat the lakers is losing credibility now remember its been 7 years now since your last title.

  • Ian

    k dizzle

    have to go also take care

  • Joshua

    k dizzle suck a dick buddy

  • K Dizzle

    lol…you know today ain’t your birthday so you know you ain’t twelve yet….Mix in some anger management too. Be good for you.

  • dmitry of jersey


    You don’t own the Spurs. that’s retarded.

    Assuming that you could dominate a legit Hawks team that is on pace to win 50 is arrogant. Lakers would win but it would be a battle.

    The point of the Ray comment is Kobe didn’t shut down ANYONE in the finals last year. You can bitch and moan about Pierce or the officials or whatever, but that is the fact.

    i’m leaving work so i’m done arguin. the playoffs will prove me right like i said.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Not Kobe or LeBron related . . . save for LeBron’s former team mate and a player who has the same agent as Kobe . . . but . . .

    I just got a txt from 1320 KFan (owned by Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller) telling me that Booz is going to have knee surgery on Jan 9th.

    “1320 KFAN has learned that Carlos Boozer will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery that will likely take place on Jan 9.”

    Confirmation on the air, and (I guess, I haven’t checked it) their website.

  • dmitry of jersey

    .. actually just for fun i’ll rub it in

    Boston 131 LA 92
    Kobe: 7-22, 22pts

    Boston 97 CLE 92
    Lebron 14-29, 45pts

    LA and CLE both lost, but the difference is kobe went out like a bitch and Lebron went out like a future champion.

  • LakeShow84

    OK fellas..

    We dont “own the spurs”.. I stretched it.. but i dont think Pop has figured out the Triangle because when we have good squads we usually beat the spurs.. Remember the whole Kobe the King/Spur killer?? .4 seconds??

    All of that adds up.. and we built our team the right way this time around to be able to be big enough to deal with a team like the spurs.. So its all related in the big cycle o life..

    Dmitry dont even come on here if Lakers/Spurs does come around.. Im adding you to my playoff rambling blog list.. lol

    And i know you’ll check it from your CPU at home..

  • Michorizo

    Kobe is better because he shot a 3 pointer and made it…LeBron shot a two pointer …and this whole argument, like the rest, makes not point whatsoever!

  • LakeShow84


    Sorry Kobe already is a CHAMP homie.. Three time if im correct..

    And I wont call Lebron a name because i clearly aint hating as hard as u are..

    But come on.. ONE game?? He couldnt muster up the magic you love dickriding so hard and go for 45 in a winning effort in the FINALS??

    Scoring aint everything.. Look at AI and Gilbert Arenas..

  • chekmate

    i just started reading the comments and i have to say that reading dmitry’s comments are making me feel like my iq is dropping to his level.

    i dont know who is better at this point. they are both great players. lebron has improved a lot on his defense. obviously he will get more boards because he is bigger and drives to the basket harder. the offense they run in cleveland also has lebron making more plays and kobe plays within the triangle where the team makes plays for each other. either way, both great players.

  • dennisfromdallas

    Fuck Rick Kamla.

  • Robin

    I think some of you guys should watch the Cavs play more. LeBron is getting a lot of credit for his man-to-man D this year, not just blocks and steals (although I think blocks can have more value than people think as a deterrent). Last year he shut Kobe down in their matchups, this year he’s held guys like Danny Granger and Caron Butler to single digits. Just last game he shut down Shawn Marion for 3 quarters and switched onto D-Wade to slow him down in the fourth. They came back from a 9-pt deficit in the fourth to win with LBJ guarding Wade. I heard somewhere that LeBron’s opponent PER is at 10.5 per game, which is pretty far below average.

    While I agree with Kamla, I don’t necessarily agree with all of his reasoning. Kobe is a better shooter, and shooting is a pretty important category. But LeBron doesn’t need to be a great shooter to be effective, because he’s so good at getting and finishing more efficient inside looks. And he can get hot at any time and still win games with this outside shooting. LeBron is definitely the better passer and the more unselfish player. He makes his teammates better, while Kobe needs superstars around him just for him to be able to trust his teammates. LeBron is clearly the better rebounder. And yes, it is because he’s taller, stronger, and plays SF instead of 2-guard. So? That still makes him better. His physical attributes allow him to have a greater impact on the game. That’s what makes guys like Shaq and Yao Ming so valuable too, and no one’s holding their height against them. And what can Kobe do by virtue of being smaller and weaker than LeBron? Nothing, because LeBron doesn’t give up any speed to him (LeBron is probably faster). And clutch play should also be a toss-up. Anyone who watched all of LeBron’s game winners and 4th-quarter takeovers last season would agree with me. Not to mention all the game-winners he has hit against Washington in the playoffs and his Game 5 takeover against the Pistons. Kobe is great in the clutch too, obviously, but you can’t overlook what LeBron has done. Down 1 or 2 I would rather have LeBron shoot it, because he can get layups and dunks more consistently. If I need a 3, I’d rather have Kobe shoot it, but LeBron is also more of a threat to drive and pass to an open teammate for 3.

    In all, I would argue that they are equal as scorers, clutch players, and defensive players (although LeBron might have an edge here), while LeBron has a greater overall impact on the game through his passing, rebounding, and positive leadership.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    @ 95 — true, shaq was nice enough to make all of his team mates champs back in the day . . . that includes kobe three times.

  • BMW

    LeBron is playing crazy b-ball right now. But even with that at the end of the game,you’ll sweat more if Kobe has the ball that’s if he’s playing against you. I know LeBron is on his way but right now I’ll still go Kobe

  • PL

    ERIC says:
    LeBron is certainly more physically gifted, but in terms of basketball skills that go overlooked (use of left-hand, amazing footwork) and intangibles (clutch, competitvenesss), Kobe still remains superior.

    Game Over. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    I would rather have LeBron have the ball in his hands for the final full possession, but if it was three seconds left, I’d rather have Kobe take the game winner … unless Lebron was at the Q.

    Great players – convo will continue for a very long time, way beyond this board.

    For the record, I have allegiance to no team – I just love the game, playing it, watching it. With that said, I think the Cavs are a Joe Smith away from a championship.

    Shaq, most dominant. Duncan, most valuable. Kobe, most talented. {— Lebron, on his ass.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Ian, I dig you buddy. Trust me, I know there’s other educated avenues that point in a different direction. I know. I respect most of the posts here. The time parameters of this “Kobe, Lebron…Timmy, Shaq” dialogue seem to overlap and complicate complicated arguments. And since the ‘decade’ example was lil’ too rigid for a supremely subjective argument, why don’t we do this? We’ll eliminate frivilous arguments, and “assume” that NBA FACE = BEST PLAYER. Then, we’ll tilt our head a lil’ for a comprehensive view:



    *Many would argue Vince, Tracy, Garnett, and some others
    **Some say this era has started now, some say this era will start later

    **There clearly was No Jordan and No Lebron

    BETTER QUESTION: Between ’98 and ’03 who was the best player?

    (the Jordan era ended in 98 after the Jazz rematch, when he came back he couldn’t say he was the best)

  • http://antwonomous.blogspot.com Antwonomous

    Kobe is still more skilled, and probably always will be. It doesn’t matter how much you work on your game, some people are just naturally more talented – just like everything else in life. For example, it doesn’t appear possible that LeBron’s handle could ever become easier than Kobe’s. And Kobe is also a better shooter.

    But LeBron has gotten better as a shooter, specifically in the mid-range area (where he got some criticism last year) and besides, his sheer size and strength make it so that he doesn’t have to be as pure a player as Kobe is. LeBron’s also become the most destructive defensive player in the league; with his long arms, lateral quickness, and strength, he is a wall of frustration for defenders. They cannot go around him, shoot over him, or post him up. LeBron has already locked up Carmelo twice and held Danny Granger to four points – and Carmelo is the second best pure scorer in the league, and Granger goes for 25 a night. Of course, Kobe still has the know-how, as well as, most importantly, the will and desire – so for one play, at the end of the game, I might still take Kobe if I needed one stop. On the other end, though, I might have to go with LeBron, as shocking as that sounds – as the Freedarko guys have pointed out more than once, Bronzino is the only perimeter player ever who consistently got game-winners on layups.

    Overall, I’d call it a wash – technically, Kobe is better, but LeBron is just as effective, so how can we really say Kobe is better? And LeBron is definitely the most dominant player in the league. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before this is no longer a discussion – I’ve never seen anyone who improved as easily as LeBron does (that’s what happens when you’re the most physically gifted player in the history of the game), and although Kobe told Magic he won’t be ready to pass the torch to LeBron until he retires, he really has no choice in the matter. LeBron James is a different kind of cat. He was born to wear the crown.

  • http://n/a BanDafa

    DAmned! hamed haddadi of memphis grizzlies is better than kobe and LeBron.. u knw d guy? his the rookie from iran.. yeg fuckin love that dude cuz his like an asshole in the court playing with the boss…his an idiot in the court!!!

  • Rubbzzz

    It was Kobe who came in the clutch to win the gold medal. Not Lebron

  • Big V

    What the hell is “hunger” and how does it make you a better ball player? Before you jump all over this, I don’t get how “hunger” is as important a category as playmaking or shooting. Kamla is retarded. He also says that theyre both very close in hunger but he gives LeBron the check mark, whereas he gives both of them the checkmark for toughness, which he also says is close.

    I don’t buy it. Kobe’s still the man. LeBron’s time will come, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to put it all together as well as Bryant.

  • Ian

    i have to say duncan and shaq those 5 years
    but heres the thing kobe suffers from the same thing as shaq
    shaq started half his dominant part of his career in the jordan era and ended it in the duncan era
    kobe started it in the duncan era and ended it in the lebron era
    dont know if u understand what i meant

  • Ian

    i can go with shaq most dominant duncan valuable and kobe talented but i cant say its the kobe era the last ten years since he has only been outta the first round once being the man


    KOBE has 3 years max left in the tank. LBJ will pick up from there!

  • Ian

    btw in the era things u had them all right but not the oneal duncan one u added kobe there kobe should be on the last one. u cant have kobe with duncan and oneal its like adding pippen over admiral hakeem malone charles whit jordan on the jordan era.

  • Ian

    hey fuck it they are both equally great and both top 4 in the league in any order anyone wants

  • Ian

    LOL ray allen got pushed outta bounds by oden why didnt garnett talk shit to oden? i bet if ridnour pushes allen garnett would be all over him.

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…Ironhide was my favorite transformer

    Kobe vs. LeBron always good for over 100 post lol.

  • anomaly

    I know this is a late post and probably no one will even notice it, but if anyone at dime, or anyone else for that matter reads this, I would be interested in observing a response to this opinion:

    I absolutely hate it when someone who has never even played in the NBA, or even come close for that matter, tries to analyze and compare players to each other and make a determination of who is the better player.

    How can Kamla possibly comprehend the rigors of what it takes to play in the NBA let alone understand the skills of superstar players to the point where he thinks he can make an assessment on ranking them?

    If you ask me, only people who have been there and have actually faced these athletes on the court, can make such a judgement.

    Only they can truly understand the skill that these players possess. They are the only ones that know what it takes to be on that court. Kamla needs to pull his head out of his ass.

  • http://n/a BanDafa

    both of them suckS! they play like theres no tomorrow, they play like ahorse with a patch on both eyes.. damned!

  • jnuh

    The comparison should have been LeBron years 1-6 & Kobe years 1-6.

    LeBron is a FAR more complete player at this point in his career than Kobe was.

    At that point in their career I don’t believe there would be a single category that Kobe would outright win over LeBron.

    Even knowing what you’d get from Kobe in years 7 through 13 I can’t imagine a single GM, if given the choice between the two, taking Kobe over what LeBron will do in that part of his career.

  • KoBaybay

    aparently Bron’s worse than Wade, let alone Kobe.

    give it a rest peeps.


  • KoBaybay

    @jnuh, thats why you ain’t the GM :)

  • stephen a


  • benjaman

    Lebron is a young man…KOBE of cours..he is a master at basketball..lebron us just the biggest talent//kobe wins
    but it will be interesting to se how and what lebron will improve in..maybe using some jab, fadeaway,,?

  • Just a Fan

    i’m curious about this arguement being used by Lebron supporters. This whole Lebron is better because he lead the Cavs to a Game 7 with the Celtics and Kobe didn’t.

    Using that logic, Joe Johnson is also better then Kobe because his team got to a game 7 with the celtics.

    I can argue that since the Lakers destoryed the Spurs, that means Kobe > Duncan and since the Hawks & Cavs took the Celtics to a Game 7 and Kobe didn’t, Joe Johnson & Lebron is better then Kobe and Duncan.

    Is this really logical thinking here?

  • jj

    all this arguing is bull.
    lebron is a physical freak of nature. That gives him an edge on the team defensive side and finishing but thats all.
    . cause frankly you cannot seriously say he’s better than kobe in any skill area other than playmaking.
    kobe is a better ballhandler,shooter,defender,scorer,hes just as if not quicker and he is more clutch

  • Carlos B

    Get really,

    Both has their specialty – don’t compare appels with oranges.

  • Zen

    rick’s points are really good. the problem with kobe fans is that they wont accept the truth. they will always say that:

    “Kobe is better now, but Lebron will be by next year”
    wtf? is this really an answer of a thinking mind? this is obviously an answer of a stick to kobe fan. obviously he already sees that lebron is better, he just cant accept it, thats why he says next year. lol.

    “in terms of basketball skills that go overlooked (use of left-hand, amazing footwork) and intangibles (clutch, competitvenesss), Kobe still remains superior.”

    another stupid comment. does a great player like lebron need to use a left hand? kobe using lefthand makes him better?wtf. footwork. the problem with these stupid people, is that theyre are amazed with the tricks and skills kobe does to score. but if you think the basics. the important thing is you will put the ball inside the rim. LEBRON doesnt need this kinda tricks because he is unstoppable. get that?

    and another point, yes kobes has an amazing jumper. and has a better jumper than lebron. but all people forget that the more impt thing is the FG%. so what if you have a jumpshot, as long as i can put the ball more efficiently, it will be better. LEBRON doesnt need to be as good as kobe in his jumper, because as it is, he is a better scorer.

  • Zen

    kobe vs lebron is like comparing the most hardworking and studying guy in the class vs the natural genius.

  • QQ

    T Mac is better than both of them. Come on now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    “LEBRON HASNT DONT A DAMN THING YET” {{- Lebron has done nothing yet. LMMFAO – Yo! You’s a funny guy. Man, I’m giggling like crazy at that statement. Wow!

    @111 – You know what?!? I get you. Yup. What’s crazy is, and what gives these arguments fuel, is in the POST-MJ era, the margin of difference in what each talented player brings to the game is slim and tight.

    And there’s alot of TALENT!

    Even the margin between Kobe, Wade, and Lebron is tight.

    It’s crazy, it’s so many developing point guards, 2s, combo guards, wings, bigs…

    I bet Stern is reading this Dime board, smokin’ doobs and bustin’ nuts.


    Zen’s simile is music to my eyes.

    **EVERYONE READ 126 — Remember the question is “Who’s Better: Lebron James or Kobe Bryant?”

  • doug

    You guys are idiots for listening to Kamla, this guy has went on record as saying he doesn’t like Kobe. All the golden rules as far as professionalism and being objective are always being broken by this tool who only looks at stats and never looks at games. Kobe by far, stop comparing a dude who’s five years in to his career to a guy who has a body of work and accolades. Kobe is far more accomplished and this really isn’t a debateable topic. By Lebron’s own admission he has said several times Kobe is the best player in the world. Kobe is the dude there trying to imitate. And don’t hit me with that oh lebron’s just being a good sportsman because if that were the case he’d be saying D.WADE and MELO are better than him and you’ve never heard him say that he only says this about Kobe. Whenever, your in doubt on this topic just listen to what all the past GREATS say about who the best player in the L has been for the past years, MJ,Isaiah Thomas, Bird, Drexler, Magic Johnson all have went on record as saying KOBE. Ian stop spreading that Tim Duncan best player propoganda if that was the case DIME and everyone else would be asking who’s better LeBron or Tim Duncan? Nobody believes that but you, your not the best in the L just because you’ve got 4 rings.

  • no one


  • CK JESSe

    this is probably the most argued topic dime mag has ever had.. i think everybody here for the most part made valid point but kamla’s not talking about resumes, he’s talking about right now and i have to take side with him. lebron is probably the most dominant player out there right now . but if u wanna talk about all time (for now) kobe got the notch no questions asked..

  • Qwame

    I think you all have forgetten Kobe is playing with a broke finger and has been for thelast year and a half. Dont forget 81 pts, 62 in 3qtrs, longest run of 50 point games. Kobe is still the man of the NBA, Bron is right bwhind follwed closely by dwade.


    Lebron was the leader of the Redeem Team
    if u watch any of the Road to Redemtion seriies
    you can say that Lebron took it on himself to lead thse

  • LBJ23 > KB24

    kobe ONLY went to the nba finals with help from SHAQ(one of the mosr dominant player) and PAO GASOL(elite center-forward), yet lebron manages to get there with no other superstar but himself.

  • Mass Sports Teams Blow Donkey Dick

    What about Paul Pierce

  • niacin

    kobe, no questions asked. all around, kobe’s much more sound.

  • chuck79

    To all you assholes who think kobe is better than lebron. The king is way better compare kobe first six seasons to lebron. Kobe wasn’t a starter his first season not an allstar to 3 season. You guys really are funny kobe wouldn’t of won shit without the diesal. In fact he hasn’t won shit since. Individually the king is the better player. And stop comparing kobe to Jordan he’s not even close.

  • montana mex

    pound for pound kobe is the best.

  • http://www.sksd.com Magic Fan

    yo, Before i say anything im not a lakers fan, Magic, name says it all.

    and first of Paul Pierce doesnt come close to Kobe. Best way to put it, imagine Kobe instead of Paul Pierce on the celtics. ( i know they play diff positions)…and to any1 who disagreed, kobe’s right there with Pau, imagine if had ray ray and KG, does 82 seem hard?

    Lebron v Kobe: BBall debate for next 10 years

    Kobe said the other day, he hasnt put it in third gear yet, dude hasnt taken 30 shots in game yet this season, hes holding back, yall w8 and see.

    Lebron is a monster, guy is unstoppable. Look at this way, as a SF/PF lebon should be at 6+ rebound mark and as a great player he’s a good 27 ppg. But what splits Lebron from the likes of Dany Granger, yes Danny Granger (whos averigning almost 27 a game) is his assissts. But Lebron literally holds the ball for 21 secs per possess for Cavs hes gonna have assissts, thats how point guards get them.

    As the best player, Kobe definetly gets it, and im not saying lebron isnt catching up or will get to kobe. Guy is insane, do you realize teams adjust defenses just for him. hello, triple teamed and doubled teamed day in day out.

    Dude plays in a set offence, triangle.. he isnt expected to have many assissts. BTW Cavs have every play designed for Lebron to do something, and he Gets isolations the whole time, which is unfair to players guarding cause their usually slower or smaller.

    and in clutch moments, kobe is the scariest player ur team has ti face, period.

  • http://www.sksd.com Magic Fan

    o and its not lebron who gets triple and doubled team night in night out, its kobe if u misread it

  • nakk

    kobe bryant is better on experience he got a lot more experience than lebron
    i am kobe fan
    but i think lebron is better

  • julian euresti

    kobe is good but allready @ his peak , on the other hand lebron is just allready as good and just getting better , it clearly shows .

  • Don Jones AKA Lil 5Duece

    Lebron is better. I mean Kobe is one of the best but give it to Lebron He’s come a long way. He is an better all around player. Kobe cant do the stuff that Lebron Does soory. If this is too much well suck my big dick bithces

  • Joshua Carmona

    to me i think is kobe. kobe was the main man in his team but, lebron is the main man on his team. they both have experiance of the game but, kobe been in the game for 13 years now with 3 champion rings. lebron have a mvp awared but, so does kobe. kobe had won a dunk contest before as well but i think that lebron is going to get one in 2009-2010. the both are the best in the nba now but kobe always been my favroit as you can see lebron scores triple doubles. kobe career high is 81 but lebron is 56. now you deside who’s the best man.

  • Vincent Patton

    PAST- MJ




  • http://yahoo.com nolan

    lebron cannot guard kobe bcoz of kobe’s skill and getaway move that will make lebron embarrased

    everyone know this
    KOBE BRYANT is the best!!

  • http://yahoo.com nolan

    can lebron make it by himself?
    i dont think so

    but kobe will just use his experience to get another ring
    NBA 2009 season champion is still the LAKERS

  • Lakers #1 Fan!!!!!!!!!

    Kobe is WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by a long shot in oponion kobe has better expeirence and has bin compared to the greatest to

  • http://none islands guam boys

    kobe is better then LBJ.