NBA / Dec 2, 2008 / 12:54 pm

Who’s better: Pierce or ‘Melo?

We argue. You decide…

PAUL PIERCE (by Aron Phillips)
There is a reason they call Paul Pierce the Truth. He’s arguably one the NBA’s most lethal perimeter and clutch scorers and could even be the Celtics’ greatest pure scoring machine ever. Leading his team to a World Championship last season, while Carmelo Anthony has struggled to get out of the first round his whole career, P-Double is a warrior. Night after night this guy just gets it done. So much so that the two All-Star teammates that flank him just keep feeding him the rock in the clutch.

Paul PiercePaul Pierce, Dime #5

Unlike Anthony, Pierce demands the ball and can take over games. Leading Boston to their ninth straight win last night over Eastern Conference foe Orlando, Pierce scored 17 of his 24 points in the third quarter alone. With the game on the line, Pierce is like a bull in a china shop, barreling to the bucket for either the deuce or the foul. ‘Melo on the other hand often defers to his teammates with the game on the line.

Sure his 18.7 points per game is well below his career average of 23.0, but to illustrate Pierce’s presence on the floor does not always mean you should look in the box score. In Friday’s blowout win over the Sixers, Pierce had only six points on 1-6 shooting, but his presence was equivalent to Stephen Curry‘s eternal double-team – just drawing the attention of the defense.

What’s most amazing to me is how Pierce has improved his free throw shooting over his career. I can remember a couple years ago when Pierce would step up to the charity stripe in the fourth quarter and miss two. After beginning his career shooting 71%, Pierce shot a career-high 84% last season and is on track to do the same this season as well. With his uncanny ability to get to the line, if he can consistently knock them down, he could be unstoppable.

CARMELO ANTHONY (by Austin Burton)
It’s all about opportunity.

Given the opportunity to play with multiple Hall of Famers who know their roles and will do whatever necessary to win it all, would Carmelo Anthony be able to take over a series and walk away with a ring, an MVP, and a newfound appreciation for his game? Of course.

Given the opportunity to play in a system that highlights his strengths and compensates for his weaknesses, would Carmelo Anthony be able to make a declaration like, “I think I’m the best player in the world” despite averaging under 20 points a game? Of course.

Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony (photo. Mannion)

Every NBA player has a specialty, a niche, and few are as good at performing their niche as Carmelo. He’s a professional scorer. He gets buckets. Above the rim, in the lane, mid-range, baseline, off the dribble, on the block, 23-9 … he was fourth in the NBA in scoring last season (25.7 ppg), and that was with Allen Iverson as a teammate. Of the League’s top four scorers — including LeBron, Kobe and A.I. — ‘Melo had the highest field goal percentage and played the fewest minutes. Translation: He’s efficient, and he’s a dominant scorer even when sharing the spotlight with another dominant scorer.

The strongest pro-Pierce argument is his proficiency as a clutch scorer, but ‘Melo is just as — if not more — adept at coming through in clutch situations. According to the number-crunching website 82games.com, which defines “clutch time” as “fourth quarter or overtime, less than five minutes left, neither team ahead by five points,” Carmelo put up 36.3 points per 48 minutes of clutch time last season, while Pierce averaged 20.2 points. If nothing else, the stats show Pierce isn’t head-and-shoulders above Carmelo in the clutch department as some would have you believe.

This season hasn’t been Carmelo’s best, but consider the circumstances. He had a long summer playing with Team USA — his fourth long summer in a six-year NBA career — and immediately after returning from a preseason elbow injury that never really healed (he re-injured it over the weekend), his entire team was given a facelift with the Iverson/Billups trade. (And don’t forget the Marcus Camby trade before that.) With that sore elbow on his shooting arm, of course ‘Melo has struggled from the field, hitting a hair under 40 percent while averaging 19.9 points. But his rebounding is up (8.4 rpg, on pace for a career-high) and his defense has improved, helping the Nuggets rank 15th in the League.

All things considered, head-to-head, ‘Melo is on a level plane — if not above — any scorer in the NBA. And that includes The Truth.

Who do you think is better?

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  • P_Dizzle

    I’ll go with Pierce because he can play D and guard some of the best in the game (see last years Finals).

    I don’t want Melo anywhere near the best on D.

  • Saul

    Where were the C’s before they got KG and Ray Allen?
    Locked in the bassment. Didnt they win 19 games or something? In the East?

  • Rob

    I’ll take Pierce above Melo any day.

  • http://view.break.com/610113#TellAFriend fallinup

    Pierce for his D and versatility. Melo just aint developing the way that he should.


    Paul Pierce aka “the truth” aka “la verdad”. He has a ring, carmelo doesnt. Carmelo has an undeserving gold medal (as he did nothing). Carmelo needs to stop worrying about his hair and leave Lala(ugly) land once and for all. Pierce is “la verdad” and although his game is so slow paced he’s still exciting to watch.
    Aron’s argument is stronger.

    ” Carmelo put up 36.3 points per 48 minutes of clutch time last season, while Pierce averaged 20.2 points.” Focus on the present… Points is a category in which KG, Ray, pierce are going to share through their stay at boston.
    Carmelo puts up points, but not wins. It sucks when you have such a good player but yet you still cant win. It frustates others, such as iverson.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JCARR — If you’re saying KG took away some of Pierce’s clutch scoring opportunities, you need to watch KG play more often. So it’s really Pierce/Allen vs. Melo/Iverson, and if anyone is gonna cut into anyone’s shots, it’s A.I. taking Melo’s shots.

  • Don Mega

    Melo will always be in ‘Bron’s shadow .. and there’s nothing he’ll ever be able to do to get out of it . In order to escape it , he’s gotta be better than Lebron .. and he’s not . He’s not even better than Paul Pierce . 2 weeks in , Chauncey is already more of a leader on the Nugs , while Pierce is the undisputed leader of the Celts – and for good reason . Leadership and responsibility is just something Melo doesn’t really have yet .. what he does have though is a DUI . And that , my friends .. . is The Truth .

  • Ross

    Pierce. He’s not the greatest player in the world though.

  • Raj S

    Carmelo Anthony is better. You cant play help defense on Pierce because he can quickly dish it out to a great long range shooter (Ray Allen) or a great 7 footer who can knock down any open jumper (KG), so he will get a lot more opportunities to score wih the ball in his hands. Who are Melo’s passing options if he is double teamed? Chauncey Billups and Kenyon Martin? Nene? JR Smith?!?!?!? Sure, they’re good, but they suck compared to KG and Shuttlesworth. Period.
    Pierce gets credit for playing great D on Kobe last year in the Finals, but there is no way anyone can guard Kobe 1 on 1. The entire Celtics team focused in on playing great team defense on him, and that is what made Paul Pierce look so damn good. The Nuggets are a horrible defensive team, and they have no excuse to be that way (Billups, Nene, Kenyon Martin), but to place the blame upon Melo would be like saying the Celtics’ great defense is due solely to Kevin Garnett. Give the team credit for great defense, and place the blame upon the team for lackluster defense. Also, consider the coaching philosphies of George Karl and Doc Rivers in determinig why the teams play great or shitty defense.

  • got them..SCOOBY DO’s

    I would have to say that Pierce has the edge over Melo…RIGHT NOW!

    But remember Pierce couldn’t go far with the pieces he had before Ray/KG came….Pierce is 31

    Let them swap teams…I think you would have similar results! Plus Melo is only 24 younger than Pierce
    Points Rebounds Assists
    Melo 19.9 8.4 3.9
    Pierce 18.7 6.6 3.4

  • melo

    Im taking melo

  • http://www.commuto.com Commuto.com

    Pierce easy.

  • Patrick

    They are the same player. Both big 2s with a nasty pull up game and a propensity for bullying their way to the hoop. The only difference is Paul is 7 years wiser while Melo carries 7 years less physical baggage.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Bless this chicken LORD!

    Both great points. I would have to roll with “The Truth”. The whole given the opportunity thing, was more on the “if” side.

    For all of Melo’s ability and numbers. What does he have to show for it. Mind you it’s not like Melo has played with scrubs. Even though his coach was and is horrible. Still for what he can do, not a lot is showing.


    KG is in fact the most selfless of the three, but even if KG averages 16 points. It takes shots and possesions away from pierce. And KG averages 2 assists per game.
    And who took all the shots when Larry brown was coach for the olympics?!?!?

    On A.I:
    After his stay in the 76rs he took a mature approach towards the nuggets organization. He publicly said he was willing to give up his shots. Although he didnt give up many, there is still proof that he was more involved: ASSISTS (he gave to melo).
    Look at AI now, he doesnt even score or take all the shots for the pistons.

  • P

    Pierce…. don’t know if Melo would try to be a leader if he was apart of the big 3 or just get buckets when his number is called…Only thing that sets them apart is the fire Pierce had in the playoffs and us wondering if Melo has it…Game wise its even offensively with edge to pierce on D

  • TWolves Convert

    I’d take Pierce right now. Melo may end up being better but he just don’t have the leadership or court presence Pierce does. If he adds the intangibles he will be better before too long.

  • justice

    It’s pierce, he’s way tougher than melo plays better d and has better footwork…but melo is more gifted in terms of natural ability, u can tell that fat boy pierce had to work for every part of his game

  • Chaos

    As of right now, Pierce is better than Melo but they are head for the same career. carmelo is only 24. like pierce, the beginning of his career he had gunners around him and not teammates that allowed him to be a leader (Tione walker, Tony Allen, Ricky Buckets, A.I., Kleiza, JR Smith) and had to expand his game. both had to learn that you can’t always settle for the jumper. pierce expand his offensive game by going to the bucket and getting fouls and not falling in love with his outside shot. Melo is doing the same figuring out that he can either take his man off the dribble with a quick first step(his is quick as hell) and posting up (post game is under-rated). Melo now has Billups to learn how to be a leader and is an All-Star just like the Truth has KG and Jesus.

    The only thing separating the two is the killer instinct. you could really see it last season in the playoffs when P-Double was destroying anyone in front of him…ANYONE!. Melo cant take him but looks way to frustrated against exceptional if not dirty defensive specialists (see Q.Ross, B. Bowen). if he doesnt let himself get frustrated and let it turn into destroying opponents rather than just playing them, he will get waaaaay more out of himself. Kobe has it. Pierce, D-Wade, Lebron, Billups, Duncan, KG got it. he needs it.

  • Ashlov

    Pierce, he’s earned it.

  • Brad

    Pierce – he has proven himself day in and day out. Melo is trash and will never wear a ship’ ring.

  • http://www.myspace.com/3timechamp Thomas

    Paul Pierce by far is better, why? The man won a ring for starters. Carmelo still is looking for his!! And the Celtics continue on with they’re winning ways. No disrespect to Carmelo but it don’t mean nothing, if you don’t have the ring!! When Carmelo leads the Nuggets to the promise land then you could decide better on this question. Until then, Paul Pierce gets my vote and I’m not a Big Celtic lover myself. But when you win a championship for your team that’s been through rock bottom and you raise them to the top as champions you have my respect young fella!!

  • got them..SCOOBY DO’s

    If I were choosing teams

    Melo over Pierce

    Because Melo will only get better
    Pierce is in his primE

    Defense wise – Pierce, but Melo is not so far behind that you couldn’t put him in the same Celtics Team Defense that his flaws would hurt the team….

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Everyone on here is talking about how PP got his ring and so he’s better… That’s BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! PP wasn’t even being discussed until he had KG and Ray.

    Personally I think they’re both chumps, but that said I would talk Melo, just on the fact that he’s 7 years younger and will get better.

  • tp

    @ thomas..
    put kg and allen on the nuggets.. would u reconsider?

  • Korady

    Before last week, Pierce just because he plays better defense. After I went in person to the Nuggets/Hornets game, it’s a resounding Paul Pierce over Anthony. Paul can move the ball and take the defenses attention away from other players. Anthony was more of a black hole when he got the ball. It would pretty much be just a matter of time until he pulled up for a jumper. I know Paul can rotate the ball and on any given night could end up with 6 or 7 assists. Just don’t see the complete package with Anthony as much as I do with Pierce

  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    Tough call,

    When you talk about leadership and seasoning Pierce gets that just with age alone,

    Id like to see Melo on a team with people around him who motivate him to up not only his game but his leadership,

    Its funny how when you win a chip you vault into another level, before last year it would be hard to find anyone who would argue that Pierce is one of the games best,

    The jury is still way out on Melo in my mind, Pierce is flurishing in the second half of his career,

    Bottom Line: Give me Pierce

  • LakeShow84

    Pierce was never know for Defense before Thibbideau and Garnett.. That defensive scheme is probably the hardest thing to crack with a good shot blocker down low..

    Pierce can do whatever he wants on the perimeter since he has so much help in the paint..

    The only question is would Carmello buy into the system that the Celtics have installed and work to make himself a better defender??

    But i think Melo is a better scorer and offensive rebounder than Pierce.. LIke they said Pierce led his team to 19 wins in the EAST.. At least Denver has been in the playoffs every year since Melo’s ROOKIE year in the WEST.. and they won 50 games last year..

  • Big V

    I’m going to roll with ‘Melo on this one. Pierce didn’t do much without KG and Ray Allen, so the whole ring conversation is out the door as far as I’m concerned. You put Carmelo on that same Celtic team, you get the same result.

    As far as clutch scoring, didn’t Melo hit a ridiculous amount of game winners last season? Not to mention the 82games.com data that Austin provided here already.

    Add that to the fact that Melo’s younger and is only going to get better, I’ll take Anthony ahead of PP.

  • http://www.ballersnetwork.com QUeSt???

    easy, Melo

  • Big V

    I will, however, readily admit that PP is the better defender and probably the better playmaker.

  • Scott la ROCK

    have you actually seen a bull in a china shop.
    Check this:


    Maybe Pierce is like drunk hobo in a restaraunt.

  • alquimista

    I take pierce,not cause he won a ring he have better results in his career than melo, is way more clutch and have leadership, carmelo is a real good player is most talented but pierce do more with less around(remenber the tanking season of the celtics paul was injured).

  • mwm

    Are you kidding? I would take Melo everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. PP lucked out that Allen and KG fell into his lap. Without them he was never even in the discussion of great players. He was known as a player who consistently had a bad attitude and gave up on his team. 19 wins! Are you kidding me? Leadership? Where was his leadership before KG and Allen? He never showed it. Boston fans wanted him gone. Let’s not try to change history because he happened to have two teammates that put a ring on his finger.

  • ERIC

    MELO – more pure talent, better scorer, more clutch. lets not forget his 1 season at syracuse, then leading the nuggs as a rookie to the playoffs.

    Pierce is a punk who got lucky with 2 HOF (nice moves Danny Ainge) and is not an arrogant prick. when pierce was the only star, the celts sucked. Agree with the above post by mwm

  • Charles

    It is hard to compare players who are in different points in there career and thus I don’t think this is an argument to have until they are both retired. But to say that Melo is tired because of the USA basketball experience is a joke. The guy is 24, I don’t see Lebron, Kobe, Bosh, Wade, D Howard all suffering from the same let down. If not they have all elevated there game to improve there teams.
    Melo is still to young to put a verdict on but this will be his best shot if he can get healthy and learn a thing or two from Chancy and his experience he defiantly has the potential to be better.

  • http://Belize Belize

    JCARR. Are you kidding me? Look at the stats and read what the coaches have said about the Olympics. Melo was the most important player to them throughout the summer olympics, because he has the most all around game. Things only changed this year when he was asked to rebound and play more defence.

    As for who I would take? Def Melo. Granted Melo only started playing defense this yr, but PP started only playing defense last year. How many years has PP missed the playoffs in the east? In the EAST. Melo has made the playoffs every year in the league, with way better competition. thats why he hasnt made it out of the first round. Look who he has faced: SA twice ( won championship, LA ( NBA finals), T-Wolves( conference campionship) and a very good LA clippers team for one season. Do u actually expect him to beat these teams?? PLease know your information before you make any comments.

  • karizmatic

    This is an interesting debate and a good question. In my opinion this has yet to be determined. Melo is at the point in his career where he could be just like Pierce was before he started playing on the same team with KG and Ray Allen. An underappreciated big time player. Or he could be like a modern Glen Rice a supremely talented scorer who goes nowhere until he becomes a third option on a star team late in his career. I think it’s all up to Melo, he has the skills to be just as good or better than Pierce, and by the way he is already just as good a clutch player. But right now on any given day he’s just as good or better than Pierce, what he lacks is consistency. In that department I think Pierce has him beat and because of that Pierce has the edge as the better player. If Melo fixes his mentality he could easily be better than Pierce and one of the top 5 or even 3 talents in the league. Basically Melo has the same problem Pierce had early in his career, but it seemed like even early in his career Pierce just wanted it more than Melo appears to want it now. That makes a lot of difference in two similarly talented individuals.

  • Kevin K

    people that chose pierce… you guys are idiots… give melo KG and Ray Allen and see how they do instead of Kmart and Jr Smith

    Pierce and the Celtics were nothing before KG and Ray Allen.
    Pure talent wise Melo has the edge over Pierce.

  • tealish

    Who comes up big when it matters? Who doesn’t defend like sh*t? Yeah, easy call.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Talented

    Carmelo n Wade my fav. players all day. But in this debate with the numbers right here you gone have to say Paul, plus the fact that he’s older and has more NBA experience overall (games, playoffs, finals). Paul must hav been on dog sh!t when he was talkin bout he’s the best player on the planet…cmon now paul..cmon

  • MSkittle

    Pierce. The ring puts him over the top

  • Lauri

    Austin i’m on your side

  • http://www.ballerblogger.com Brandon @ BB

    You can’t go wrong with either guy. Pierce was a much better defender last season. But Melo has stepped it up on the defensive end this season.

    Both players are clutch.

    Both players can hit from midrange and beyond.

    Pierce has better footwork. But Melo is a better post-up player.

    Only a fool would take Pierce over Melo longterm since Melo is seven years younger.

    Having said all of that, I’d give Pierce a slight advantage right now. When motivated, he’s still a better defender. And his footwork makes him virtually impossible to stop.

  • Sallo

    I wonder how many people that make comments on here are really die hard basketball fans. people that follow the game and know more than what they see. I wonder….

  • johnsacrimoni

    Pierce is better by a mile.

  • ERIC

    If you ask USA Basketball they would easily say 2008 MELO is far and away better than USA 2002 PP. Howd that work out for Paul Pierce? He was so awful and such a cancer to that team that the USA BBall Committee didnt even let him TRY OUT for the 2006-2008 teams.

  • johnsacrimoni

    It has nothing to do with PP winning a ring. How good would the Nuggets be without Chauncey and with a team full of under-24 players? Pierce is more clutch, a better rebounder, better passer, better defender, better outside shooter, and moves better without the ball. Melo is very talented but he plays black-hole basketball. PP is also way tougher.

  • Lee

    How many times has Pierce been past the first round ??? Twice ?? Most of his career he never made it to the playoffs.

  • FaqueAireJordann

    Both are great players.

    But, deep down Melo seems like a nice dude.

    Pierce? Um, not so much.

  • bigdoggchad


  • http://ballersnetwork.com(seeStew) Stew

    The way I see it… is before last year Pierce wasn’t even in the category as an “Elite” player. He is and was an allstar but never made it to Elite status. Having the people around him make him look better than he actually is. I’m not trying to take anything away from him because he is clearly a legit allstar in the L but as stated by someone before me “where was his team before” before meaning before Ray and KG? And you can’t say that Pierce hasn’t had decent players around him in the past.

    Melo on the other hand, hasn’t done anything but put up stats. Mind you he’s only 24 so he’s got time (remember Garnett’s playoff issues and still T-Mac’s issues). My big thing is I don’t think Melo is playing in the right system. Maybe I’m wrong but having Chauncy in town now is going to help once they get used to playing with each other. Give it some time and Denver could see playoff action this season and maybe play the role of spoiler to some team who is overratted/over achieved this season. Not saying it’s going to happen but remember me if it does!

    All and all they are both legit stars in the league and Pierce has gotten better over time (even though his numbers have dropped) and same will happen with Melo. Will Melo ever win a ring? who knows but if at some point his team is in the basement of the league and they have salary cap space maybe Lebron and CB4 might take a pay cut to win their first championship aswell.

    I’m out like Marbury in Knick land!

  • srb

    Let’s go the other way and put Carmelo on some of those sorry Celtics teams and see what he would have done. Could Melo have done anything playing with Ricky Davis, Vin Baker and Raef Lafrentz? Pierce also dragged Antoine Walker’s sorry ass to the Eastern finals.

    Also even though they added two Hall of Famers, Pierce is still the best player on the team. His defense was always better than Melo’s, although he used to just be a bad defender who made good defensive plays, if that makes sense.

  • rell

    I’m going to go with Pierce right now because he is clutch. Personally I don’t think that if Melo was on the Celtics they would have won the title. Pierce was the go to man down the stretch and took many of the games over in the playoffs. Melo have a hard time guarding and scoring against certain players especially Lebron. I don’t see Melo putting up 40+ on Lebron in a crucial game 7.

    For the people saying that putting Melo on Boston with KG and Ray Ray would give the Celtics the same result, let’s not forget Ray played liked garbage in the Cleveland series and had only 1 good game in the Atlanta series. If it wasn’t for Pierce in that Cleveland series they would have been out the 2nd round.

  • nowwhatyo

    if you think melo can do what pierce did in the finals last year than you’re smoking crack! Infact, if melo was in boston last year with ray allen and KG, they wouldn’t have made it past the Hawks in the first round. Maybe in the future when melo gains more experience, but right now, pierce is too crafty.
    If you switched pierce and melo on their respective teams, boston would get worse, and denver would get better!

  • Adam


    Melo has played with Billups, AI, Kenyon Martin, Camby, Andre Miller (Eh), and Nene (Ugh) to help carry the load and allow him better shooting opportunities…

    Pierce, obviously ignoring this and last season, has played with Antoine Walker, Raef LaFrentz, Walter McCarthy, Telfair, Kenny Anderson…Only a young Al Jefferson contributed to Pierce in a positive way…He was CARRYING this team by himself for almost a decade, and worst yet, had to watch guys like Billups and Joe Johnson get traded away…

    I think a more interesting debate would be whose better, VC or Pierce?

  • Jer Boi


    screw the ring, the team, put all that shit aside and melo is the better PLAYER.

    if u wanna include the whole team thing then fine look at it this way. its a close call when paul has kg and allen. a guy who can score at will in the post and one of the best 3 pt shooters of all time. melo has..uhh…nene? jr? chauncey? when iverson was on the team he still scored more points than pierce. and he was leading the league avging 30+ a game before the suspension for the fight. there’s a reason melo was on the usa team and led them in scoring, until the olympics of course, yet pierce wasn’t. he rebounds better than pierce. if u look at his percentage on game winners its amazing. most of them though came in the andre miller days though. clutch wise, like the stats say melo is better.

  • LakeShow84

    And i dont agree with Pierce being better than KG at all.. Scoring isnt everything so people who are saying that are fool of s#$t.. Like i said Pierce has benefitted GREATLY from KG & RA’s appearance..

    He doesnt face damn near enough double, triple teams because he has too many options now..

    Ray Allen helps spread the floor for him and serves as a great “im doubled who do i hit” player..

    Kevin Garnett ANCHORS (defense, leadership, HEART, rebounding – for fools who dont know thats a part of defense) that team no matter how many points PP puts up. u think Kendrick Perkins would be where hes at without KG?? please

    And last but not least yeah Kevin Garnett may admit Paul Pierce is better but any leader would say that, thats KG’s team.. In my opinion last year you could just see it.. he set a precedent and everyone followed it.. and that precedent got past the finals.. NOT “Paul Pierce shutting down Kobe & Lebron and outscoring everyone”..

    Thats what i think of the best player in the world who happened to win 19 games and tank a season..

  • http://ballersnetwork.com(seeStew) Stew

    re. Adam

    VC or Pierce??? you were just defending Pierce for being better than Melo and then you make a statement like that??? Melo is better than VC so where’s the debate?!?

    VC I’ll give him the win over Melo on potential but other than that… Melo is way better in every aspect of the game and YES that even includes defense. VC had his chance to be all that he could be when he started off for the Raptors but he blew it when he because a money seeking baby!

    back to the Pierce vs Melo topic… Pierce may just have the edge right now but Melo has many more years ahead of him to get to where Pierce is. Shouldn’t take very long considering Melo is a better stats player all he needs is a bit more experience and to trust his teamates (Billups should help greatly)!

    ps. has Pierce ever made it to the gym? you’d think after 10+ years he’d so just a little definition on his baby fat body?

  • http://dimemag.com 81 man

    Ok when you look at both players they are equal at there points in their careers when pierce was 24 he was a talented scorer but could he win just like melo now

  • Celts Fan

    It’s Pierce and it’s not even close.

    There are 2 ends of the floor. Melo doesn’t hit the glass, doesn’t drive as much as he should, and can’t/won’t defend. He’s a nice player but you gotta do more than just score if you wanna be a superstar. Pierce, right now (finally,) is a superstar. Melo, right now, is just a star with superstar endorsements/recognition/potential. Develop more of your all-around game and then make a case (and btw, he’s right on about the same track as Pierce. Give it time and I’m sure he’ll get there, but right now, it’s Pierce, and to me it’s not close.)

  • knoc

    this aint even close. pierce all day.

  • MJAX

    Hard to say, would the choice be P2 if he never got “Sugar Ray” and “KG”? Were you guys picking P2 when he was with Antoine Walker and those teams? Was he clutch then, were they winning then, was he playing “D” then?

  • DJ Go Go Gomez

    Hey AB I like your biult in “if given the opportunity” excuse. Let’s be real…he HAS played with a HOF’er. He has played with an All-Star in Kenyon Martin. He has HAD the opportunity to carry his team out of the first round of the playoffs. He hasn’t.

    I would take PP if I had to win 1 game today. Not Carmelo

  • NZM

    PIERCE…not even a competition.

  • Kimmy

    Melo is fine and all, but Pierce reps my hometown team. PP any day.

  • tahir

    lol the best player in the world? lol and itsnot the world championship… a UNITED STATES NBA CHAMPIONS, having canada in nba dosen’t make nba a world championship…. and yes Melo Hands down, cause pp was done before kg got into the mix….

  • weng santos


    Younger too. He can even get better.

    And anybody that says that Melo didn’t deserve his gold medal is an idiot. Melo has the highest scoring average on Team USA over the years he has participated. Sure he gave way to Kobe in Beijing, but in the build-up to that when Kobe was resting Team USA was a Melo show. As AB would say, Melo’s “a professional scorer”- in any language and any country.

  • Derik

    right now, Pierce, hands down, 5 years from now…Melo, duh, cuz Pierce be 35 by then

  • adam

    to all you dumb shits that are saying that paul pierce is better than melo because he has ring, you need to rethink your ideas. so you’re are saying that pierce is better than lebron, etc (players without rings, dumb as hell. on the flip side scalabrine is better than melo because he has a chip. ya’ll need to get your shit together, dumbfucks.

  • Celts Fan

    Paul’s a top 10 NBA player right now. Does anyone outside of Colorado, Baltimore, or Syracuse have Melo there? didn’t think so…

  • TheTruth

    I’d go with Pierce.

    Pierce is a better shooter, scorer, play maker, and defender.

    Melo is a better defender, but not by much.

  • TheTruth


  • Obama said to McCain “How my @ss taste”

    The thing that kills me about Carmelo is that people always say “he’s working on getting better”…meanwhile his peers he came into the league with have already reached their potential and then some. People just keep making excuses for this dude. You can usually tell what type of player a person is going to be by their fifth year in the league…the fact of the matter is Melo has not lived up to his supposed potential. I remember when he first came into the league the talk was “who is better, Melo or Lebron”? Now, Melo is not even in the same sentence as Lebron.

    And for those that are saying “give Melo KG and Ray Allen on his team and see what he would do”, he would be doing the same things he is doing now, only KG would be the leader of the Nuggets. Carmelo has had better teams then most star players throughout their careers. Certainly better then all of KGs Timberwolve teams, and all of Iversons Sixer teams, even just about all of Lebrons teams. So give me a break. Yeah Coach Karl tends to be an underacheiving Coach, but the fact still remains that Melo is not a leader. Iverson came right into the Nuggets and took over that team, Iverson was the reason they even got into the playoffs last season, which is why I still dont understand why he is receiving so much sh*t from the media and people when it comes to the Nuggets. Iverson took the majority of the shots in crunch time last season because just about everytime he gave the ball to Melo in crunch time he would chuck up a silly shot or turn it over, no joke. Fastforward to this season and Chauncy has come in and taken over. You can’t walk around calling yourself a ‘superstar’ when it takes other stars and superstars to come in and try to help make what is supposed to be YOUR team successful. So f*ck it, lets keep it gangsta…Melo basically has hidden behind other players leadership of that Nuggets team, and gets way more credit then what he has deserved over the past three years or so when it has come to those teams. People keep saying he needs players to come into that team and push him to be great, but real great players dont need anyone to push or motivate them to want to win. It is what it is.

    As far as Melo vs Pierce, I dont know..I would have Melo on my team but he wouldnt be my #1 dude, and he would have to stop being so damn lazy..and people forget that Paul Pierce had a few off-seasons himself, but maybe that was out of frustration because Paul really did have garbage teams for a few seasons, Melo has had decent teams throughout his career…a majority of star players dont get that. Melo dont have to have a ring, but people need to stop with the excuses for Carmelo, because he has had decent teams…at least T-Mac can help his teams win more then 1 game in the playoffs..if the Nuggets do win more then one game this season in the playoffs or even make it out the first round for the love of god, bet you its going to be because of Chauncy or JR Smith (the X-factor) then it is with Melo..Melo hasn’t even had a breakout playoff series yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think Melo seems to be a cool dude off the court, but on the court he isnt as he is hyped up to be, to me he has gotten free passes.

  • jace

    melo baby.

    actually theyre about in the same area. but pierce has been great recently because of his team. less double teams = more isos. melo has been the best player on his team since he was drafted and his team has always done somewhat pretty good. pierce has been the centerpiece of his team since the walker left. and theyve done crap til last year. in the weaker east!

    and pierce is 31 now. melo’s still a young boul. if you think pierce is better. just watch melo when he reaches his prime —> mid to late 20s.

  • airfactor88


    People say Pierce wasn’t anything until he got KG and Allen. They had more success, but who lead them through the playoffs? Pierce did. Melo hasn’t had any success in the playoffs despite the fact that HE HAS ALWAYS had talent around him. Iverson (gone now), Martin, and now Billups and still nothing to show for it. Pierce got some help and made the most of it, being a team player (which lowered his stats), and playing great in the playoffs. Melo has not proven he can buy into the idea of team cohesion. The biggest problem with the Nuggets is they lack chemistry, bunch of stars that can’t play together. Melo needs to be a better team player (and play D) before he can even be compared to Paul.

  • Monkey Nutz

    Neither, seriously unless there is someone else on those teams to help carry the load, look at their histories and the level of talent on the teams, and measure what they were able/not able to accomplish.

  • Chip

    Pierce easily…. im with everyone saying dont count the ring cuz pierce has ray and garnett but with all that shit about pierce “leading” his team to 19 wins the yr before, pierce was out for the majority of that season and posted huge numbers when he did play not only in the scoring category. To add to the argument, after AI pierce may be the toughesht player in the league, while melo is a bitch who complains about being taken out of a game

  • hooper501

    If you said paul peirce you’re a moron lol end of discussion! Carmelo is leaps and bounds better than that nigga on his best day

  • Jeremy

    PP34 he took kobe and lebron apart in last years playoffs
    lebron shot under 40%
    PP34s a better 3 point shooter a better free throw shooter gets to the line more often much much better defender

    melo isnt a efficient scorer

    PP34 is just superior

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    Pierce is the better of the two….
    He “shares” the spotlight w/2 other hall of famers and still puts up 20pts a night while sharing the ball equally enough to not undercut them or the rest of the “team”.
    While one must give Melo credit for his scoring ability as I believe he scores the “easiest” in the league, he battled A.I. for shots and they couldnt co-exist as both wanted to avg 30pts a night.
    Now, as I previously thought, w/the loss of Iverson (ballhogg) and gain of Billups (pure PG), Melo’s stock went up as did the entire Nugget franchise.
    Again, Pierce is better as he understood “sharing” early on w/Antoine Walker.
    But Melo’s career can become better as youre measured by championships at the end of your career as he is very young and Pierce is nearing his end.

    And this is a convo about basketball… what does melo having a DUI have to do w/anything? You sound like the crackers man..ease up. we’re all human.

  • Quincy

    Look at the Celtics before KG and Ray came, KG took a team with Sam Cassell and an old Latrell Sprewell to the western conference finals, which they would have won if both of their point guards (starter and backup) hadn’t been injured, what do you think he was going to do with Allen and Pierce? Pierce is just lucky Garnett came along, also Melo is a much better scorer, and now his team is really good too

  • Amos

    MELO..I love Paul Pierce..he is fierce and great on the court and prime time wit it..but you give melo anyting close to kg and ray allen..you will definitely see chips come his way…carmelo is the smoothest and easiest scorer in the game..that man has so much talent it’s ridiculous.nothing against paul but i can’t seem myself taking the truth over melo

  • Jonathan

    Pierce easy. Melo is slightly more unstoppable when he’s on fire, but Pierce makes far more things happen and will take on a Kobe or Lebron and outplay them in big games. If Melo aint scoring, he aint helping

  • Tom

    Melo is the better scorer…after that PP is better. I guess I say PP for now, but Melo is coming on strong

  • http://dimemag.com trygun18

    melo cuz his better rebounder, assist, than pierce. Pierce is better than melo on shooting, i take melo cuz his younger. But Lebron “King” James is better than anybody in NBA.