NBA, Video / Jan 8, 2009 / 8:30 am

Danny Granger’s game-winner

Even Suns color commentator Eddie Johnson had to appreciate this one. In a game where the Phoenix fans had already booed their team for its atrocious D, they breakdown at the worst possible time and end up with maybe their worst defensive player (Steve Nash) sticking Indiana’s best offensive player. Nice work.

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  • VHAS


  • VHAS

    Ha ha, the commentor’s sounded happy!

  • VHAS

    and you can’t really blame Nash, it was a miracle shot!

  • fallinup

    No time left on the clock. One play left to be run. And all you need to do is make a defensive stop…why?…WHY?

    Why in the hell was Nash even on the floor? Terry Porter, your coaching genius never ceases to amaze me.

  • the Heckler

    Suns are making a mess.
    then again….Indy has beaten the celts and lakers this season. so maybe the pacers just know how to defeat quality teams.

    but this we all know is about phoenix.
    they keep trying to blame to coach. TP aint the problem. what he really should do is move shaq to the bench. yeah i said it.
    for the way this team is (still) built, Shaq needs to play with the 2nd unit.

    they are a quick tempo team, and o’neal slows them down. none of them, including nash, know what to do in halfcourt.
    TP should bring shaq off the bench with grant hill and leandro.

    steve nash
    jason richardson
    matt barnes
    amare stoudamire
    robin lopez

    leandro barbosa
    alando tucker
    grant hill
    lou amundson

    ..and while they are at it…their bench sucks. make a trade for stromile swift with NJ

  • Brown

    @the Heckler

    You obviously haven’t watched any Suns games in the past 4 years. Nash and Stoudemire run the pick and roll to death, but it always seems to work.

    I hate how people think the Suns run for 48 minutes a game. It shows how stupid they are. As much as any team may want to run, most of the game is spent playing in the half court. If you can’t play a halfcourt offense, get out of the league because there’s absolutely no way you can succeed. Stop reading what other people say and actually watch a game for once.

    BTW, Danny Granger has been in beast mode all year. He’s carrying that team.

  • Heckler


    I watch as much nba bball as humanly possible. and no where did i say they run for 48 minutes. I said their still built as an up tempo team.

    nash and amare had sucess with the pick-n-roll and the pick-n-slip because the paint was ALWAYS open. now, they can’t do that as much because Shaq (and his defender) is in the paint.

    maybe you need to watch more games. and learn to evaluate. sucka punk.

  • doc

    Granger is ballin this year.Give me him over Iggy anyday.

  • the Heckler

    i dunno. i still not fully sold on danny granger. he playing on a team where is has the green light all the time. and he’d have it even more if punk ass tj ford would actually pass him the rock more often.

    and jim obrien is a coach who wants his team to shoot jumpers; and lots of them.

    i dont think danny granger would have this type of impact on any other team. i think the dude is good; but he’s fools gold

    much like toni kukoc

  • fallinup

    @ Heckler

    #1 Granger is sick with it. He’s done nothing but improved his game every year. He has the green light all the time now because he’s the cornerstone of that team.

    #2 The lineup you proposed was there last night. Shaq didn’t play. They lost to Indiana.

    Try again.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I can’t see em comin down my eyes

    That is nuts!

  • fallinup

    And one more thing, heckler.

    “make a trade for stromile swift with NJ”

    You lost me with that. ^^^ …. Swift is never the answer.

  • E$

    Dan the Man!

  • the Heckler


    Shaq not playing is NOT the same as bringing Shaq off the bench.
    Did I lose you on that too?

    Also, outside of Shaq, Phoenix has NO size. Their tiny. So I figured they could get a big man for their bench.
    Perhaps I should have mentioned someone else other than Stro…
    …but, lol, he just came to mind first for whatever reason

  • fallinup

    No, you lost me at starting Lopez over Shaq. Ya think if they were built for speed and nothing else, as you say…Amare would be the C. I would rather have an aging HOF’er averaging 17 and 9, who is arguably the 2nd best player on the team over Sideshow Bob any day.

  • Max

    Granger made a shot before this one with Grant Hill in his grill that tied the game, and it also got nothing but the bottom of the net. He’s not fool’s gold and he’s not Toni Kukoc — I’d love to have him on my team.


    All the suns had to do was keep their hands up!!!! Granger was a beast last night though.

  • fallinup

    I’m still blaming Porter for that one. Correct me if i’m wrong, you got Amare, Hill, Richardson, Barbosa (what in the hell was he doing there?), and Nash on the floor…for one friggin defensive play.

    You got Lopez’s goofy ass sitting on the bench (shaq was out). And Barnes on the bench. All longer, and taller than Barbosa and Nash. And over Nash is where the winning shot came from.

    There was no chance for a rebound and quick score. Unless Porter was looking to get a steal (laughable in PHX) and bucket…there was no reason what so ever for Nash to even be in there.

  • the Heckler


    lopez nor barnes was gonna make a difference on that last shot. as if any of those bums are any better on D than nash

  • fallinup

    I’m pretty sure that they are taller than Nash though. amirite?

    I’d stop now after proclaiming that Nash is a better defender than Barnes and Lopez. Since when did Nash ever play D?

  • fallinup

    The difference between a contested jumper and an open jumper is crystal clear. Tall guys are waaaaaay better at contesting J’s than shorter guys cause ya know…they are taller.

  • jzsmoove

    FIRE PORTER. He made a mess of a good lineup (albeit troubled lineup) in Portland and he is mixing the same sh!t in Phoenix.

  • Brown

    There’s never ever ever any reason Nash should be on the defensive end of the floor at the end of a game. Shit, Alando Tucker is a better defensive option than Nash! It’s not Nash’s fault he can’t play D, it’s Porter’s fault for not realizing it and making adjustments.

    In two years, the current Suns roster will be nothing but a memory. Their window closed when Robert Horry slammed Nash in the scorer’s table.

  • wwill

    Why was Nash on the floor?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Brown — I know where you’re going, but it is Nash’s fault that he can’t play D. It is, however, on Porter to recognize that and adjust. Granted, you don’t want to do like Mike Dunleavy and put somebody who’s ice-cold (Tucker) in the game (remember Daniel Ewing?) for one play, but you could have gone with Barnes.
    Also, Nash more threw himself into the scorer’s table. That was a major flop.

  • the cynic

    Why was Nash in and not Barnes with only a second left on defense, another Terry Porter special. Whoever wants to put Shaq on the bench is an idiot, he has been the teams 2nd best player after Amare. Nash is finished; old pg’s with no athleticism to begin with, fade fast