Smack / Jan 7, 2009 / 5:27 am

West and Brightest

Chris PaulChris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

As far as statement games go, they don’t get much more timely or necessary than the Hornets win over the Lakers last night. Having already dropped two games convincingly to L.A. in their own building, N.O. needed to prove they could hang with the Western Conference’s top dog, and on Tuesday they had the two baddest pits in the yard in David West and Chris Paul. While CP carved up the defense with floaters over 7-footers (32 pts) and an almost flawless floor game (15 asts, 0 turnovers), West was just unstoppable, notching 40 points (15 in the fourth quarter) and 11 boards as Phil Jackson threw everyone from Gasol to Josh Powell to the ghost of Samaki Walker at him to no avail … CP had that “We are NOT losing tonight” swag going from the jump, scoring a quick 15 in the first quarter, but Kobe (39 pts) was right there with him to keep the Lakers close. After a third quarter run where Kobe knocked down three triples in 90 seconds with defenders draped all over him, the Lakers were ahead going into the fourth, but Kobe got shut down thereafter. He scored just two points in the final frame, shooting 1-for-6 thanks in part to James Posey, who is still getting booed by L.A. fans whenever he does anything. Denying Kobe the ball on one end, the Hornets went on a 15-0 run to close it out … Down two late in the second quarter, Kobe tried a behind-the-back pass that didn’t come close to Gasol and fell right into West’s lap. From our camera angle you couldn’t see Kobe’s face, but Pau appeared to shoot him a look that said, “Don’t even give me that pissed-off look” … What exactly did the Celtics do to Ray Felton? He always seems to put in work against Boston since the KG/Ray/Pierce era began, one of the main reasons the ‘Cats have had the Celtics’ number in that span. Last night Felton went for 25 points and eight assists in Boston’s fifth loss in seven games (and those two wins were against the Dakota, um, Washington Wizards and the Sacramento Queens). Yeah, Felton has a bad habit of over-dribbling only to jack a bad shot, but it’s not like the C’s have figured out how to stop it … The KG Hater’s Club had to love when Gerald Wallace (23 pts, 4 stls) threw down an alley-oop, bumped Garnett on his way back to earth, then glared right at KG when he tried to shove Wallace away …

Andre IguodalaAndre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

One play from Rockets/Sixers pretty much summed up the whole game. After Andre Iguodala went baseline and bricked what would have been a highlight reel dunk over Carl Landry, the ball ended up with Thaddeus Young, who took it down the middle and successfully put Landry on a poster. In other words, it was like target practice for the Sixers. They got whatever they wanted offensively as the Rockets looked soft without Ron Artest (ankle) and Shane Battier (foot) in the lineup. Maybe they should have played Dikembe … Seeing T-Mac sit in his high chair on the bench alongside Von Wafer and Aaron Brooks — neither of whom looks a day older than 16 — it’s hard to remember he’s only 29 years old … After Andre Miller out-hustled Yao and Luis Scola for a rebound, Rockets’ announcer Matt Bullard said, “Yao’s gotta make people pay for flying around him like flies. He’s gotta give people some stitches.” This was during the same game where Theo Ratliff swatted Yao twice on the same possession … Yesterday’s DimeMag.com poll asked, “One possession, down two, who would you give the ball to?” providing four Southwest Division bigs as the options: Duncan, Yao, D-West and Dirk. No surprise TD won by a wide margin, but Dirk got a respectable 31% of the vote. (Yao oddly got only 5%, less than West.) Last night during Mavs/Clips, Dirk showed why he got those votes. Tie game, 37 seconds left, Nowitzki took Al Thornton deep into the paint, then stopped and dropped that (usually) unblockable fadeaway in his grill for the go-ahead bucket … Dirk finished with 34 points, winning the shoot-out with Eric Gordon, who had 32. Have you noticed that with Baron Davis out, Mike Dunleavy Sr.‘s pint-sized playbook has simply transferred over to Gordon? Every time the Clips need a big shot, it’s just been Gordon getting the clear-out. Yesterday he didn’t come through, however, getting blocked by Dirk one key possession in the fourth and ripped by Jason Kidd another time … In case you didn’t notice, Darius Miles is back. He made his Grizzlies debut the other day, and last night went scoreless in seven minutes in a loss to Minnesota. Meanwhile, over in Portland, the Blazers’ front office just got real interested in Memphis’ schedule. Isn’t Tonya Harding‘s boy Jeff Gillooly still in Oregon? Is he available? … We’re out like Samaki …

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  • budz


  • John

    Wow, Lakers shot 16-34 for 3 pt, and still lost …

  • YOUNGFED…”I’ll have ya girl singing, while she’s catching my balls like my names Willie Beman.”

    Anybody know where I can sign up to join the KG haters club. lol



    This song is for my dudes with that skripper money. lmao

  • Tes

    Chris Paul did a better job than Kobe.


  • Timmy D

    Miles has already been waived, he wasnt even allowed on the flight to Jersey before they told him. So Portland need not worry just yet but just another cheap ass move by Michael Heisley. Miles actually played some nice D against the Wolves and had a sweet block

  • AB_40

    damn lakers shot 34 threes? no wonder that they lost they need to feed their big men… I just don’t get it

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    nice win by the hornets, let’s hope they blew their load and fall flat in SLC tonight . . . it’s not like they’ve been tearing it up there lately.

    david west is the best 6’9 shooting guard in the league.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    hey what about scola stat line 19 points 18 boards! is that sick or not¿?

  • Shrink This

    If EG continues to start and keeps up this sort of play, might he enter the discussion for ROY sometime soon?

  • Chaos

    WTF is up with Boston?! and whats up with KD looking like a real team (albeit vs NK)?

  • doc

    When CP3 come out with that supergameface on,its trouble for somebody.Kobe,Bron,whoever.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    a couple of gems from bulls queens game

    thebo sefolosha is an anthony kiedis clon.

    joakim noah seems to have read dimemag, he was diving every loose ball like a madman.

    ben gordon’s jumper was falling like water.

    k-mart2 looks like an egyptian

    miki moore has no hoops.

    amazing cram by thyus thomas, the problem with this guy is that his game is so unidimensional that he tries to dunk even when he goes to the line.


  • Toan

    you are dead on with the egyptian remark
    lol at your last remark…he probably does only dunks during practice sessions

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Advance to St. Charles Place!

    GEE UP!

    Can’t go Rockets or G-Town cause they both on some serious losing ish lately. Gotta get that 09 swagga please!

    Wondering is this going to be one of those years for the Rockets where again they blame things on everyone being injured, and THEN next year is suppose to be the year people fear them cause everyone will be expected healthy.

    Really sick of that lil theme every year. Have the Rockets even won a game in 09 yet? Crap man! Seriously Philly? Somewhere doc is laughing and happy.

    Ok I don’t know names BUT DIME AND ANYONE ELSE PLEASE TELL ME you saw the dunk at the end of the Arkansas game against Texas I believe. Not only a slighty vicious one but so timely as well. Serious dagger!

    Dang Boston! LOL I said it before, you dont want teams to start gaining confidence when you roll in. Like I think ALL TEAMS have confidence against my Rockets right now lol. So sad.

    Nice job N.O. I know they wish that could have been the start of a playoff game for them.

    Anyone going to watch Dicky V announce that Nuggs Heat game?
    A PTP’er baaaaaby! He can be annoying but I like him better than Walton!

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Advance to St. Charles Place!

    Again the dunk to put away the Arkansas vs. Texas game someone youtube it or something.

  • control

    No props to NY for losing to OKC? Losing to OKC is something that is a rare event in the league. It takes a certain kind of skill to lose to a DLeague team. Usually you report on Nate Rob everytime he takes a shit…going 0-7 from 3 and 4-18 over all is a little bit more news worthy than that.

  • len-e

    haha. funny how i’m part of the kg hater club since exactly THAT play.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets


    no offense intended with the Kmart2 comment. It reminds me to Alaab Abdelnaby.


  • Kudabeen

    In reference to the KG – Crash exchange

    The Boston Globe reports:

    “”The Charlotte coaching staff listed brief reminders for players on a grease board before the game. For Garnett, the advice was brief — ‘Don’t get punked,’ referring to Garnett’s ability to psych out opponents.””

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Advance to St. Charles Place!

    Kudabeen good info. Seems like Garnett’s antics are turning on him lol.

    Still I am one of few that love the antics.

  • Big Mike

    That NO/Lakers game was fool’s gold for the Hornets. They needed monster games from West and Paul to win. While CP3 is capable of having good games but 32/15 and 40/11 from West won’t happen in a series, consistantly. West might not score 40 again this year. LO being out hurt LA because he plays West well, he can guard him closely for the J but West can’t get around him off the dribble. The only way NO beat LA is if CP3 and West average that in a series. Gasol gave nothing last night but still frame pics for West’s jumper..

  • dapro

    Rodnets you forgot to mention how well Rose controls the game on the offensive end

    Oh and Moore got hops enough to boom Tyrus right after getting postered himself

  • rell

    Even though the Lakers lost, that Kobe block on Rasual Butler in the 4th was nasty. Also the T’Wolves have been playing better winning 5 out of 7. Even though it has been against bad teams, McHale look like he have got them playing better. The Wolves have a chance to make it 4 in a row with a win over Oklahoma City tonight.

  • itaakademiks

    I’ve been in the league nine years. I’ve seen a lot, and I’ve experienced a lot — the ups and downs,” the 31-year-old Miles said. “I think we’ve got two young players in Rudy and O.J. who need to learn how to be a leader.

    this can’t be right didnt son come in the league in like 2000 how is he older then kobe and tmac already?

  • hadoken

    the clippers are a disgrace. all that talent and they just give games away every single night.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Boston fallin’ off…

  • nola

    no talk about kobe’s block? that ish was SICK. and we were JUST talking about MJ’s two handed block yesterday. damn that was sick.

    @Big Mike
    you have it dead on. unless cp3 and west average those stats from last night, they’re going no where. losing pargo was a bigger loss than they could even imagine.

  • L.S.

    Darius Miles: Born October 9th, 1981. Source: nba.com

  • itsakademiks

    good look ls i knew that had to be a typo or something

  • Mo

    Wow. I knew there’d be some Hornets hating on here. Fool’s gold or not, the Hornets won last night.Whether they’re going anywhere or not, they won last night. Deal with it and move on.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    People who talk about Pargo all the time didn’t watch the Hornets last year. Period. Or, more accurately, it’s how I can tell who only watched the nationally televised games, because that’s when all his big games were. They missed his 0-fors. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the arena watching him jack every ill-advised three. It’s. Not. Pargo.


    There are way too many factors to oversimplify and say the Hornets will never win without 40 from West/Paul. They’re the #3 three point shooting team in the league and in this game we barely saw that, for instance.

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    I’m sick of this ‘Queens’ bullshit. Have some fucking respect, AB, especially when the fans (ie. me) have to watch that garbage every night. I feel so bad for Speed Racer (Kmart2) because him, Cisco, and Jason Thompson are the only people who try.

  • baron von faulk

    That Arkansas dunk against UT was dirty! Half the bars here in Austin, TX had their windows shattered on that one…