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Is Paul Millsap An All-Star?

Paul MillsapIs Millsap An All-Star?

Although Paul Millsap‘s name is not listed on the All-Star ballot, there might not be anyone more worthy of the honor than the former second-round draft pick making the NBA’s minimum salary.

No endorsements, no signature shoe, Millsap can just flat-out play. After two-time All-Star Carlos Boozer went down with a knee injury, Millsap was finally given the opportunity to shine and has made the most of his time, averaging 18.5 points and 11.7 rebounds in his 20 games as a starter, including a ridiculous 27 points, 14 rebounds and five assists in a convincing win over the Hornets on Wednesday.

“His streak of 19 consecutive double-doubles – which survived even as Millsap missed three games with a hyperextended knee – is the longest by an NBA player since Kevin Garnett‘s run of 33 straight in 2006.”

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go crazy and start comparing Millsap to KG, but I do think he’s at least the power forward of the future in Utah. With Boozer set to undergo arthroscopic surgery today in Los Angeles, it will be interesting to see how he bounces back and if the Jazz are willing to invest in him over Millsap.

What do you think? Is Millsap an All-Star? And who would you keep: Millsap or Boozer?

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Sprinkle me mayne!

    Oh boy Amar is about to go crazy lol.

  • webbie352


  • fallinup

    Nah, Millsap’s no allstar. But I’d get boozer to pack his bags. Paul’s got the potential to be an allstar but it’s a hard sell in the west.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Sprinkle me mayne!

    I 2nd webbie

    Oh yea Dave is going to go crazy on this one too lol.

  • Arrogant

    No, too many good forwards in the west. but he is the future of Utah…

    I would rather have a young Big man that plays great long term. Boozer injured a$$ messed hisself up by saying he was opting out, like noone knew that already. i would trade boozer and solidify another position.

  • isotope

    Amar’s rant in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • Chaos

    millsap is the future PF in utah and boozer will be trying to got to Miami in the offseason as the matrix goes somewhere else…possible the knicks (like you dont see that coming)

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    He will be…one day.

    Millsap’s DAT BOL!

    He might not be officially invited this year, but he’s an all-star quality/calibur player…with a NON-STOP motor! Ya gotta love the KIDS in the NBA today.


  • TJ

    I’d take Paul over David West right now. I know DWest has a more versatile offensive game, but Millsap is a much better rebounder and more efficient.

  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt Paul Millsap is an all star ya’ll. Cat’s got mad scorin ability and cat’s a glass eater too. Dude’s already a better baller than Loozer…

    True thugs never lie.

  • Ashlov

    Whether or not anyone THINKS he’s an All-Star, he’s been playing like one. At this point, I’d trade Boozer for a two guard (i.e. Michael Redd, Rip Hamilton) and proceed to tear shit up.

  • jl90

    paul millsap is good but id give him a few more years. alot of people dont even know who he is!

    on other news, dime did u see where the blazers are threatening to sue teams that sign darius miles and play him? i guess theyve had one too many scares with the celtics and the grizz!

  • Ian

    better than west like someone mentioned and ten times better than boozer

  • http://www.mvn.com/nba-bulls Chris Cason

    His story is almost similar to Boozers, in that they were second round picks and have earned themselves the honor of being mentioned among some of the games great forwards.

    With that being said, I feel he should be one because he has put in the work and is producing numbers that Boozer would. Boozer is probably going to bolt for Miami or Detroit after the season and Millsap should do fine with Deron Williams.

  • Ross

    He has too much competition in the west, so no. He also plays on a team that doesn’t get as much attention.

  • doc

    He having a better year than Amare so at least he should make it over him.

  • dagwaller

    “Should he be an All-Star?” is such a tough question, because it has to do with what people want to see. doc, he may/may not be having a better year than Amare, but during the All-Star Game, do people want to see Amare cramming on folks, or do they want to see Millsap grabbing tough boards? I think that you know the answer.

    That having been said, if I’m Utah, I’m ecstatic. I have hated Boozer since Duke, and he’s done nothing to make me like him, from the free agent situation in Cleveland to the way he’s handling this contract. Good for Millsap.

  • Big Sia


  • mavs all the way!

    not yet. maybe in 2010.


    Not an allstar yet…. but real soon. With boozer’s absence he will start to get some more recognition and will see more endorsement deals come his way.

    Pick millsap over boozer as of right now. Boozer has all the entengibles necessary to be better than millsap in the end.

  • karizmatic

    I think Milsap is the future for Utah, he fits the Utah mold a little more than Boozer did as well. Keep Milsap and get rid of Boozer, sign that ever elusive athletic 2 guard and Utah could be a contender for a championship in a couple of years.

  • P_Dizzle

    Yeah I think he is. Cat is ball out every night.

    Utah deserves at least one player on the All-Star team and Millsap is the most deserving.

    Yeah give it to him.

  • RonNation


    This guy tries too hard to be put on the allstar team.
    He’d get on the court, see everybody lounging about and say “fuck these guys” and proceed to run 9 miles to the next closest gym and start practicing for the next game.

  • Dave

    Props to Dime on the story….the answer is easy, if Carlos Boozer was an all-star last year then Paul Milsap should be an all-star this year. We all know it won’t happen, he’s not on the ballot, but for those who watch him play every night there is no doubt he is as productive offensively as Boozer and much better defensively. Opposing coaches have even said in interviews they would rather face Boozer than Milsap, and most of the NBA coaches would know the truth of the matter. Amar may recall which coach said it straight out, I don’t off the top of my head, but if Dime has access to any scouts I’m sure they’d agree!

  • dukesman2000

    You’re damn skippy he is an All Star. The boy is a beast.

  • TCL

    I don’t think he’s an all-star quite yet, but he is DEFINITELY the best value in the league.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    millsap is doing what he does, boarding, blocking and scoring. he’s not one of your flashy three point shooting PFs, or a guy who get a lot of alley-oops, but he seems to be playing pretty well.

    I think it’s hard to be an all-star, part of it is luck. he’s not an all-star, he’s a really good player though. i’m sure a lot of teams out there wouldn’t mind their back-up PF playing like him.

    It’s not like the utah franchise is going to go out and send iPods with his highlights on them to every coach in the west . . . they’re not pandering like the blazers franchise did last season.

    if the jazz are good enough to deserve someone in the game, it’s gotta be him though (based on stats). guys have gone from no name to all-star in a season though, spreewell was voted in by the coaches one season and he wasn’t on the ballot. but that was a long time ago.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Should he? Yes
    Will he? No

    Trade Boozer, get something back unlike Cleveland. Redd would be interesting, but he dont play D, Sloan would hate him.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Sprinkle me mayne!

    Ok I am serious here.

    Had dude ever had a stroke or accident of some sort. Cause that picture looks kinda “stroky” for lack of better words (they used that word on Family Guy one time). For real though does anyone know of any facial accidents dude might have had?

  • Kobeef

    His nose looks like it was broken – that’s tough!

    Boozer needs to be moved out of Utah for a 2 guard. Utah doesn’t need Boozer or his crappy attitude (“pull a boozer” = stab your team in the back and bolt for money…TWICE)

    Boozer really doesn’t deserve to start over Milsap

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Gee — you funny. i think you mean that it looks like he’s had bell’s palsy. (don’t let them know that Amar is a medical doctor . . . ) unfortunately, there’s no medical reason why he looks like that. he’s just a thick southern boy.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com/store CCB

    I am dating myself here but dude looks like Ronald Isley of the Isley Brothers aka Mr. Biggs who sings with R. Kelly every now and then. I think it’s time for Dime to do the ball players look alike competition. Oh yeah on topic, Sap’s an All Star.

  • Paul

    Paul Millsap is already a better player than Loozer. He plays defense and rebounds the ball. Please trade Carlos for anyone I don’t care who, dump his contract already.
    Thank you Louisiana Tech for providing the Utah Jazz with another Hall of Fame power forward.

    If I ever hear Loozer talk about getting paid send him to a euro league team.

  • Topper

    I’ve watched every Jazz game so I think I know what I’m talking about but also biased, so take this with a grain of salt.

    Trading Boozer is the best option. Boozers offensive production was a result of Sloans system being built around him. Milsap matches the production from scrap play, rebound putbacks, 2nd/3rd efforts etc. Jazz keep Milsap but DON’T change his role or the methodology. Trade Boozer for the 2 guard or small forward they’ve never had… the Kobe/Wade/Tmac/James/Arenas/Redd/Martin etc.(not that they could get half of those guys but you get the picture) type who can score, inside and out and build offense around that guy. Milsap will still get his with his usual role, and that trade along with DWill and Okur could be scary.

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…is going to do the stanky leg followed by slappin that bootydoo

    Thanks Kobeef and Amar!

    I was honestly wondering? Either way dude is making a name and solid case for himself.


    uh no

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron


    Really? Better than West?

  • Ian

    just my pick and its not for sure better than west its more like maybeeeee better heheheh
    but than boozer no doubt