College, Video / Jan 11, 2009 / 10:06 pm

Jonny Flynn Posterizes Mike Rosario

Perhaps the best dunk of the young college season. Just ask Mike Rosario, Syracuse is for real.

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  • srb

    damn Aron.. working late on a Sunday?

  • otto

    Damn right the Cuse is for real.
    Orange all day baby.

  • KoreanBALLA

    damn rosario…

  • R.ELI

    Man… I seen that on ESPN. I didn’t know that was Rosario. I guess he was alright cause he got up pretty quick.


    ouch…. lol he got up so quick pretending it never happened

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    freshmen…never learn where to take a charge at.

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    anyone see unc-wake forest, teague just demolished psycho choke and the rest of those cats

  • Jah


  • doc

    Flynn game tight.He gonna be a starter in the big boy league one day.

  • Just Blaze


  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…Who’s drunk off that Hen?

    Foul that cat hard all day before you let him dunk on you like that?!?!

    Nice music on the vid. too.

  • solomon

    damn that’s like “eat my balls with your lazy D, fag”…

  • Joe

    Late rotation + not stepping up for charge = getting dunked on

  • D.H.

    gotta love the big grin on the his face after too.

  • samer

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  • contradiction of the day

    I still like this one better (the last one in the clip):


  • Kudabeen

    Not the guy that was banged on fault…Who was it that Flynn blew by with one dribble…He didn’t help at all…Looked like a fast break…In real time Flynn just was too quick with it to react…pretty nasty…