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My NBA All-Star Reserves

2009 NBA All-Star Game

With the reserve All-Star ballots due today, I thought there was no better time to put together my list of NBA All-Star reserves. Coaches get to select two forwards, two guards, one center and two players from any position to fill out the roster, so realize that there are certain parameters to work within.

Juggling personal achievements, team success and an overall All-Star quality, it was extremely tough this year to settle on just seven, but here’s my list…

Eastern Conference

*Dwyane Wade – G
*Allen Iverson – G
*LeBron James – F
*Kevin Garnett – F
*Dwight Howard – C

Devin Harris – G
Joe Johnson – G
Paul Pierce – F
Danny Granger – F
Chris Bosh – C
Ray Allen – G
Rashard Lewis – F

Western Conference

*Kobe Bryant – G
*Chris Paul – G
*Tim Duncan – F
*Amare Stoudemire – F
*Yao Ming – C

Brandon Roy – G
Steve Nash – G
Dirk Nowitzki – F
Carmelo Anthony/David West – F
Shaquille O’Neal – C
Al Jefferson – F
Chauncey Billups – G

– Although West should certainly make the team for the second-straight year, between him and ‘Melo, there is really only one spot.
– With the All-Star Game in Phoenix, there is no way Nash and Shaq can’t make the team.
– For the last spot in the East, Vince Carter gets left out. You can thank the fans for voting AI as a starter.
– While Deron Williams is certainly an All-Star talent, his injury earlier this season will take away his spot.
Kevin Durant is nasty, but still a year or two away from the All-Star team.
– Although the Timberwolves have only won 15 games, they are 9-2 in January, behind the tremendous play of Jefferson.
– Perhaps the toughest omission in terms of talent is Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, but the Wizards woes this season will keep them off the team.
– Once again, despite the second best record in the West, the Spurs will only get Duncan representing in Phoenix.

Who do you think makes the All-Star team?

(Those selected for the game will be announced this Thursday.)

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  • SK

    Lakers with only one all-star? Gasol needs to be there (over Shaq or Jefferson).

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’d take Jameer Nelson over Ray Allen, and Tayshaun or Caron over Rashard Lewis. Those two F’s are more deserving than Rashard, but if I’m leaving him off, the Magic still deserve at least two players.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    And I’d take Gasol over West/Melo.

  • RyanL

    Mo Williams for sure. How do you have the second best record in the league and only one all star. Mo over Devin!!!!

  • mavid

    What Austin Burton said.

  • Dragonyeuw

    I’d replace Lewis with Vince. In fact, I’d put Turkoglu on the team over Lewis.No offense to Rashard, but imo Hedo is the second best player on Orlando after Howard. I agree about AI, he’s not really having an all-star year, at least not better than Vince, and Detroit has regressed since he arrived there. Perhaps this is the year he has finally started showing his age(33)

    I’m also put Gasol over either West or Jefferson

  • caeubona

    you left out gasol.

  • http://slamonline.com ctkennedy

    ray allen over josh smith AI2 vince carter even david lee please nash makin would be bs three suns in the game on the ninth best team in the west deron williams and tony parker r havin better years and utah whole roster is shot and still got a better record than the suns

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i am sorry but parker has to be in there over nash. i understand it is in the valley of the sun and all but parker is having a better season. and west over gasol, melo is out because he has missed to much time and his team is moving along without him.

    if you want gasol, shaq drops out, he has missed like 10 games and is just not playing enough to warent a nod over gasol. west is a toss up to me, he is having a decent season but would his season be the same someplace without chris paul?

  • Charles

    Jameer over PP – I don’t think PP has lived up to even last year

    MO Will over R Lewis – For a guy making $120 Mill he should be doing more then that.

    TParker deserves to be there over Nash. I’m Canadian and I don’t think you can give him the nod over TP. Also you can’t have 3 Suns when there not even the division leaders.

  • mules

    I’d put Tough-Juice in over Lewis. Otherwise the list looks about right.

  • Yoooo

    RyanL is dumbass.

    Im sorry but Steve Nash deserves NO All-Star consideration… Unless of course theyre gonna use him for dunk practice. He’s done so little this year I forget he even plays half the time. So I’d take TP over him, hands down. Gasol definitely needs a spot somewhere. On the low he makes the Lakers so scary w/ his versatility. Id take Vince over Ray. He does WAY more with WAY less than Ray does. You have to account for some many other pieces when you play against Ray that it allows him favorable matchups, as your best perimiter defender is gonna be guarding Pierce. When you play the Nets you have to worry about Vince and Dev. I mean Brook is good, but hes definitely no KG.

    RyanL is a dumbass.

  • vinny

    Man all this gasol love-for what?? no way he should be on the all star team- not over jefferson or anthony, or west! well maybe west? i’d take carter over allen and mo williams over lewis.

  • Luigi

    WHAT?!?!? no Wizards.. just bkuz there like 9-32 doesnt mean Caron or Twan make the team…

    i mean Caron’s doing WAYYY bettter than Shard. but yeah i understand. just because we suck means that we dont get any players in ASG.

    but Twan…hes a double double machine. him n caron are the ONLY reasons why were competitive.

  • mavs all the way

    i disagree with your picks on the following:

    *devin – vince comes first i think. and it woulnd’t make the all star game any better with devin in there instead of vince.
    *pierce – pretty much did nothing during the first half of the season to be worthy of an all-star appearance. i’ll take caron instead of the self-proclaimed “best player in the world”
    *rashard lewis – are you serious? jameer has made more impact than him during the first half. but i think mo williams should take his place instead.

    *DWest – melo should be this all star but since he won’t make it too the game, i think the replacement should be gasol or nene, but not dwest.

  • Mikey B

    Kevin Durant isn’t just an ALL STAR he is a SUPER STAR , if he is not there that would just be insanity.

  • Prof. TX

    Should Bosh really count as a center, or was this just your way of working in an extra forward in a conference that doesn’t have much talent at that spot after Dwight?

    I guess it doesn’t matter when Duncan keeps getting in as a starter because he’s listed as a forward, despite playing with his back to the basket and guarding Bynum, Shaq, Yao, etc.

  • Patrick


    You aren’t competitive. That’s why you don’t get all stars.

  • nyc

    Eastern side, David lee, bc his been a double double machine.
    Western side, Dwill, don’t tell me about his injury earlier in the season bc his been playing as well as an pg in the league, since coming back.

  • K Dizzle

    Anybody catch Mark Jackson and Van Gundy leavin off Granger and Bosh off their reserve picks cuz their teams aren’t winning? Then tried to justify their stupidity. Sometimes, those two try too hard. It’s an all-star game, not mvp.

  • Sheedfan87

    I agree with it all except Ray Allen. Vince or Jameer should certainly replace him, if not give it to Caron Butler. Good to see you give Harris, Granger and Jefferson their due though.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    I think Devin Harris would have been an All Star a month ago, but his team is in decline and his stats have fallen with them. Jameer Nelson deserves the nod over him and I would probably pick Rondo over Pierce at this point in the season, too.

  • the antoine

    Your forgot Gasol

  • Sanpitch

    Disagree with Melo/West, Nash, Ray Allen, and Rashard Lewis.

    Replace with Gasol, Parker or D-Will, Jameer Nelson or Vinsanity, and Tayshaun Prince, respectively.

  • IrishBaller

    Rashard Lewis, Al Jefferson should not be in the discussion…. Carmelo and DWest are iffy… replace jefferson with gasol, lewis with jameer nelson…. replace Paul millsap for Dwest

  • Benoit Benjamin

    i’m with irishballer here, and just Tp over nash as well and you got yourself a pretty sweet list.

  • Smitty313

    Gasol has to be there.

  • KnicksFan84

    Take Rashard Lewis off the team and insert David Lee. Simple as that!

  • Lee

    Wasn’t Ray Allen All Star MVP last year .. dude deserves to defend his title.

  • Kevin

    Ray Allen’s Stats:

    MIN 36.3
    FG% 0.504
    3PT% 0.416
    FT% 0.936
    REB 3.4
    AST 2.8
    STL 1.0
    TO 1.72
    PTS 18.1

    Jameer Nelson’s Stats:

    MIN 31.7
    FG% 0.503
    3PT% 0.445
    FT% 0.878
    REB 3.4
    AST 5.3
    STL 1.2
    TO 1.97
    PTS 17.1

    I’m not an Orlando fan, and as a Raptors fan I’m supposed to dislike them, but Jameer has been playing like an All Star and HE HAS THE SAME STATS AS RAY ALLEN BUT IN 5 LESS MINUTES AND WITh TWICE THE ASSISTS.

    I guess the distinguishing stats are the plus/minus per minute, but not really:
    Ray: + .283 /Min
    Jameer: + .248 /Min

    Both leads their teams in this category, so .35 difference isn’t all that much.

    Orlando only has one more loss than Boston, so could that really be the difference?

    I have seen Jameer win games on his own down the stretch and I know you could say the same for Allen, so maybe I need to look elsewhere…

    CUT DEVIN HARRIS! Wow, that was easy.

  • karizmatic

    My first impression is I agree with Prof. TX. Bosh is a power forward, therefore some indeserving center should probably make it if they stick to the formula. Ilgauskas maybe.

  • rell

    I would replace R.Allen with Vince and Rashard Lewis with Jamison. Jamison is averaging more pts and almost 3 more rebounds than Rashard. I am a Celtics fan and I don’t think Ray Ray deserve to go over Vince. R.Allen give you scoring but Vince is giving you scoring, rebounds,
    and assist.

    In the West replace Nash with Deron Williams, Melo/West with Durant,and Shaq with Gasol. Nash do not deserve to go to a all-star this year. Deron is having a better year than Nash. Since Melo will not be playing might as well give Durant his spot. Durant is averaging 24pts and shooting almost 47% and giving you 6 boards per game. Shaq and Gasol stats are similar so I givethe edge to the Gasol because the Lakers are having a better season.
    You can’t leave Big Al off the all-star team this year especially with the team playing well this month.

  • Ian

    lakers and spurs only one allstar and denver gets 2
    bullshit my friend

    parker over nash
    gasol over shaq

    3 allstars for phoenix is a joke

  • ENEW

    I think what many here are forgetting is that reserve all star picks have a lot to do with longevity and reputation. Jameer Nelson is having a TERRIFIC season, hopefully the first of many in the league. But there is no way you can bump a Hall of Fame player like Ray Allen who having a great year for the defending champs, who also won the all-star MVP last year. Can’t happen.

    For those that think Paul Pierce is not deserving of an all-star appearance you may have a point if you just look at scoring numbers but he is the guy that has been doing so many of the little things for the Celtics since they built this championship team. He is still top three in the league in the 4th quarter, he is arguably the best rebounding 3 man in the league and he makes his teammates better. Oh yeah, he was MVP of the finals last season.

    I love Devin over Vince simply because anyone who ever quites on their team should never play in another All-Star game, period.

    The more I think about it though Mo Williams deserves a nod, as winning needs to be factored in. Williams has been huge for Cleveland.

  • RyanL

    To Yooo:

    Wow…way to discredit what I posted…However, Devin and Vince looked real nice last night getting destroyed by the UnSonics……Definitely Mo over Devin.

  • karizmatic

    This is how I think it should go for the reserves
    Drew Harris
    Joe Johnson
    Paul Pierce
    Chris Bosh (Bosh is a forward not a center and should be regarded as such, particularly if on the West Duncan gets to be a forward
    David Lee ( At least he is listed as a F-C and so can at least pass as a center. Not our fault there aren’t any good centers in the East)
    Wince ( I think Carter is having the better season, but I can understand if Allen is picked, he plays on a better team.)

    Brandon Roy
    Tony Parker
    Melo (Melo’s numbers are comparable to West’s and Melo plays Small forward, this along with Denver’s resurgence with the addition of Billups, pushed me in favor of Melo)
    Chauncey ( Nash may get this spot because the game is in Phoenix, but he shouldn’t Chauncey and Parker have been better than his mthis season, Chauncey is turning around the Denver squad proving his worth, and Parker has had a great season for the Spurs so far.)
    Al Jefferson (He is having too monstrous of a season for me to leave him off. This spot may very well go to West, but as far as I am concerned West is having an off season, he’s not an Allstar this year, Jefferson is.

  • RyanL

    To Yooo:

    Wow…way to discredit what I posted. Very Mature of you…I can tell you are a disgruntled Nets fan…Didn’t they look real nice last night getting destroyed by the UnSonics……Definitely Mo over Devin, not that I don’t like Devin, but Mo deserves it much more for making his team better.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Aron– I know you can help us out here, what’s up with this ad being pulled, can you get a copy?


  • max

    these are the worst reserves i’ve seen yet…

  • Big Shot BOB

    I say:


    Brandon Roy
    Tony Parker
    Pau Gasol
    L. Aldridge
    Chauncey Billups


    Devin Harris
    Vince Carter
    Paul Pierce
    Danny Granger
    Kendrick Perkins
    Hedo Turgolu
    Joe Johnson

  • Big Shot BOB

    Chris Bosh isn’t a center. Jermaine Oneal is.

  • eric

    tp in there instead of nash

  • Mo

    I think Billups will be one of the first guard names called as a reserve. I also think Shaq will join Amare to represent the Suns and Parker will most likely make it in over Nash.

  • Michaelbchnn

    Paul Pierce has officialy become the most overated player of all time. First he gets the finals MVp averaging 19.5pts on 40% shooting now he’s proabably going to make the all-star team averaging 19pts on 39% shootin.

  • Big Shot BOB

    Say what you want but Boston doesn’t win that championship last year without P Double.

  • control

    AI being voted in is almost as bad as if Yi would have made it. Stupid fans…the guy is actually making Detroit worse.

    As much as I love Nash, he probably shouldn’t be making it.

    Why would Rashard Lewis make it? So he can spend some of that $120mil he don’t deserve buying other real All Stars dinner?

    Big Shot BOB

    Your list is one of the worse I’ve seen. Kendrick Perkins? Didn’t know racking up technical fouls because you think you are a bad ass is reason to send someone to an All Star game. Manu? You serious, the guy was injured a grip of games and has like 14/3/3. If that is good enough for the All Star game then they should just make a team for each division and fill up 6 teams. The game is called “All Star”, not “All Average”.

  • johnsacrimoni

    Aron-I agree with all your picks except I would have Gasol over Jefferson. I don’t think West deserves it either if Melo can’t go. Would love to see D-Will in there but Nash getting the homer spot kills him. As for the Bosh as C controversy, the rules to the coaches specifically allow “creativity” for the best interest of the all-star team (i.e., not voting in undeserving centers just because they’re centers).

  • K Dizzle


  • Ryan

    HA! I can’t take this seriously without Okafor on your list. He is the second best C in the East and one of the best low court players in the league.

  • zhang lang

    gasol over nash

  • bigdoggchad

    Gasol instead of Nash and Melo over West.

  • Kante

    Terry instead of Nash? Just a suggestion…

  • Big Sia

    Vince over 99% of the east

  • Big Shot BOB

    @ Control…K Perk was the Best center avaiable in the East. Who would you put in there?

    Ginobili is the reason the Spurs are doing so well and is arguably a top 5 shooting guard in this league. Again you guys are criticizing the pic but don’t have a pick to replace him with or someone you can argue that is better?

  • matt

    I have to mention Paul Millsap for the West reserves. Since boozer has gone out, the man has gone on a tear, playing some of those all star forwards as if they were the minimal wage guy like he is. Utah is in the top eight in the west, and you have to give Millsap at least a little respect for both his stats and the fact that he has helped the team stay afloat while being destroyed by injuries. Also, Jameer Nelson needs to be on the team with the way he has been playing this season.

  • http://www.nba.com Powerslave

    The Birdman
    Przybilla’s grandma
    Luke Walton’s Stalker
    Dennis Rodman’s midget

  • doc (i like kobe AND bron)

    Bosh would take a forward spot so I’d throw Emeka as backup center.That means Shard gotta go.I’d put Jammeer over Harris.The rest is cool besides AI.Out West Shaq and Nash gotta go.Put D-Will on there,move Big Al to center and you can keep Melo and West.

  • doc (i like kobe AND bron)

    Or put Pau in over West if your into the softie man thing.He is putting numbers up for a winner.

  • Thunder Dan


  • Mitcht2323

    Vince dont deserve it.
    AI shouldnt even be on the east as a backup.
    Devin harris and jameer and Josh smith should be on there, altho i hate leavin off caron.
    Pau deserves no spot at the expense of Big Al. Al is playin great ball and he does way better in minny then Pau could ever do.
    Steve nash probly shouldnt make it, but i hate tp. He still should get the nod i spose tho.
    If melo’s injured then David should take his place. Watch the Hornets when he is out, trust me, he is a huge part of them.

  • KnicksFan84

    Once again, David Ph*k74@ Lee should be there!

  • Vinny

    @bigshot- david lee is better than perkins
    aldridge, gasol, ginobili-are u kidding me!! give me jefferson, Dirk and melo.
    no hedo either-give me mo williams

  • Tolka35

    Look up John Hollinger’s Reserves on ESPN.com. They make a lot of sense. Aron has some explaining to do. Steve Nash over Tony Parker? Carmelo Anthony over Pau Gasol? Rashard Lewis over Jameer Nelson? This isnt pick your favourite player or who has more all-star apperances in the past, it is supposed to be based on this season ALONE

  • Ian

    big shot
    they are not sayin u r wrong because u picked manu its because he missed so many games and is still not avg manu numbers hes not arguably top 5 sg hes for sure a top 5 sg.

  • Big Shot BOB

    Carmelo’s been injured too I don’t see anyone saying anything about puttin him on the list. Manu might not be putting up the numbers but he comes off the bench and is still the reason the Spurs are at the top of the standings in teh west even after injuries.

  • Big Shot BOB

    And don’t even get me started on Dirk…are the Mavs even in he playoffs still? Didn’t Dirk just get held to single digits from KG the other night…soft, soft, soft doesn’t get you in the allstar game.

  • Ian

    i dont want melo in either but dirk is in for sure

  • downunder

    I think you gotta add d-will on the west. Yeah he got injured, but the jazz wouldn’t have their slight winning record without him – also making milsap look like an all star ala chris paul and david west. In the east, i’d also take turko over lewis as he is the 2nd best player on the magic. Mo williams doesn’t deserve the spot. What about Rondo? he’s as important to the C’s as the big 3 when he plays bad, they lose.

  • Zen Master

    G-B Roy-no brainer the guys killing and proven to be one of the NBA’s elite
    G-Billups-turned Denver around and getting it done without melo
    F-Dirk-Despite Dallas’s struggles, Dirk still doing his thing
    F-Gasol2nd best player on the best team in the West. Can’t see only one laker getting the nod, and he’s having a hell of a year
    C- SHAQ-The big fella is back putting up great number and still commands the double team

    -Steve Nash- Will get the in the game because of his name and past preformances. Probabley the last year he makes it
    -AL Jefferson- I really hope this guy makes it, Minny is starting to play well and he’s really putting the team on his back

    G-Devin Harris- Having a break out season and making dallas fans wonder what could have been
    G-Rondo- Really makes the C’s tick..fills his role probley better then anyone else in the L
    F-VC- still the man for the Nets. Back as an elite player after fading away last season
    F-Danny Granger- Dude is a scoring machine. Not on a great team but he’ the only reason they even compete
    C- Chris Bosh- hopefully they use him for the C spot, if not he takes a F spot and bumps vince of granger

    -JJ- has slowed down a bit but is still playing at a high level and has the fans in ATL something to be proud of
    -Paul P- Not so sure he deserves it, having an average season like nash will get in on his name.

    Deron Williams- injurys really hurt his case
    Tony P- Deserves it more then Nash..probley won’t get it though
    Caron and Antawn- Wiz are just too bad
    Melo- Injurys
    David West- N.O aren’t as good as last year and niether is West
    Jameer- his spot was robbed by the fans and iverson
    Ray Allen- was a toss up between him and pierce, sadly Mr Shuttlesworth is the odd man out

  • MyFingerInHerButt

    Your reserves sound nice, but big shot BOB… Pau over Dirk just because he had a bad game agianst the Celtics LOL.. Hes 5th in scoring, and is mostly consistent every … oh yeah the Mavs ARE in the playoff race

  • hooper5013

    Deron Williams
    Brandon Roy
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dirk Nowitzky
    Shaq Oneal
    Tony Parker
    Kevin Durant

    Devin Harris
    Ray Allen
    Danny Granger
    Chris Bosh
    David Lee
    Joe Johnson
    Rashad Lewis

  • weng santos

    Are the Spurs 2nd in the West already?

    Whoa, that kinda snuck up on me. All I can remember so far is their bad start to the season.

  • K.i.n.G.

    G – Jameer Nelson
    G – Joe Johnson
    F – Vince Carter
    F – Danny Granger
    C – Chris Bosh
    W – Ray Allen
    W – Mo Williams

    G – Chauncey Billups
    G – Brandon Roy
    F – Dirk Nowitzki
    F – Pau Gasol
    C – Shaquille O’Neal
    W – Steve Nash
    W – Kevin Durant (won’t make ASG but he’s too nasty)

  • the Heckler

    Here are my standards:

    I don’t care about team record. Being an All-Star is an INDIVIDUAL honor. As long as your team isn’t winless, a player (from a losing team–below .500 record) can make the team.

    If you are torn between two players at the same position for a slot, then you can use team record as a deciding factor; no one will blame you for that logic.

    But overall….as long as you (INDIVIDUALLY) performed at a all star level during the first half, you should get consideration. Regardless of your teams record.

    Mo Williams
    Joe Johson
    Danny Granger
    David Lee
    Chris Bosh
    Vince Carter
    Jameer or Hedo

    Tony Parker
    Brandon Roy
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Shaquille O’Neal
    Chauncey Billups
    Al Jefferson

    No Snubs: steve nash just aint good enough this year to make it. nor is manu. nor is kevin durant. allen iverson should man up (or dont…just fake an injury or something) and give up his spot.

  • Nyeme

    These are my reserves and been so for a while:

    C – Chris Bosh
    F – Danny Granger
    F – Paul Pierce
    G – Joe Johnson
    G – Ray Allen
    W – Vince Carter (over Harris because he has really been dipping each month after a brilliant first month)
    W – Jameer Nelson (because there should be 2 Magic)

    C – Dirk Nowitzki
    F – David West
    F – Carmelo Anthony
    G – Brandon Roy
    G – Chauncey Billups
    W – Pau Gasol
    W – Deron Williams (I say Terry or Kidd but Mavs not good enough to send 2…of course they can send Shaq since he’s been the best Sun this year)

  • jmespayos

    hey hey hey.. this is how it should be..
    G-Vince Carter
    G-Rajon Rondo
    F-Danny Granger
    F-Richard Jefferson
    C-David Lee
    — reasons?.. well if VC doesn’t score 20+ for nets they lose, if rondo ain’t a G for the C’s they’ll be crashing, Granger is starting to be a monster, RJ keeps the bucks up now that Redd is out and Lee coz he’s starting to show the explosiveness of Knicks big men like Patrick Ewing and the others.

    G-Deron Williams
    G-Brandon Roy
    F-Tracy McGrady
    F-Al Jefferson
    C-Pau Gasol
    — hey.. Dwill is getting back his tracks, BRoy keeps getting better, TMac is about to explode with Artest and Yao sidelined, AJ being dominant, and Pau now being solid and showing the show with the lake show..

    Joe Johnson-mike bibby is the one who makes the Hawks better

    Ray Allen-should you choose The Truth or Mr. Shuttlesworth?

    Rashard Lewis-now should you choose Allens’ shooting touch over Lewis’ shooting touch?

    Steve Nash & Jason Kidd-with respect, it’s time for the young generation

    David West-he’s just feeding off CP3 and Tyson’s greatness. Dwest ain’t showing any explosiveness either

    Carmelo Anthony-Injured (any questions?)

    Shawn Marion-he can replace RJ but the Matrix is showing signs of aging..

    Dirk Nowitzki- East has some inside power, how about having the outside dominance for the west?

    final words:
    everyone has his own standard of being an allstar. and a true allstar in every single NBA player is going to show not at the ASG but after ASG when they race for Playoff seeds.

  • nige

    One thing you all seem to be forgetting is that this is a game solely to show of talent and MORE IMPORTANTLY ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!

    Tony Parker, Gasol, Al Jefferson, Jameer Nelson even Dirk are all solid players but are by no means entertainers.

    The reason people like AI are voted in yearly is because you knowhe will cross somebody up a few times and try to throw that silly oop. same goes for people like T-Mac who will take that baseline seam every time.

    The Idea of seeing D-Will trying to go at Devin Harris or Durant streaking ahead to catch an oop seem alot more appealing to me watch. who wants to see “solid PG play” from TP in a game that is a showcase.

  • bill

    Pierce and ray should definately be an All-star because both stats go down significantly because big 3 demands ball so much. I would say rondo cuz besides points he has every stat better than jameer and is better defender by a lot and C’s success is dependent on rondo. Just think if he had ball in hands as much as CP3 he would score more and more assist but Pierce demands ball, KG demands it in low post and ray demands it too. Also if Howard is in talks for MVP why not KG cuz basically some people are saying he has 3 other all-stars to help him to in hedo, rashard, and jameer


    Big SHot Bob you really dont know much. your picks are possibly the worst i have ever seen. Perkins is not an all star and ginibili has been injured too much, hes not the reason the spurs are good, Duncan carried the team when parker and manu were out. Perkins has no chance if anyting Okafor would be more deserving. ANd Bosh does count as a center so he will get in as the center

  • AB_40

    no phoenix doesn’t deserver three all stars yes the city of phoenix where a certain point guard got back2back mvp’s ( seriously bitch please) but uhm he should be in it