NBA / Jan 7, 2009 / 3:43 pm

One Player, One Bucket

KobeKobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

If for no other reason, you have to envy L.A. Lakers fans for one thing: They don’t know the abject fear and nausea that comes with having their team clinging to a slim lead in crunch time and seeing Kobe Bryant wearing the bad guy’s costume, looking to strike a dagger.

Hornets fans re-familiarized themselves with that feeling last night, when Kobe knocked down a trio of three-pointers in a 90-second stretch of the third quarter — which would have been the game’s decisive sequence had the Hornets not been able to limit him to just two points in the fourth. Grizzlies fans knew it a few weeks ago, when their fourth-quarter lead disappeared thanks to Kobe’s multi-faceted attack of long-range, low-post and off-the-dribble buckets. As a Sonics fan, I knew the feeling on numerous occasions over the years, and even after adopting the Pacers this season, felt it again last month when Kobe delivered his patented mid-range pull-up in the final minute, which would have won the game were it not for Troy Murphy‘s miracle tip-in.

Notice how two of the three games just mentioned were L.A. losses, one of them was a win against a Lottery team, and all of them took place over the past five weeks? The point is that Kobe’s ability to come up with clutch buckets in any arena, against any opponent, on any day, isn’t just relegated for high-profile games and postseason battles; even in the most forgettable regular-season contest, he’s the most dangerous man in the League, never playing particularly up or down to his competition. Except for a few notable instances, he’s the same predatory threat every night.

I’m a full-fledged D-Wade supporter, an advocate for the much-maligned Vince and T-Mac, a 100% Duncan loyalist and part-time Dirk apologist. And in three to five years, I can foresee a League in which we’re having this same discussion about Brandon Roy or LeBron. But if I had to take one guy to get one bucket with everything on the line, I’d pick Kobe. And right now, there’s really not a solid argument you can make for anyone else.

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  • The Real Tyrone

    Ain’t no doubt that the baller takin’ the last shot’s gotta be King James y’all. He got mad, wicked ability and some crazyass hops. Cat also dishes some dope ‘n nasty dimes y’all.

    True thugs NEVER lie.

  • P

    True….who is no.2 on the list????

  • Kobeef

    100% agree.
    Wade and Lebron can score but Kobe can shoot and score.

    Mamba is the most dangerous offensive weapon in the game today.

  • dapro


    There is damn good arguement for Dwade

    He gets the beneft of the doubt from the refs to go along with his killer instinct

  • Blue

    exactly what dapro said…
    if wade doesn’t hit the shot…his ass is getting to the line! i’d put him way ahead of queen james too! you gotta respect wade’s jumper…not so much with james.

    i think kobe and wade are about even for this, but that’s just my opinion!

  • weng santos

    LOL @ Dapro and Blue.

    Was thinking the exact same thing.

    Wade may not hit the field goal, but he’ll get freethrows.

    Anybody remember the 06 Finals? Refs bailing him out time and time again.

  • Charles Barkley

    .. this is the best head i’ve ever had

  • dapro

    Maybe it’s me and Blue but I don’t think is hands down in this one

    Wade is sick in crunch time

    but I gotta throw Melo out there too

  • dapro

    Kobe is hands down in this one

  • http://dime wiz

    He’ll always get the benefit of doubt due to his style of play. He might be worst than A.I. in clutch moments. In crunch time in order I would want Kobe,D.Wade,G.Arenas to take my last shot. 80% percent chance of winning. I like what the article states. Lebron has all facets of the game now and may be a better all around player than kobe as was pippen and mike. But killer instinct to just put teams away nightly on your own. He doesn’t quite have that skill yet. Kobe needs a sidekick to go to war with him. I wish he could get C.Butler,G.Arenas,B.Davis just someone who has immense talent and heart. That’s what the other player lack. Fisher is not a starting point guard. Vujaic is spark plug. Radamonvic ???. L.Odom speechless. T.Ariza great intagibles no position like Marion. Farmar not better than Felton (Gasol very good at times but softer than Kwame Brown on defense. Bynum a good young center. It was a testement to Kobe Bryant’s greatness that he willed that team to the finals and was 2 games away and some great D away from the ring w/o Shaq (We give him to much credit and not enough to Kobe. Same as we give Mike all the credit and hardly remember how Pippen was like a better taller ginobli. They literally box and oned him while the others just stood and watch. Much props to Phil Jackson as well. Look how better Lebron looks with M. Williams due to him not having to create his own shot every single time down court. You know how taxing that is. Kobe can’t even rest for periods at a time. Who’s going to step up that’s a problem.

  • the guru

    does the name paul pierce do anything. the truth is more clutch than kobe. he is a better shooter than wade and lebron. and he can score from anywhere. for evidence, just watch last years playoff.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Sadly, Lamar Odom is probably the closest thing to Pippen that Kobe will ever have. Wiz is dead on; he needs a sidekick that will go to war with him and then it’s ALL OVER. Get me Artest, and we’re done.

  • Blue

    the guru…
    good call with P-Squared. but don’t put wade and lebron together with shooting ability! wade’s jumper has been gravy this year!

    but with pierce you can’t outright double him because he’s got ray ray and K”puto ass”G with him.

  • http://dime wiz

    Paul Pierce is very underrated. He actually has gotten better with time. Which speaks highly about his will and character. The N.B.A. only promotes 2 players. The league is Full of Stars. As Mike said he’s the best player the world got to see and love. But he wasn’t close to being the best player on the planet. Maybe Top 5 LOL. So much talent that goes unnoticed it’s a shame. You wouldn’t even think Melo was a star or deserved R.O.Y. or co if it weren’t for the olympics. You forget a times D.Wade has a ring. J.Johnson is having a subpar year in the eyes of the man. G.Arenas is overrated for what he’s done in the league. Single handely one of the best years I’ve seen a pro have in years. So on and So on. Lebron’s time will come. He is amazing to watch but we can’t give him what he doesn’t deserve and hasn’t earned as yet. D. Howard wasn’t a household name until the dunk contest. B.Davis is really a star until warriors playoffs. I could go on & on that’s is the problem. It’s why the average real fan that actually played and loved the sport doesn’t even like to watch the game. It’s almost like wrestling sometimes from the refs to the high ups. It’s like its staged some nights.

  • dapro

    Kobe at one point was the sidekick, a role he served well

  • dapro

    Wade’s J is sick especially when going right to left

    Melo is dangerous from all over the court

    Kobe has a complete team around him offensively, why the knock on Fish now?

  • dmitry of jersey

    I’d make the point again that Kobe is more stoppable than Lebron again, but it may give LakerFan84 an aneurism.

    The fact is when the game gets tight Kobe becomes a shitty teammate which makes it easy for quality defense teams to force him into a 20ft fadeaway. Yeah he’ll make some bc he’s a great player, but I’d take Lebron’s clutch antics of getting to the rim and playing staying within a team framework any day.

  • Ian

    wtf that last line sucked ass
    u can make a good argument about all the players u mentioned and throw in a couple more even if at the end u still pick kobe.

  • George W Kush Sr

    How can you say hands down Kobe when Melo was leading the league in game winners?

    Kobe is one of the best at it, but so is Wade and Melo. Melo will hit the 3 or a jumper, his shot is unbelievably clutch and dependable with the game on the line. How is kobe better than him?

  • Ian

    btw austin i know u dont like the guy but isnt manu the third best scorer in crunch time in the nba not even a mention and u have douches like dirk on the list.

  • me

    kobe is overrated in crunch time. I’ll admit he’s a great player, but he’s not in my top 3 in crunch time. Personally i’ve always felt he’s more likely to lose the game on his own than win it. I don’t see where people get the notion that he has a killer instinct. He does not have it, never has, and never will, because it cannot be learned.

    And No way Melo should be mentioned within 10 feet of this article. anyone bringing up that name needs to have there bball card taken and stomped on.

  • Ian

    wiz and kermit
    u guys serious that kobe needs more help???? goh with that how about duncan and pierce as his teammates sound??? damn he has the best allaround team what more do u want?

  • LakeShow84

    Good to know i made an impression with ya Dmitry..

    Last time i saw Lebron go a game winner he copped a charge.. Is that because he can only drive for the game winner?? Riiiiggghhhhhtttt… Sorry Lebron is too predictable to be clutch.. Dwade and Pierce are the closest but Dwade will never get the shine and Pierce hasnt been clutch his whole CAREER..

    Kobe was a 3rd year man taking the last shot in games that he had Robery Horry, Shaq, Dfish, Rick Fox, etc in.. Come on Paul Pierce has hit a game winner a year agtainst shitty teams and he was never relevant until KG came and righted the ship..

    My only tidbit of proof is the Phoenix series.. Game tying Shot which he DROVE ala Lebron and hit a shot which flew a mile above the rim.. THEN the game winning shot he hit ala Jordan with the sweet fadeaway at the buzzer..

    Come on now.. Until i see something like that i dont think a 260lbs man child who muscles his way into the paint or a tiny Hedgehog counting 50/50 on refs will get the go ahead in the clutch dept..

    Sorry.. so for the last time!! Lebron needs a J!! maybe he can find it NY.. His knees wont hold up forever.. C-Webb anyone??

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Kobe, has many more instances where he saved the Lakeshow from losses on last second shot. I’m going with Kobe.

  • Ian

    we are forgettin hedo also
    check out the percentages in crunch time

    1. Manu Ginobili 57.4%
    2. Steve Nash 50.8%
    3. Amare Stoudemire 50.0%
    4. Yao Ming 48.8%
    5. Andre Iguodala 48.5%
    6. LeBron James 47.5%
    7. Al Jefferson 47.5%
    8. Kobe Bryant 44.8%
    9. Dirk Nowitzki 42.2%
    10. Hedo Turkoglu 40.2%

  • Blue

    and don’t forget lebron’s “crab dribble” isn’t going to fly anymore, that’s one more crunch time weapon from his arsenal! hahaha….

  • Ian

    ” Come on Paul Pierce has hit a game winner a year agtainst shitty teams and he was never relevant until KG came and righted the ship.”
    kg was a loser before he got with pierce so that could go either way
    kg was never relevant till he got to boston and played with pierce

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    I gotta go
    Kobe – Can do it all. He can do everything else any other player can do but they can’t duplicate all he can do. Kobe will kill you given the chance. He ain’t a Imma let you breath type dude.

    Wade – Another do it all. Just needs more of that instinct Kobe has.

    LeBron – Aside from the “Crab Walk” his drives are probably the most unstoppable in the game…specially afte that third step.

    Vince – Wants the ball at the end of the game and makes good decisions at the end.

    Allen I. – See same comments on Vince

    Arenas – When healthy there is nothing dude won’t do for the game winner at the end. Sometimes it’s magnificent and other times…well what had happen was.

    A healthy Tracy McGrady – Ok not for real, but hey I am a fan so I threw it in there.

    and a bunch of honorable mention dudes.

    In that order for me too.


    Lebron is still a poor mid range shooter, and Wade is a poor three point shooter.

    If you need somone to get that one bucket in anyway possible at any time anywhere its kobe.


    Lebron is still a poor mid range shooter, and Wade is a poor three point shooter.

    If you need somone to get that one bucket in anyway possible at any time anywhere its kobe, some of those shots just seem impossible until they drop through


    Lebron is still a poor mid range shooter, and Wade is a poor three point shooter.

    If you need somone to get that one bucket in anyway possible at any time anywhere its kobe, some of those shots just seem impossible until they drop through

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    Oh yea forgot about Paul and Ray, throw them right above Tracy lol.

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    Actually I don’t really like them two cats all that much. Replace them with Duncan and K.G. and Hedo.

    Done. Commence.

  • Ian

    a healthy tmac whats that?

  • Ian

    kg??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? what????????????????????????

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    Ian those are the guys I like to take that last shot. Yea I could live with KG taking it and let me say at this point in his career.

    I feel he is at that point where he can get it done. He last on my list though and I have no defense of dude except I wouldn’t mind him shooting it. LOL

    As far as a healthy T-Mac lol I know it’s been a while but go youtube that original T. Another player I have no defense of at this point but I like dude enough to let him take the shot.

    Hey but my first 7 I was fa real. From Kobe to Duncan. Any of them.

    For all the dudes by a computer and not a tv. P.T.I. just announced Jason Richardson would like to do the 3 point contest and the dunk. I say let him get busy in both!

    Don’t forget tonight ESPN is doing the little switch a roony with Dicky V calling the Nuggs Heat and Mark Jackson and crew doing the Davidson Duke game.

    I am just glad Walton is no where to be found! Yesssss!

  • http://dime wiz

    The funniest thing about the hate Kobe bryant receives and the love Lebron gets. Ask all H.O.F. and they’ll tell you what is and not going to be. All current greats now. Know Kobe is and always will be in a league of his own. Even Mike loves Kobe more than we think as he said so himself. The lakers gave up probably one of the best forgotten about talents and at that time a top 10 talent in the league like a skinny Ron Ron (Eddie Jones for the High schooler. Jerry West predicted what we all see know. A rare immense talent that wasn’t afraid to try and be like Mike or even better. We haven’t apprecicated all he’s done for the game because of all the MJ comparisons. I miss him 2 but I sure do enjoying watching Mr Bryant on every occasion. Simply we found a way to downplay 81 and 62 in 3. He’s on the downside of his career and still looks like he’s in his 20’s. He plays around w/ people and does what he wants at all times w/o a great handle. The biggest difference is it took him a little longer to defer to his teamates and understand you don’t have to dominate the whole game. You pick which 2 quarters you want and give your role players the confidence for crunch. You may never see another Shaq,KG,A.I.,Kobe,Lebron- One of the reasons we love LB and D.Howard because we don’t really compare them 2 anybody. Let them embark on creating there great legacy.

  • K Dizzle

    Is this really a debate? Seriously tho DWade? Lebron? In due time, but right now?
    Threepoint range and beyond – Kobe
    midrange – Kobe
    post up(anybody ever even see Wade or Lebron post up please post that video) – kobe
    Clutch is also makin the right decision, not just shootin – last i saw, it was kobe findin Pau three times against the Celtics for the win(maybe Dmitry forgot that in the daily ‘Kobe’s a shitty teammate at crunchtime’ rant

  • Ian

    that be good seein him do the dunk contest
    i always wanted brent barry to win both
    btw i like your list but not feelin kg hehehehehe i would trade kg for manu and keep the same guys.

  • http://dime wiz

    Manu is the most underatted player in the league

  • Ian

    yo wiz
    if u gonna defend kobe bro u got a part u need to fix kobe was traded for divac not eddie jones u dont remember that?

  • Ian

    tell me about it manu is my fav player lol
    and no one mentioned him in the clutch department
    hes one of the best and he doesnt have the prob wade has manu can score from anywhere

  • srb

    Paul Pierce

  • Ian

    but u know what i find weird that aside from spurs fan the only fans the really appreciate manus game are lakers fans like u and doug

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    See I knew Manu was going to come up and really I used to like the dude. I really use to be a fan. Even wanted him in Houston.

    Then his fans started acting like dude was on Kobe’s level and crap and I had to let him go.

    Legit wise though yea he honestly is 8 after my top 7.
    I just wish his fans would be realistic about pimpin.

    Yea I would love someone one year to win both the 3 and the dunk contest. Hasn’t ever been done right. Shoot that is a nice goal to get.

  • Ian

    what??? tell me why cant i make a case for him being the second best sg in the league??? or why cant i say hes clutch because the numbers are there??
    im the biggest manu fan here but have u ever seen a post sayin hes better than kobe???
    it works the same way with kobe people hate the dude because laker fans make him out to be god and the FACT is u guys overrated him like hell the dude has been outta the first round once being the man but yet u guys bring up 3 rings sure he won but he was pippen. u guys u the same reason to bash manu o he won being second banana to duncan well guess what so did kobe.

    im not sayin they are the same im sayin we all do the same with players we like and players we dont like

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    “Clutch” isn’t just fourth-quarter with five seconds left. So even if ‘Melo or Manu or whoever may have more game-winners than Kobe, I’m also talking about those shots in the third quarter when the game is close and Kobe goes on a run to make it a blowout. Or earlier in the fourth when the opponent is trying to make a run and Kobe delivers the daggers to put them out of reach. Or at the end of a game when you’re trying to protect to lead and someone has to knock down free throws to ice it. That’s also clutch.

  • Ian

    last 5 mns of a close game not last shot but also not the third quarter

  • Ian

    austin my last post wasnt a fact lol just my opinion

  • LakeShow84

    I appreciate Manu’s game because i hate’ him.. He seems slow but gets wherever he wants and he can shoot it from anywhere.. His 3 is flat footed and he can still get it off contested..

    But as a Laker fan the Spurs are my second favorite team in the L.. But now that the Lakers are relevant again i havent been able to root for the Spurs..

    And Ian that KG was nothing without PP arguement is bull.. I saw KG in the Western Conf. Finals with a good squad and he wouldve made it to the finals had we not been stacked for failure that year.. If KG ever had a good team he wouldve taken them to the playoffs.. Just making the playoffs being a one man team in the West is tough enough..

    Now Paul Pierce was nothing because he couldnt make the playoffs on his own.. Cept when he had Toine and Toine was actually out there sweating..

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    Ian I ain’t saying you do that. I am also not saying best sg, I have heard cats say he is in the top 3 to 5 in the L.

    Granted we all do go a bit overboard with our favorite players, and I am guilty as well. Still I feel there is a point where certain people step off in the fantasy realm of what they wish and what is not true.

    Again I really liked Manu and honestly still privately do lol. It’s just I can’t take when anyone takes a player Kobe or Manu and make them more than they are.

    For Kobe I hate when people act like dude has no weakness at all. Let me not say hate, I dislike.

    I mean even with me being a T-Mac fan I also clown dude and bash him when he isn’t up to standard. Yet, even in my support I am not going to say something crazy to the point of T-Mac should get MVP votes this year. That is when it’s just too beyond for me.

    Way to point out your standard of clutch AB. I like when lines are clearly defined for a debate. Makes it easier.

    I am so hurtin right now, Stafford and Moreno both left Georgia. I am hurtin…unless 1 of the 2 or both go to Denver!

  • dh

    You’ve all got to admit that to opposing oaches, players, & fans, Kobe may be the most feared opponent whether the game is on the line or not. I think that was Austin’s main point.

    Kobe makes two shots in a row, I know the opposing fans get worried.

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    dh I got to agree. Even with two shots in a row, I start to go “Oh boy he is startin to feel it” and it could be further from the truth but he commands and demands that respect in the game based on what he has and can do.

    Most time when he is playin the Rockets I am hopin someone doesn’t do something to piss him off or motivate him. Kobe clearly is that dude.

    1 is not a discussion. It’s 2 that is more of the debate.

  • dmitry of jersey

    GEE: did you just say Vince makes good decisions with the ball in the ends of close games? try to let his game winners from meaningless regular season games slide and watch the Nets in the playoffs. I want vince to do well bc i follow the nets, but he makes dumbass decisions CONSTANTLY in a 7gm series when the other team puts their focus on stopping him.

    LakeShow etc: I’m not gona regurgitate my opinion of kobe. I think kobe is a great player but he’s also an ass and too reliant on his fadeaway… which could be (and has been) a toxic combination against a quality defense. (of course not to K Dizzle who thinks one regular season game is more important than what happened in the finals last year).

    in my opinion the most clutch player in the league, if we’re going to follow Austin’s definition, is Tim Duncan.

  • dmitry of jersey

    ..i just realized i DID regurgitate my opinions on kobe. oops.

  • Ian

    whatt comon making the playoffs is nothing more than half the teams make the playoffs. pierce did make the ecf also with a shitty team. what i was tryin to say is that u cant say one is better because of the other its the same for the three of them not what u said about pierce.

    i know u didnt mention me but i posted because almost everyone know here im the biggest manu supporter here. i agree with everything u said but u know what i mean when i say manu is a top 5 sg (not player just sg) every manu hater starts posting crap here and i know uve read it. i hate that making a player more than they are also but like i said we all kinda do it we just gotta keep it kinda real and for me to say manu top sg isnt crazy.

  • Ian

    kobe is the best sg and a top 3 player overall but comon he more weaknesses than the other top 2 players
    duncan free throws
    bron Jumper
    kobe ballhog mode , fade away only mode, fuck my teammates mode

    duncan is clutch as hell i dont remember who said this i think it was gee a while back or dizzle , duncan is clutch because he does shit in crunch time he isnt supposed to do. we rarely see duncan making mistakes and that dude can score alot when needed

  • Ian

    btw wheres doug
    he would love this article

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    Ok Ian seriously speaking… No it’s not crazy to say Manu is like that, cause he is SG wise. If it’s based on what’s presented cause everything else is if. So yea on that basis, and that is all you can base it on, he is.

    I think the main thing is what you said last we (all fans) just really need to keep it real as possible with their favorite player or who they support.

    A little give-way is cool but don’t put them where even kids know they don’t belong

    dmitry I can give you that about a 7 game series with Vince. Something about the playoffs just do something to some dudes lol.

    Still, yea I was going off regular season more, but even in playoffs at this point I believe he could and I want him to come through.

  • Ian

    yeah of course no ifs (i call it the tmac game).

    hey vince has had good playoff performances before
    didnt he beat miami on a buzzer beater than bounced from everywhere (lucky i know) no but seriously he was awesome in toronto

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…had to back up off it and set my cup down!

    Hahaha just know if one of the if’s ever come true in regards to T-Mac.

    Look Out! LOL

    I am out yall be good!

    Pac-Man Jones just got released from the Cowboys. Bout time!

  • Promethean

    Kobe has been my favourite player for awhile and Dime often makes reference to the killer instinct look he gets during games, he may not be hitting too many buzzer beaters this season (because he’s sitting out the 4th), but I will always have an enormous amount of respect for someone who comes out and says this:

    Dime #22 Interview
    “When we play on the road and the entire crowd is booing me it doesn’t bother me at all. What I think about is simple: “When these fans leave this game I want them to remember how hard I fought and the passion and drive with which I played.” I have always played this game with passion. And I always worked hard. When I saw the movie Rudy I remember thinking, “what if I worked that hard?” God has blessed me both physically and intellectually to play this game, so what would happen if I push as hard as the character in this film? I would love for people to think of me as a talented overachiever. Even though those fans may chant ‘Kobe sucks’ when they leave that arena I want them to walk out with a different feeling than they came in with. When they leave they’ll leave with the understanding that they have just witnessed a player give himself completely to his passion; they have just watched an athlete pour every ounce of his heart and soul out on that floor. And hopefully, when the next volume of my life is all said and done, they will respect and appreciate the years that I spent giving all of me to the game that means everything to me.”

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Anyone who says Lebron is clutch needs to watch the first game of the season against the Celtics when he missed two “clutch free throws”

  • UncheckedAggression

    Another perfect example of Kobe’s greatness being exaggerated. You guys are all over a guy that routinely shoots his team out of games. If he kept his head (and knew when to make the extra pass) then the Lakers would be in an even better position than they are now. Luckily for the league, Kobe has never taken that next step.

    Most of the Lakers losses this season have come because Kobe decided to try to be the hero. Why didn’t he try to do that in the finals last year? You know, when it really mattered?

    There was an article out earlier this season that analyzed which players were “clutch.” 82games.com did the stats. Some of you may want to look it up.

  • heartbreaker85

    game on the line players?

    1. kobe
    2. wade
    3. vince (you saw how nasty clutch he was vs the raps and hawks this year? damn)
    4. melo
    5. lebron and his crab dribble

  • George W Kush Sr

    Where is doug?

    He probably busted a nut as soon as he read the post.

    Poor kid didn’t even get a chance to give Kobe some E-Head.

    Clutch players also have to include Duncan. Have to include Melo. Have to include Pierce.

    How was Kobe a great teammate in the playoffs against Phoenix? Where was he against the C’s last year?

    There’s lots of players that I’m worried if they got the last shot against my team. Manu will hit that 3 in pressure. A healthy Arenas will shoot the ball backwards from halfcourt if that’s the only look he’s getting, and I’d be worried he makes it too.

    I’ll give the Kobe lovers this, he is the best 2 way player in the league, he’s the best all around player in the league. But there are power moves and other freakishly athletic things that Lebron and Dwight do that Kobe simply cant. Accept it. Lear to live with it. For God’s sake when will you finally deal with it? He’s not MJ and he will never be considered as great as him, so stop trying to act like he’s greater than him.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i would have said duncan until he missed the lay-up against the bucks the other night, and i would have said manu but he is not “manu” right now and who knows when he is going to get back to the old manu (not old like he is an old man but old like 6th man manu)

    so as much as i hate to say it, kobe has to be the guy

  • vinny

    i’ll take vince

  • Martin
  • Illmatic

    Why is it that people can’t like Kobe AND Lebron? I’m a die-hard King James fan, but I can definitely appreciate Kobe’s talent and what he’s done for the game. But it seems like a lot of people, not just on this site, pick one and then absolutely trash the other.

    They’re apples and oranges anyways, their games are completely different.

  • Illmatic

    Oh, and by the way, Lebron isn’t clutch? You could argue that he isn’t the best for “One player, One Bucket”, but didn’t he lead the league in 4th quarter points last year?

    And what about Game 5 against the Pistons in ’06 when he dropped 45, and scored his team’s last 25 points or so and singlehandedly willed the Cavs to victory against a vastly superior Pistons team?

    You also gotta remember, dude’s only like 24 or 25

  • CrunchTime

    Agree with those who choose Pierce. If the argument is for the one bucket, one guy situation, Pierce is the man. He doesn’t PLAY around with his move like Kobe. Pierce has the body, height, and length to get a quicker shot and can pound it in better than Kobe. Kobe has trouble with heavier defenders as well as longer-limbed ones. One bucket, One guy-Pierce. Better player-tie, more accomplishments-Kobe, and Finals record versus each other-Pierce 1 Kobe 0.