NBA / Jan 7, 2009 / 1:16 am

Really!?! With The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

If anyone ever watches Saturday Night Live, then you know what I’m talking about. After watching the Celtics lose to the Lakers on Christmas day, that was understandable. Losing to the Warriors the next night, that was questionable. Even after a blowout victory over the Kings, a loss in Portland was comprehensible. But losing to the Knicks (Really!?!) and the Bobcats (Really!?!) in their last two games, that’s just unfathomable.

I don’t know what’s wrong in Boston, but after winning 19 straight games, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the Celtics losing five of their last seven, with victories only over the lowly Kings (8-28) and Wizards (7-26). Only the Thunder (5-30) have a worst record than them.

I was vehemently against Boston signing Stephon Marbury, but you know what, that kind of crazy talk might be exactly what the Celtics need.

What would be the Celtics’ panacea?

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  • stephen a


  • astorplace

    marbury? u high?

  • TheAnswer71086

    Calm down, no one (well, at least not me!) expected them to get anywhere near the 72-10 Bulls. They only have 7 losses and are still the champs…

    But I’m sure Marbury couldn’t hurt?

    A lineup of Marbury, Allen, Pierce, KG, and Perkins HAS to scare the shit outta the Lakers…

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    The Lakers sent the Celts to La La land on xmas and they never recovered!
    Really!? Rondo, 9 Turn overs?! REALLY!?

  • IrishBaller

    @TheAnswer71086, marbury would never start over rondo…

  • Dank


    hahahaha Really KG?

    by the way, with steph or without, the celtics dont scare us.

  • Jau28

    all right ppl calm down the celtics will be fine until the playoffs. whether they are first or second or maybe even third (at this rate) it wont matter b/c only what they do in the playoffs matter. if they start losing in the first and second rounds (kinda like they did last year) then ppl can freak out but for the reg.season… they’ll be fine. they are clearly not on the same page right sorta like the same shit thats going on with the rockets.

  • Jau28

    and I say this as a raptors fan… and as a raptors fan I hate the fucking celtics b/c they kill us everytime

  • CollabAndListen

    This isn’t news, C’s are bound to fail to win a ‘chip anyway. And among the 3, KG is the only one who’s sure to go to the HOF. Celts have 3 All Stars, not 3 future HOFers. Stop the Celtic cock-riding and just savor last year’s chip ’cause it’s the last for these stooges.

    I don’t really care who wins this year as long as it isn’t Boston. I’m tired of the swagger they bring; it’s not like they weren’t expected to win the damn thing in the first place when they got KG and Allen. Them not winning last your would be a bigger surprise. Them being the jackasses that they are now is like a dirt-poor dude who got rich overnight and started acting like a capitalist prick the next day.

  • no name required

    @ CollabAndListen – couldn’t have said it any better…

    boston celtics = “dirt-poor dude who got rich overnight and started acting like a capitalist prick the next day”


    Kendrick Perkins SUCKS!

  • Ric Hardwood

    Boston’s bench needs help…

  • Three Stacks

    I don’t know why Boston fans are so preoccupied with the Lakers in the Finals. It may have started out that way this season, but getting back there’s gonna be hard enough with the Cavs in the their way.

    Lakers lost tonight too, so the best record race is still just as tight. Home court’s gonna be important this year.

    David West gave Pau Gasol the business tonight. Gasol kinda sucks and is kinda good at the same time. I’m still not sure how I feel about him.

  • Jau28

    @ collabandlisten

    you really don’t think Pierce is a HOF? wow if he doesn’t make it to the hall… ill be shocked.

  • solomon

    two words:

    shit happens

    anyway, it’s just a simple reality check… they can’t fall asleep over the likes of charlotte and damn NYK…

    though, MJ’s 72-10 bulls lost to some shitty teams too… but for the time being, that record kinda stays safe…

  • solomon

    and if they sign steph, well, that’d be really shitty… imagine steph’s “better half, better ho” persona on the loose with sam i am’s all world bitching and you’ve got a locker room mess…

  • Ian

    i agree with u
    fuck the dont have a superstar they have 3 allstars (kg is fukin overrated hes anti clutch). none of them crack the top 10 players list imo. i said it before the season started and ill post it again its cleveland vs lakers/spurs in the finals.

  • Simon

    The Untouchabulls are safe! If Pierce only wins the one title, he is not a for sure hall of famer. He could POSSIBLY be just another 20 point/game scorer. Thats what he was before he got the help, so a melt down deffinitely doesn’t help his leadership resume. Who is KG bullying now while they’re losing?

  • solomon


    KG can’t bully oak coz he’s as tight lipped as timmy d… should be funny on court if diaw by any means retalites to KG by cussing him in french aand KG would look clueless as shit :lol:

  • heartbreaker85

    the celts are just tired that’s all, that’s why run and gun/gritty teams are winning over ‘em (knicks, warriors, bobcats. they need fresh legs off the bench to supplant KG, rondo and perk.

    where’s the ‘best player on the planet’ now?

  • knocks

    I haven’t seen any of the Celtics recent losses. But the “swagger” and intensity that they brought into every game at the beginning of the season…..you gotta figure that it would be hard to come in with that type of intensity for 80+ games.

    Add in the fact that EVERY team in the league has the Celtics circled on their calendar. I’d bet that every team gets jacked when they see KG, PP, and Ray on the calendar.

    With everyone gunning for you that heavy, a bunch of unexpected losses is bound to happen. If I were a Celtics player/exec/fan, I wouldn’t panic. Like others have said, the Celtics will take some wins, take some losses, and just try to PEAK as the playoffs begin. No reason to go and do something crazy like picking up Nuts-o Steph.

  • Celts Fan

    well when fuckin Scal is D’ing up Crash for good chunks of the game, what do you expect. We need a backup big that’s not a midget and a backup 3 that’s not TA.

    Back up Bigs: go after Zo, if not him, hell, take a shot at Dwayne Jones or Lance Allred in the DLeague. HOw much worse could they honestly be? Or here’s a thought, at least TRY giving Patrick O’Bryant PT. He’s at least tall…

    Back up 3s: we need someone that can D up. Bill Walker and JR Giddens are lighting up the DLeague, so why the hell aren’t they stealing Scals minutes at the 3? At worst, sign Bobby Jones to be the poor man’s Posey.

    We’re not making the Finals this year w/out a change. NO CHANCE. the fuckin Bobcats!?! ugh

  • VHAS

    Check KG in action here…Not so tough!!!


  • doc

    Everybody go on these streaks.Yall hyping up this Celtic Laker bullshit to much anyway.They wasnt rivals except in the 80’S.In the 60’s and now,it was Beantown whipping that ass.Neither one is getting back anyway.

  • 1st

    +da hornets beat LA 2day

    um… bad decision Boston
    tony allen over james F’in posey?

  • Jau28

    yo for real… tony allen is terrible… he might even be worse than scalabrine…. nah even THAT is a stretch

  • fallinup

    Hey Laker fans. Aside from the Celts @ home on Xmas day. LA has had one hell of a cream puff schedule. And have also lost to some shitty teams. If I were ya’ll, I’d stop the gloating until the schedule really kicks in later this month. And ruh roh, did LA LA just lose to Nawlin’s yesterday, @ home, with Kobe scoring 39?

    Urp, keep talking.

    As for Buah-Ston. I’m with CeltsFan, they need to pick up a big man along the lines of what PJ Brown did for em. When Scal is not on the pine, I worry for the champs.

    It’s still January folks. No need to start peering at the standings anyway until after the Allstar break.

  • rathauneak

    Maybe they are laying off a bit to help justify signing Marbury if it happens.

    I agree with CeltsFan, I don’t see the Celts making to the finals without making some moves.

  • Suspect Intellect

    What is ur point about the Lakers’ losing at home to New Orleans? U say that like NO is some sucka ass team. And as far as the sched being filled with cream puffs, that’s actually kinda bogus. We have the highest win % v winning teams in the L this season, so it really doesn’t matter who we’re playing. It’s no shame losing to a team that’s gonna win 55 gms. When CP drops 32 and 15 w/ no to’s and D West gets 40, u can accept that and keep it movin. And Doc, I fix w/ ur opinion homie, but LA is gettin bac barring a major injury imho.

  • Kermit The Washington

    The Bobcats have had the Celtics number since last season.

  • fallinup

    Suspect Intellect,

    As I recall, before the NO loss…every LA fan and there mother wouldn’t shut up that they are #1 in the League…in JANUARY. You look at the schedule, and the only roadtrip that they went on that was more than 3 games was late December…and they were 2-2 on that trip. LA has played the most home games out of anyone.

    The only (somewhat) quality teams to me that LA has beaten away was NO, and PHX. Look at LA’s schedule at the end of January, and how brutal it looks in Feb., Mar. and you’ll see where I’m getting at when every LA fan starts using the..”WE #1, WE going to the finals.” schpeel.

    All I’m saying is give it a break until they really face a tough schedule against some tough teams.

  • Notorious

    Just the mere mention of signing Marbury caused this losing streak, the cancer man can kill a team from just about anywhere. Take this as a warning Danny & Doc, do NOT even think about signing Marbury, dude is the plague and wherever he goes losing follows.

  • rell

    Doc need to bring back Giddeon and Walker from the D-League and get them some minutes instead of T.Allen. Our bench is bad without Posey and Scalabrine should never sniff the court unless it is a blowout. If Boston don’t want Marbury, DA could try and sign Pargo since he is overseas right now. Giving Patrick O’Bryant 1.5 million was a mistake and DA should have spend it on a different big man. Powe should be playing more minutes than Big Baby off the bench especially since Powe is 2nd on the team in free throw attempts and his stats in every category is better than Baby. If the Celtics want to repeat, DA is going to have to bring in some help or we will not make it out of the East.

  • Diego

    The Celtics’ bench is absolutely horrible. Even Powe is not doing much this year. With the current bench, they will get no title this season. But those conniving dirtbags will sign another title-hungry carpetbagging vet for the minimum and somebody like Pargo, and make a run.

    AND Garnett is the weakest link of the big 3. I LOVE when the Hawks play him and every Hawk this side of Bibby pushes his punk ass around in the paint at will like the whiney bitch he is. So he puts up 16 via mid-range jumpers and a couple of alley-oops, gets maybe 10 rebounds and 1.5 blocks? Big freakin deal. It’s clearly Pierce, Ray (and Rondo) who are the key to the Celtics’ threat to win.

  • Suspect Intellect

    I feel you on that. The schedule does get real trill at those times, but if they play up to capability, it’s not gonna really matter who they play. I will say that Bynum will have to be more of a factor in order for the team to achieve their overall goals for the season. He still looks like he doesn’t quite trust that knee. I’ll know more about the squad by the all star break.

  • http://theslidesong.tumblr.com/ boredatwork

    I’m with 1st on this: they should have found a way to bring back Big Game James. Looking forward, I don’t think Starburied is the panacea. He doesn’t play defense, and he might be a bit too rusty and out-of-the-loop to be able to contribute right now. They might as well go after Latrell Sprewell (which is what I secretly wish). Seriously, maybe they should try to coax Alonzo out of retirement to help with the front court and maybe pick up Fred Jones or Shawn Livingston to help out with the back. Is Robert Horry still available?

  • Steve A

    KG- For sure Hall of Famer
    Pierce- For sure Hall of Famer
    RAY- For sure Hall of Famer

    The fact that this is even debated is beyond puzzling. Go Lakers!!!

  • Ian

    why are they for sure hofers??? because theyve been puttin up decent numbers on crappy teams??? damn man they are gonna let a lot of people in if they are FOR SURE hofers.

    did u see kg tryin to back down crash lol he couldnt move him an inch

  • Celts Fan

    @Ian, this isn’t a ?. All 3 are sure-fire HOFers. Maybe not first ballot (other than KG) but they’re getting in.

  • thaisito

    celts fan if they arent first ballot they arent SURE hofers.
    i mean kg puts up 20 n 10 for a losing team all his career and thats hofer??? so al jefferson will go in also prob david west so will boozer?

  • http://chrissyfitness.blogspot.com Chrissy

    Can’t wait to see how the Celtics do against the Cavaliers on Friday!