NBA / Jan 5, 2009 / 9:39 pm

The Celtics Should Sign Fred Jones

Fred JonesFred Jones gets cut from the Clippers

The Celtics should sign Fred Jones immediately. Seems that all the cheapo Clip Show did was give every other NBA team a look to see what Freddie still had in the tank and frankly, it was a lot (or at least enough). The Clippers decided not to pay Jones for the rest of the year and waived him today. He’s better than Tony Allen right now and Allen is essentially the C’s 6th man. By the way, the Clippers also cut Paul Davis, who is probably better than Big Baby right now as well.

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  • rob stewart

    Jones would be a good addition to any team but he is not a point guard. He is another Eddie House.

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    I’m not looking for them to get a point guard with the Jones signing. I’m looking for them to get a guy off the bench who hustles, can score a bit, and defend. That’s Freddie Jones. Have you seen Tony Allen play this season? It’s somewhat dreadful to watch.

  • max

    agreed^ Tony Allen should just fake his knee injury and stay off the court.

  • VH

    Why is everybody linked to the Celtic’s? They are doing fine, yeah they loss to the knicks but overall they’re fine.

  • Ian

    always said wouldnt mind seein him in a spurs uni

  • thaisito

    and how the hell does garnett have 72 votes when hes the worst of the group by far in crunch time (not countin dwight)

  • Lady Luck

    Boston, Denver, Charlotte, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta….all teams who could use a scoring guard off the bench.

    Paul Davis will probably get picked up by somebody who needs an extra big man.


    he needs to be in a roster. period.

  • kdog

    What about Utah? They need help at SG, which if Fred’s natural spot.

  • method526

    go to the wizards!!!

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    Wizards isn’t happening. Utah makes some sense. So does Denver with Melo out.

  • Celts Fan

    Big Baby’s not bad, he’s just not a center and COMPLETELY neutralized playing next to another 6′ 7″ PF. Put him next to a legit 5 and he’d be an okay, end of rotation type guy (Davis doesn’t even belong in the league.)

  • Celts Fan

    and yes, Fred Jones, do it now.

  • bruce

    C’s need to actually take davis and jones we need another big on the bench and jones would help us out way more than bum ass allen…. Y DID HE GET IN THE LEAGUE