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The Most Unpopular Players In NBA History

Sasha VujacicSasha Vujacic

Fresh off Sasha Vujacic‘s beef with Chris Paul, the Orange County Register put together a list of the most unpopular players in NBA history. Citing him for “his pesky defense and questioning of almost every foul he’s called for” as reasons for hatred outside of Laker Nation, Vujacic heads the list of some of the most notorious NBA players.

The list includes:

Sasha Vujacic
Vlade Divac
Dennis Rodman
Bill Laimbeer
Rasheed Wallace
Ron Artest
Rick Mahorn
Danny Ainge
Charles Barkley
Josh Howard
Vernon Maxwell
Stephon Marbury

What other players belong on this list?

Source: Orange County Register

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  • the Heckler

    unpopular by fans?…sports media or by other players?

    depending on which of the above, the list changes.

  • star_bury

    Wince Carter and Steve Francis are hated by many….North of the border at least!

  • fallinup

    Once again! Dissing of the Spurs!

    This is one of these instance where we can all agree that Bruce Bowen should be on this list.

  • rob stewart

    Doug Christie and Kwame Brown

  • Blue

    i don’t think sir charles and the worm belong on that list. they’re not as universally hated as the rest of the guys on the list.

    and KG is slowly creeping his way into the top 20 i think!

    but sasha should be first because i know a lot of laker fans who don’t even like sasha! mostly because he’s a bitch!!

  • control

    Anderson Valgero or wtf his name is has to be one. The guy holds out because he thinks he’s an amazing player, when all he does is flop around the court like it’s a “Clowns on Ice” show. Guy doesn’t really have any basketball skills at all.

    I’ll throw Manu on there, the people who love Manu, love the shit outta him, and the people who hate Manu, really really hate the shit outta him.

    SJack should be on that list, but he won’t because he keeps other teams in the game most of the time with his team killing antics.

    Dwade is starting to get on my most hated list. The guy is a great player but I don’t know what he has on the refs that causes them to call a foul everytime he misses a shot.

  • Deez


  • Ric Hardwood

    Kwame Brown. peeeliod.

  • Mister Sun

    reggie miller

  • Michorizo

    I’d do her …oops I thought Dime was doing an article on a laker girl dance team member.

  • fallinup

    If your erection lasts more than 4 hours after taking Anderson Valgero, consult a doctor immediately.

  • Blue

    good call on Bruce Bowen!

    good call on Andy V…f that guy!
    bad call on D-Wade though! that’s my boy! haha, but i hate on Kobe, and i’m sure people wouldn’t agree with that.


    Bruce Bowen

  • control

    I got more…if we talking hate we talking my game.

    Antione Walker. That guy is one of the most overrated players of all time. All he did was jack 3 points and sink like 30% of them. Not sure how he got PAID to do that, it’s pretty pathetic. Fat, horrible shooter, slow and stupid, horrible combo.

    Smush Parker. Worst player to ever wear an NBA jersey. I know for a fact I am better than him, and know at least 5 guys who could beat him 1on1 and/or do better in a team game than him. Personally responsible for breaking Kobe’s 40 point game streak.

    Bruce Bowen. His antics are fucking over the line. Playing hard D is great, intentionally injuring people would have him getting his ass beat on any other court in the world (and probably cause a 3 day riot in some euro countries).

  • http://dimemag.com mbar


  • bigdoggchad

    Manu, KG (lately), Paul Pierce, Joel (Grandma’s Boy) Pryzbila

  • control


    Dwade is just getting on my personal list. It’s not even anything he does, it’s more the refs than him. He’s a grown ass man, the refs don’t need to bail him out EVERY time…

  • Kermit The Washington

    Definitely Sasha Vujacic, mostly because he has the same name as one of Obama’s daughters

  • isotope

    hate? TMac and Vince.

    I used to really hate Karl Malone growing up. Dude was annoying with his foul-drawing, flopping self.

  • Blue

    haha…i feel you man. if i wasn’t a heat fan it’d probably piss me off too. sometimes even i think it’s a little much. but i’ll take the call if the ref wants to make it!

  • Jer Boi

    how do u not have bowen on that list?

  • control

    Gilbert Arenas is pretty much on my list right now too. Guy gets PAID, meanwhile he is talking like he is taking a pay cut to help the team, then goes and gets his ass injured for the entire season. The whole time he’s injured he’s talking like he’s just going to take it easy until next year because the team ain’t doing good. When he’s in the game he’s jacking as cold as ShitBuckets, AI or SJack. Guy can get hot sometimes and is confidant but he just seems like a goof-off lately…wrong impression to make when you just signed a contract bigger than some countries GDP.

  • i am a witness


  • CoolJack


  • control

    Who is that Celtics center who keeps talking mad shit? Is that Big Baby or Kenrick Perkins or someone? Guy ain’t done shit but happened to be surrounded by a team that bought a championship, so he’s gotta run his mouth like a bitch and mean mug everyone like he’s tough. Fuck him.

  • dapro

    Sasha isn’t even on the radar or known by most fans to have enough hate

    Usually the most hated consist of guys you’d love to have on your team but if he plays for the someone you hate his guts, style of play, etc…

    Ron Artest
    Vlade Divac
    Andres Noc
    Rick Mahorn
    Bill Lamb
    Kurt Rambis

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    the sasha v thing is so apparent because he’s a guy who gets open jumpers — and makes them to his credit — but he’s only so open because the defense is worried about him a job priority #4 or #5 out there. that’s fine, steve kerr made a living like that, except, sasha makes a huge big show about it.

    there’s only one other guy in my recent memory that used to clown around like that, basically taunting the other team for make open jumpers . . . and he was pretty disliked as well.


  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    Right now its KG for me,

    Back in the day it was John Freakin Starks!

  • Diego

    Can’t believe they missed Bowen.

  • Rmcd

    1-Manute Bol
    2-A.C. Green
    4-George Mikan

  • mules

    I’m surprised Artest isn’t on that list…the brawl at the Palace really spoiled his image in a lot of people’s minds.
    @ Mamba, I feel you on Starks.

  • Phillyfanatic

    Kobe, Reggie Miller, KG, Starks, Payton, Paul Pierce is working his way, Bruce Bowen, Manu…pretty much anyone from the Spurs…I know he’s not basketball, but Pacman “Shoot ‘Em Up” Jones…

    I personally want to add Dalembert…

  • mules

    never mind…he is there

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Back in the day it Pat Ewing. He just acted like a bitch sometimes, never hit in the clutch and this one.


  • jl90

    darko milicic for being such a bitch and wanting to leave the NBA and all those international players who cause teams to waste draft picks in the draft ie. Tiago Splitter

  • Ross


  • Ross

    and Latrell Spreewell

  • Blue

    all time has to be bill laimbeer though! growing up watching the showtime lakers, i hated the pistons as a whole. and for someone to stand out as an asshole on a team full of assholes…that takes talent! ha

    seen at a lakers championship parade after they beat the pistons…
    “cheap champagne is better than lame beer”

  • PALakerFan

    Scottie Pippen. IMO one of the most overrated players EVER. Talk about right place, right time. He acted like he was Jordan’s equal too. I hated that punk as did alot of non-Bull fans in the 90’s.

    KG gets added for that fake ass “anything is possible…” bull shit. You wait your whole career to win a chip and you use that rehearsed cheesy bullshit?!?!?!?

  • Pringle

    I’m shocked no one has said Reggie Evans yet.

    I do hate Manu and Kobe. What can I say I’m from Denver and those two always kill us. They’re the only two I know of that we readilly boo any time they even get near the ball.

    I’ve always hated the alien that is Sam Cassell. Just look at him. Thats reason enough to hate him.

  • Ross

    I forgot Carlos Boozer. I’m done now.

  • Ross

    Okay, Derek Fisher. Now I’m done for sure. I’m logging off my computer so I can’t add more.

  • control

    I’d say Reggie Evans, but his (as someone posted on that thread about him) “Credit Check-APPROVED” on Chris Kamen and booty slap to Kyle were actually pretty funny. Wearing dead cats surely has him hated by PETA though.

  • LakeShow84


    and sprinkle in some Paul Pierce.. Just for getting a ring and talking out of his neck OFF THE COURT..

  • PALakerFan

    I disagree with Bowen and Manu. Maybe it’s cause my Lakers usually beat the Spurs but I respect those guys and do wish they were on my team.

    Karl Malone should be on the list. Broken ass english and wrist bands are a bad combination.

  • Billy Hoyle

    TJ Ford for being a human wastelend

  • control


    You are the only one who doesn’t hate Bowen then. Even his mom hates him. You are probably the only guy who isn’t a Spurs fan who doesn’t hate Manu too.

    Hating on anyone in Utah is ok…mormons ain’t right in the head.

  • PALakerFan

    LakeShow…I bet you hated Bird back in the day too, right? I know I did. He’d bomb a 3 from the corner and I’d scream “Oh, I hate that ugly MFer!!!”

  • LakeShow84

    Thanks You PALakerFan!!

    Tell me we dont neccessarily “own” the Spurs but we do usually beat them.. Someone got mad at me because i said that last week..

    Its the truth peeps!!

  • Kudabeen

    Unpopular or infamous?

    Either way does Sasha Vujacic really even make the list? Anderson Varejao would make the list before him, but I guess he plays with Kobe so he gets airtime…

    Unpopular to me is like:
    Terrence Kinsey

    Infamous is like:
    Bill Lambier Dennis Rodman

    Sasha isn’t on that radar…

  • TNitty

    I think they forgot about Christian Laettner and (although I hate to admit it cuz I am from Vegas) JR Rider even though I liked him.

  • LakeShow84

    lol i always thought Kevin McHale looked like a paler (if its possible) Frankenstein..

    I hated McHale!! and I could’ve always sworn i seen Bird in a porno.. That mustache was classic Dirk Diggler..

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Jordan Farmar is writing a blog fro Playboy during his time he’s supposed to be rehabbing, the luxuries of being a Laker!

  • PALakerFan

    That Celts team was ugly as hell!!! Parrish and McHale both looked like Frankensteins. DJ? A freckled black guy? Bird with his big honker and curly mullet? Gary Sichting? Bill Walton? Danny Ainge was the only one who didn’t look a Chernobyl resident.

  • PALakerFan

    Actually, Parrish looked like he should be in the evolution line-up right after Neanderthal and before modern humans. I guarantee he’s dressed up as a caveman as least once for Halloween!

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I can’t see em comin down my eyes

    Shawn Bradley!

  • LakeShow84

    I feel ya..

    That Celtics team looked like the Neanderthal episode of Land Of The Lost lol

    And i also guarantee Parrish been in the Geico commercials and no one has even thought twice..

  • shake&bake

    Marco Jaric for stealing my girl.

  • non mormon jazz fan

    I’m really surprised no one has mentioned Harpring.

  • LakeShow84

    Shawn Bradley.. Thats just wrong GEE

    I used to hate Charles Barkley but who hasnt.. Cocky f$cker lol

  • Chaos

    shouldntn the whole Detroit Bad Boys squad from the late 80s be on this list (except for dumars)?

    Prolly Reggie “turn your head and cough” Evans should be on here too

    Possibly ginobili, reggie miller, and bowen

    Def Karl Malone and Pat Ewing

  • LakeShow84

    Ooo OOOO oooo OOO!!!

    Shelden Williams.. And i aint got to speak on it..

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Check this out Celtics fans panicking


  • PALakerFan

    Sheldon is one lucky Fer!

  • Guitar Hero

    JR Rider, Karl Malone, Bruce Bowen, Antoine Walker, Kendrick Perkins…

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets


  • dukesman2000


    Hahaha…you are funny!

  • CitizenB

    This isn’t really an all-timer but I can’t stand Kenyon Martin. Any player, for that matter, who screams and yells cause they caught an alley-oop from a real basketball player while their team is in the middle of being 20-pieced with the winning teams garbage on the floor. One he didn’t have JKidd mailing him his paycheck he couldn’t do sh*t!

  • LakeShow84

    Thanks CitizenB.. i almost forgot!

    Nate Robinson.. ANNOYING..

  • fallinup

    Now I know this is a list of unpopular players. And I loved him when he played. But Isiah Thomas damn well deserves an honorable mention as most unpopular PERSON in NBA history.

  • control


    Isiah might be a candidate for most unpopular person in all history, not just NBA. Since his playing career ended, I can’t think of one single thing he has done that has had any amount of success. The guy is the George Bush of sports.

  • JayTea

    Peja, I can’t take that pouty lip, loved it when Rick Fox owned him.

    Kevin MChale, the Cheif, hell, anyone who ever wore green (including Fox!) Mchale was a cheap shot artist who screwed his team as a GM and everybody talks about how great he is. How bout Shaq? loves everyone til he’s gone then the shit talking starts. Make a free throw TWISM.

  • Diego

    Bill Walton. Dude had just ONE great year as a pro, but he is considered some superstar center? Plus mainly he is just HORRIBLE as a commentator!

  • Megs

    Vince Carter by Canadian fans. Supported by the constant “Let’s go Raptors, VC sucks!” and booing every time he comes within a foot of the ball. And he actually thinks it’s because we miss him?! He sucks. Hard.

    And it’s made all the more painful by the fact that he is actually a great player. Ugh … SUCKS.

    Oh, and Tracey McGrady by association.

  • Ian

    “I’ll throw Manu on there, the people who love Manu, love the shit outta him, and the people who hate Manu, really really hate the shit outta him.” LOL true

    my list alltime
    karl malone
    kevin garnett
    the machine what a fuckin scrub
    arenas LOL the most overrated player in the history of the nba yes more than garnett
    walker i dont even hate the dude that much he just sucks

  • Ian

    well u got the reason wrong if u dont hate manu and bowen because u beat the spurs
    didnt u get sweept before the threepeat didnt the spurs make kobe cry after the threepeat so can u please tell me why u own the spurs???

  • Ian

    and u call pippen overrated ???? listen i hate everything associated with jordan but that dude was underrated hes a top 40 player ever imo.

  • robmo35

    If we are talking about hated players it has to revolve in some away around crowd reaction to said player. I don’t think Vujacic is relevant enough to be that unpopular, but get Kobe away from the friendly confines of the Staple Center, and it’s another matter. Add Artest, Marbury, Ginobli, Deshawn Stevenson, although if you want to disqualify him for lack of relevance completely understandable, and at least in the D.C., and I’m guessing soon to be in the Cleveland area Lebron. I can say as a long term Bullets/Wizards fan I haven’t felt as much anger towards a player as I do to Lebron in quite some time. I have a feeling come 2010 I won’t be alone

  • Taj

    Jeff Hornacek… He would make the most unothordox shots he put up and would make one to stop a run back in the day the Jazz used to play the Bulls!

  • Ian

    lol that was me about owning the spurs last week.

    “KG gets added for that fake ass “anything is possible…” bull shit. You wait your whole career to win a chip and you use that rehearsed cheesy bullshit?!?!?!?” HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH true

  • PALakerFan

    Losing to the Spurs before the 3peat was 10 years ago. I think TD is the last one from that team. We’ve eliminated them more often including last year, so I guess I don’t fear them much.

  • soopatroopa

    vuja-bitch looks like a raging homosexual in that picture

  • RonNation


  • Erich

    Whoever wrote that must be a spurs fan. How can Bowen and Manu not be on that list??? Every player outside of SA has said Bowen is the dirtiest player in the L, and Manu flops so much that soccer players are using his video to improve THEIR flopping

  • Ian

    doesnt mean u have to fear them just sayin u dont own then the lakers sucking from 05-07 counts ?

  • control


    Aren’t all homosexuals raging?

  • Lee

    Issah Thomas ??
    Robert Horry

  • denverchick

    I hate Kobe for raping me.

  • VanessaBryant

    I used to hate Kobe…but then he bought me a huge diamond.

  • PALakerFan

    I got tons of respect for the Spurs. It’s the first Laker rival I can ever remember that I don’t hate (Celtics, Pistons, Bulls, Blazers, Queens, Suns). I guess it’s cause they’re not a cocky team. They play hard and keep their mouths shut. Yeah, Manu’s flopping is annoying but I blame the refs for letting him get away with it.

    I hate non-Laker Shaq too if that makes you feel any better. Fat, lazy, inflated ego, etc.

  • PALakerFan

    I definitely hate Ray Lewis, but wrong sport.

  • KoreanBALLA

    Ginobili fosho.

    hate that mother fucker

    also..bruce bowen. that dirty ass defender

  • fallinup

    Funny, I hated Laker Shaq…loved Magic, Heat, and even PHX Shaq. haha

  • PALakerFan

    Kobe says he respects Bowen, so I gotta. He ain’t muggin me after all.

  • PALakerFan


    It’s all about the uniform. If Kobe leaves, he’ll be on the shit list too. Lakers4Life!!!

  • fallinup


    I know. Like I said, I hated Laker Shaq. Although post Shaq Dynasty lakers I don’t mind that much.

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mikey

    Grant Hill is the most hated in the Orlando area. Not that that matters to anyone.

    I always hated MJ growing up. I got sick of hearing about how great he was (I grew up about an hour outside of Chicago). Sure, he was great, but I have my limits of hearing the same thing over and over again. I reached that limit with MJ back in 1995.

    I’m surprised that there is no one from the Russell/Chamberlain era making the list. I’m sure we could think of someone to throw on the list.

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mikey

    John Starks. Man, I always hated that guy (not personally, I don’t know anything about his personal life. I just didn’t like him on the court).

  • PALakerFan

    My favorite I HATE MJ MOMENT – MJ with that stupid played out highlight from the ’91 Finals where he drives the lane and goes up right handed and switches to his left and lays it in. Marv Albert’s famous “A spectaluar move by Michael Jordan!” Spectacular move?!?!?!? He didn’t even NEED to switch hands!!! HE WAS UNCOVERED!!! AC Green was coming over to get the ball out of the net. Not to mention any kid who played past 8th grade can make that exact same move.

    That was the series that made me put my Air Jordans away and swear to root against him for the rest of his career. Spectacular move my ass!!!

  • LakeShow84

    Ian! Yes you were my favorite Spurs fan!

    The only year San Antonio owned the lakers (RECENTLY cuz 10 years is a long time ago) was 05 and we still won a game i believe.. In 06′ when we sucked major cojones and the Spurs won the chip we beat them 3 games and lost the 4th in overtime.. look it up.. not 05 though im not sure lol

    And the sweep, Kobe crying after the threepeat defeat, all that happens.. Boston beat LA back in the showtime era in the FINALS and everyone still says that LA team was better..

    Fact of life.. But i got mad respect for the Spurs.. I think Timmay is the best big man i have ever had the privilege of watching.. Sorry Shaq, Olajuwon, Robinson, etc etc.. I seen Timmy hit silly shots in the clutch.. The shot before .4 seconds he hit over Shaq was simply unreal.. The game tying three (his first of the year in that SITUATION) last year against the Suns, dude is the best at his position and still a top 5 talent in the L..

    And PAlakerFan said it too.. As soon as Kobe changes uniforms i will hate the foo too lol.. fake ass Michael Jordan :)

  • fallinup

    So it was that move, PALakerFan? Not the 31 pts., 6.6 rebs., 11.4 asts, 2.8 stls he averaged that he pasted on the Lakers on his way to his first ring? The 90’s must’ve been an unhappy time for you.

    Just wubbin’ it in. haha

  • LakeShow84

    And once again.. we dont “own the Spurs”

    But we do beat them when we meet.. I was sweating last years Western Finals because we had them.. i didnt want that, i wouldve rather had the Hornets and their golden NBA boy, Paul..

    But i think its Phil and like i said Pop cant figure out the Triangle.. Or the triangle jump trumps he defensive philosophy somehow..

  • PALakerFan

    Let’s not forget, Manu was a shell last year. A healthy Manu is a handful. Mason’s shooting worries me a little too. Let’s drop this before it comes back to bite us in the ass.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    I know I hate Sasha more than any other player in the league. Actually, Sasha is the ONLY play I hate. Sad thing is he isn’t nearly good enough to warrant any hate, it’s just he’s so damn annoying you can’t but hate his guts. Between the complaining EVERY CALL, pounding his chest for anything, chucking whenever he gets any daylight, and his undeniably homoerotic hugs with Kobe… I can’t see how anybody outside of Laker nation can like this guy.

  • doug

    i’m a laker fan an i hate vujacic that guys real annoying and he always wants the ball. It’s like everyone knows he’s a role player and he just didn’t get the memo. This cat thinks he should get as many touches as KOBE and it’s most evident when theres a minute left in the game and the lakers have like a 10 point lead, the opposing teams fouling like crazy, this cat will not pass the ball even because he wants to get fouled and take the free-throws of which he will miss a lot of times. This dude is a clown and I wouldn’t miss him if he left.

  • TomGfromCanada

    any1 who says Reggie Miller needs a kick in the teeth.

  • Rangerjohn

    Manu is the only player I can think of that no mater what ALWAYS gets booed in every arena except SA

  • E$

    way to much hate already in this world, it’s hard to hate anyone in the “L.” Karl Malone is the only guy that comes to mind, I hate Dale Ellis for being such a great shooter. I hate Tmac can’t “Go Hard”……

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y1aeW-t4AM (No Curry talk today?)

  • Captain Obvious


  • TD

    Sure are a lot of HATERS today

  • IGP

    sometimes when I play NBA Live some random player will light it up and I end u hating the fucking guy in real life.

  • darthwitha j

    mine would b:
    isiah(what a douche)
    Laimbeer(see above)
    Danny Ferry(big pale AS@hole)
    John Starks(nominally talented little prick)
    Kobe(great player, horrible person)
    Danny Ainge(we all knew he was a dick)
    Christian Laettner(total dickbag)
    S Jack(for not recognizing when to get the fuck out tha hood)
    BRUCE BOWEN (anytime you injure or try to injure another player, it moves you to the top of the shitty human list)

  • vinny

    abdul-rauf- for his political stance
    Lambeer-cause he was a dirty mf.
    rick barry-cause he was so fucking arrogant!
    wilt-cause he slept with 20,000 women!
    mj-if you werent a bulls fan u hated his goat ass!! but u respected him! cause he was a bad man!

  • vinny

    and for all u ewing and starks haters………stop the hate. Hate reggie miller’s punk ass!

  • added

    Bruce Bowen – dirty fucking prick trying to injure other players

    KG – what a punk this guy is

    Antoine Walker – the ‘shimmy’ anyone?

    Rip Hamilton – I hate that diving, faking, flopping shit he does when he kicks that leg out for a jumper

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    ok i have to say this, for all the “bruce bowen tries to injure players” people out there, HOW MANY PLAYERS HAS BOWEN ACTUALLY INJURED? i mean damn how man? count them!! i can think of ANY!!!!! he has never injured anyone. name them come on you bruce bowen hating/loving if he was on my team fucks!!!!

    damn i love smithwicks!

  • Raj Johnson

    Isiah Thomas has to make this list. Between the freeze out on Jordan in the all star game and walking his team off the floor without shaking hands he wasn’t making too many friends!

  • Ian

    palakers fan
    hahahah so true thats the dumbest move ever he could just lay that crap in LOL u see people gettin excited about that shit.

    comon let me defend my team bro lol 04 fisher lucky shot 08 manu injury before that we were 2-2 spurs 99 and 03 lakers 01 and 02. timmeh was injured for the 00 playoffs damn. btw if manu leaves the spurs i wont like that flopper hehehe.

  • Ian

    btw what do u mean i was your fav spur fan im not anymore?????

  • Ian

    doug where have u been?????

    and me defending my team im not talking out my ass i said we are the second best team in the west right now and im 100% sure we are meeting in the playoffs unless kobe or duncan get injured. and yes the lakers do beat us alot but we cant out the sucky laker years that not fair u only counting when u have a better team than ours.

  • Phileus

    Surprised Rick Barry isn’t on that list! After players on that list retired, people would still talk about them fondly like “he was such a goddamn prick he was good” but Barry is just 100% persona non grata in anything NBA-related.

  • added


    how’s this?


    besides, i said that he ‘tries’ to injure players all the time, i didnt say he was rambo. im talking about that ‘ankle step’ he does when a player is landing and undercuts them, eg; like he did on melo, amare, etc…not to mention that knee to the groin of nash…c’mon, dont tell me you think this is accidental?…once or twice is an accident, but several times in the same cicumstances?

  • Ian

    i think bowen is a little what we call here “alitraniao” it doesnt have an english translation but its what we call someone who doesnt have complete control of his body when he tries to do something that is more or less the def of the word which btw is an insult. people with this dont usually know they do it.

    for example lets say u throwing a baseball and u go all girly and it either goes to one side intead of where u were plannin on throwin it or it slips outta your hand u r un alitraniao.

    not sayin bowen is clean but he has that shit which doesnt help his case

  • Ian

    if bowen isnt like i think he is and does all this in purpose well damnnn

  • Ian

    lol saw the link wallys video was the best hahaha

  • Atom

    - Bowen
    – Garnet
    – Vince (not me, but people HATE that guy), lot of Kobe hating too,
    – Rick Fox
    – Sprewell
    – Webber
    – Marbury
    – Dunleavy

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn


    and which one of those guys got hurt exacly? and there are TONS of youtubes of other guys doing the same thing, people just dont like bowen because he is annoying and he is a spur.

    where the video of steve nash kicking yao in the back, where is the vid of steve nash kicking kobe in the nuts? you dont see steve nash on the list. where is the video of chris paul hitting that kid in the nuts in college, where is the other angle to the bowen paul vid where cp hits bruce in the nuts before over acting the bump with bowens leg? dont see paul on the list. how about the vid of jason terry hitting finley in the nuts? man there are sooo many youtubes of little shit like this against almost anyone. the majority of the “bruce bowen is the dirtyest” vids come from jackass suns fan (are you a jackass suns fan?) looking for excuses as to why their team can NEVER beat the spurs in the playoffs, when they should be looking at their players and coach not excuses.

  • My 2 Cents

    Wow this is a popular article, alot of comments.

    I hate Robert Horry, this guy is a dick! He was a passenger on championship teams and as a result he thinks he’s a legend of the game because of the rings he has!

    Come to think of it you can add Steve Kerr to the list and also some of the current celtic’s bench warmers.

  • vinny

    ranger- didnt both vince carter and ray allen sprain there ankles when bowen undercut them??

  • PALakerFan

    I’m all for hitting Nash in the groin. Go Bowen.

  • PALakerFan

    Kick Shaq in the nads while you’re at it.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    vinny, actually neither of them where actually injured. both DID complain that they COULD HAVE sprained an ankle.

  • Spartdog

    ANTOINE WALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate that damn shimmy with his slalomly shaped body.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Bowen is hated by everybody.
    Kobe gets enough hate.
    Never liked Karl Malone, either.

  • j

    kobe kg, id spit on both of them if i saw them on the street

  • JAB

    i hate cowboy boots wearing, rodeo riding, child molesting and dynasty destroying karl stupid ass malone, where’s my mail punk

    of course lots of other players to hate, what is watching sports without rooting against players like a sissy who’s called the admiral, the best dunker ever who’s afraid to drive through the lane and steve nash – i know he’s a good player, and maybe a real nice guy but every sportswriter used to make vacation in his butt, i just didn’t like the way how everybody was sucking up to him

    oh i forgot irk nowitzki – every time i want to watch basketball games in germany they show dallas, i’m tired of watching games through sopcast

  • theginge30

    Brad Miller(Redneck), Big Country Reeves(Fat Slob), Shawn bradley(captain useless), Tyrone Hill(ratfaced), Micheal Ruffin(Idiot), Tim Duncan(Sloth like), Allen Iverson(Loser primadonna), Kobe(cocky, whiny panzy, douchebag, rapist,rat,too good), Jonathan Bender(Biggest waist of potential of all time!), Sean Marks(why are you in the league?), Dajuan Wagner(Messiah tattoed are your arm, hope you become a cult leader), Mike dunleavy Jr(epitome of why i hate duke), JJ Redick(get to the pros and can’t do shit), Adam morrison(ditto as JJ, shave that god damn mustache you ironic hipster loser), Bruce Bowen(ass clown), Carlos Boozer/Elton Brand/Grant Hill(why’d you have to go to duke?), Vince Carter(Bitch), Anderson Varejao(just because some people like you), Steve francis(excellent career decision maker), Kurt thomas(looks so damn scary), Cherokee Parks(too many things), Doug Christie(his wife, and the headbanger hand symbol that means he loves her?), Fran vasquez/yaroslav koralev/saer sene(combined they are as useless as shawn bradley), Martynas Andriuskus??(Complete idiot, go in the god damn draft earlier, also would of been hated anyways), Darko Millicic/Zarko Cabarkaba?(Darko for his blond hair, Zarko for not being in the league anymore), Kwame Brown(olowokandi 2.0), Micheal Olowokandi(version 1.0), Andrea Bargnani(be consistently good, though right now he’s doing pretty good), yao ming(you should dunk/rebound everything! and your monstrous cankles), stephen Jackson(captain jack is a dumb nickname, who makes someone with guns tattooed on his stomach a captain, just shoots his gun in the air outside strip clubs, at least be a man and shoot people like pac-man), dermarr johnson/jay williams(learn to drive your motorcycles! Jay went to duke), Darius Miles/Quentin Richardson(should of never split up, rage against the machine of basketball players).

    could keep going but i got bored

  • http://bucksketball.blogspot.com Jeremy J

    Spree is tops on the list I think. He embarasses Milwaukee

  • MP

    Rick Barry certainly belongs on the list — a great crybaby but also a phenomenal all-around player. If he wasn’t such a jerk he would also be more highly rated as a small forward.

  • NBAfan90

    What about Reggie Miller and Bill Lame-beer…even Charles Oakley’s bullyin ass….Kg will be there pretty soon too

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh


    … if you’re a sixer fan.

  • http://jewz.com Jeff

    Suja Vujabitch fuck I hate him he thinks its soccer out there.