Smack / Feb 6, 2009 / 4:39 am

A Tale Of Two Cities

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant

Coming into last night’s game, the Lakers were in a Charles Dickens-esque predicament. It was the best of times (Kobe‘s 61 and the top record in the West), and it was the worst of times (no Andrew Bynum for the foreseeable future). But nonetheless, it was a trip back to Beantown – a place the Lakers hadn’t been since June 17, when Boston’s 39-point win set the NBA record for the biggest margin of victory in a championship clincher. With the wound still fresh despite a win over the Celtics on Christmas Day, all eyes were on Kobe. With a combined 97 points in two games, you knew Mr. MVP was going to get up for the champs. But after being named an All-Star replacement by David Stern for the injured Jameer Nelson, it was fellow Class of 1996 member Ray Allen (22 pts) who came out the gates gunnin’. Goodness gracious, Ray had the hamster wheel in full effect on panicky Derek Fisher – whose eyes were darting all over the floor looking for coming screens all night. At one point, Jesus ran him through three guys for a beautiful corner trey. But despite Ray’s prolific shooting, Los Angeles took the early lead … Still think the Lakers don’t need to make a move? After two quick fouls by Lamar Odom in the first six minutes, Josh Powell (and the 200+ minutes he’s logged so far this season) was the first guy off the bench … After falling in a hole during the second quarter, the Celtics’ version of the “Bench Mob” – led by Eddie House (16 pts) and Leon Powe (10 pts, 8 rebs) – cut the Lakers’ lead to four. House hit for five straight, while Powe auditioned for the role of Frank Dux in Bloodsport 2. Serious question: If Powe and Kobe met in an alley, what would happen? … Hitting four threes on the night, when will opposing defenses figure out that you CANNOT help off of House. There’s a reason he’s the all-time leading scorer at Arizona State and has a 61-point game of his own (nine years ago last month) … In the second half, things got ugly. E-mail from Dime’s Christian Grant-Fields after Rondo (16 pts, 12 asts, 8 rebs) pushed Kobe on a loose ball garnering a double technical: “Rondo is about to kick Kobe’s ass!” Couple plays later, a little tiff sparked after Odom smacked KG on the ass to say that he “drew” an offensive off-ball foul on Garnett. As Reggie Miller put it, they were “eye dancing” … Honestly, these teams may genuinely dislike each other. Maybe that’s not quite that profound, but in today’s world, it’s fairly rare. Most of the time, people realize that it’s just a game, but when tempers really flare, it brings sports to a whole other level. It’s a big reason why we were all so compelled by the Bulls/Jazz (Rodman/Malone) in the ’90s, and couldn’t stop watching the Celtics/Lakers (McHale/Rambis) in the ’80s. We’re only in year two of this rivalry now, and it doesn’t seem like the players genuinely dislike each other simply because of tradition … After being called out by Miller during halftime, Odom (20 pts, 6 rebs) decided to pick up the slack while 22 minutes passed without a Bryant field goal … Flu or no flu, Garnett (16 pts, 6 rebs, 3 blks) at the top of the key is lights out. But fouling out with 4:22 to play, it’s hard for the commander to lead from the bench. Doc Rivers decided to roll the dice with Big Baby over Powe, and Davis came up with a huge rebound over Pau Gasol (24 pts, 14 rebs). Cool as the other side of the pillow, Kobe (26 pts, 10 rebs, 5 asts) came back with a couple big threes, one giving the Lakers their first lead in the second half, 101-100. But despite three missed Big Baby jumpers (Really!?!), Pierce (21 pts, 8 rebs, 5 asts) was able to notch one from the stripe and head to overtime … With five more minutes on the house, it came down to who wanted it more, and despite Pierce’s tremendous D on Kobe, the Lakers willed their way to victory. Snapping the Celtics 12-game win streak, the Lakers are the only team in the NBA to beat the Celtics twice all year …

Deron WilliamsDeron Williams

By the time we got switched over to the Mavericks/Jazz game, Utah led 22-20 with a minute left in the first quarter. First question: Who would win in a fight between Paul Millsap and Brandon Bass? … The real story in this one was Deron Williams (34 pts, 12 asts, 5 rebs, 5 threes). Before the game, the Jazz identified this as “one of the most important games of the season,” and Williams took that to heart. With three teams (Utah, Dallas and Phoenix) jostling for the last two slots in the playoff race, every win – especially head-to-head – is extremely important. While the game was close through two, Millsap capped off a 14-2 run on a Williams pass from half court for the alley oop to put it out of reach. Boozer, sitting behind the bench wearing earrings he clearly bought on Overstock.com, should find a good realtor real soon … Next time we put together a list of the Top 10 Best In-Game Dunkers, we’d be crazy not to include Ronnie Brewer (who could be the League’s best kept secret) … NBA on TNT had Malone in the studio last night, and speaking of 61-point games, the Mailman talked on the set about the one he had back on January 27, 1990 after he found out that he didn’t make the All-Star Game. “I had a bird in my salad,” said Malone. Chuck better make it back by All-Star Weekend … In the only other game on the NBA docket, the Sixers beat the lowly Pacers behind solid outings from Sam Dalembert (18 pts, 20 rebs), Andre Iguodala (20 pts, 11 asts, 8 rebs, 4 stls) and Andre Miller (13 pts, 12 asts). Overwhelming Troy Murphy (15 pts, 14 rebs), Mike Dunleavy (21 pts) and the power of the mustache, Philly persevered despite the knowledge that they’ll be without their $80 million man, Elton Brand for the rest of the season … Highlights from Thursday’s college schedule: University of Tennessee women’s coach Pat Summitt finally has gone where no other D-I basketball coach – man or woman – has before, winning her 1,000th game. I guess you can finally say she’s got this coaching thing down pat … In a good ol’ American shootout in Clarksville, Tenn., Tennessee-Martin’s Lester Hudson went off for 30 points and 10 boards in a victory over Austin Peay’s Drake Reed who notched 35 points and 18 boards … Arizona State’s James Harden scored 36 as the Sun Devils defeated Oregon; Michigan’s Manny Harris went off for 28 points, seven assists and six rebounds in a 20-point win over Penn State … Davidson’s Stephen Curry, who just keeps doing his thing, had 29 points and eight rebounds in a 21-point win over UNC Greensboro. For those of you looking forward to seeing Davidson in the tournament, they are now 20-3 with losses only to Oklahoma, Purdue and Duke. With only eight games left on the season, their next big test is February 22 versus No. 11 Butler … Finally, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the Grizzlies are expected to add Damon Stoudamire and Henry Bibby as assistant coaches on Lionel Hollins‘ staff pending final approval by owner Michael Heisley. Since December, Stoudamire has worked as Director of Player Development for the Rice Owls men’s basketball team in Houston … We’re out like the Celtics versus the Lakers in the regular season …

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  • Kobeef

    That’s just Kobe’s mind playing tricks on KG

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Stop quoting Stu Scott. Faux reel. It’s horrible

  • Big Sia

    What a dope game! hope you people watched it.

    Lamar Odom ass-slapping KG was fucking hilarious.


  • KB24

    Nothing on D-Will breaking Jason “the Jet” Terry’s Ankles?????? hahaha that was sick..

    And is it me or was Karl Malone and Kenny Smith about to fight? haha.

  • http://jerseyspot.blogspot.com Vince

    stephen curry is just making sure we all know he’s legit. tweener or not.

  • dank

    hahaha thats funny. like Rondo could even touch kobe. who are you kidding dude?

    what i wanna see is one of the lakers, or any one in particular really, take out, and i mean just tackle the shit out of a celtics player. my top guy is Eddie House. he talks too much shit after he makes a shot, looks like the old man in my rec league. dude NO ONE WAS COVERING YOU and your still gunna talk shit? yea hes a good fuckin shooter and should be respected but no need for the extra lip.

    that goes out to all of the celtics and their fans, keep your fucking mouths shut. you’ll be lucky to make it out of the 2nd round this year. the road to the finals goes through Orland/Cleveland and yes, Atlanta. the celtics will not beat those teams when it comes down to it

  • Thats my boy Blue

    Dank stop talking shit. Arrogant Lakers fans…Every day there is a new a one…

    Celtics fourth best in the East??? I know Atlanta took them to 7 last year but I just cant Atlanta beating the Celtics in the playoffs. I would still give Detroit more respect than Atlanta anyways. Detroit might just manage to pull before the summer. They definitely have the talent….

  • Mister Sun

    @ dank

    your so funny. the celtics wont beat the hawks or the magic without nelson?
    I wouldn’t have a problem with you saying it might be close or anything, but saying they will def. lose?
    boston is the favorite against anybody except maybe cleveland.

  • YOUNGFED…”I say some sh**t that make yall make the ugly face or for some of yall its probably just ya normal face.”

    Well thats 0-2 for Celtics against the Lakers. Looks like the Celts aren’t repeating this year. Operation K-Hova has begun.


  • Bron42 aka Downtown Funky Stuff Malone

    @dank, youtube any NBA fight kobe has been in a tell me how many times hes looked like he was gonna win lol 0….ask chris childs if rondo would get a hand on kobe. Even though the celts lost last night (on some chippy calls like KGs foul out call, ray allen gettn hand checked for 20 minutes on his last shot) I don’t really mind. It was a good game but I was hopin for a fight the whole time.

    And dime you guys pic some gay fight match ups…Question is…who wins… KG or Odom? Even better, who wins…Powe or Powell, since they were about to go at it too.

    people need to stop gettin so gassed about regular season games, let alone gamesthat are so early their before allstar break. lakers won by 1, omg hugeee statement. So if the nets sweep the spurs this year, their instanlty gonna bash them in the playoffs? people suffer from homer-itis way too much on this site. I’m out for the day.

  • John

    Yeah, yeah ,,, The lakers won ,,, but until they win the big one , I´m not convinced. I just dont trust Odom and Gasol to have 44 points and 20 reb, every nasty playoff game. With Bynum in the lineup, well, thats diferent

  • Big Sia

    Regular Season > Rigged Playoffs

  • http://thecomission.blogspot.com Gangsta D

    Second game of a back-to-back on the road, 3rd game in four days, playing without Bynum. Yeah, i’d say it was a big statement whether it was a 1 point win or 10 points.

  • dank

    lol oh no this game was rigged

    oh it just the regular season

    oh no they didnt call a foul on allen

    oh no garnett got called for a ticky tack foul

    all i hear is excuses from these typical boston douchebags. they win one championship and suddenly their on top of the world. they forget all about the fact that theyre DEFENDING champs and assume their the NEXT champs instead

    fact is we beat you in your own fucking building with Garnett, Allen, and Pierce along with your bench rolling on all cylinders. we beat you when you brought your best game. and i assure you, you will suffer come playoff time. the 2nd round will be a nightmare for you and you will not make it out. MARK MY FUCKING WORDS. dime, someone save this post so come May i can brag about it. the wounds from last year are still fresh and im bitter about the fact that the 09 Finals wont be Lakers-Boston and we wont exactly get to exact revenge on you all. thats why this win is so sweet, because we wont meet in the playoffs for a very, very long time.

    look at what Gangsta D said. his 1st sentence right there says it all, you shouldnt have lost this game, but you did, to a team that is way above you

  • ERIC

    IF you watched the last play of the Lakers/Celtics.. Ray Allen clicked his legs like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz as he went up to shoot to fall and fake the foul.

  • Crazy!

    How come there was no mention of the bogus 6th foul on KG in your piece?
    For real, Fisher gets away with murder (it’s not defense… think Spurs/Lakers 2008 playoffs, think last play of overtime) every game, and even picks up a few offensive fouls (last night) where none are committed.

  • sh!tfaced

    Yep, regular season are when chokers like Odom and Gasol do their work. Glad those two had a good game because it will be the last time they make those kinds of stats. Since they have a knack of disappearing in the playoffs.

  • penske1

    Fight matchups? What is this, hockey? Middle school?

    I must admit, I was entertained by Lamar’s laughing off KG’s tough-guy act and not backing down. His “toughness” rep is such an illusion.

  • Big Sia

    Dank = Laker Fan.

    Hows that Cali Bud?

  • TarheelBallin

    Not that it makes it much less corny, but Malone said a “burr in my saddle” not a “bird in my salad.”

  • Smitty313

    Celtics fans can’t complain. Celtics could have been called for more fouls than what they were called for. KG clearly pushed Fisher at the end (it probably shouldnt have been called) but he did do it. And Ray Allen could have won the game if he didnt pull a Manu at the end. I thought he got fouled until I seen the replay no won touched him. If you don’t think regular season games count your stupid.

    If only we can get the Laker to play defense against teams like the Bobcats, Kings, and Pacers they should have the best record at the end of the season.

  • Smitty313

    I meant no one touched him.

  • Yoooo

    Definitely surprised at no mention of JTerry getting got and screaming “ouch” on the way down… You know you got crossed when u reach out to grab somebody on the way down…

    KG is a fag dog. How was his 6th foul call not a foul? He tried to stiff arm Derek Fisher. Annoying somebody isn’t a foul so Fish didn’t do anything wrong other than go after a loose ball.

    @ Christian Grant-Fields:
    I was watchin that Harlem Heights jawn and I realized that was Ash from my high school. She used to be bad back in the day. REAL bad… And I saw you lockin lips too boy boy, Kissing Bandit maybe???

  • Prof. TX

    Is there something in the Laker’s playbook that requires Fisher to end up under his man on the last play? How many times has he pulled someone down on top of him and then whined to the refs about a foul?

  • fallinup

    Watching Rondo give Kobe a little jab…instantly reminded me about this.

    Can Fish get an Oscar for selling that last foul on KG?

    Kobe, droppin’ treys at the end of regulation is a beautiful thing. Compare Kobe and bron all you want and argue til your blue about who’s better…But if you need a trey, or two…You know you gotta take Kobe.

    The energy was great for LA@BOS. And another Boston streak is done. Let’s see how they respond to this streak snapping by LA.

  • ERIC

    ADDITIONALLY – if anyone else noticed, Allen traveled on the final inbound. he jumped and threw the pass – you cant do that!

  • Celts Fan

    It’s fuckin hilarious to see Laker fans posting about “boston fans are full of excuses” and other shit like that. First off, a 1PT W in Feb. Wwith KG fouled out on some bullshit – the refs were HORRIBLE to both teams last night though- doesn’t prove much other than that doc’s useless and drew up plays for big baby FOUR fuckin times in the last few min. Of reg. And OT. Its certainly not anystatemwent that you “own” the celtics.

    Soft guys like lamar and pau will be exposed come May. We may not beat Bron – though we DEF got fuckin Orl and Atl – but it’ll be funny to hear all the “we’re really the best team But Bynum was hurt” bullshit after you lose to SA in the WCF.

    The real season don’t start til mid-April for both these teams, so we’ll see what’s up then…

  • Celts Fan

    Oh and whatd happen is Leon doing life after eating Kobe’s children.

  • calvin brodus


    Bob Marley’s birthday today. Born in 45.

    It’s Axl’s birthday today too.

    And, it’s Ronnie Regan’s BDay today. Creator of the war on drugs and the minimum mandatory.

    Can two people be more yin and yang than Bob Marley and Ronald Regan?

    Fire one up for your boy Ronny!!!!!

  • No J Mayo

    It’s a “burr in my saddle” not a “bird in my salad” retards. OMFG. Seriously??

  • calvin brodus


    LOL. Smack thought Malone said “Bird in my salad”. What the fuck would that mean? LOL.

    Yo Smack, use a q-tip and clean out them ears.

    I forgot the most important birthday of the day…


    Where would the internet be without Ashtley and the RickRoll? The internet would be on its knees sucking dick in a dark alley by a smelly dumpster. That’s where the internet would be without the RickRoll.

  • P…

    considering the fact that the lakers shot 53% from the ft line, played without bynum, had to put in CHRIS MIHM, vujacic was not hitting his shots, kobe shooting horribly, and still win?

    the Celtics should be worried.

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah I’m back wit a few stacks from Vegas”

    Buckwheat was in class and his teacher asked him to use the word “Dictate” in a sentence. He turned around and said, “Darla, last night how my dictate?”


  • rell

    Considering that Big Baby going 1 for 8, Pierce only shooting 38%, Rondo not playing well, Boston having 16 turnover, Doc refusal to play House/Powe in the 4th and OT, KG fouling out with 4 minutes left in the 4th and the Lakers only beating Boston by 1, the Lakers should be worried. We could do this all day. Stop acting like Boston played their best game of the season.

    Why should Boston worry about the Lakers when they are not in the Eastern Conference? Lakers fans are acting like they are a guarantee to come out of the West.

  • Yog friend of Jurg

    Yog says:

    This quotation from article of bout Desean stevensn sucking is whay CONTROL is most funny poster on dimemag.com!

    “Oh My God that is a horrible picture. Looks like he just spray painted his god damn hair on, or had a one armed kid with downs photoshop some hair onto his head. If a picture says a thousand words, that picture says one word a thousand times: douche.”

  • karizmatic

    I don’t care what anyone says. Kobe looked like he was going to knock Rondo out. I wish Rondo was the one who would get tackled. It does seem like these two teams are starting to develop that genuine rivalry dislike for each other. The game got nasty (well nasty for what you see in today’s NBA.) I did like Karl as part of the broadcast team, I know he’s a cowboy and all or whatever, but can he at least put on a suit? It just doesn’t look right. I was happy the Lakers won, I still think they could use a trade, but to me Lamar was actually the difference, he stepped up and stopped playing like a paper weight and the Lakers were able to win.

  • E$

    where is chris childs when you need him


  • that’s whats up

    DANK – Lakers ain’t makin’ the Finals

  • Sanpitch

    Whoa Dime! No mention of Deron Williams breaking Jason Terry’s ankles???

    D-Will straight up broke his ankles. Gave JT a crossover and JT fell right on his ass. Got to be one of the best this year if not the past couple years. Granted D-Will missed the shot, but JT got flat out embarassed.

    Check it out it was in the 3rd quarter.

  • bsteezy3

    Aww, DIME!! You misquoted Karl Malone. He said He had a “spur in his saddle” not a “bird in his salad”. doesn’t that make more sense with Malone being a cowboy? Another Malone quote–after EJ and Kenny showed a clip from Malone’s WCW days (wrestling Hollywood Hulk Hogan), Malone says “Hey, don’t get mad because my tights fit me that way! Try puttin’ Charles in some tights! It’d be like two men fighting inside a pillow case!”
    I saw Kobe vs Rondo too and, sorry to say, It looked to me like Kobe pointed in Rondo’s face with the “You better slow your roll” look…I think Kobe was gonna K.O. Rondo!

  • Ric Hardwood

    Is it just me or did i see Ray Allen get fouled on the last trey in OT? I mean Dfish had his arm in Ray Ray’s armpit when he put the three up…

  • karizmatic


    Admittedly he got hand checked before the shot, but in the end game like that the refs ain’t calling it. As far as the actual shot it looked to me like Ray was able to spearate and got a clean shot, Pau just blocked it, but there was definitely a lot of contact.

  • bsteezy3

    Wait, he said “a burr in my saddle” not “a bird in my salad”…

  • Tbest

    Breaking Trade Rumor: Odom for Shaq

  • Sanpitch

    Ray might have gotten fouled before the shot with Fisher all up in his mug, but it’s the last play of the game. Refs aren’t going to call that and they shouldn’t call that.

    I would blame Doc for calling that play. I realize that wasn’t the first option on that inbounds play, but why not run a screen down low and free Pierce up for a 15′ instead of having Ray-Ray inbounds the ball and come off a screen about 30′ away from the basket?

    I would blame Doc for that loss more than I would blame the refs. When have you ever seen a ref call a foul on the last shot of the game?? It doesn’t happen very often.

  • the antoine

    nobody was near ray allen when he jumped and he kicked out his legs and missed everyone.. thats why he fell.. that punk ass. stick to catching and shoot mr shuttlesworth.

  • Sanpitch

    Here’s pics of D-Will breaking JT’s ankles last night.


  • marcus

    You gotta love the obligatory references to:

    “Who do you think would win in a fight between these two guys?”

    This morning we had two!

    What is this, junior high?! Grow up. No one cares who will win in a fight. That’s why we watch basketball, not boxing.

  • Ric Hardwood

    I definitely saw a foul but y’all are right, no ref would want to make that call because that’s a game decider and yea, Doc Rivers kinda f’d up. It’s like he just said give it to Ray and have him bail us out… still definitely the top 2 teams in the league… sorry Cleveland…

  • Ian

    good gm last night but couldnt decide who i wanted to win i dont like kobe and the lakers are in the west but couldnt see myself pulling for a team with kg.

    why is big baby in the nba? im taller no way hes more than 6’3 , faster and i can shoot so ill say what all the ballers say when watching scalabrini play , why him and not me?

  • rell

    What you said remind me when I was in junior high. Whenever 2 people were about to fight another person would put their hand in the center and say “The baddest one touch”.

  • Ian

    hahaha rondo cant touch kobe u talk about him like hes one tuff mfker hahaha didnt reggie miller rockbottomed kobe once? trust me talk basketball wise all u want aboutkobe but if its a fight ridnour can woop that ass.

    btw u laker fans shouldnt talk shit to the boston guys about making excuses because u guys rule that department yes u overtook the suns fans.

  • P…

    the celtics are known for commiting alot of turnovers every game.. big baby sucks.. ronda almost had a triple double and he played bad? gtfo.. kobe shot bad and so did pierce.. how often will kobe miss 2 straight ft’s? and fisher who is one of the best ft shooters miss 2? and gasol who shoots 80% miss 2 in a row? we can do this all day.. but in the end.. the lakers won.. celtics lost. “but but its the regular season and it doesnt count”

    the lakers did something last night they didnt do in the finals and that was win in boston.. if thats not a confidence booster i dont know what is

  • doug

    Thats my boy Blue your an idiot, your one of many who have a hard time giving a good team love. We went in to Boston, heavy underdogs, disrespected, no Bynum, 2nd game of a back to back, 5th game of a roadie and we beat the “best” team in the L that disrespected us game 6. LA is excited, don’t you get it we don’t like Boston it’s a historic rivalry you tool. Has nothing to do with arrogance and everything to do with pride.
    **On another note what’s good with you Ian?
    **I take acception to that excuse making thing Ian, Phil is one of the only coaches I’ve seen who doesn’t do that. He doesn’t involve himself with that like D’antoni, Doc Rivers. Popovich is not an excuse maker either, respectable dude.It’s these young coaches that are like that, they don’t make them like we use to. But you never heard Kobe once after the final loss make any excuses. He went on record several times as saying we were out toughed and the Celtics were the better team. That being said they got in the room did there homework in the summer and came back ready, beat boston in LA with Drew beat Boston in Boston without Drew, what more can I say???

  • doug

    Thank u P… says that all I’m saying the haters are on there job today, don’t take one day off, if it aint Kobe scoring 61 is nothing, than it’s LA beating Boston in Boston aint a big deal. Where’s the love?

  • doug

    We make the most excuses? Think not please read,

    “I was fouled on it. I was pushed, and I think I did twist my ankle (on the release),” Allen said. “I got pushed into the shot, but what can you do about it? It was on the side, and he rode me into that shot.
    **Here come the excuses from Boston, KG aint talking to much trash now**

  • doug

    more excuses from Ray Allen

    “I’ve always said at end of games referees let you play. You set screens that somewhat may be murderous out there, and guys scream and complain about it, but I do think referees do let us play at the end of games,” Allen said. “What was disappointing about this one was when Kevin got his fifth foul, such a chippy foul, and it somewhat set the tone of how the rest of the game was going to be played. And then when it comes down to a shot that’s going to determine, everybody swallows (their whistles).”

  • doug

    But was anyone saying that during game 6 win in the finals when yall were throwing lobs to eachother up by 30 points and cats were throwing stuff on the floor during the game, causing un-necessary interuptions. Real classles payback is a B@*tch. We the fans and the Laker team never forgot that, yall got more of whats coming to you.

  • marcus

    “Phil is one of the only coaches I’ve seen who doesn’t do that”

    so, on behalf of all basketball fans I’d like to welcome you to our game. Seeing as though this is the first season (and perhaps the first game) that you have ever watched…

    Did any of you Laker douche bags watch the game yesterday? How can you tell me that the KG foul was legit?! you’re straight trippin, and no call on the last play when Allen gets tackled?! please.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    good win by the jazz (who lead the series 2-1 vs. the mavs, it bothered me that the TNT crew thought that they only played once so far this season) — who were without two starters and their 6th man.

    and i’ve been hyping brewer’s dunks all season, dude has a 6’11 wingspan and good hangtime . . . much better than rudy huxtable-fernandez.

    and seriously, if d-will wasn’t injured this season to start it off, dude would be an all-star. he’s been under the radar this season, but he’s 2nd in apg and is slowly getting healthier.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    and let’s not forget, it’s gotta be hard being 2nd in the L in apg when you’re throwing the ball to jarron collins and matt harpring all season long because of injuries.

  • LAballer

    here’s the thing..both teams played shitty at times and i think it was cause they both played really good D at times..pierces D on kobe was very good..then kobe came right back and almost stole the ball on the last play breaking up bostons last chance..so i mean great D..the refs were definitely horrible..they werent calling shit even though they should have since the 2nd quarter then started calling everything..that changes the whole aspect and feel of the game from a player’s standpoint..still tho..that aside and kobe having an awful shooting night with no bynum in a hostile boston crowd..granted KG was out but wow..great victory for the lakers baby!! also can odom play like he is clinically insane every single game? i think if he plays like he is nuts he’ll start to show his true skills..oh and Allen was in no way fouled in that last play..the announces said it..the replays showed it..i mean come on…

    anyone else notice how nervous the mailman was? it was funny as hell..

  • srb

    glen davis blew the game. WHY DOES HE SHOOT SO MUCH??????

    neither team was very good last night dank, they both made a lot of ugly plays. and to me, having glen davis shooting is not playing your best game.

    big statement game? not sure.. Lakers won by 1 (one) in overtime. what does this prove besides that it’s an even matchup?

  • doug

    marcus get over it Boston lost this is what it is we didn’t back down and we were looking for physical play it’s a different story this year. We had to swallow the pill of defeat last year, Boston has to do it this year with us, we beat them both times, we hold the tie breaker and we hope and pray we hope we see them in the finals, we’re going to be as classless as they were in that game six win in Boston, payback is a Bi@*h but right now deal with it, man so many excuses, so much hating on Laker fans, but yall pile on us when we lose, yall are ridiculous. I guess ridicule is the burden of genius.

  • doug

    srb says, we beat them on there home floor with the same squad we had last year, the same squad that got swept in the season series and couldn’t win in boston in the finals that what it proves SRB, man yall really have a problem giving credit in this forum.

  • FK in T-Oh


    they got every call down the stretch and still bitch when they lose…

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    @34 RELL – “Why should Boston worry about the Lakers when they are not in the Eastern Conference?”

    I know, right? No one’s scared of the Lakers now. That’s just the reality. Plus they’re in different conference. Besides, Boston has Cleveland, Orlando, Atlanta and Detroit to worry about. And let’s not forget about Wade and company.

    And 3 outta 5 of those teams are TOUGH as nails, PHYSICAL as hell and they all have better point guards than Derek Fisher.

    I don’t why I said that last part about Derek.

  • doug

    Rell Brogden, yall cats are haters, even as fans of the game you gotta give these cats there credit. Rell are serious there is no gaurantee the Lakers are going to make it out of the west? That’s just ridiculous all, that statement is ignorant on so many levels but it sounds really ignorant after the Lakers just beat boston in Boston to obtain the best record in the L and are now 6 games ahead of the second best record in the west. Jay said it best, ” Some people hate” I’m out yall are trying to kill the high.

  • Celts Fan

    @LABaller – exactly man. The refs were HORRIBLE, but equally horrible. The KG foul was BS, but we had plenty of time to make up for it and still lost. GREAT D by Kobe to poke away the ball at the end of the 4th. Ray may’ve gotten that foul called in the 2nd quarter, but you don’t call that foul at the end of a game (and I agree w/ not calling it. Let ‘em play unless it’s blatant, and that definitely wasn’t, though they didn’t show us the replay in the Garden, so fans were understandably enraged since it did look like a foul in live-action. I saw the replay on TV when I got home though and realized that it clearly wasn’t one you blow at the end of the game and woulda been questionable mid-game.)

    No complaints here (except Doc’s coaching. How in the ehll does Big Baby get 4 jumpers in the last minute and a half of the OT/4th? Why no Eddie House in OT and go small – Pierce could do up LO.)

    All in all, great game, wish the refs woulda been better but that had nothing to do w/ the outcome, only the aesthetics of the game.

  • doc (i like kobe AND bron)

    Good games last night.Kobe and them got a good win.The KG foul out call was BS but the Ray-Ray no call was legit just because he was looking for a bailout.When you dont shoot it right at the buzzer just expecting the ref to look out for you its your fault.Pau and LO played good but they only got husky with it when KG was on the bench.Gasol got so happey he started breaking out up fake spin move hook shots that you know he wouldnt have even attempted against KG.Kobe hit some big treys too.It seemed like everytime Beantown was about to pull away LA hit a big shot.LO was even hitting treys.I love that kind of ball though.It aint never gonna get as rough as it was so thats as good as its gonna get.

  • Celts Fan

    @FK in T-Oh – how’d we get every call down the stretch when we didn’t get a single foul called in OT til there were 3 seconds left (the Fisher one on Rondo) and KG fouled out? that’s just plain wrong dude. We lost the game, nothing to do w/ the refs at all, not saying that, just pointing out you’re completely wrong w/ the “Celts got every call down the stretch” bs you’re spouting.

  • doug

    Doc, Celts Fan good look on the cred, that’s all i’m saying according to some of these cats that win made the Lakers worse. I’m saying cats can’t even give credit or respect where respect do.

  • doc (i like kobe AND bron)

    @doug-there is never no guarentee somebody getting to the chip.Come on dog how is that statement ridiculous?

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    @68 – Doug, I aint no f*%$in’ hater. Far from that.
    Look, it was a nice game. I’ve been watching great games all year, and it’s not even February 13th yet.

    Lakers are the best squad in the West. Do you honestly think the Spurs or the Hornets cannot beat them if they played thier best ball for a 7-game series?

    The West is TOO competitive to say LAL is coming out on top. Too Competitive. I aint killing your high, homer. I’m just telling you how it is…Boston should take whatever lesson they should take out of this. But still, it’s only a regular season game. And, the 5 teams I mentioned, are the only teams Boston will be worried about. Then, if, and it’s a big IF, IF they’re still playing in JUNE it’s not a foregone conclusion they’ll be playing your team. That’s all I’m sayin. I aint no hater.

  • doug

    Are you serious, no way in hell the spur or hornets can beat the lakers in 7 games with us having homecourt, hell nah u CRAZY IF YOU THINK THAT OR A HATER ONE OR THE OTHER, we beat the spurs 4-1 last year and we are a better team this year by far. Man you aint smoking you snorting.

  • doug

    get it of your shoulders, stop hating.

  • rell

    See that is what P don’t get when he made his little comment that Boston should be worried. We should be worried about getting out of the East and not the Lakers.

    I know big baby sucks. The problem is you actually think Sasha is good. I was commenting on your lame excuses on why the Celtics should be worried.

    How were the Lakers heavy underdogs when you have one of the best record in the league? You are trying to make
    this into some historical game when it wasn’t. The haters are on their job today? Really? Read the comments and it is the Lakers fans that have come in and start talking trash. dank was the first one on the board to start running his mouth and you want people to give the Lakers props. Please. On this board, the Lakers fans talk more trash than anybody. You hardly ever hear Boston fans trashing the Lakers players the same way you trash Boston players. Everyday, KG this, Pierce that, Perks this, and KG that.

    So it is a guarantee that the Lakers will make it to the finals. Now that comment is real ignorant. I guess the Spurs can’t beat no one on the road and all the other teams out west are cupcakes. OK, I get you. The Lakers is the best team by a mile and no one will beat this unstopable force this year. I don’t even believe that it is a guarantee that Boston will make it to the finals, so what make you think it is a guarantee the Lakers going to make it out of the West.

  • LAballer

    i think what doug is trying to say is that as a laker fan you constantly hear it no matter what and after a while it gets funny..if you win a big game..and this was a big game..it was ONE game..but it was ONE BIG GAME and if you dont think so..you dont know wtf you are talking about..so if the lakers win a game we get..oh its just one game or you barely won..or the refs were on your side..game was rigged..bullshit this and bullshit that..but if we lose..if its a big game or not..if we lose..its like oh shit y’all lost? you think ur going to the finals doing shit like that? you suck..thats it..spurs are the best in the west..they are going to the top…so no matter what we feel we gotta defend our squad thats all..that being said..see you at the paraaaaaaade bitches! =] (bring the shit talkin…)

  • http://www.myspace.com/lilpenny23 JHov

    First off huge win by the Lakers during this 6-gm road trip and off a back-to-back to stop a 12 gm streak! David Stern should send the tape of the last play to Doc..no way did Ray Allen get fouled during his shot, he was complaining over nothing! The LakeShow missed like what 12 freebies? C’s shoulda won in regulation! Neither Odom nor Garnett would bust a grape in a fruit fight! Somebody youtube Garnett and Anthony Peeler..Peeler knocks the ish out off KG..and he just stands there! Lakers Vs. Cavs in the Finals!!!

  • Celts Fan

    @Doug – you really think it’s impossible for a revitalized SA team, assuming Manu’s healthy this year (he clearly was gimping last May, so let’s be real here,) to beat you guys? I think SA wins the West from you in 7 now that Bynum’s out honestly (and I hate to say it, but I got them playing Cle. again, in a rematch that’ll make David Stern yearn for the Donaghy days.) either way, it’s not a given you beat SA. To say that is ignorant. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if you take the West (I picked LA taking the chip over Cle in 7 back in Oct.) but without the interior toughness, and relying on Josh Powell/Chris Mihm to play big minutes, it gets tricky. To say it’s a given is just homerism at its finest.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    TALE OF TWO CITIES…maybe…but the SEASON is another tale in itself.

    This year is like STAR WARS.

    Cleveland and the Lakers are obviously the TOP NOTCH JEDI KNIGHTS. You got Obi Wan and Luke on a crash course.



    The young Jedi Knights on the rise are currently learning how to win without thier ALL STAR LIGHTSABERS.


    Then, in the Western Conference…you have a group of Jedi Masters who’ve been around, aiming for domination of PLANET LARRY O’BRIAN : NUGGETS, MAVS, SUNS, JAZZ, ROCKETS.

    And can’t forget the young JITS (Jedis in Training) — BLAZERS
    Sadly, someone out West WILL miss this trip.

    In the East: Jedi Masters HAWKS and PISTONS are destined to meet in the first round flight to Planet O’BRIAN.

    Another Jedi Knight, Wade is making sure his HEAT gets a shot.

    And then you’ve got the Eastern J.I.T.S SIXERS, NETS, KNICKS, and BULLS waiting to make some noise and maybe unexpectantly land on the O’BRIAN.

  • doug

    Rell you don’t get it we lost in the final last year with this same squad we were ridiculed for not being tough enough and we beat them and out toughed them on there own floor something we couldn’t do last year. Down play it as much as you want this is going to haunt the Celtics, this stuff affects psyche of players. Your on one man. Not historic by any means but a big game yes, with lasting ramifications in the minds of the celts you could tell by the comments they made after the game, wake up man.

  • FK in T-Oh

    @ Celts Fan

    Dude check the DVR. Pierce drives wildly out of control 4 times, head down, shoulders lowered, and all four times he ends up on the line. Without those points the game doesn’t see overtime.

    Yeah, the KG foul was bush league, I’ll give you that one.

    Ray Allan sobbing about not getting the foul call – when he did not get touched on the shot – sums up my position that they are whiney little bitches

  • FK in T-Oh


    Lay off the weed yo

  • doug

    “the Lakers fans talk more trash than anybody. You hardly ever hear Boston fans trashing the Lakers players the same way you trash Boston players”Rell this is hilarious, are talking about the same boston fans that were throwing stuff on the floor during game 6 of the finals blow out win over the Lakers. Man please these cats epitomize classlessness, your obviously a homer. I mean laker fans talk crap but boston does too and they get beligerent. Be objective about it. wow

  • jmg

    Ray Allen was touched when the ball was inbounded to him but he fell on his own when he attempted the shot and that isnt a foul. this whole game had BS calls on both sides and the Lakers won, plain and simple. Doc Rivers needs to stop all the whiny antics during and after games because it makes him and his team look bad. they won the ‘Chip last year but that doesnt mean your players deserve all the calls and that they do not foul. i dont see him crying when everyone who sets a pick for Jesus, moves into the defender (not just the Laker game…any game). im just looking forward to the playoffs this year, gonna be some great action, esp in the East. for those saying the Lakers wont make the finals….do u really believe the Spurs can beat them, even without Bynum? Ginobli isnt that big of a difference maker when you have 2 players that can check him in Ariza and Kobe. Let Duncan and Parker do their thing but limit that garbage they have as a bench, to what they are.. GARBAGE!!

  • LAballer

    LOL for real Brodgen..hahaha

  • doug

    Rell are the spurs a better team this year than they were last year?….If you say yes we can just discontinue the blog because your lying if you say that.
    Are the lakers a better team with the same squad than they were last year? Ofcourse they are.
    So that being said and we beat the spurs 4-1 last year what makes you think we would lose to them in a 7 games, real bass ackwards and it makes no sense that you think that.

  • doug

    LAballer that cat Brogden must be sniffing magic ants while he’s blogging. he’s in denial and he’s dillusional

  • doug

    Celts Fan no way in hell, do you remember Ariza was hurt too, just coming off an injury, so don’t give me that Manu stuff. I think Portland or the Hornets will beat them before we meet up with them in the western conf.finals so I aint even sweating it, even if we don’t have bynum, healthy ariza,gasol,odom,kobe we can beat any team as evidenced last night, we beat the best team in the L twice no other team has done that.

  • LAballer

    correction doug..we didnt beat the best team..we are the best team haha..

    and for real i think ariza will make a huge diff on d..he played a shitty game last night too but i see him being able to help on people like manu, melo, pierce, lebron if need be..we need that tough d from our guys..

  • doug

    nah your right LABaller I’m just saying that what these cats were saying, Boston this Boston that.

  • Ian

    if u think we are still the same as last season u r in denial without bynum u guys are the same with manu healthy , hill and mason makes us better and dont even bring up ariza hes nowhere near manu.

  • Ian

    hey doug what is up how u been?
    i know not all of u make excuses but i see some of the guys that made excuses in the game vs the spurs here bashing the celts for doin the same at least we are on the same page on the if u lose u lose no excuses bullshit.

    i also know its a bit too much sayin u make more excuses than suns fans (no one does) but comon some of your boys here are a bit too much today btw nice win.

  • Ian

    doug one more thing it was a big fukin win for your team confidence booster and i wanted odom to slap kg so bad but then again rondo to sucker punch kobe also.

  • Ian

    manu is not a big diff maker HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA because ariza checks him hahahahahahahhahahahaha please manu woops that bitch easy u r a laker fan u know first hand against who manu plays his best and i would love to have kobe checkin manu all game.

  • doug

    Ian if we are the same as last year without Bynum how did we beat Boston on the home floor something we couldn’t do last year. We are the only team in the L that beat them twice, by that alone we aren’t the same last year without Bynum. And by no means is Ariza better than Manu, I agree but we usually put Kobe on Manu and he does a pretty good job containing him, ofcourse Manu is going to get his shots but nah man you can’t say that and remember Ariza was just coming off an injury in the playoffs last year. All i’m saying to people is just be fair about it the Lakers are better than they were last year without bynum, we’re about to run the table on a 6 game roadie beating the best team in the east, possibly the league on there home court without Bynum.

  • doug

    Appreciate that Ian, yeah not only do hate that cat KG i don’t respect him, he’s just very fake to me and I wish LO would have gave him a jab, he talks way too much, he went from being the class of the league and so humble in Minnesota(i guess you should be when you lose that much) to being the most arrogant trash talking dude. It makes me feel like how he was in Minnesota was just a big show and this is who this cat really is.

  • doug

    Yeah I agree Ian some of these cats are over the top but my thing is just give credit when credit is do. When the sun were beating the hell out of us every year in the playoffs when we had Smush Parker,Brian Cook and Kwame Brown in our starting line up I would never be in such denial where I would not admit to the fact that the Suns were a better team than us, so I didn’t have a problem swallowing that people because I knew that I was real with myself. Some fans no matter how many times there team loses to the Lakers they think they have the better team and they make all kinds of excuses, that’s just ignorant to me

  • Ian

    of course this cat is who he really is he not a humble moherfucker kg to me is the sammy sosa of basketball acting all humble and shit but inside one cocky douche that loses alot.

    lakers might be better but the spurs are also better and u know that but since u gotta go with your team u can say what u want about mine lol c ya in the wcf trust new orleans isnt beating us if they coulndt last year. this time no homecourt for them i hope denver has that 2nd or 3rd seed so i get a second round bye and be rested for the conference finals.

  • Celts Fan

    @FK T-Oh – My point was that you said the Celtics got “all the calls down the stretch” then you openly say the one that cost us KG was a bad call. Just pointing out that we didn’t get all the calls. We both got some calls and hated others (the refs were horrible for both teams, so no surprise there.) Just saying the officiating was terrible BOTH ways (no excuse there, like I said before, it did NOT affect the outcome of the game)

    @Doug – Manu was gimping through May last year and IS a difference maker as much as all of us hate his flopping antics. You’re right though, Ariza is a d@mn good defender and could equalize it and was playing out of his mind before he broke his wrist last year. I just think you’ll miss what Ronny Turiaf brought as a 2nd unit defensive enforcer type that blocks shots (though if Powell can keep hitting jumpers, maybe not! didn’t know he had that in his game.) and that TD will take advantage of a pretty soft front line now that Bynum’s not there to enforce the middle (love Pau as a 4, he’s got TONS of skill, but as a 5 he gets pushed around and we all know Lamar’s not a banger.)

  • Ian

    but u gotta give celts fans some credit they are the defending champs so that to me gives u bragging rights till someone else is crown even if u suck remember they play with scalabrini and big baby that is sad.

    and u know what i mean about excuses everytime the spurs meet the suns u know whats gonna be the end result and u know that the fans are gonna make some shit up.

  • Ian

    shit ive been readin to many doug post did i really use the word “cat” damnn

  • doug

    yeah Ian.LOL, you better watch out using that word there some idiot in this forum name Yog who goes after people that use the word “Cat” he’s a real idiot. Nah Ian I’m not sleeping I got nothing but respect for those cats, see that the difference I don’t respect the Celts, the Spurs win titles with class you don’t see TD cursing out fans and players or Tony Parker talking trash or Pop making excuses there a classy organization you can’t do anything but respect them. The celts got a whining Doc Rivers whose loaded with excuses and a classless trash talking big man in KG who by the way can’t hold a candle to TD and than you have Pierce the 6’8 janitor proclaim he’s the best player on the planet after he got his first ring last year, that’s why I don’t respect them there just idiots and don’t win with class.

  • rell


    Don’t be like the politicans and pick and choose what I said. Get the whole statement and not part of it. This is what I said…

    “On this board, the Lakers fans talk more trash than anybody. You hardly ever hear Boston fans trashing the Lakers players the same way you trash Boston players.”

    I said “On this board”. You do not see the Celtics fans trashing the Lakers players like many of the Laker fans do the Celtics player on this board.

    Right now, I agree the Lakers are the best team in the West. But to say that it is a guarantee that the Lakers will make to the finals, I don’t agree with especially w/o Bynum.

    Come on now, I can’t believe you are calling someone a homer. I have not one time said the Celtics are guarantee to make it to a finals, which you said about the Lakers. A homer does not see a team flaws and make excuse for a team and coach no matter what they do. This Boston squad is not even better than last year because we miss Posey badly and PJ also. However, to say that Boston should worry about the Lakers when we have to get out of the East first doesn’t make sense.

  • Ian

    lol but remember this guys were all losers before one title sure fucks people up allen is the only one that not like that and is the only player i feel sorry for when he plays bowen.

  • Ian

    rell made some good points there

  • doug

    Rell thats because your players do all the trash talking for you on the floor and to the fans, your players are classless and I feel the fans aren’t far from it. Aren’t you guys that were holding up signs that jason kidd was a woman abuser when he had the whole situation going on with his wife, yall know no bounds.

  • srb

    I laughed out loud when Doug told Celtics fans to be objective and wake up.

    Doug, be objective and realize you’re not being objective. Let your team get out of the West again, and let ours get out of the East again, then you can start spitting out all that rubbish gloating and Laker love again. Lakers didn’t win the chip yet man, they just beat a rival.

  • doug

    Right now, I agree the Lakers are the best team in the West. But to say that it is a guarantee that the Lakers will make to the finals, I don’t agree with especially w/o Bynum” Rell Look you don’t understand we won the west last year without bynum and a hobbled Ariza, I don’t understand the math, your hustling backwards, we lost Roni and got Powell who does everything Roni does on defense and can shoot,something Roni couldn’t do. I understand you saying yall might not make it and i can understand that’s obvious we beat yall twice and you guys lost the guys to me that won the finals for you Posey and PJ Brown, we knew what we were going to get from Pierce, Allen and KG these cats were the ones we didn’t prepare for. So that isn’t an admission of humility thats just the facts for you guys.

  • doug

    “they just beat a rival” this is what i’m talking about. The fans and the players of Boston are down playing this but I bet you if yall would’ve won your piling on Laker fans. Yall kill me.

  • rell

    Ok, so most Boston fans are classless because 2 idiots held up signs talking about Jason Kidd. That is just like me saying every player on the Lakers is dirty because Bynum broke G.Wallace ribs. That is just like me saying all Pistons fans are classless because one person threw a cup and hit Artest and basically ruin the Pacers franchise. Come on now.

  • doug

    i frickin love it LeBron is no longer the 7th player to record a tripple double with 50 plus points check this out: Cavaliers forward LeBron James was incorrectly credited with a rebound with 39.3 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter that should have been awarded to Cleveland forward Ben Wallace. Due to the correction, James finished Wednesday’s game with nine rebounds — one rebound short of a triple-double — while Wallace ended with two rebounds.

  • doug

    Rell yall were throwing stuff on the floor during the game,not after, during the game 6 final victory last year,classless and very dangerous possible franchise players getting hurt out there. I’m sorry but I don’t recall any other team as long as i’ve been alive doing that during a game in the finals.

  • get em jay

    like to see deron making jt take a seat on floor

  • Celts Fan

    @Doug – on the JKidd thing, it’s as simple as this. If you don’t want us to call you a wife-beater, DON’T BEAT YOUR WIFE. It’s not like we made it up.

    and I was at game 6 last year, and I’m pretty sure no one tossed anything onto the floor except Pierce w/ the Gatorade w/ like 30 seconds left (though I can’t say for sure on that, and if it was the Gatorade thing, the game was over and there was 30 seconds left that guys were jsut walking down the court. It shouldn’t’ve happened, but if that’s really all you’re talking about, lighten up…)

  • doug

    nah man I watched it to and it wasn’t gatorade it was cups, towels from the stands you didn’t see it the refs had to stop the game a couple of times near the end because of that. I’m not saying this speaks to the class of all Boston fans but it was just classless, I would go hard at Laker fans if they did that to when I was at the game.

  • marcus


    I was going to get a 12 pack today and get fucked up but from reading these posts I think it would be more fun if I found some of these “Laker goggles”. They seem to distort and change reality in strange ways. Sounds kind of fun….

  • LakeShow84

    Im glad we beat those chumps..

    I hate Boston as much as i love my Lakers.. ok thats doing too much but it was a good one last night.. really just from the back to back standpoint.. So we are maturing mentally and i thought that was a problem that was going to pop up last year and it did..

    And if Ian reads this im sorry.. Pau Gasol is our second best player lol

    And to all those laker hating CHUMPS.. talk that soft shit now.. “lakers are soft” “i aint never seen no pussies win the big one”.. all that shit.. go find another team to hate on..

    And i agree with whoever said it! That Boston team has turned into a bunch of deuches..

  • LakeShow84

    And why is when Paul Pierce does anything with someone around him he makes a whiny face and acts like he is getting hurt..

    That shit is not gangster and THAT is soft..

    what was it game 4? with that bullshit foul on Kobe in the closing minutes because he drove and kicked his head back like he just got whacked?? makes me sick..