Dime Training, NBA / Feb 9, 2009 / 12:24 pm

Baller’s Blueprint: Caron Butler’s Step-Back J

Caron ButlerTuff Juice (Photo. Kevin Ou)

In every issue of Dime, we get up with NBA players to have them break down their go-to moves for our readers. The following Baller’s Blueprint with Caron Butler is pulled from the current jam-packed issue of the magazine, on newsstands now.

Caron Butler

6-7, 228 lbs., Forward, Washington Wizards

My Money Move: The Step-Back J

“My money move is always, you know, my isolation out by the logo. Jab-step, pull-up J. That’s what I go to all the time. What I usually do is try to get 15-feet on in by the logo. I like to catch the ball, usually with my back to the basket. If the defender is playing me close, it’s usually a quick rip through, or after I face ‘em, I try to size ‘em up and try and get a little air space and you know, pull up for the jumper. Money.”

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  • bamba

    that game winner was money in the bank

  • wellsfargo

    he don’t write bad checks. CB’s funds are always available.

  • Billy Hoyle

    Unlike Tim Duncan , the bank doesn’t have to be open for him to get his money .

  • Citizen B

    I loved Caron when we had him here down in Miami. Jokingly, they use to call him “Karen”

  • Luigi

    More wiz recognition!!

    n now if the wiz were playn .500 ball

    wud caron be gettin MVP votes?