NBA / Feb 17, 2009 / 1:59 pm

Tyson Chandler Traded to Thunder

Tyson ChandlerTyson Chandler

Though the Hornets are in the middle of a tight playoff race out West, they didn’t want to stand put before the trade deadline.

So they pulled the trigger on Tyson Chandler, sending the disappointing center to Oklahoma City in exchange for Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith and the rights to DeVon Hardin, the 50th pick in last year’s draft.

New Orleans might need to do more along their frontlines if they’re really going to contend for a title, but this move will definitely help set them up for the future. Chandler is slated to make just under $12 million next year, and he has a player option for a shade under $13 million in ’10-11.

Chris Wilcox‘s $6.75 million deal ends after this season. Joe Smith‘s $4.8 million does too.

With Chris Paul‘s salary jumping from under $5 million this year to over $13 million next year, this move will give the Hornets some much-needed wiggle room. They could try to find a diamond among the slim pickings in this summer’s free agent market, or they could try to hold off until 2010.

What do you think of this deal?
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  • infini

    CP3 to Wilcox alley oops all dayy

  • headchange

    man i hate those thunder uni’s

  • nola

    the best trade nola could’ve made in my opinion.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    purely financial move for new orleans. they will be looking for a center again in no time.

    good move for OKC. the Thunder should try to get Andre Miller from Philly so they can have a respectable lineup. OKC doesn’t need to be under the salary cap; no free agents are going to sign there anyway.

    I think the Hornets will miss tyson more than they think…

  • Anthony

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilcox put up better numbers than Chandler.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I’m glad I paid $1700 to watch cap space.

    I hate this with a passion. CP is gonna be mad. D West said in the paper today that he’d be mad too if they traded Tyson. So, to sum up, you pissed off your two best players. Way to go, cheapskates.

  • control

    Rough move for Narlins. Chris Wilcox might be a legit beast if he wasn’t trying to be Jerome James 2.0.

    BTW Dime, where’d the posts that turned into Nate Robbinson hate threads go? He stopping by the office or something, or you guys just getting into censoring?

  • Kudabeen

    Anybody see DJ Mbenga throw a fit?? Apparently the lack of playing time is driving him crazy…


  • doc

    If they give us Durant they can have Dre Miller all day.And Elton.

  • karizmatic

    Yet another dumb trade done for the sake of “cap room” What exactly does New Orleans gain here. When New Orleans fails to reach the playoffss next year, they’ll be firing Byron Scott because of this dumb personnel move. Not that Chandler is the greatest ever, but there aren’t exactly that many top tier centers in the league and Chandler was decent. Hopefully they’ll get lucky and come up with something.

  • Desrat

    Bummer, I liked Chandler.

    Good Business move, bad Baskeball move by the Hornets.

  • LAballer

    thats great..the two least important players on the lakers are fighting..fantastic..now all we need is sun yue or whoever he is to jump in the mix..

    fantasy implications on this trade?? is wilcox a pick up?

  • TJ 2

    Hey Chris Wilcox is finally reunited with twin brother Melvin Ely!!! thats alright!!! i think this will also be good for the Thunder getting a good young center that can block shots and rebound.

  • Rafa23

    nawlins had to do this trade beacause they are essentially broke. it was probably the best move where they could save money but still be competitive.
    the problem will be defense where wilcox isn’t very good.

  • Scott

    Is it just me or is that OKC lineup looking like it’ll be a real threat in a few years?

  • Vinny

    wow, so now there starting center is hilton armstrong
    damm ticktock i’d be pissed to!!

  • kevin k

    Tyson ruined my fantasy team… on a serious note, I guess his lackadaisical play is a result from a big-head-syndrome. People talking about him being an All Star and almost making the Dream Team last year made him regressed. If he plays the way he played last year, which is ENERGY and DEFENSE, OKC could be a very good team in couple years.

  • Prof. TX

    Bad move for New Orleans. Now they have a hole at center, the hardest position to fill these days, and for what? They’ll end up spending that money trying to lure another big anyway.

    OKC is quietly building a good young squad, sort of like Portland. They’re don’t have as many good pieces as the Blazers, but they’re making progress.

  • thomasmmm

    @scott: YES definitely. Just get rid of watson and the 15,000 lanky centers.

  • Vinny

    no way does chris wilcox play center-well he can play it-but he is not a center.

  • Chaos

    the thunder just themselves from goin after blake griffin….

  • kevin k

    @ TJ-2

    HAHAHAHA, my friends and I talk about that all the time.

  • Banga

    Bad move for New Orleans… Great move for the Thunder

    Westbrook, Durant, Green and Chandler

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Vinny Hilton Armstrong is actually a fairly athletic shotblocker and has better offensive tools than TC. However, he can’t rebound worth crap. I’ve never been able to figure it out. Either he has horrible instincts/basketball smarts or… I really have no clue.

  • http://N/a dirty_n_dc

    I hate this move. I hate teams that think in financial terms and not in basketball sense. I hated the Knicks trade of Z-Bo for the same reason. Fans pay money to see their team play not and try to set themselves up to make more money. The hornets may miss the playoff’s b/c of this move and I really think they took a step back. ticktock6 I read you post on your site and I agree with you. After today I would liek to tell the saints and the hornets, Fuck you!

  • frederick ruger

    has anyone (especially former #1 picks) played for more teams than joe smith? dude will have “graced” the roster of like half the league’s teams by the time he’s done.

  • fallinup

    You know what this is right? It’s a shrewd move by the owner and a slight insult to the people of New Orleans. This team was on the verge of something great last season. Tyson fell off, but damn…trading him now…just shows that the front office gave up before it even got started. And wasn’t really committed to winning in the first place.

    Granted, they weren’t going anywhere this year. But looking for cap space now, and trading away someone that was a new face at the start of last season..shows that there is something else there.

    Maybe they’ve just been losing that much money in NO. But I wouldn’t be surprised if NO were in rumors to be relocating in the near future.

  • Vinny

    @ticktock6- He reacts really slow to the ball-he was like that in colege-never a good rebounder.

  • fallinup

    my bad. lunch break high in full effect. Tyson = fresh face 2 seasons ago.

  • ab_40

    it’s a good trade for the thunder… now let’s hope they can draft a nice big next season.. they’ll probably sign some guys from the D-leauge

    now this is make or break time for the hornets joe smith and james posey… 2 players that can put great teams over the top… now let’s see if new orleans with these guys added are a great team… it’s just minus 1 block cuz TC wasn’t a shot blocker neither is chris wilcox…

    either way I can live with it

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Ticktock6– ISNT the city of NO going to owe the Hornets like 27 mil by the end of the year or something like that? Something about relocation…

  • Jim

    Yeah, this is a salary dump, not a cap move. NO won’t be replacing that $13 mil next summer.

  • Frank

    I like this move for OKC, Tyson is a nice presence inside and will put up nice defensive numbers once he’s healthy again.
    Since OKC has lost a lot of games with just a couple of points he might actually help them win games with his defense.

  • Tbest

    In other New Orleans News:

    Duece McAllister was cut by the Saints, does anyone agree that tomorrow’s headline should be:

    “Saints drop a deuce”

  • LakeShow84

    Goodbye New Orleans Hornets.. Well maybe not completely but they aint competing in the West being that small..

    As great as Chris Wilcox is POTENTIAL WISE he is another undersized big man who is inconsistent.. They lost their best rebounder and post defender..

    If anyone might be something it would Devon Hardin.. Hes a Bay Boy so ima give him some creditential off top.. Chris Wilcox will be a good backup to West.. nothing more nothing less..

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Haterade–

    The state money that’s kinda been blown out of proportion by the national media. Apparently they report this every other year, but LA has always managed to pay the Saints. Locals don’t really seem concerned. Also, I don’t believe the state is on the hook to the Hornets for as much, because the Hornets are actually meeting and exceeding their attendance. There are all sorts of complicated benchmarks and things. And the Hornets are actually one of the few teams whose ticket sales are up this year.

  • fallinup

    Expect alot of salary dumps like this one. I was just listening to Bill Simmons today about how every midsize city franchise is in the hole big time. And the luxury tax cap is expected to drop from like 72mil to 68mil next season. Which in turn, will make a lot of teams drop salary.

    Mem, Cha, Mil, and NO are in deep doo doo right now and could be on the verge of relocating. The economy is really smacking the league around.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”I Left My Wallet In El Segundo!”

    There we go a good trade before the deadline ends and there is still time for another.

    I really understand from a money standpoint but they reaaaaaaaallly need a big man.


    I really don’t understand that. For a center that can at least be a 7 footer with presence and grab some boards and block some shots at least get a D leaguer?

    Anyway this is good for the Thunder if Tyson ever plays more to what he could and should be.

    Now all the Thunder need is a really good pg.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    We’ll take any team in Vegas… They could play at the Thomas and Mack until our pending venue is built. Oscar has been pleading with Stern about this for sometime. Of course I would still be a Laker fan, but at least I wouldn’t have to drive 300 miles one way to watch them play

  • fallinup

    Vegas is a near future possibility for sure. Although the Thomas and Mack would be pushing it for NBA venues…money should be no roadblock for Vegas. It’s stupid that there isn’t a team there already.

  • that’s whats up

    bottom line, if you are on the court CP3 will find you.

    But, you have to be ON THE COURT. Chandler was unreliable.

    he missed 18-20 games already this year. How many of you out there have missed 18-20 days of work in the last year??? last two years??? last three years????

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I just heard about this, and while I don’t know the financial situation for NOR that well, I gotta say that I feel bad for hornets fans. I’m def. not a hornets fan, but at least in the short term, this throws a wrench in the good stuff that they were doing these past few years.

    Wilcox better play big, because all eyes are going to be on him.

    @ ticktock, this has to totally suck for you, so my best wishes to you guys for the rest of the season. I know how bad the financials can hit fans, when the team is run like a money making business, and not with the goal of winning the ring every season. karl and john’s best years were spent running along with some of the scrubbiest players in the L, hope history does not repeat itself and hurt a legit all-star tandem in west and paul.

  • Kobeef

    I hate Clay Bennet but I love the future of the thunder. Durant, Westbrook and Chandler is the best young trio in the NBA with young being the key word. Green is nice too but the Thunder can probably get a better long term solution at PF…if they win Griffin this team is sick.

    If I am a hornets fan I am officially concerned about CP3 leaving town when is contract is up. Any team in the NBA would pay him max dollars and I am sure he would rather play in…say NY with Lebron….just an example.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Chris Wilcox is finally reunited with twin brother Melvin Ely!!!”

    Just like their old Clipper days, the agony of losing all over again…