NBA / Feb 2, 2009 / 9:27 am

Chris Bosh Says He Won’t Re-Sign In Toronto

After Chris Bosh put up an 11-point performance last night, Raptors fans have another reason to be upset with their star. He doesn’t want to play in Toronto past 2010.

According to Stephen A. Smith in the video above, Bosh has “no desire to remain in Toronto.” In fact, CB4 already told Bryan Colangelo that he won’t re-sign. Thus, Colangelo is reportedly starting to explore trade options for Bosh, and Dallas and Miami are figuring to be big players in the Bosh sweepstakes.

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  • fallinup

    Can’t knock on Bosh for honesty. Send him to Miami.

  • QQ

    Can’t knock hm fir honesty, yes. But what a freaking quitter.

  • rell

    If I am Toronto and I trade Bosh to Miami, I am asking for the Matrix and Beasley in return.

  • QQ

    Can’t knock him for his honesty, yes. But what a freaking quitter.


  • Scott

    If I’m Toronto I stop talking to Miami, jesus christ.

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    marion, would def get traded, beasly? not a chance….maybe chalmer or cook, def wright…sucks miami has no first rounder this year…3rd team anyone? And funny how EVERY star toronto gets hates it there and hates managment and wants to leave….its not about quittin, its about “hey, i’m here bustin my ass, put something around me before I get charles barklied and don’t win a ring.” standin up for your own career isn’t quitting cuz just think if he stays here his whole career and the team doesn’t get better, once hes past his prime how fast will the toss him to the side?

  • Kobeef

    Finally. I’ve been preaching “Trade Bosh for Dirk” for at least two months now. Bosh’s value is high and to an extent rightfully so but he is not a team leader.

    Bosh for Dirk

    Dallas gets Bosh + Kopono, starts

    PG – Kidd
    SG – Wright
    SG – Howard
    PF – Bosh
    C – Dampier

    Toronto gets Dirk, starts

    PG – Calderon
    SG – Parker
    SF – Moon
    PF – Dirk
    C – Bargnani

  • Scott

    So ya, if they go after Matrix AND Bealsey for Bosh it’d be fairly retarded (Matrix holds NO value to the Raps at this point anymore, Beasley is so much of an unknown, he may be worth the risk but he’s definitely not worth Bosh str8 up. At this point all the Raps can do is blow it up, sans Bargs, get some real value for Bosh in regards to real building blocks (so that you’re not building around Bargs, he’s good but not like that) and re-start the damn franchise, I’d love to see them actually rebuild for real, and properly instead of just half assing it everytime.

  • fallinup

    quitter: see Vince Carter

    Why is Bosh a quitter for doing what he can legally/honestly do as a player and not want to re up his contract. Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t he get the most $$$ out of Toronto than any other team? He comes to Colangelo, not the media. Even Stephen A said that he already told Colangelo.

    Maybe Bosh wants to leave because Toronto fans don’t know how to appreciate it’s players. Someone respectfully wants to move on, and they are labeled “quitters”.

    Talk to Seattle fans about quitters.

  • Mikey B

    Even if Bosh wanted to stay , the time is now to trade him.

    He will only be a Pippen to someone elses Jordan.

    In Toronto he will always be the number 1 option and he isn’t good enough to carry that load.

  • Scott


    Bosh for Dirk is as dumb as it gets. If the Raps can’t win with a PF/C who has some resemblance of being able to play D, then what shot do they have with someone who can’t play D. Maybe you missed the Raps games against the Bucks or Magic. A team FULL of jump shooters doesn’t equate to anything but a lot of ugly games.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Trade him to Chicago for Noah, Nocioni, and Larry Hughes expiring contract. I don’t know if the salaries work out but the Bulls need a low post threat and this might be our best chance.

  • b$

    stephen a smith is a semi retarded blowhard who doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about.

  • Scott

    There’s a difference.

    I respect Bosh for going to BC and letting him know what the situation is. For that he’s not a quitter, he’s a good guy who’s allowing the Raps to gain from his value at a good point in time.

    What I do consider quitting is the look on Bosh’s face and the effort that has been given in the past two games. It was lackluster at best, and he seems to have put the brakes on his game.

    By all means he has a right and should be respected for quietly going to BC. But that shouldn’t affect his play. When it does, then he earns the label. And to do that in this city where most people are still moving on from the VC situation (yes it was years ago, but Toronto fans don’t forget, even tho they should have by now). Its not a good situation to slow your roll after you tell BC you don’t want to be here.

  • Mister Sun

    larry hughes doesn’t have an expiring contract.

  • Pig

    #7 Wouldn’t it be the softest team all-time:)?

  • Heckler

    i think this is the season most teams should trade their ‘star’ players.

    its time for dallas to move dirk while he still has value. same with phoenix. time to trade steve nash. new jersey should move vince carter. houston must trade tracy mcgrady. and so on and so on…

    many teams need to come to the realization, that they aint gonna win with these players/teams together as such.

  • Brown

    Smith’s just stirring the pot. Making up rumors like he always does. I don’t think it’s a secret Bosh won’t re-sign with the Raps, whether he explicity said something to Colangelo or not.

    Why would he stay? So he can end up like Garnett wasting his prime playing for a franchise that’s completely inept at building around him to give him a chance at a championship? In his time with the Raps, their peak was just making it to the playoffs (and subsequently losing in the first round). They’ve steadily gotten worse since losing the Nets a couple years ago.

    Tinkering with the roster isn’t enough to improve this team either in the short or long-term. Their best hope at turning the franchise around is to trade Bosh and rebuild.

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    if any there was a time for John Paxson show some b@lls, this is that time
    …heres Chicago’s opportunity to finally get a low-post threat
    ….but then again, we’re talking about Paxson and he’ll probably bail on any potential deal bc he doesnt want to give up anyone in our loaded backcourt
    …..and then we’ll probably trade for Adrian Griffin for the 17th F’n time

  • jim

    Smith does not need a crystal ball on this one. the reason bosh is leaving is more about the conversion rate of canadian vs us money. most players in 2010 will resign with their teams. Why? Because it will be next to impossible to recoup the loss in guarantee money in endorsement deals in the next five years. with the exception of lebron none (including wade) can make up the difference in the ny or la market. bosh can make up the difference just converting the exchange rate. plus if he get’s traded he can max with a usa team and get usa dollars. 2009 economy will be the worse since ww2 so every agent and player will nobe giving up money. unless of course scott boras starts representing nba players.

  • Kobeef

    That is not enough talent for Bosh. The raps can do better that 3 bench players.

    If you think Dirk isn’t fair value for Bosh please call Mark Cuban and share your concerns with him. The raptors will thank you later.

    Beasley is still unproven. Toronto can do better.

  • E$

    Great News!

  • Big Sia

    Raptor fans deserve this.

    Curse of the VC bitches.

  • fallinup

    I got 17.8 million reasons why I could see Bosh in Miami.

    Fuck equal trade value. You wanna fresh start in Toronto, trading for Marion straight up is not a far fetched idea.

  • GrayZ

    The exchange rate has nothing to do with it, all salaries are in USD. In fact, due to the exchange rate, Bosh’s salary ‘goes farther’ here in toronto. If Bosh signs with another team other than the raptors, he’s leaving just as much money on the table as lebron and d wade.

    In general, I don’t trust much of what Stephen A Smith says. How did he hear about this meeting between bosh and colangelo when none of the toronto media did?

  • Chaos

    man i see a three team trade in this one with miami, toronto and some other team, possibly dallas or NY. Bosh with Wade, Beasley and chalmers would be a nice team even tho posh aint a center

  • ShadyKidd

    I don’t get it – Vince Carter basically does this same thing and gets blasted by the people and media. Sure, Vince’s body language and effort might have showed disrespect on the court, but your telling me Bosh putting up 11 pts isn’t just as bad? This isn’t the first time Bosh has put up weak numbers, either. We all know he is too talented for nights like this – he is slacking off just like VC did, just not as noticeably.

    Like someone else said, I don’t think its the players. Something isn’t right with the management in Toronto that every big star demands to get out of there.

  • Ian

    please man the raps wished they could get dirk for bosh, dirk is the better player easy funny how yall talking like bosh isnt soft and gets abused by all power fowards with decent game.


    agree u know people make u weird excuses to blast players they dont like and somehow forget about them when its players they dont wanna blast

  • Celts Fan

    Ya mgmt. But let’s not forget you’re still playing in a foreign country. Sure its canada not Latvia but its still not the US. The Heat should throw out Matrix haslem and 2 first rounders and get this done

  • Celts Fan

    Btw. I really like canada not trashing it at all, just saying its still not home for nost of these guys and unlike the euros these guys can be nba ballers and play in their home country.
    Sorta serious ? If the raps ever win the title do they get a whitehouse trip or a visit to scenic Ottawa?

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    @grayz, considering stephen A smith is prolly one of the most respected writers of all time by nba guys, hes proven many times to have connects that other guys dont. I mean look at his sit downs with kobe, he could pretty much ask anything meanwhile anyone else wouldn’t even get the option. Plus, toronto media sucks, just like the fans, just like the franchise.

    @shady, vince demanded a trade and pussy footed for a whole season.Bosh said “when my contact is UP, i’m out” nothing wrong with that. The all mighty tim duncan did that back in like 2000 and said he was gonna sign with the magic before resigning with the spurs for more money. So big difference between the way VC did it and the way bosh is doing it. And i’m the one who said it about managment…if you have 2, nba top 10 guys on your team within what, a 5 year period, and BOTH hate playing for you…bout time you stop blamin the players and ask about managment who fires the coach of the year, and can’t build no matter how many lotto pics they get. Toronto tried to go phoenix lite, and fell to the same issue phoenix did…scoring alot of points and not playing any defense with soft perimiter players and PG who can’t stop anyone (sorry jose). so i guess that makes orlando like the spurs since they keep smackin the raptors no matter what.

  • Big Sia
  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @Mister Sun post #15

    My fault I meant expiring career.

    @Kobeef post #21

    Beggers can’t be choosers. Besides I didn’t suggest this trade for the Raps to get better but for my Bulls to get better. One sided trades have been known to happen.(Pau Gasol)

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    @celts, miami only has a second round pic this year, so they’d have to throw a young guy in there too…

  • TCL

    There’s a big difference between what Vince did and what Bosh is saying (if it’s true). Vince admitted to not playing as hard as he could all the time and DEMANDED a trade. Bosh is letting us know that he doesn’t want to come back, thus giving us a chance to explore other options.

    My opinion? Trade Bosh and Parker for Amare and Barbosa; trade JO for Marion and someone other than Marcus Banks (HORRIFIC contract) and truly become Phoenix North.

  • Kobeef

    That would be hilarious.
    Matrix, Amare and Barbosa reunite with Colangelo in Toronto.

    But seriously, in the past 3 months expiring contracts have become more valuable than superstars to many NBA gm’s. Miami will do better than Jermaine with Matrix’s contract

  • GrayZ

    Biran Colangelo just said “It’s a non-story. Stephen A. got a little carried away. I’ve e-mailed him to talk about it but he’s in bed with the flu. Maybe the basketball Gods have something to do with that. I don’t know where that story came from.”


    Essentially he was talking out of his ass, and got caught for it again.

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    @grayz, did you expect anything else from colangelo? whats he gonna do? say “ya chris told me his teammates suck and he wants to move on” and have all 4 raptors fans pissed at him? While stephen A can be over the top (i cant hate cuz i get the same way when people bs) but hes usually right in the long run and TONS of times GMS and coaches say one thing and do the next. Y do you think so many players get pissed when something happens and say “well such and such gm told me I had nothing to worry about” So if a few months from now we see some bosh for anyone trade, are you gonna come back and hate on colangelo and say stephen A told you so OR pretend he never even said it and act all surprised? colangelo giving the diplomatic answer doesn’t mean really all that much. Just like when something bad happens and players go “you kno, its no big deal, I love playing for my team” when the team is 1-34

  • John

    Trade him to Miami !!! Bosh + Kapono for Matrix + Beasley. They get a expiring contract 17 M , a young prospect ( Beasley is 19 and is better than all other 19 PF in the game when they where 19 ) plus they get rid of that ridiculous contract of Kapono. You can not do better that that ,,,

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    miami isnt tradin beasly, even for bosh…never happen..

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”Phelps hittin that bong is what makes him so fast!”

    Toronto can’t keep nobody. Makes you wonder who else really wants to leave but due to circumstances can’t be vocal about it.

    They might as well re-locate Toronto’s squad to Vegas or somewhere else. Don’t let the management or coaches come with them though.

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    marion and beasly to toronto, bosh to orlando, dwight howard to miami….ahhh…would be nice lol

    @gee, pheleps was smokin weed, not crack lol so it wouldnt speed him up…just make him feell…light as feather while swimmin lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ Jim
    maybe mix in a couple economics classes
    Players get paid american and spend canadian. With the education/healthcare systems and the fact that Toronto is the 4th largest media market in North America, I’d play in T.O.

    @ ShadyKidd
    Vince gets blasted cuz he quit over a period of time. Chris Bosh has ONE bad game and you wanna make that comparison. It doesn’t fly cuz Bosh plays hard, genuinely plays hard, plays hurt and gets on his teammates when they mess up. Vince just went thru the motions…

  • fallinup

    Micheal Phelps is my hero.


  • nathan a.

    Um .. your headline is totally inaccurate – Bosh has never said he won’t resign. The certifiably insane S.A. Smith says so. Which, really, shouldn’t even make news :-)

  • K Dizzle

    @ bron

    You seriously wouldn’t give up Beasley to get Bosh?

    I’d have to think if Riley could get Wade and Bosh and trade Marion for an above average big, Miami would instantly be an eastern conf force?

  • GrayZ


    Still Got Stephen’s back?? Here’s what bosh had to say about what he said:

    “It was a surprise to me and I can’t be responsible for what other people say so …,” said Bosh, his voice trailing off in disgust. “I understand people are entitled to an opinion but making stuff up? We can’t do that.”


    Again, Stephen A Smith talks out his ass & gets everyone riled up. Not news.

  • Ian

    bron duncan never actually said he was signing with orlando
    and comon if the raps offer to get beasley for bosh u can bet your car that miami is taking it

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    @grayz, like i said, every person with something to lose is gonna be diplomatic. If either bosh or colangelo say yes its tru it completely a) cripples boshs trade value b)proves the raptors can’t keep a star happy. So only time will tell. If bosh resigns then i’ll say I was wrong..but i doubt it, stephen A or not.

    @ian, He didn’t flat out sa he was gonna leave but he signed the offer sheet. remember, it was supposed to be tmac and duncan first, then duncan resigned and hill was kinda the second choice. Bu that not the point. And ya, if they traded beasly for bosh straight up, i’d take it, but beasly AND marion? for a legit big man whose soft and i lose my best defender and the #2 pic of the draft?I wouldnt

  • Ian

    depends what i can get for marion on the trade then really
    btw timmeh prob thought i cant play with this fool whos made of glass and went back to the spurs

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    lol what? tmac was 2nd to only kobe back then so he wasn’t mr.glass yet. Not tmacs fault his back got sore for piggy backin 12 of possibly the worst role players in the nba(that old orlando team made lebrons cast look like the spurs)for 82 games and the playoffs lol

  • Bron42 aka Haters drink my bath water

    lol what? tmac was 2nd to only kobe back then so he wasn’t mr.glass yet. Not tmacs fault his back got sore for piggy backin 12 of possibly the worst role players in the nba(that old orlando team made lebrons cast look like the spurs)for 82 games and the playoffs lol

  • http://dimemag.com mbar

    Why would Raps ever trade bosh for dirk??? he is just another big man who is proven that he cant win a championship. They need guards if they want to ever go anywhere!

  • Ian

    kobe??? second to what really??
    tmac is a piece of crap imo that got a bad team into the east playoffs back when 20 wins would get you in.

    btw i was messing around with the glass thing if u took it seriously

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Just the MORALE BOOST Toronto needed!

    Go Bosh!

    Toronto must be a WHACK city.

    If I offended any Canadian, I’m sorry.

    But y’all gotta step ur city game up!

  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    @ BROGDEN: its not the city u fool. its that for some reason we always choose to build the franchise around Bitch Ballers. Bosh has definately shown that he cant be a number one option and he has shown ZERO heart. watching him play now is just aggrivating. trade him for Rudy gay and Marc Gasol

  • K.i.n.G.

    bosh for kevin durant and nenad kristic and a contract that matches up kd is dirrttyyy

  • DCK

    Bosh is going nowhere – Bosh and Collangelo said so in emphatic terms. Stephen A. Smith has now been exposed (again) as knowing nothing and making things up to get attention. Next time, SAS should not be permitted to deliver any news unless he produces a credible source.

  • Soda

    This story is completely false.

    Though Bosh is frustrated about what’s been happening in T.O., I seriously doubt that he told BC that he wants out.
    The fact of the matter is the Raps aren’t a good team. They got 3 pieces that are untouchable in Bosh, Bargnani & Calderon. Not a bad nucleus when accompanied with a top flight scoring wing. Thats where dealing O’Neal comes into play.
    Bosh has all the leverage he wants when it comes to his next contract. He will get what he deserves. Where ever he signs next be it in Toronto or elsewhere, he won’t be going anywhere till after next season that is a guarantee.


  • ProphetGK

    I agree with Soda. Although JO is playing better of late(yea right!), trading him for a young talented wing, we can not only shoot the j, but drive to the rack would help the team in infinite ways. I’m thinking Barbosa, but that’s just my opinion. And Bosh really doesn’t want to leave, he is just frustrated as you could imagine. Wonder what he’d be like in Durant or Al Jefferson’s shoes….