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Rookie Confidence Intervention

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade (photo. Mannion)

As soon as the NBA does the right thing and starts its Rookie Confidence Intervention program, we need to get Jeff Green on the phone with Courtney Lee. As the reigning “Getting my a$$ busted every other night” R.O.Y. — thanks to the Sonics/Thunder grooming him to be Pippen to Kevin Durant‘s Jordan while ex-coach P.J. Carlesimo was apparently unaware of the concept of help D and double-teams — Green perfected his 1,000-yard stare after some nightmare-ish nights left on an island with the likes of Kobe and Caron. Lee is in a similar spot this year, having been stuck guarding Kobe, LeBron, and just about every other top-flight scoring wing in the League. Yesterday the rook hit a low-point when Dwyane Wade handed him 50 points (17-30 FG, 14-15 FT) on his home floor on national TV … After he almost got taken out on one of the game’s first possessions — beating Lee on a cut to the basket, but running into Dwight Howard and landing back-first on the floor — Flash dropped 16 on Lee in the first quarter, and his outside shooting opened the door just enough to create easier driving lanes for circus shots and one-hand crams in traffic … Lee can at least fall back on the fact that Orlando won pretty easily. Jermaine O’Neal wasn’t enough to keep Dwight (32 pts, 17 rebs) off the glass and from dunking through guys like they were paper mache … Rafer Alston (12 pts, 9 asts) isn’t as strong as Jameer Nelson and not as good of a shooter, but he’s faster and has already convinced Orlando’s shooters that he will find them for open looks. We don’t see too much of a drop-off with this team going into the playoff stretch … Speaking of low points, there was Pistons/Cavs. Getting blown out from the get-go, Detroit had no heart, no hustle and they clearly want no parts of Cleveland in a seven-game series. The loss dropped the Pistons to 27-27 and was their sixth L in a row. After scoring 55 his last time out, LeBron (20 pts, 9 asts) played facilitator this time, getting the ball to open shooters like the returning Delonte West (25 pts, 5 threes) and mostly using himself as a decoy … Play of the game: LeBron stalked A.I. on the break, took off outside the paint from the left side and, with the left hand, sent A.I.’s layup to the scorer’s table … How about Delonte doing his NBA TV post-game interview in a beater? Then he took time out to praise the veteran leadership of “Lorenzo Wright” …

Rajon RondoRajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Scoring 140 on the Celtics wasn’t a question for the Suns; with or without KG, that wasn’t gonna happen. The bigger issue was how many points Phoenix would give up. One thing no one really paid attention to during the Suns’ three-game streak of 140s was that their defense served up too many easy buckets against the Clippers and Thunder — against the Celtics, that wasn’t gonna fly. Paul Pierce (26 pts, 10-10 FT), Ray Allen (31 pts, 4 threes) and Rajon Rondo (32 pts, 10 asts) picked them apart as the C’s hit 128 in a blowout … If you’re Alvin Gentry would you take your chances with Steve Nash guarding Rondo, or Grant Hill playing on a sore foot? Hill took his turns, but couldn’t stay in front of Rondo any better than Nash. One coaching move that was an easy call for Gentry: Let Hill go one-on-one with Brian Scalabrine at every opportunity. It was a good idea, but when Hill couldn’t even turn the corner on Rapaport on his first touch, you knew it wasn’t his night … Lamar Odom is gonna get paid this summer. Barring another NBA Finals meltdown, teams with cap space will forget any early-season struggles and remember that L.O. was putting up All-Star numbers after the Lakers lost Andrew Bynum. Last night Odom had 25 points and 14 boards against the Wolves, coming up with two clutch plays when he tipped in a missed Kobe three with 20 seconds left to put L.A. up four, then with the Lakers up three on Minnesota’s last possession, forced Randy Foye into a three at the buzzer that was just a bit outside Foye’s range … Kobe scored 28 in the win, along the way passing Elgin Baylor for 20th place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list … Other big stat lines from Sunday: Charlie Villanueva scored 36 in a win over Denver, while Carmelo had 33 in the loss; Troy Murphy dropped 27 points and 14 boards in a win over Chicago; LaMarcus Aldridge had 28 points and Steve Blake handed out 17 assists (14 in the first quarter) as Portland blasted the Clippers; and Ron Artest scored 26 on Charlotte, with a depressed/apathetic MJ watching from the ‘Cats bench … The funniest part of Al Harrington‘s Protege sneaker ad? When Al talks about “dropping dimes,” implying he ever passes the ball. Racking up 31 points and zero assists, Harrington couldn’t shoot the Knicks past the Raptors yesterday, and got stuffed at the rim by Andrea Bargnani — “Barn-yarn-ee” according to Gus Johnson — on a crucial fourth-quarter possession … Anyone else see LaPhonso Ellis on “NBA Gametime” and get a glimpse into Chris Bosh‘s future? Try and tell us LaPhonso doesn’t look like Bosh after a 15-year fast-forward … We’re out like Delonte’s suit …

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  • bab

    Come back Amare!

  • stanaeciouz


  • Lee

    Ellis had to retire because of injuries didn’t he ?? He still has one of the nastiest blocks EVER.


  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @ Lee

    thanks for the link. that is one of the best i’ve ever seen.


    you a lame.

    good to see villanueva doing well. imo toronto has in bargnanni (too lazy to copy & paste or scroll up even) what they would have had in charlie had they kept him.

    detroit gunnin for that eighth seed or what?

    good thing orlando went through what they went through as a result of giving shaq away so they’ll know how not to lose/send away dwight.

  • Stingray

    It is pronounced Barn-yarn-ee

    Ignorant yanks

  • the_don_mega

    “and Steve Blake handed out 17 assists (14 in the first quarter)”

    – that is just crazy… like NBA 2K9 crazy…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    no mention of the Blazers destroying Donald Sterling’s fantasy squad?

    that Laphonso clip is sick…not often you take the ball with on a swat like that.

  • QQ

    Flash was destroying my man Lee’s heart, but I honestly think it would help him in the future. I mean, you’re guarding the best players in the L almost every night. Yeah, almost everytime they freaking destroy you, but that’s a boost of confidence that your coach will allow you to check ‘em in the first place.

    And good to see Skip doing his thang while being able to keep his game within the system. Damn, watch out for Orlando, fuckers.

    PS: I was planning to use this space to ridicule Fed and the Pistons, but, hey, the Cavs game speaks for itself. ITS OVER.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    and a big har har har and thank you to mr dime reader who put youtube connection to alphonso ellis.

    and i could be so very wrong but it look like the great mr mr dikembe mount tumbo give the finger wave to oppositon player even when he did not block the shot. how could you not love mountain tumbo.

    this is from jurg, hi hi.

  • flavur

    bosh is leaving in 2010 because bargnani is actually playing well so I think he’s gonna become the new focus of the team and bosh is gonna go to Detroit.

  • creamio

    Nice work Wade padding your stats with four minutes left in the fourth while your team is down by twenty… do his 50 points count if his coach is leaving him in just to pad his stats while his team has absolutely no chance of winning the game?

  • pig

    Deenver’s fall has begun..nene,martin and melo are all injured

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”What we are is what we be, be the epitome…”

    Houston Up!

    the_don_mega that is crazy. I am just thinkin though. Dude had 14 in the 1st q. …..then only 3 the rest of the game??? LOL

    If you had 14 in the first, I am expecting liked nothing less than 30 by the end of the game.


    Thanks Charlie way to beat Denver. Needed that.
    Good to see Alsto doing his thing in Orlando.

    It’s all good for the Suns till the meet a team that can run with them and play a lil D.

    Looks like they will beat up a lot of teams and then hit that brick wall call San An. again.

    No all-star, no trades teams just have to win now.

    When is Bynum suppose to come back anyway?

  • jzsmoove

    haha laphonso ellis hasnt been heard of in years. no way is chris bosh comparable to this guy. bosh has a better outside touch and finesse game. i remember ellis, mutombo and robert pack in those fugly denver unis. those might be top 3 worst unis ever.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    -GEE, I think Bynum is done for the season. Torn MCL if I’m not mistaken.

    LePhonso Ellis broke a lot of Illinois hearts when he went to Notre Dame. Kid was a straight beast in the Chi public leagues.

  • Kudabeen

    Sixers need to keep an eye out for Ramon Sessions. I know the Bucks may actually wise up and try to re-sign him and start him, but If Andre Miller walks are expects to get more than $10 mil Sessions would be a great pick for a running team…

    Pistons got punked…They looked defeated from the door. When Bron slammed and the ball ricocheted off of AI’s face it was a wrap…AI can’t battle with handcuffs on and Pistons can’t win if they are not playing team ball. Where is the heart?? Sad…

    Durant, Green, and Westbrook are just putting up crazy numbers…Too bad they have no one guarding the paint…Durant’s dunk on Randolph was nasty…He is playing with a mean streak and Jeff Green is getting all types of buckets. Westbrook looks like he is vying for a Top 5 spot on the “Scariest to see coming down on a break” list…

    Rafer should do well with Orlando…He is a good creator…He looked bigger than Courtney Lee out there…

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Just curious where all the people are who were outraged when Rondo was getting All-Star consideration?
    30 pts, 10 dimes, 6 boards?! (he’s been doing that all year) Dude is a flippin stud. As a laker fan- Rondo scares the $*&^ out me

  • Brown

    @ Stingray

    It’s pronounced Barn-yawn-ee

    Now who looks ignorant?

  • Bruce

    Mutombo, Ellis, Pack………sent the loaded Sonics packing that year………..I think it was 93-94 season.

  • marcus the great


    worst unis have to go to the pinstripe rockets joints, even though i had one lol

  • Kobeef

    Alston looked better than Jameer leading the Magic. It is possible that the Magic actually upgraded and not just backed up their PG with the trade for Alston. He is 4 inches taller and more athletic than jameer for a start.

    Durant is going to be bigger and better than Orlando era T_mac when it is all said and done.

  • Taj

    Damn… THAT was Laphonso Ellis!!!?? I coulda swore that was Danny Fortson’s twin. LOL!!

  • marcus the great

    i havent even seen the pistons play all year, but i’ve not been hearing anything good on them at all. except for the rare Stuckey outburst, and AI goin off every once in a while

    and big ups to Skip, i remember when he was gettin 10 day contracts with Toronto and gettin cut by the Bucks. glad to see he made it

  • ERIC

    LaPhonso Ellis was actually very impressive in his NBA GameTime debut – very articulate and great analysis. Well played!

  • LakeShow84

    As much as i dont like Iverson i cant blame the WHOLE Detroit situation on him.. That team KNOWS they aint going nowhere.. they gave up when the Cavs took a lead in the 1st quarter.. Leaving cats open for three.. GIVING Lebron 3pt plays.. Sad.. But thats what happens when you give veterans sour grapes.. yeah cuz trading away the Captain and heart of your team usually works out..

    And where we be?? 46-10?? I still dont trust Lamar Odom and that wont go away until the season is over but he is playing like a man.. even though i hate that weak ass left handed falling AWAY from the basket layup..

    And Orlando is looking straight scary.. they mightve pushed themselves over the edge by getting Alston.. Well getting to the Finals edge.. but i will admit they took the season series from us in convincing fashion so i would be a little spooked.. a little a lot lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Just my thoughts…

    I could’ve swore I saw HIBBERT in that movie City of God.

    HARRINGTON is f^&#in’ up my BRACKETS! Stop hittin’ dem damn 3’s COTTAMIT!

    It’s good to see MARION lookin’ all comfy and cozy and happy and appreciated. Marion? Happy? Do you know hard it is to evaluate the FLEETINGNESS of this moment? I guess once it’s time to address Bosh, Calderon, then Bargnani we’ll know how un-important he thinks he is.

    Hope they address him before they address Parker ’cause we all know…
    He cry high, no lie, you know this. BAWLIN!!!!

    I like Artest in the 2-guard spot! I LOVE that move. LOVE IT!! I’m waiting for a Stuckey type to post up Brooks all game though. All game. It’s going to happen. I know it is.

    That was a tough one DETROIT! All your bigs are healthy. What’s up?? It aint AI. As a matter of fact, AI’s the only one who looks like he gives a fu@%. Their rotation was wiggity wack last night. I love Stuckey. I really do. But maybe he’s been thrown to the wolves too fast. It seems like while they’re trying to do whatever with their gaurd situation, the bigs suffer. MCDYESS, WALLACE, AMIR AND MAXIEL combined for less than 2o points. Antonio and Sheed only had 9 pts…against Ben and Big Z???? Amir didn’t really get no tick, which is proving my point thus far and Maxiell (see the AI comment) he shoulda saw more tick too.

    “Durant, Green, and Westbrook are just putting up crazy numbers…Too bad they have no one guarding the paint…”

    About Rondo…just to think he could be around for ’10 FREE AGENCY…if his option aint picked up.

    Orlando’s still a CRITICALLY flawed contender aka “AINT F$^%IN’ WIT DA CAVS OR DA CELTS” Why? ‘Cause they live and die by the 3. That much hasn’t changed. A bonus point of doubt – With Jameer, they can WIN on the road because of his leadership. We’ll see with Skip…we’ll see…but lest not forget we’ve BEEN seeing…he was part of that long streat the Rockets had a year ago…we’ll see

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    Mo and Delonte back together, let’s see what they did:
    MO :: 4/9 FGS, 2/3 3’S, 1/1 FTS, 3 BOARDS, 4 DIMES, 2 PICKS – 11 POINTS
    DELONTE :: 8/11 FGS, 5/5 3’S, 4/4 FTS, 5 BOARDS, 4 HELPERS AND A PICK — 25 POINTS

    = OUTSTANDING backcourt production.

    In layman’s terms that’s:
    60% made shots — 88% on 3’s
    100% on free throws
    8 assists that led to at least 20 extra points
    numerous fast break initiations
    a flustered Stuckey and Rip
    a slowed-down AI
    3’s check, mid-range j’s check, drive and dish check, drive and finish check, hustle check, d check…

    *combined with the 3-position, they scored over 50 pts, averaged more than 5 dimes each, and sent an AI lay-up STRAIGHT TO HELL.

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slamball

    hmmmm i coulda swore some guy on here…just the other day said how phx scoring 140 on trash wouldn’t matter since he can’t guard any of the real point guards and idiots like frankie said he was wrong…hmmm…who was that guy… hmm…..i cant remember but he seems sooo correct today

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slamball

    @brogden, the magic beat the cavs 7 of the last 9 timesthey played them

  • doc

    Poor Poor AI.He shoulda kept his ass in Philly by going to practice once a week.Thats all we wanted and he coulda went out a glorified loser dropping 30 a night.Now he on a team that went to 6 straight East finals that quit on this year and he average like 10-15.Oh Well.As long as LO dont bring his ass to Philly Im good.Dime yall should know yall cant trust dude.He did the same shit last year.When it comes down to the playoffs or chip he gonna fold at the end.His nickname should be the big towel.

  • dagwaller

    Bwahahaha Jermaine O’Neal’s line from last night:

    6 points on 2-10 shooting.
    2 REBOUNDS. That follows his 1 rebound performance from the other night.
    2 assists.
    2 steals, 3 blocks (at least he’s playing defense?).

    Have fun, Miami Heat.

  • LakeShow84

    The weird part is Jermaine ONeal dont neccessarily look that bad out there..

    Maybe he just needs to get into game shape.. But a proven 20-10 player with only 13 boards in his last 3 games? he couldnt by a basket yesterday.. Disappointing..

    poor heat.. first they get Marion and think they got a piece then they trade Marion thinking they are going to get another piece.. sad..

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    @28) So what are you saying BRON42???

    Magic beat the Cavs ONCE this year. On top of that, thier All Star point guard Jameer was playing and on top of that, the CAVALIERS were WITHOUT BIG Z or DELONTE.

  • LakeShow84

    So what Brogden..

    These are the same two players who are considered garbage whenever the Cavs lose a game.. But since they werent there for a game they couldve made a difference??

    Lol sorry just being a smart ass..

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slamball

    @brogden, lake show has a point and so what, on orlando pietrus was hurt to and they still smashed the cavs…and the cavs and magic only played once this year so it says enough for now. And 7 of the last 9 means alot since dwight keeps lebron from getting in the paint whenever he wants, and lebron then settles for his jumpshot which, outside of a few hot games, is still busted as hell. so not really worried in a best of 7 serioes.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    You’re really digging if you gotta dust off the PIETRUS argument…look, if you’re the Cavs then the Celtics are the only squad that matters now. They’re the only one you’re worried about. As big a pick-up that Skip was…the MAGIC aint ready for the BIG BOYS.

    Pietrus was hurt and the Magic still “smashed the cavs.” WOW – Smashed?? That was funny. 7 of last 9 REALLY means 1 of last 1. They only played ONE game last year. The past is the past. Y’all saw Lebron drain 8 threes Friday. James is working on that j, you can see it. Things changed. 7 of last 9? You know the Cavs aint have MO last year.

    Lebron’s jumpshot is “still busted as hell.” Really??? It’s busted…32% from three-land is busted? Nah, it’s pretty good for a do-it-all small forward.

    Like I said, the only team the Cavs and any team in the East fear is the CELTICS. No one wants to face a healthy Celtics squad. NOBODY.

    I do think it’s interesting that THIS YEAR we have slightly lesser version of Celtics and a significantly better version of the Cavaliers…seems like the Cavaliers have a GREAT chance this year.

    I like Dwight…but who else scares me on their squad?
    SKIP, MAYBE. HEDO, NO. RASHARD, NO. PIETRUS, REDNICK, LEE, INSERT YOUNG 2-GUARD HERE, NO. And NO, NO, NO, NO just in case you got more than them you wanna throw out there.

  • LakeShow84

    I wouldnt underestimate the Magic Brogden..

    If they hit their 3’s (and too many people on that team CAN actually shoot them) they can beat the hell out of ANYONE..

    The real question is whether Dwight will show up during the PLayoffs.. and since there most likely will be no Detroit he can play his off against any team on the horizon.. But the Cavs have a very good bench (Varejao, Gibson, Szerbiak, Pavlocic) so that might be the difference..

    And the definition of a streak shooter!

    One game 8 for 11, i believe, on the 3 ball..

    Next game 0 of 3.. probably wouldve been 0 for 5 but he didnt want to give everyone a reason to talk again lol

  • LakeShow84

    And the Lakers would love to face a fully healthy Celtic squad for this chip..


  • tim

    as a Pistons fan, this is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen…and i find it hard to believe that Sheed or Tayshaun or Prince just can’t play defense after Chauncey left…makes no sense…Massive, massive changes are coming this year and next…

    they need to do McDyess a favor and let him loose to go chase that ring…its only fair to him…Shut down Sheed and let the young guys play and develop.

    Pistons miss the playoffs, win 1st pick in the draft, and take Blake Griffin…

    Then they proceed to dominate the East for like 20 years…

  • tim

    by the way, that last line is sarcasm…