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Buckets Phi Buckets

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Just the other day we were talking about Jeff Green‘s rookie experience, when he was routinely left on his own to get the service from the likes of Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson and other charter members of Buckets Phi Buckets. Hopefully, Jeff had some encouraging words last night for OKC teammate Kyle Weaver, who got lit up by Kobe (36 pts) in the decisive stretch of Lakers/Thunder, which had to give Green a flashback. Oklahoma City had pulled to within one point early in the fourth quarter with Kobe on the bench, but after Kobe checked back in, Scott Brooks decided to use valuable minutes of a winnable game to get Weaver some first-hand experience against the biggest of the big dogs. But in hindsight, this was neither the time nor the place. Kobe took charge as L.A. scored on eight straight possessions, busting Weaver up in between finding teammates who were left open as the other OKC defenders got caught Kobe-watching. One time Kobe had the rookie Weaver posted up, got him in the air with a series of fakes, and after Weaver predictably landed on Kobe’s back, he tossed in a fadeaway, plus-one. Brooks eventually took Weaver out and stuck Thabo Sefalosha on Kobe to try and stop the bleeding, but it was too late … Nenad Krstic‘s bald spot makes a mockery of Manu and Mike Redd‘s. Krstic has a “Red from That 70s Show” thing going that makes him look 15-20 years older than he is … After the Thunder announcers vented their incredulousness following a no-call on Green, the play-by-play guy said, “You know what I think I’m giving up for Lent? Whine. As in W-H-I-N-E.” Added the color commentator, “Yeah, I can’t remember the last time one of the referees came to our table and asked if they should overturn a call.” This sounds promising. If the OKC guys can start a League-wide movement among announcers and get Tommy Heinsohn and Sean Elliott on board, they should have a street named after them … What will the Tony Parker haters say now? No Tim Duncan (knee), no Ginobili (ankle), and TP still went out and D-slapped Jason Kidd and the Mavs for 37 points and 12 assists in a laugher. TP said himself in his NBA TV post-game interview that the Spurs won’t win championships with him carrying the load, but perhaps we got a glimpse into what the future could look like when Duncan eventually walks away. If San Antonio builds around a still-prime Parker and gets him some decent support, they’ll be just fine … The best part of that NBA TV interview was when Gary Payton got on the mic, and after giving TP multiple chances for the obligatory, “Oh, what up GP! I love you, man!” shout-out, got nothing of the sort. It’s not that Parker was disrespecting; he just doesn’t seem impressed by anything. Believe us, we’ve dealt with the guy enough. When it comes to being interviewed, Parker is like Tim Thomas during a game …

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Watch out for the upcoming Allen Iverson explosion. He’s got to be more frustrated than any of the Pistons with the way this season has gone; A.I. is the guy most desperate for a championship and he had to have seen Detroit as his best, last chance of getting one. After last night’s loss in Miami, the Pistons’ seventh L in a row and the one that officially drops them under .500, Iverson gave his version of what’s wrong. “Our whole thing is not on the offensive end,” A.I. said. “We can’t stop anybody. The way we’re playing we have to shoot 60 percent to win a basketball game. Everybody’s always going to look at the offensive end and scoring points. We scored enough points to win the basketball game. But we just can’t get stops consistently. We can’t get stops when we need them.” He’s right. Too many times the Pistons looked like they were just standing around on defense; they hardly resemble the group that defended as well as anyone in the NBA during the previous 5-6 years … D-Wade (31 pts, 16 asts) took full advantage of that lazy Detroit defense. Every time the Pistons got close, Wade personally put them back behind the 8-ball either by scoring or dishing … Other big stat lines from Tuesday: Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani dropped 26 points apiece in a win over Minnesota; Shaq posted 20 points and 11 boards in a rout of the Bobcats; Mo Williams put up 18 points and six dimes in an easy W over Memphis; and Derrick Rose scored 22 in a win over Orlando … If Brandon Roy and Travis Outlaw are on the court, the Blazers should rarely ever be counted out of a game in the fourth quarter. Last night the Portland announcers had begun putting the nails in the coffin of Rockets/Blazers, but then B-Roy and Outlaw went to work. On back-to-back possessions, Outlaw put on a classic example of how to set up a defender: The first time, the ball swung over to Outlaw on the wing and he looked off Aaron Brooks so convincingly that Brooks did the splits, then buried an open three. The next time, Outlaw got the ball in the same place, and when Luis Scola ignored the look-off and jumped out on him anticipating the three, Outlaw (15 pts) easily blew right past him for a layup … With about 25 seconds left and the Blazers down four, Roy (24 pts) did the Jim Brown move; milking his sore elbow just long enough to dupe his man into easing up, then dusting him with a spin/layup. And after Brooks hit a pair of free throws on the other end, Roy got an uncontested dunk to make it a two-point game. Eventually it came down to Ron Artest at the free throw line; his first shot hit every part of the rim before falling through, and he stuck the second FT to ice it … Earlier in the fourth, B-Roy inadvertently elbowed Artest in the mouth on his way to the rim, drawing blood and sending Artest to the bench. One of the Blazers announcers joked, “Brandon might want to send Ron a dozen roses,” and as much as we love B-Roy, we’d have to agree that Artest would likely tear him apart if it got that serious. And Ron did NOT look happy about the elbow, either … We’re out like the Pistons title hopes …

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  • x0t

    I’d take a broken-down JO over Sheed ALL DAY. At least JO gives a damn…

  • x0t

    who had the better career, VC or T-mac?

  • x0t

    oh, and dime?? nobody gives a shit about your magazine being next to sports illustrated. this site would be so much better if you cut out the crap posts. people just want to read the smack and they have to dig in your archives for it because you fill up the page with…filler

  • http://afl.com.au josh tha roc

    book mark the smack link if you don’t like the articles, or just rack off completely so we don’t have to read your whinging.

  • Rickdaruler

    wow who pissed in this dudes cheerios

  • http://creampie.com solomon (the real deal)

    what the… JO gives a damn? since when? giving shit about something was lost a couple of years ago, at least… i ain’t taking any of them… give me udonis haslem over those heartless bums…

    and post#2, i gotta give it to vince… at least, he won a dunk contest, went with team USA to the olympics (and perpetually be linked to fred weiss), still gives effort when at the right mindset, and most of all, kept his body relatively healthier…

    by the way, x0t, whatever man… dime’s been here long enough to know what they’re doing… given, the occassional crap always comes along, but it is what it is, live with that, just go read and smack some…

    and hell, AI’s walking in that fine line between motivation and implosion… sad that a competitor like him’s fading away like this… he deserves a ring much more that guys like ty lue and james white and damn malik rose…

    we’re out like nenad’s mane…

  • Rafa23

    @ x0t

    actually nobody wants to read what you have to say. dont speak for everybody when the other arcticles are mostly liked. dont post your dumb shit here and leave

  • My 2 Cents

    Damn making fun of Nenad Krstic’s bald spot, now that’s cold Dime!

    But i have to admit he does look funny…lol

  • sh!tfaced

    Ha-ha (like Nelson from The Simpsons)

  • Ross

    Why are you guys still sucking Kobe’s dick every chance you get? Just a month or two ago, you were saying that the Thunder “don’t count” as a real team, but you can glorify Kobe when he whips them? Honestly, there were so much better match ups last night, I’m surprised anyone would care about that game.

  • YOUNGFED….”I’m back with a new pair of Yay’s”

    AI better heat up soon or we aint even gonna make the playoffs. I expect Joey D to come out of the Oval office and put the smack down any day now.

  • aj

    AI don’t deserve no ring. He’s only competitive when it comes to getting his, not winning. Plus those other guys at least knew how to play team ball and played their roles, however small they may have been.

  • JRav

    It was at least two months ago when the Thunder were not considered an NBA team. They are muuch better now though, they have taken a couple of the tp teams down to the wire.

  • Smitty313

    Ross the Thunder are a whole lot better than they were at the start of the season. Plus they have Kevin Durant probably the hottest (pause) player over the last few weeks.

  • http://Www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    I completely agree, the dime guys will do ANYTHING to get Kobe/labron at the top of the page.

    Now on to a game that maters, tony didn’t just destroy Kidd,he destroyed the whole team. They put everyone on him and they could not slow him. Hell he missed like 10 shot but only about 3 of those where contested for real

  • penske1


    It wasn’t even about Kobe, it was about Weaver getting experience defending(?) good scorers. Remember those Language Arts lessons on “author’s purpose” back in elementary school?

  • alf (from melmak)

    roses for ron ron. hmmmm. i would love to see him slug it out in a three-way no holds barred match with harpring and stephen jackson and see who comes out alive.

    speaking of the team that should never be named, they have the core pieces to make a legit run for the playoffs in two years. they just dropped the ball on the chandler trade.

    lastly, my meal allowance just said goodbye to the pistons. the run was good until it lasted. they should beg larry borwn to come back.

  • Rafa23

    lol @ rangerjohn being the only one agreeing with ross

    just read it again and you will see it wasn’t really about kobe. pure ignorance.lmao

    Remember those Language Arts lessons on “author’s purpose” back in elementary school?
    great line penske1

  • Celts Fan

    so the Pistons trade their defensive anchor for AI, who’s the only (big) difference in their team and now AI’s the one complaining about defense!? Man, know your role and come off the bench so Rip can start and you guys won’t suck. It’s like he doesn’t get that the reason they’re terrible at defense is he can’t play point (on offense) or guard 2s, so he’s always gonna get lit up.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Like it or not Kobe and Lebron are the most popular figures in the NBA. It only makes sense they will get the most press. Find one mainstream sports publication where this isn’t the case. You won’t.

    However, I wonder if the Dime issue with the Brandon Jennings cover had the same prime spot on the news stand? I doubt it.

  • http://GEE2.com The 7 Million Dolla …GEE

    Houston Up!

    Why oh why can’t the playoffs start today!

    Cleveland vs. Milwaukee
    Boston vs. Detroit
    Orland vs. Philly
    Atlanta vs. Miami

    L.A. vs. Dallas
    San. An vs. Utah
    Denver vs. New Orleans
    Houston vs. Portland

    I could live with Houston vs. Portland and Houston having the home advantage.
    N.O. Denver would be good, as would San. An and Utah

    In the East Miami and Atl would be good and Boston and Detroit would be better than most think.

    Spurs thanks for beating Dallas. Needed that. Did it short handed too, impressive.

    Mike used to say Dumars was the hardest person for him to play against.

    I wonder who that one guy in the L is for Kobe? Plus would Kobe be generous enough to admit any player was ever tough for him?

    Here is to Portland losing again tonight! Drink up!

  • moron with nothing better to do

    I would like to take this time out of my life, to say that these Dime articles suck, and the writers can’t write. I hate coming here everyday and seeing how badly the dime writers come up with stories…and how I hate reading them. Shame on you Dime…for making me hit the comment button. And for making me write this.

    See you tomorrow. When I come to see how bad you guys are. And comment on it.

    Damn you for putting this gun to my head!

  • http://GEE2.com The 7 Million Dolla …GEE

    ^^^ lol

  • Rafa23

    lmao, that one was awesome.

  • flavur

    today it was weaver two days before it was courtney lee who defended him so well that d-wade got 50(a career high) so whenever you get a chance to guard those great ones you get better so it’s good for weaver. I bet Kobe won’t get 36 again (he’ll probably get 46)

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah i think until AI goes to the bench he should have nothing to say about why that team isnt winning.. Can somebody tell me why this man is not averagin close to 8 assists a game?? He can get into the lane whenever he wants and has DIMES all day.. but all he wants to do is score.. sad.. Plus the coach is a moron..

    Tony Parker will a HOF when it is all said and done.. bet.. We have rarely seen a guard get into the lane and finish with english like he can.. he puts a lot of twist on that ball sometimes.. its crazy to be moving that fast and be able to do that..

    You Spurs fans ready?? we rollin and it looks like Manu will be gimpy for another postseason.. Should’ve taken Pops advice and sat out the Olympics..

  • control

    GEE, everyone knows that hardest player Kobe played against was Ruben Patterson…

  • Kudabeen


    AI is not averaging 8 assist, because he isn’t the primary ballhandler and Detroit is missing a ton of shots.

    He has a point. He though he was coming to a veteran team who had each others back, but he came to an old team who can only look back…Curry is not the answer, because clearly he doesn’t have a formula for success. At least Flip had you as a high seed in the playoffs off of shear gameplaning and allowing good players to be in great positions. Stuckey has wilted, AI has wilted, Sheed has wilted, RIP has wilted…The only guy playing well is Antonio…

    Pistons might be better if Joe Dumars pulls a Kevin McHale…He needs to get Curry back in the assistant role and come coach this team himself. Maybe guys will be more accountable and scrap more…Ultimately AI will be blamed for what is wrong, but it isn’t the case…The way they are playing I’m almost like, Pull our Larry Brown’s old Sixers playbook. AI is the primary attacker with Stuckey playing a similar role and everyone else feeds off them…Create O off of D and make the distinction between what is good mistakes (trying to make a play) vs bad mistakes (trying to be the play)…

    Pistons are just awful to watch and I never seen that coming with Iverson…He isn’t play that bad, but there is no Synergy with that squad…

    With that I still think they can find a rhythm and take a great team to 7 games in the playoffs…

    I just don’t see them doing it with Curry calling the shots…

    Curry looks like Roc (Charles S Dutton) out there trying to coach…All this emotion and energy, but not really helping too much…

  • Kudabeen

    I agree Flavur. Taking that challenge extends your career…

    Bruce Bowen was a scorer coming out of college and was a great player overseas, but couldn’t stick in the L…

    He decided to really take that challenge of guarding the best wing players hard and know he will be remembered as one of the greatest on ball defenders of all-time…That comes with the Chips…

    Lee and Weaver need to look at Deshaun Stevenson as what not to do after being given that kind of responsibility early on…Stevenson never put it all together and became satisfied with being a 1 role player who sorta can do other things…

  • LakeShow84

    I feel yas Kudabeen but i think AI could be one of the best PG’s in the league if he just accepted it..

    The man was a QB in highschool for shits sake.. and he couldve played QB in college if he wanted..

    But Curry does have to go.. if your coach is talking and u aint listening you can see it on the court.. those guys arent playing with any kind of drive and that is all coaching..

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 22

    Fed – Is it too soon to say Detroit wouldn’t have this problem if they had drafted Wade, Bosh or Melo instead of whatshisname…..just sayin. Maybe they should start AI and Rip cuz Stuckey been dyin lately.

    Watchin the Thunder get whooped by my Lakers last night got me thinkin those kids would be solid if they had a big man, a shotblockin rebounder like maybe….a Tyson Chandler. Westbrook, Durant, Green, Tyson would be solid.

    What the Tony Parker haters can say now? I don’t hate TP, but this is what I think – Oh, Tony Parker lit up JKidd….again. Some numbers to digest: Parker is averagin 29.3 points on 24 shots per game in 3 games vs. the Mavs this season. Why so many shots? Cuz Tony, who i believe is an all-star, OWNS JKidd. 29 points, 8 assists per. I’m not surprised Tony got his, I’m surprised the Mavs best player was Singleton. This is what we should expect when Mavs starters shoot 15-49 from the field. A blowout loss and most likely Austin writin about how TP can run the league without Manu and Tim….ok

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    @12 – AJ you obviously aint seen AI in a minute. Detroits existing vets “knew how to play team ball and played their roles, however small they may have been.”

    So AI doesn’t? His role is 2-guard. He plays 2-guard. Duh. Gotta get off that whole “selfish” or “gunning” argument. Times changed, cats got older. THIS AI, 08-09 AI is far from that…

    The problem aint AI and everyone who says that either:

    The main difference???????? They gotta SOPHOMORE POINT GUARD taking the place of a CHAUNCEY BILLUPS.

    And AI has NOT been gettin’ lit up. He might get beat every once and awhile but he aint gettin’ lit up.

    @26 – Yeah i think until AI goes to the bench he should have nothing to say about why that team isnt winning –}}

    EXACTLY, he should go to the bench so when reporters ask him a question, he can say the SAME DAMN THING.

    Can somebody tell me why this man is not averagin close to 8 assists a game?? –}}
    ’cause nobody’s hitting shots.

    …but all he wants to do is score.. —}}
    He is a SCORING GUARD, isn’t he?

    Tony is Hall of Fame now??? Because he can spin the ball pretty well? Damn it don’t take long for cats to get SUPER HYPE, SUPER QUICKLY.

    I wasn’t gonna comment on TP. I love him. But how can you go from LAMBASTING a score-first 2-guard to HAVING A LOVE AFFAIR with a score-first 1-guard?????? Seems like something personal…TP had to do what he had to do last night, that’s why he jacked 30 plus shots, that’s why he had MAD DIMES, ’cause the other two primary scorers were OUT. What do you do when you’re team needs points? YOU GO GET ‘EM.

    That’s exactly what AI does for DETROIT.

  • Dennis Castro

    The last time I heard Kurt Thomas verbally s*cked off by an announcer was his TCU days.

    Sean Elliott is the worst announcer in the league. Hands down.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    @ alf….
    really, Matt Harpring versus Ron Ron? Really? I’m not saying Harpring doesn’t play with some fire, but he ain’t Joe Pryz. Really, who is scared of Matt Harpring? Chris Mullin has a tougher rep than him. Matt Harpring in a cage fight? You need a vacation out of Melmak…

    Stupidest bumper sticker I’ve ever seen–“New York. Paris. London. Moab.” If anyone doesn’t know, Moab is beautiful in Utah, but nothing compared to any of those other places.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    I aint a big Noah fan. As a matter of fact, I’ve been rather indifferent to what happens in his life. I tucked him under the Nardi-Rednick-Douby file…that is, I forgot about him.

    But lo and behold here I am giving PROPS to JOAKIM. He got worked over last night by Dwight Howard. Which isn’t really a surprise. So why I’m shouting him out?! ‘Cause he stuck in there. He was guarding Dwight pretty well…he just couldn’t take that BIG BODY bangin’ into him all the time. With that said, JOAKIM’S SHORTCOMINGS last night had nothing to do with TECHNIQUE…it was all PHYSIQUE…and that’s gotta be encouraging because JOAKIM will GET BIGGER and when he does, LOOK OUT! So props to Joakim. And props for the W.

    DERRICK ROSE – Illllllllll…the young bol’s nasty. When he gets that jumper poppin’ pshhhhh it’s gonna get crazy. And some SWAG…def needs some swag.

    Um, DALLAS aint gonna get in.

    And, can someone tell me why does LOS ANGELES LAKERS continuously PLAY DOWN to their competition? That’s why they always receive bitter-sweet praise…or as Kobe Lovers call it – HATE.

    just my thoughts.

  • K Dizzle

    Lakers play down to the comp cuz they bored. As a Laker fan, I’m bored too. Cuz we swept Cleveland, we swept the Celtics and we know that those are the teams we gotta see IF we get to the Finals so after last season, nothin else matters but the Finals so when you see Oklahoma, Minny, Memphis, GS, Clips on the sched, it doesn’t even raise a pulse, but on the flipside, you know how it gets when it’s San An, Utah, Orleans, or the East powers. It’s just how it goes in a 82 game sched.

    I feel you on the Dallas dropoff tho. Couple months ago, heads were sayin the east is stronger than the west, but now we got Phoenix and dallas one game apart fightin for the last playoff spot. That’s depth

  • BDK23

    i think the bulls or raps are gonna surprise most teams the second half of the season and knock off those last 2 seeds bulls maybe even going high than that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    @K-DIZZLE – I figured that much.


    That 8th spot in the West is NOT gonna be a cakewalk.

    And the Lakers BETTER know that.

    Lakers, if you’re out there listening, the 8th spot will be thinking UPSET every game.

    And until then, you better play every potential 8th spot like a trap-game. And how do you avoid a trap-game??

    Bring your A-GAME.

  • aj


    I see alot of similarities between AI & Bron. Both are expected to score a lot and both have played with pretty crappy teammates at one point or another. Difference is, when AI got better teamates (Denver & Detroit) he was still the selfish gunner that couldn’t help his teammates and help his team win. Bron did and still does ok to get his teammates involved (expect maybe in the crunch) and he plays to their strengths.

    And believe me, I ain’t no Bron-homer, just using him as an example.

    Now do I think AI is Detroit’s problem? Not entirely, but he’s as much at fault as the other 11 guys on his team.

    And lastly, your points contradict each other. So AI ain’t a gunner anymore but he’s a 2-guard so he’s only supposed to score points? Offense is only 1/2 of the game and scoring is only 1/2 of running an offense, but he’s not being selfish when he only plays 25% of the game and all he does is look to score, cause he’s a 2-guard?

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    I never said he was “only” supposed to score points. MY RESPONSE followed “but all he wants to do is score..”

    I can’t say that’s all he wants to but THAT PARTICULAR statement had an embedded assumption in it. As a SCORING guard, he’s SUPPOSED to SCORE! He’s not ONLY supposed to score, but he’s supposed to, nonetheless. 50% of the Offense covered – CHECK

    He’s not the point. He’s like a “half-point” or a “combo” or “another point but not really”…MY POINT is he’s not the FLOOR GENERAL…just a Lietenant General or Vice-Point or sumptin…only because Stuckey’s still developing. The other 50% – CHECK

    What I was saying about the 08-09 AI is…his DEFENSE aint as bad as some making it seem. He’s top 10 in Minutes and Picks. I know, I know, I heard the arguments…he’s not real good at d, he’s risky which leaves his other teammates compromised sometimes, giving up lanes and good looks. SHOVE IT. He aint SUPER RISKY. He’s not that much of a LIABILITY anymore. If he was he wouldn’t be on the floor for 38 minutes…while serviceable guards sit on the bench.

    Rasheed not wanting to chase his man outside is a liability. Rasheed not wanting to chase his man outside because Amir is the only one backing him up is Curry’s liability . Rasheed not wanting to chase his man outside because Kwame is the only one backing him up is Dumas’ liability. Having 4 perimeter guys out there at the same time, at times, is a liability. OVERALL LAZINESS is a liability. LACK OF WILL AND HEART is a liability. AI CAN BE a liability too. I’m just sayin’ he’s not all the time. It’s everybody contributing to the problem.

    STOP USING AI AS A SCAPEGOAT…that’s the moral of my story.

  • Obama obama obama

    Thank you thank you thank you BROGDEN everything I wanted to say about this situation has been said!!

  • Obama obama obama

    **** everything bout Detroit n iverson

  • V

    Everyone who says AI is a ball hog OBVIOUSLY has seen him play in a while cause he stopped that from time! and whoever made that comment about lebron n him seriously needs to be corrected beacuse if that man passes for 3 STRAIGHT QUARTERS and no one is making shots he would be a fool if, as a 2 guard n one of the best scorers in the leaugue, he didn’t try to make something happen in the fourth or late in the third. whats he supposed to do if guys don’t make him shots, obviously go for him but least he gives them a chance n tries to do something with 12 left on the clock! You know AI really is the answer, hes the answer when things go well n the answer when they go bad. Give it up ppl n stop blaming everything on him just cause it’s the easiest thing to do

  • V

    **if guys dont make their shots

  • clipper dave

    “Pacific-10 Conference Player of the Year in 2006-07…
    Earned First Team All-Pac-10 honors his sophomore and junior seasons…Led UCLA to the National Championship Game as a sophomore and a return trip to the Final Four his junior season.”

    “Honors: Named Honorable Mention All-America by The Associated Press and earned All-Big Sky Conference honors in both 2005-06 and 2006-07…Named Big Sky Conference Most Valuable Player as a freshman in 2005-06.”

    Must suck a little. I don’t think I could blame AI, and Wallace I think should be in the 4 spot. At this point AI is the point man with shooters, Rip and Sheed, and some muscle Jason and Aaron…sucks because I’m a big Prince fan, but he seems like a team player, could be a big sixth man.