Style - Kicks and Gear / Feb 4, 2009 / 11:40 am

Hooplife ‘Barack O’Balla’ Shorts

Barack O'BallaBarack O’Balla

The guys over at Hooplife sent us over a pair of their new ‘Barack O’Balla’ shorts. These basketball performance shorts are obviously an ode to our 44th prez Barack Obama and his love for hoopin.

I have to say I was pretty happy when I found out Obama played ball. I am not sure if he is that good or not but I respect the fact that he makes time, even being our Commander in Chief, to lace them up and get on the court.

I always admired those investment bankers who work those long weeks but on Saturdays at 8am they were on the court playing ball with me and my boys. Regardless of skill level, they are out there playing hard.

These shorts are available now at www.hooplife.net. Hit them up for more info…

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  • http://www.hotmail.com Mamba

    Those are solid! – Mail a pair to KJ’s dumbass

  • doc (i like kobe AND bron)

    I’d rock em.I want some Michelle condoms though.

  • je708

    obama is great and all but those shorts are ugly

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”Yo bald-headed granny!”

    LOL them joints look like Boxer trunks!

  • si

    Doesn’t Barry always play in his old man wind pants??

  • Ball

    Yo…those are sick….just pre-ordered…they look better on the Hooplife website.

  • fallinup

    Couldn’t they have made them look at least a little bit less like the confederate flag? haha

  • bballinca

    #7 ever hear of teh starts and stripes? How the hell does that look like teh confederate flag?


    xxl thanx

  • fallinup

    ummmm…maybe same color and stars and stripes???


    Its not a big deal…just a joke anywhoo.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    No one wants to go to the run looking like they shop at Butterbean’s garage sale.

  • Cee

    I think they are fabulous!!