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John Starks’ Zipway

Zipway Pants and Team PanelsZipway Pants and Team Panels

Many times you hear about former athletes getting involved in apparel and footwear lines and the results are just dreadful. I mean…does anyone remember DaDa Supreme with the spinning Sprewell rims on them?!? But sometimes players get it right and drop a line that really is a good look.

In our current financial times everyone is trying to save a penny here and there, and spending big bucks on clothing and footwear isn’t the way to go. Guys like Al Harrington have dropped affordable footwear lines for the masses. The New York Knicks forward’sProtege line has footwear for as high $34.99. You can’t really beat that.

Following that trend, but on the apparel side of the equation, is former New York Knicks fan favorite and three-point specialist John Starks. Starks, along with his business partner Jackie Baker, have created Zipway. Zipway is affordable athletic apparel for men and women.

For $65.00 one gets a pair of athletic pants that can be converted to rep any team in the NBA or just a small NBA logo. How does that work you ask? Well Zipway has new technology that allows one to change the Zip Panels on the side of the pants. We met with John Starks he demostrated how exactly it works.

Zipway Demonstration from Dime Magazine on Vimeo.

Believe it or not, but it is way more easier than the buttoned tear away pants that you’re used to. You can take these joints off mid-stride…and the team Zip Panels are only $20.00, so it is like having a new pair of pants for next to nothing.

Zipway is available now at Champs and will be available at select locations, like the NBA Store in the upcoming months. For more info hit up www.zipwayusa.com

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  • Daniel

    FIRST!!! YE

    I like them. John Starks looks old. Vlade forever

  • Kobeef

    1. Holy god John Starks looks old.
    2. “way more easier” eh?
    3. It’s like having a new pair of pants except the only part that isn’t sweaty and dirty from the day before is the side panel. Sweet. Those will smell nice by the time you get to the “Utah Jazz” panel.

  • Sam I Am

    LOL at Kobeef !

    Dream Shatterer

  • Jeronimo

    “does anyone remember DaDa Supreme with the spinning Sprewell rims on them?!?”

    I do! Those Dada kicks were uglier than asking your granma to go buy you hard drugs at 03:00am. LOL.

  • doc

    Tell John step his clothes game up.

  • srb

    wouldn’t you only need one set of panels anyway? (maybe two?)

    these must be for the “basketball” fans that don’t have an allegiance.

  • Celts Fan

    Their narketing campaign: “Zipaways – there for you for games 1-6″

  • http://www.mrgarylee.com Gary

    $65 – too much . . . why use zippers when you can use magnets? can get this made in china for $0.50 and sell it for $20 . . . lame!

  • Russ

    2 for 19 Game 7 94 Finals … and thats all i have to say about that …

  • SteveNash

    hmmm…. 3point specialist… this product equates to 94finals… just terrible

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”The Bridge is ova, The Bridge is ova!”

    looks like time has put a whoopin on him!

  • http://www.marketreachadvertising.com amanalone

    I think we need to shoot a better video, then advertise his products on my touchscreens in Vegas. These should be sold off of the carts in the mall so they can be demonstrated to the foot traffic walking by. Right?

  • fatty

    they spinnin ….

  • the truth


    These are for the gone-before big 3, all-here today, gone-tomorrow when the big 3 retires celtics bandwagon fans

  • jb


  • Paul

    You guys are such losers.