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Meet Rumble the Bison

Rumble the BisonRumble the Bison

After I wrote yesterday about the newest member of the Thunder, I tuned in eagerly to their game last night against the Hornets to see who it was going to be. Entering the Ford Center from the ceiling a la Pat Croce, Rumble the Bison made his debut.

Rumble played the drums, performed with the trampoline dunk team, danced with the Thunder Girls and closed his halftime act by climbing a 16-foot ladder. Rumble stood on the top rung, then back-flipped. The dunk rimmed out, but his athleticism was evident.

He declined to give his true identity, but the person inside the costume has served as a mascot for more than a decade. He once waterskied in costume and roller bladed up a four-story ramp, successfully jumping over cars like Evel Knievel.

But while Rumble was created within the past five months, Rumble’s story dates back much further.

A near-sellout crowd was told at halftime Rumble is a bison that hundreds of years ago led his herd to safety only to be trapped alone in a storm atop the Arbuckle Mountains. The story claims Rumble was struck by lightning and suddenly walked on two legs like a man.

According to campfire legend, Rumble possesses amazing strength and agility but felt alone until NBA players with similar athletic skills arrived in the Ford Center hundreds of years later.

With the Thunder looking to win now, Rumble’s arrival will hopefully help them on their way.

Source: The Oklahoman

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  • vince

    piss off with these wack gimmicks, and thats to all sports HQs. wtf. waste of time, plus the morons who actually came up with that story need to go back to their kindergarten jobs. really.

    theres only one thing i loathe more than clowns and thats mascots.

  • fallinup

    So this is what happens when Miss Piggy and Sasquatch make a baby!!!

  • that’s whats up

    why the pic of a WNBA player?

    where’s the mascot picture?

  • http://www.burdenclothing.com/ O-Easy


  • http://www.burdenclothing.com/ O-Easy

    Matter of fact, the whole franchise to this point is a fail.

  • http://myspace/jkwryter Gunner J. Matthews


  • Kudabeen

    The mascot is okay, but why didn’t they just call themselves the Bison?

    This Bison looks better than Benny the Bull and a few other wack mascots.

  • where high ankle sprains happen

    thunders mascot should’ve been thor or something like that man. this shit is weak. fucking beanie baby shit

  • http://www.deernews.com deernews.com

    No other mascot in the L holds a flame to Rocky. Rumble the Bison will be no exception.

  • youknowme

    what the fuck are they doing down there in ok

  • PJ

    I thought it was teen wolf for a second.

  • David Brandon

    this pic literally shook me a little bit! lol my first…well, my first and only thought was what the f*ck is that???

  • Taj

    Kids are gona get freaked by this “thing”..

  • http://www.basketsim.com Big Daddy Ben


  • http://www.dimemag.com Glenn

    To me it seems like Bennett took something else with him to Oklahoma City besides the actual team:


    Nearly the same stunt, no?

  • http://allintheeyes.com the rocket cat

    Looks strangely effeminate, which I think is odd for a bison.

  • hucklebuck

    what does a bison have to do with Thunder? is that like Sasquatch and Sonics? Or the Gorilla with the Suns? When are the Lakers getting a mascot? would it be Iggy the Implant?