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NBA Trade Rumor: Amare Stoudemire for LaMarcus Aldridge

Amare StoudemireSTAT to PDX?

The Amare Stoudemire trade rumors are heating up, especially at it appears more and more likely that the Suns can’t legitimately compete for title as presently constructed. Of the scenarios we’ve seen so far, this one from Dallasbasketball.com is pretty interesting:

Don’t be surprised if Amare gets traded by the deadline to Portland for LaMarcus Aldridge (with Raef Lafrentz included as trade filler for rules purposes).

The front offices in Portland and Phoenix have been regular trade partners in recent years, and much of the young talent now residing in Portland has come via picks they have scored in those deals with the Suns. These franchises have an open dialogue that they are comfortable with, and I think they are talking again. Seriously talking.

Both sides may still be angling for a little more of this or that to be included while they’re dealing. For example, Phoenix would also love to score a backup and heir to Nash and Portland has amassed a rich cache of youngsters at PG.

Why for Portland? Amare would provide a more experienced and explosive interior scorer in the middle of the Portland youth corps. While Dallas-area-native Aldridge is young and talented, the track record of Amare is much more enticing – and he’s still only 26.

Why for Phoenix? Aldridge is a bit more perimeter-oriented by nature (which better complements Shaq). He’s also much more of a contributor on defense which the Suns badly need. And there’s no question that Amare, for all his gifts, is unhappy, doesn’t fit alongside Shaq, and presents a big problem to the Suns.

Both are young with a long future ahead of them in the NBA. It’s a huge gamble for both teams however, in trading away a star performer from the center of a playoff contender and shaking up the mix, but I think the rewards on both sides are too great to pass up, and after much hand-wringing — this deal really could happen.

The writer goes out of his way to say he doesn’t have any solid info from inside the Suns or the Blazers, but claims to have heard “little snippets here and there” from people he “listens to.” Which most likely means he’s basically just coming up with this on his own, so take it for what it’s worth. The point is that it actually does seem to make sense for both teams.

Source: Dallasbasketball.com

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  • fallinup

    I heard that Amare was being traded for Kobe. I didn’t really here it from anyone official….just little snippits here and there…ya know…from people I listen to.

  • anthony

    might actually work for portland.

    blake, roy, outlaw, amare, oden

  • izzy

    I call (and hope) 100% bullshit. Amare is a locker room killer. Portland has great chemistry and youth on their side. Why take the chance to ruin it by adding a guy who WANTS and NEEDS to be the man. Its Roy’s team… everyone knows that, including Aldridge. Adding Amare is a huge risk. Chemistry aside, Aldridge has a better back to the basket post game that amare lacks. Aldridge is about even as a perimeter threat. And much better potential.

    In the end, Amare’s lack of defensive effort probably wont sit well with McMillian either.

  • DJ Go Go Gomez

    The Suns do want a good young forward if they do trade Stat so it makes sense. But I see the Suns trading him out East

  • hahns

    i was about to write in the other amare post that blazers should trade oden+raef and either bayless/batum/rodriguez for amare. how is that not a good deal for both sides? amare is much more proven than oden. when shaq is gone they’ll have oden to replace him and will get tutelage from shaq while hes here- and phx starts rebuidling w/ some young talent.

    bayless/rodriguez/batum have all shown upside and it would do them good to get some more time in a change of scenery

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    lamarcus aldridge doesn’t fit with phoenix anymore than amare stoudamire does.

  • rudderband man

    Phoenix/Steve Kerr – GO GET JOSH SMITH!

  • lololz

    amare would kill the blazers’ locker room. plus, portland is brandon roy’s team. don’t forget the amare really wants to be THE MAN for his team. that’s not gonna happen with portland. so he’ll be unhappy there too for sure.

  • calvin brodus

    Portland is really the only team that can potentially keep the nuggies from winning the NW this year. I think Amare might be a better player (slightly) than LA. But I also can’t look at Amare the same after he got punked by Nate Robinson. Portland is playing really nice as a team right now and clicking pretty good. It seems like this has the potential to throw POR out of whack (Amare does have some ego issues). So I really hope it goes through.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    I think Portland is missing the Jail Blazers era, next move? get back Zach Randolph!

  • Rockstar32

    If im B-roy im praying this does not happen the chemistry on this team is to good to let an ego manic throw out of sync.

  • iLL Mago

    I think after bashing Dantoni over the summertime and now openly giving Porter the cold shoulder, GM’s around the league have become very wary of “NO STAT.” From the pictures dime regularly posts to the way he talks, Amare just seems so full of himself. I think the only places he can get traded to are teams with interim coaches that can take flak from his big mouth because they’re going to get replaced over the summertime anyway. It would be good to see him go to a celler-dweller, give him the Shawn Marion treatment of last year w the HEAT :D

  • Kobeef

    Screw the Suns.
    After years of poor decision making they deserve everything they have coming to them (specifically Kerr).

    The rest of the league should not bail them out of this mess. Let them suck for the next two years with Grandpa Shaq and Old Mother Nash and in 2010 they will be rewarded by watching Amare walk.

    Why the bitterness? They had opportunities to avoid this. They were offered Devin Harris and J-ho for Nash and Matrix and walked. Nice move Kerr.

  • Scott

    Aldridge is going to hear his name in rumors until he becomes and Amare or Bosh caliber player. I was just suggesting to a coworker yesterday that if the Raps were to move Bosh they should go to Portland as a trade partner and go after Aldridge and Bayless. LaMarcus has tons of physical gifts and the reality is he’s what everyone thought Frye would be.

  • karizmatic

    I think that’s a good trade, but quite frankly Phoenix is going nowhere so anything they do at this point isn’t going to do much to help them. Maybe they should consider just blowing up the team. Make this trade, send Nash to New York for whatever, and send Shaq to whoever will take his ridiculous contract. and find something to do with Barbosa, Hill, and Richardson.

  • Prof. TX

    Trade Nash for Arenas, and watch how happy Amare gets when he never sees another assist pass again. Then he’ll miss days like this and maybe be a little more humble on his next team.

  • Bron42 aka Downtown Funky Stuff Malone

    I love how people call certain athletes locker room killers like they know them personally lol. EVERYONE on the suns is bitching…even the diva you all praise in nash and grant hill, but STAT is the locker room killer lol Amares been on one team his whole career yet people are callin him a cancer like he has marburys track record or something lol..Face it, stat, just like marion, doesn’t wanna be on a team where if they win nash gets all the credit but if they lose its everyone elses fault. same reason most big stars don’t wanna go to cleveland. Amare could average 50 and people would just give all the credit to nash for supposedly feeding him the ball. That shit would get tiring to anyone. Miami should trade beasly for him lol….fuck it, orlando shoud trade hedo for him and play him at PF beside dwight at center with rashard at the 3. Now thats a big line up.

    @Ill mago, Shawn marion treatment? umm marions team is about to make the playoffs…suns? prolly not.

  • http://www.layupdrill.com Layupdrill

    I would be shocked if Portland did this one.

  • BEdger

    there is no chance this deal happens, Aldridge is not going anywhere and for the guy who thinks Portland should trade Oden and Bayless for Amare….lay off the pipe buddy

  • Bron42 aka Downtown Funky Stuff Malone

    why trade oden to the suns when they just drafted lopez?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    phoenix aint going nowhere until they realize they gotta trade steve nash. he’s only got a little value left. they aint gonna win shit with steve nash as the point guard; no matter who else is on the roster.

    trade nash to new jersey and pick up devin harris. or trade nash and amare to charlotte for okafor, dj augustin and adam morrison

  • tim

    Pistons need to work out a trade for Amare…Sheed and some others…

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah I’m back wit a few stacks from Vegas”

    This ain’t going down. Phoenix isn’t trading in there conference.

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah I’m back wit a few stacks from Vegas”

    there already talking about Sheed, Maxiell/Johnson and a 1st round pic for Stat.

    Rumor has it that Phoenix wants to go younger, get expiring contracts, and some who can play big and shoot. So I think the Pistons got a good shot.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    hahahaha. imagine joe dumars putting iverson and amare on the court together. i dont ever see that happening.

    and imagine sheed and shaq on the same squad? lol. comical.

  • Desrat

    I do not care what happens to Amare, but this is not good for Portland. Portland has Chemistry, stars and by all accounts LA is a hard guy to get to come out of his shell. He has done that with the coaching of McMillian and the partnering with B-Roy. Portland doesn’t need to shake anything up, they are young and just need to hanker down and get these kids some playoff experience. They should not fuck up their Feng shui right now. STAT is a top tier player, and he will regain his form at some point, but not on the Blazers.

  • Bron42 aka Downtown Funky Stuff Malone

    stat to the lakers for luke walton and farmar lol

  • the_don_mega

    After the loss to Golden State, Stoudemire told reporters, “To keep losing these games the way we are, it’s not fun. I’m not used to it. It’s almost against my religion.”

    – this got me LMFAO…

  • Ashlov

    The internet tubes say that the Suns want Marion/Beasley, but are also asking for either a 1st rounder or Mario Chalmers, which Riley is unwilling to surrender.

    Something like STAT/Barbosa/Barnes for Marion/Beasley/Cook would work, and that’s fair value, considering that the Suns would get a huge expiring and two excellent young prospects.

    Otherwise, it’s not a horrible idea to trade for JO or Brad Miller. That way, in 2010 you sign a superstar to play alongside Wade and Beasley. Sick.

  • doc (i like kobe AND bron)

    I wouldnt give up LA for him.

  • George W Kush Sr

    explain this to me, how is Oden going to develop inside if Amare is there? Isnt Oden’s role the same as Shaq’s? This situation isnt much different for Amare than it is in Phoenix, he’s not going to be any happier in Portland.

    This trade makes absolutely no sens for Portland, Aldridge is perfect compliment to Oden as he would be to Shaq, and Portland gets to keep those young guards they got from the picks the Suns gave ‘em. The Blazers should stay put on this one.

  • K.i.n.G.


  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”Hick a Doodle!”

    Nooooo LA needs to stay where he is at. What is Portland thinking?

    Amare needs to go to Toronto, where no player likes to be really and serve his time.

    The Suns need Bosh K.i.n.G. is right.

  • the cynic

    LA > STAT. Why is Portland always involved in trade rumors that make the team worse; not that these trades ever go through, but its still a little weird

  • Andrej

    Amare to toronto is good for toronto in my mind stoudamire is better then bosh and he would have a good passer on toronto like nash he would up his game to the nexy level beacuse he would be the man of the Raptors and bosh also wants to get traded

  • JMo

    Stoudemire to Minnesota for Rashad McCants, Mike Miller (and his expiring contract)& two of the T’Wolves three first round draft picks. Throw in one of their two second rounders for good measure or take their pick of any forwards with expiring contracts (Cardinal, Madsen, Booth, Collins).

    Al Jefferson & Stoudemire up front, along with Kevin Love, Craig Smith, Corey Brewer, Rodney Carney & Ryan Gomes…Randy Foye & Sebastian Telfair in the backcourt, & hopefully come up with a better PG in the draft or wait another year when they will have a lot of salary cap space.

    Won’t happen, but it’s intriguing.

  • j

    portland wont give up aldridge unless they ae getting cp3 lebron or dwight

  • get em jay

    umm isnt stat one of the guys the knicks could go after in their plan of getting 2 super stars in 2010? i know bosh is the bigman everyone thinks the knicks would go after, since stat and d’antoni didn’t get along…but i think stat knows now that he fit better in d’antoni’s system, and that for now he would be the MAN in new york. from the knicks stand point they get a head start in the 2010 project, and it would be an easier sell to lebron/dwade or which ever other superstar they go after that they already have some of the pieces in play, plus imagine amare, harrington, chandler,q, and duhon thats a solid squad and could even make some noise in playoffs like the warriors did in the playoffs a few years ago… a package of lee and nate and others for amare. as for the suns, they need to start from scratch, the window for nash,shaq and them its pretty much closed now. lee and nate and expering contracts will give them a head start while still remaining competative.

  • paul888

    this is ridiculous. stat should be the basis of the suns future-not being traded for more flotsam and jetsam. we do not need anymore Jason richardson’s or anymore of these average joe’s.
    Kerr really seems intent on destroying this team. d’antoni should never have gone-and shaq is slowly killing the team-crazy crazy stuff. how much better was nash-hill-marion-stat-kurt thomas than this nothing team.We only win now when we run-to spite Porter!

  • Dan

    If Phoenix is going to trade Amare Stoudemire they are going to trade him to a team in the Eastern Conference.

  • kyle

    I think it would be a huge mistake for the blazers to pull this move. They don’t need any locker room problems, they have a good set of guys right now with clean records. This would just mess up the team chemistry. I’d way rather have a guy like David Lee from the Knicks or nobody at all. As for the Suns I would definitely take the deal if the blazers really wanted to.

  • Mike

    i see amare bringing a solid inside game, helping out where oden lacks, filling the void of power in the blazers lineup, big d in the middle, and a leader with more experience the b roy. blazers outside game is one of the best, but they have trouble guarding the giants of the league. w/o stoudemire they won’t get far in the playoffs. will never compete with with lakers, spurs, etc… and therefore, will not win a championship. stoudemire for alridge..no good. fernandez, batum, and bayless. only way to win is to keep lamarcus in for 3-man front in big-on-big situations. may sound nuts, but see the effectiveness and power with outside game…indestructible!!!

  • Justin

    Hearing these so called(fans) speaking with no knowledge is quite annoying. Portland would jump on this trade in a heartbeat. Roy is a class act and would love to have Amare on his squad it will always be B-Roy’s team but, Amare will get his along with Oden who is not an offensive guy anyway spells disaster for any squad. The Diesel is getting old I dont see why they would bounce Amare but if they do..WOW. Watch Out! RIP CITY IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

  • Redd

    Amare is a beast. Suns, dont trade him. We had a tough year cause of his injury. Amare is unstoppable and is an explosive power forward that will do good this year. I have faith in Amare. Come on how can you want to be traded when you have Steve Nash as your point guard. The best point guard in the game. Amare dont go suns need you.