NBA / Feb 24, 2009 / 7:35 pm

Stephon Marbury to the Celtics

Stephon MarburySteph, Dime #8

Minutes ago, the Knicks issued a press statement on behalf of the team and Stephon Marbury, announcing that the two sides have agreed on a contract buyout and Steph will be placed on waivers. The move clears the way for Steph to sign with another team, and all sources indicate he’s headed to the Celtics. The deadline to sign with a team and still be playoff-eligible is Sunday. (Remember Sam Cassell got in just under the deadline last year.)

Reports are that Marbury — who hasn’t played since Jan. 11, 2008 — will forfeit about $2 million from his $20.8M salary. The C’s still need a backup who’s a real point guard (Eddie House doesn’t count), and there isn’t a better talent on the market than Marbury. The Mavs and Heat are also said to be interested.

Is this a good move for Boston?

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  • sam


    boston signed mikki moore too

  • Big North

    its CURTAINS…

  • K Dizzle

    Steph needs to go to Orlando and steal Rafer’s job…

  • banga

    Steph to orlando would be so much better than him going to boston

    or Steph to the spurs as their new starting 2 guard!

  • fallinup

    dayum…steph and KG back in the same building.

    Guess who just became the favorites. I knew Steph was gonna get bought out after that meeting. The union must’ve been pressing Walsh.

  • K Dizzle

    Guess who just became the favorites? hmmmm Still the Lakers. Only a matter of time before Steph feels disrespected cuz he ain’t startin

  • AB_40

    there are two legit contenders with old cores who can take on a player and turn around his me first to team first attitude. if he still had that. those two teams are the boston celtics and the san antonio spurs…


  • MoxWestCoastRep

    This is GREAT news for Laker fans. Starbury Sucks! Ha ha

  • MattO

    woo payton-kemp 2.0 finally reunited!

  • SteveNash

    so sad… lolz… i remember where i wz when i found out starbury wz joining the knicks… what a DISAPOINTMENT!!!! biggest in ny history

  • barons beard

    On a pure talent basis, you can’t front on Steph. But he has been a locker room cancer, and would be a bit suprised if the Celtics would risk upsetting the apple cart

    aA team that has less to lose represents a less of a gamble, if the Heat, for example, signed him he could very well vault them to the position of contenders in the east. But if he doesn’t work out then so what, they aren’t going to win as they are. Plus, Steph would be a key player, rather than a role player, which would suit his ego more

  • LakerFans = (even more delusional than Celts fans)

    lol…So, Lakers will be rolling into the playoffs with essentially the same squad as last year, aside from Ariza. Boston rolls in with essentially the same squad as last year… except instead of creaky PJ Brown and Cassell, you got Moore and now Steph to give 10-15 minutes a game?

    Don’t let the homeritus effect your brain that bad. Brown and Cassell for Steph and Moore seems like a pretty damn acceptable improvement to me.

    Aint no way Steph becomes a cancer to the Celts. Garnett would knock his block clean off.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    He’ll go and bitch and wonder why rondo is even getting minutes, he’ll play, put up 10 shots in 2 min and bitch he got fouled!

  • Celts Fan

    I’m in hell. we need a 3 that can defend, not a guard that can be a cancer

  • LakerFans = (even more delusional than Celts fans)

    All from the same article Austin grabbed.

    Last week, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reported that multiple Celtics players had recently reached out to Marbury, urging him to forfeit some salary in his long-contentious negotiations with the Knicks to prove to skeptics that he could make an impact with a championship-caliber team.

    “It sounds like it’s pretty much locked and loaded,” one rival team official said Tuesday of Marbury joining the Celtics and reuniting with his former Minnesota teammate Garnett.

    It was initially assumed that Garnett would resist a reunion with the controversial point guard after Marbury broke up their Minnesota partnership following less than three seasons together by forcing a trade to New Jersey. But after the January report about Boston’s and Marbury’s mutual interest, Garnett and Marbury both spoke publicly about their willingness to play together again.

    Earlier this month, Boston’s Ray Allen told ESPN.com that the defending champions would have little trouble integrating Marbury into their locker room in spite of Marbury’s reputation for causing chemistry problems.

    “The great thing about this locker room is that Doc [Rivers] can coach,” Allen said. “The coaches can coach. They don’t have to manage this team. The [veteran] players do a great job making sure that we are all prepared to play every day and we keep whatever grumblings down.”

  • LakerFans = (even more delusional than Celts fans)

    Looks like the players aint that worried.

  • venja

    This is what the Celtics needed.
    after losing Posey and them finally realising that Cassell has had his last run, this trade is perfect.
    Second string is now rock solid and if they decide to push the tempo and go small then alot of teams are in trouble.

    Ray ray

    they could run any team of the court.

    watching the Heat/detroit game and they got Iverson at the 2. could be a long night for Mario Chalmers.

  • jonny taise

    what a terribly misleading title for this ‘article’.

  • fallinup

    Steph would be dumb not to go with Boston. Say he does, the rest of this season/playoffs just got very interesting.

  • karizmatic

    I think Boston would be worse off for having Marbury, we’ll see. I like the idea of him going to Orlando though. But the first thing is can Marbury still play, and if he can is he still a cancer. I’d also like to see him on the Heat.

  • Gerard

    Turn on the Spurs game. Parker is in the zone.

  • venus

    deadline to be waived is sunday players can sign after that to be eligible for the playoffs and the last i checked marbury just agreed to a buyout not signed with the celtics how hard is it to check the facts

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime

    hey anyone got the links to the interviews a few summers back?

    the ones on youtube are barely audible

  • haslem

    4 stars on 1 team, they should sign Alonzo just for kicks

  • haslem

    I want to believe Stephon can do this… its all I have.

  • rell

    I think and hope this is a good move. If Marbury start to mess up team chemistry DA should just cut him. It is not like we will have that much money invested in Marbury anyway.

    @Celts Fan
    I think we have a good backup 3 on the team. The problem is Doc refuses to play rookies.

  • Mark

    Doc Rivers can coach? You mean intentionally benching his starters at the end of a futile season to try to get a higher lottery pick? Great coaching indeed, Ray Ray.

    Good for Steph for getting whatever he can get.

  • Jah

    Stephon Marbury may get the last laugh…

    …he might wind up with a ‘chip this year.

  • Jah

    Response to Mark @ comment #27:

    I think it’s a great coaching idea to bench the starters at the end of a futile season for the sake of giving the non-starters more game-time to hone their skills and build more confidence. The more developed they become in game time situations improves the quality of the entire team, no? If there’s no way you can make the playoffs, would you rather use the remaining games to pad your starters’ statistics, or give your bench more playing time to improve?

  • Dave

    Why do you all think sheph can make a difference anywhere – do you not remember that he ruins anything he touches?? Unless his stint in NY taught him some leassons (which i highly doubt as he thinks NY is in the wrong)then Lakers fans should be stoked that he may be joining Boston.

    Look at his history…

  • Dave

    I think all teams should stay the hell away from him, past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour…

  • analord

    steph’s doing his reputation and himself a lot of good by going to Boston…

    now he should just come in, play hard and help the team win. He got what he wanted and it’s time to prove that he can play and be a good teammate.

    hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the Marbury saga…

  • TomGfromCanada

    he should retire


    for all the haters he’s still getting paid whatever team goes to he will be a great asset!…..get money Steph!/BROOKLYN WE GO HARD!

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    at this stage in steph’s career, i’d take jordan farmar on my team

  • Eddy K


  • Sweet English

    How is this a bad move?

    What you don’t realise was Steph was the go-to guy for a really weak knicks team. If that main guy starts to become a problem, it spreads around the locker room, and the Knicks suffered from that, and i’m sure Isiah didn’t help the situation much.

    Now put that same guy on a Championship team with Three superstar Vets, one of the best coahes and best GM’s in the league. Unless Steph sees massive PT and starts jacking everything he see’s, he won’t even have an affect on the team morale, never mind become a cancer.

    All you doubters (and lakers fans) are just hoping that this is gonna go the same way as the Knicks, when all us basketball fans and people who KNOW about basketball, and make comments based on unbiased knowledge of the game, know that the worst that this could do for the Celts is just not have much of an affect at all.

    Steph was not the cancer of the Knicks. The Knicks were the cancer of the Knicks.

  • Prof. TX

    I wish I could get millions of dollars to not show up at work. This guy doesn’t deserve a ring.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Steph is going to the Celtics hands-down…no other teams are even in the running. This move could be the biggest slap in all Steph’s haters’ face, by putting him in contention to get a ring in the same season that he sat home chillin in NY. This is rediculous. I hate the Celtics even more now.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    I think Stephon Marbury’s best situation is to actually go to the Lakers. not the Celtics or Heat. The lakers need point guard help more than people realize.

    their point guards are NOT playmakers. it wouldn’t hurt them to have a playmaking point guard off their bench. Although the Lakers priority is big man depth and toughness, they should really look into adding Steph; especially since he come cheap with no further commitment.

    As for the Celts….alls they did was duplicate their moves from last year. last year they added pj boogie brown and sam cassell. this year…mikki moore and steph marbury

  • Kobeef

    I can’t wait until Steph starts to complain about playing time…it will be priceless.

  • control

    Celts do this and they won’t win a championship. You can’t depend on losers if you want to be champs. Steph is like a sex addict, second you think he’s reformed, he’s off fucking a goat again…guy has a chemical imbalance in his head that causes him to be a cancer.

  • Celts Fan

    agreed control. the first slump Rondo goes in, Steph’ll start his bitching and it’ll all start. You can only sign these type of guys to 1 year deals. I only pray he realizes how important it is too be on his best behavior (end of a contract year and what not) so he can scam a full MLE from a team in free agency in the summer…

  • ConverseWeapon

    I am behind this, and hope it happens. If you don’t watch the Celtics closely, you may not know their bench has serious issues. This is a typical low risk / high reward situation, and there are frankly not too many other options out there.

    Forget about the baggage for a moment, and look at the man’s basketball skills. He can handle backcourt pressure (House has trouble with this); score in bunches by either attacking the rim, or raining threes (TA can take it to the hole, but is crazy inconsistent, and House is the only other 3 pt. shooter off the bench); and he can dish (there are no playmakers on the Celtics’ bench right now – none).

    We are talking about a multiple time all-star, who has basically been a 20 and 8 man his entire career. This is a steal for the Celtics, and definately something Red would do.

    In Boston, no one will expect him to run the show, at least for the first team. He just needs to play a role which basically means working over second and third string guards.

    Adding Starbury should allow House to slide into his more natural role of raining threes – Lamar Mundane style; should let TA focus on slashing and defense; and give the Celtics underized big men significantly more opportunities around the basket.

  • Buffalo Brave

    @ Sweet English, mad props for post #37

    Couldnt have said it any better myself

  • George W Kush Sr

    Hate, hate and hate, but no actual points being made here.

    Same people were hating on Randolph when i defended him, he hasn’t had a bad season really, and with the Knicks he was killing it before getting traded, its not his fault his with the Clipper and Dunleavy now.

    Steph has every reason to play his hardest and shut the fuck up. The only thing he wants to do is prove you haters wrong, not go to a championship team to throw his weight around.

    You forget while mentionning that he had to deal with Larry Brown as his coach and watching Qyntel Woods get pt. He had to watch Thomas and Dolan make stupid decision after stupid decision. Then he got fucked by the ‘Stache Master this year. Look at his preseason, he was only trying to get the system and was producing too, no behavior complaints until he surprisingly got benched as soon as the season began.

    If Starbury gets a ring with Boston, will you guys actually admit how off you were or are you going to start saying you always knew it had the potential to work out? yea right