NBA / Feb 12, 2009 / 1:11 pm

The Anti All-Star Team

Baron DavisBaron Davis

SI’s Paul Forrester put out his NBA Anti All-Star team today, headlined by the man shooting the lowest field goal percentage in the League, Mr. Baron Davis.

PG – Baron Davis
SG – Tracy McGrady
SF – Mike Miller
PF – Shawn Marion
C – Sam Dalembert

Not a bad starting five. But let me offer a couple of amendments.

First and foremost, I’m replacing Sam Dalembert with Tyson Chandler. In Bill Simmons’ words today, “Tyson Chandler has played like absolute dog crap and might be Exhibit A for the “Wait, are we sure the Hornets like Byron Scott?” debate.”

I haven’t seen that seemingly unstoppable Chris Paul-to-Chandler alley-oop once this season. Teams figured out that if you bump him 10 feet from the rim, he won’t get the head of steam needed to catch that lob. Plus, he doesn’t have the strength to fight through.

Forrester mentions DeShawn Stevenson in his second five, but he’s got to be starting in my opinion. His stats are appalling: 6.6 points per game, 31.2% FG, 27.1% 3FG. He should actually be ashamed.

Source: SI

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  • dmitry of jersey

    pre-injury Elton Brand should get a dis-honorable mention.

  • dmitry of jersey

    or maybe it’s anti-honorable mention.

    also, Michael Beasley.

  • kevin k

    Mike Miller plays hard every game unlike the other guys mentioned. His stats are solid and his pts are down because he is attempting 4 less shots. I will replace Mike Miller with Ron Artest who’s shooting 38%.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I second the Elton Brand nomination. And sometimes I wonder how Stevenson is still in the league. Seriously, he seems to have lost skills that he had even his rookie year. Now he just shoots and talks shit.

    The Paul to Chandler alley-oop has been there, but not as often. He never needed strength to pull it off. His guy would have to collapse on Paul or give up a lay in. The result was usually an oop–nothing impressive on Tyson’s part. But now Chandler looks like he doesn’t care at all. If I was a Hornets fan I’d be furious with the guy.

  • David Brandon

    can we toss brad miller on there too?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    toss steve nash on there too.

    he aint above this. and dont gimme that 21asts at detroit BS. even chris ‘wack ass’duhon dropped 22asts in a game this season; and we wasnt passing to any allstars (past or present) like nash.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    mike d’antoni should coach this anti team

  • Mark

    Not saying Tyson doesn’t deserve the list, but Andrew should pay more attention if he hasn’t seen one CCC.

    I know Starbury hasn’t played a game to warrant a discrepancy between production and potential, but in this situation, doesn’t “not playing” qualify you to be on the anti-all star team too?

  • nick

    baron needs to step his game up. he is supposed to be an elite pg and leader of his team. you can’t be doing that while shooting a league worse fg%.

  • the cynic

    Baron’s jumper is one of the ugliest in the game, and yet he tries like 10 fade aways a game with that junk. He should ask Novak for advice

  • dantz

    Yea b.davis did fall off dis season throw mah manz steve francis up der

  • Mad Max

    Toss Heckler aka YallAlreadyKnowNothing on there for his nonsense comments. Worst poster on Dime. By far.
    Dalembert and Miller should not be on the list.
    Artest, Chandler and Al Thornton should be on the 1st team.

  • Ian

    i dont know how many of u guys think baron davis is good. i posted it before baron davis is a short antoine walker period.

  • doc (might be going to Sixers or Warriors summerleague team)


  • UncheckedAggression

    @Mad Max
    Why Al Thornton? Maybe I just don’t watch the Clippers, but why such a young player that is still developing?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    mad maxi pad–

    word? u calling me out?
    you puss.

    you sure you want it with me? aight then. bring it bitchboy

  • Mad Max

    Probably the most inconsistent player in the L.
    He has absolutely zero heart. The kid could be Karl Malone if he gave 2 shits.
    Thats why.

  • jeremy

    deshawn has been injured the entire season

  • dagwaller

    Mad Max, agreed with most of your post except for the part about Al Thornton.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN


    Earl Watson – sad when a team only wants you b/c of a contract dump

    Channing – buried on the pine…him and that jump shot.

    Robin Lopez – your bro is like 10 thousand gabillion times BETTER than you. Kinda crazy, you guys DO share the same dna, right?

    McGee – oogly boogly game

    Quentin Richardson – how long have you been in the league?? No way you should be shooting less than 40% on field goals…for your entire career! No Way.

  • the cynic

    @ Mad Max

    Al Thorton game is nothing like Karl Malone, maybe you mean Nique. Thorton just needs to develop his body a little and his defensive IQ a lot

  • infinite dip

    i will ignore your thornton comment, and instead watch the show Al will put on in the Rookie Challenge Game.

  • thomasmmm

    YES to brad miller. wait up, that’s my fantasy line-up! bollocks!