NBA / Feb 5, 2009 / 4:15 pm

The Lakers Should Make This Move

David LeeDLee

Though the Lakers’ have great chemistry right now following two monster wins on an East Coast swing, Phil Jackson isn’t getting too comfortable on top of the West. Phil said that he’s willing to entertain trade offers to help improve the club following Andrew Bynum‘s torn MCL, which will likely keep him out until the playoffs.

“We certainly won’t sit back and just assume (the best),” Jackson said. “We’ll talk about it. We’ll try to improve the club if there’s a necessary thing to do. That’s what you have to do in this business.”

L.A. doesn’t have the luxury of inserting Ronny Turiaf in Bynum’s absence this time around. So unless they believe that Pau Gasol, Josh Powell, Lamar Odom, and maybe a little bit of Chris Mihm can hold down the middle for the entire second half of the season, they should explore some trades.

Here’s one that would make a lot of sense. Trade Lamar Odom for David Lee and Eddy Curry.

First, from the Knicks’ perspective. Though I personally disagree with their philosophy, they’ve come right out and said that they’d deal Lee if it helps them get rid of Eddy Curry’s bloated deal. Their biggest condition is that they need to get someone who’s deal comes off the books before 2010. Lamar Odom’s $11.4 million deal ends after this year. Plus, as a 6-10 forward who can run the floor, Odom can ostensibly fill Lee’s role in Mike D’Antoni‘s system – for now.

And for the Lakers, this would be a great move. They get a phenomenal rebounder in Lee who has the basketball acumen to learn the triangle. They don’t lose a ton if Odom leaves – Trevor Ariza is ready to step into that role, and Luke Walton can see some more minutes backing him up.

However, there are two big concerns L.A. would have to address before pulling the trigger on this deal. First, David Lee isn’t a great defender. He struggles when he’s got to guard someone more than 15-feet away from the rim. The Lakers are already weak defensively. And second, he’s not a great shot blocker. Though he can get up and change a shot from time to time, he doesn’t really block a whole lot – only 0.3 bpg. From that perspective, maybe L.A. would be better off pursuing someone like Jermaine O’Neal.

Even so, I still think that Lee would be a tremendous addition for the Lakers. This is as close as Mitch Kupchak could get to a rendition of pillaging the Grizzlies for Pau last year. Also, there isn’t too much risk involved in this deal for L.A., as Lee’s deal ends after this season. If they want to keep him on with Gasol and Bynum, they can make an offer. But if it doesn’t work out, they can let him dive back into the free agent market. That being said, they’d still have to pay Curry an exorbitant amount of money to sit on the bench.

Is that a price that L.A. should pay to add David Lee?

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  • karizmatic

    I love this trade. Just as soon as you mentioned David Lee for Odom I was with it. I’d be willing to take on Eddy Curry just to get Lee. Odom needs to get out of LA he’s a malcontent.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Hell NO… I don’t know what you’re smoking, but could you share some? That trade is the worst I have heard recently. I think LA should trade LO, but not for Eddy Curry (he’s already broke and fat)

  • AY

    mitch cupcake will probably swing a lamar odom for chris bosh plus bargani plus jamario moon; i don’t think you’re fairly judging the power of “expiring contract”.

  • SK

    I’d rather trade the combination of Robinson/Chandler to get rid of Curry rather than Lee. I think Lee has proven he belongs in NY as he’s improved every year, even with crazy management. If anything, Walsh would be fine unloading Jefferies contract instead.

  • karizmatic

    The trade is not for Eddy Curry it’s for David Lee, and you never know maybe Curry just needs a change of scenery. Phil Jackson has worked some miracles before. You never know playing on a contender may do something for Curry. I think it’s worth getting David Lee.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    David Lee, is a restricted free agent at the end of the year, that means that I have to pay eddies fat ass and I lose out on LO and Lee cause you know Lee gonna get crazy paid after this season and the Lakers won’t pay it.

  • fallinup

    Lee is a stud and all. I just don’t see LA doing this move though. Their need is a big man that can provide some toughness and D on the rim. A trade for JO is a gamble, but very ideal if he stays healthy.

    Lakers need to intimidate with that front line. Pau and co. won’t do that…and bringing Lee in won’t do much either.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    if the lakers get another BULLSHIT trade then i will never watch another nba game. (lets here you lakers fan cheer that come on). why not david lee for chris mihm and some 2012 2nd round draft picks? how about david lee and KG in a 3 team deal for odom and mihm and the machine with some cash thrown in there. hell how about the machine for ray allen straight up?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    andrew katz–

    you suck.

    this dont make sense for either team. why the hell would la want eddy curry? is he an upgrade even if bynum is out? no he aint.

    the knicks have no size nor rebounding. why would they trade both of their rebounders (randolph, lee) in the same season?….and for what? a 3month rental of lamar odom?

    makes no sense for either team. if they did this trade, what would the knicks do for next season?….start danilo gallinari as their center?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    if phil jax and LA couldn’t teach kwame brown shit….you know damn well they dont wanna try an eddy curry experiment.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…”Get in tune with you star playa!”

    I don’t see LA getting rid of Shawty LO.

    Why couldn’t LA get a center from the D League?

    I think that would be the move right there honestly.

    I am pretty sure they have a 6-10 to 7 footer that could give you a shot blocking presence and grab some boards. Might not be as much on the offensive side of things, but why not do that?

    Honestly I am shocked more squads are pulling from there. Are they really that far off?

  • chekmate

    this doesnt make sense financially. i think bynum’s new contract kicks in next year and you still have gasol on the books. all your left with at the end of the year is eddy curry’s fat contract.

    trading for jermaine o’neal makes more sense. odom and walton for o’neal plus one (maybe solomon for pg depth)

  • karizmatic

    I certainly wouldn’t go afte JO. There is nothing there. He’s done. I don’t see him contributing anything. Getting JO is like the Pistons getting Webber a couple years back. It’s just a name. The skills that built the name are no longer present. If the Lakers want to win a championship this year I think acquiring Lee is the right thing to do. If he walks, he walks. Odom isn’t a great loss at this point anyway. Especially if they get a ring out of it. And at least having Curry give them another big to throw around for fouls or something next year. Yes it’s a lot to pay, but how much is a ring worth to you? I really think getting Lee could pay dividends in the long run. Especially after Bynum comes back. But hey lining up Gasol and Lee in the starting lineup isn’t a bad idea either.

  • http://www.themavenreport.com Kyle

    Please god we don’t want Eddie Curry.

    How bout a draft pick, Odom and Mihm of J.O.?

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Oh Don’t worry Rangerjohn, Pau to the the Lakeshow wasn’t bullshit, it was legit and approved by the commish. And Mitch is working the phones as we speak, Lakers will get something like JO and and 1st round pick (not lottery protected), hey it’s happened before.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    the lakers bigger concern is their point guard situation. they are weak at point guard. derek fisher has become 1-dimensional as a spot up 3pt shooter. he doesnt do much else on the court anymore. and he’s getting old.

    jordan farmar isnt a full-out bum, but if he is yoour starting point guard of the future…..ya got problems.

    more so than adding a big, i think the lakers need a point guard

  • Jwill

    Powell is actually playing pretty well…granted, he’s no Bynum, JO, or Lee…but why take on the mess that is Curry?! I like Lee…id even do Lee straight up for Odoom, but NY wouldn’t want that cuz then they’re still stuck with Curry’s contract. Another mentally screwed up big man is not what we need (see Kwame Brown). LA fans are known to be pretty laid back, but we almost boo’d Kwame to tears….Curry would be a disaster.

  • hahns

    as a knicks fan…NO NO AND NO. we already have the 2 biggest underacheivers in nba history (tim thomas and al harrington) on our team…we dont need #3. lamar odom is a BUM and hes exactly the type of player zeke would trade for. that right there should be the litmus test. let me be the first knick fan to blasphme 2010:

    i dont care if we dont get lebron in 2010- re-sign david lee at all costs.

    if i was the lakers, i would absolutely do this trade. lee is exactly the type of player that can push your team over the edge to win a championship. in all his years in la, odom has NEVER proved himself. its all been untapped potential…and at some point, you gota write off your losses and realize that hes not as good as eveyrone thinks he can be

  • ekstor


    Not only would NY not want to trade Lee for Odom straight up b/c of Curry’s contract, but it’s not possible for that trade to be done even if they were willing to do that. David Lee makes under $2 million. Odom makes over $14 million. That’s the other reason why Curry needs to be thrown in.

  • Dime Magazine


    Thanks for the kind words buddy. This wouldn’t be for Eddy Curry – he’s just in there so that the deal would work financially, and so that the Knicks would have some incentive to give up Lee. As I say above, “That being said, they’d still have to pay Curry an exorbitant amount of money to sit on the bench.”

    If you think that Lee isn’t the piece that they’re looking for – or that they’d rather try to wait things out until Bynum returns without making a move that sends LO away – then it’s not right for L.A.

    But the Lakers want to win NOW. And with the current landscape of the League, their best bet might be to swing a deal that is better for this season than it is for next season. Baseball teams do that all the time to try to win.

    – AK

  • Bruce

    Lakers first round draft pick the season after Kobe retirement.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’


    this ain’t baseball and the dynamics ain’t the same.

    Let just say the Lakers do this move as you suggest (trade Lamar Odom to NY for David Lee and Eddy Curry), how does this help LA NOW (as you put it)?

    David Lee cannot block shots nor intimidate in the paint. He’s never played a playoff game. He is not a defensive enforcer. He is a good player having a great season, but he isn’t what the Lakers need.

    But if they did….and he walks as a restricted FA, then the Lakers are left eddy curry (and the 2yrs of $22mil) and his contract. No odom, no lee.

    If the Lakers didn’t match an offer for Ronny Turiaf last offseason (kobe’s boy)….what is your logic for believing Mitch Kup would match for David Lee?

  • Smackdown

    Odom and Farmar for Camby and Ricky Davis. The clips are going no where and when Kaman eventually comes back where does that leave Camby who has two years left anyway. Meanwhile any player on the Lakers roster for Davis it is a clear upgrade, especially as young PG to back up the forever injured Baron Davis. if you settle for Vlad instead of Farmar, maybe you can even get the lakers to through in a draft pick. Meanwhile the clips can then deal Odom or even keep him if they choose and Camby is the perfect rebounding/shot blocking force for the Lakers to compete this year.

  • LaMont

    David Lee is horrible defensively, last night with the game on the line and LeBron driving to the hoop, Tim Thomas fouls out because Lee doesn’t step up to stop LeBron. Odom can easily make the layups this guy has been getting plus he blocks more shots (blocked Lee the other night at MSG) and he’s yet another capable ball handler. Duhon and Q or whoever in the backcourt with Odom, Gallinari and Chandler up front would be a problem (Al, Tim and Nate off the bench). NY should do it, then they can get some players in the offseason this year too.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Smackdown says:

    Odom and Farmar for Camby and Ricky Davis.

    That’s insane! Ricky buckets is a CANCER and Camby isn’t tough! LA could get a lot more and I would hope that they would treat LO better than that!

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    I mean if Kwame can get you a Caron Butler or a PAU then I’m sure LO could get us something better than Camby, Lee and Ricky Buckets.


    Not to sure if I like this trade, I like Lee as a player, but not sure if giving odom up for him is a good idea considering odoms length and ability to guard more versatile powerfowards. Also Odom is a pretty adept rebounder and more accomplished scorer and passer.

  • Guitar Hero

    Man, I wouldn’t trade Lee. Ever.
    Maybe adding Nate will be enough to ship Fat Eddy out of town. Orlando? Portland?

  • hater

    This is just plain silly.. LA got to the finals last year with LO and Gasol. Why would they be any more likely to get back there and win it with a half season out of David Lee instead?

    A proven performer who knows the system, playing for a new contract in LO, or a might fit/might not Lee, along with an ugly contract in Curry?

    Katz be CRAAZY!

  • Kermit The Washington

    Hate to say it, but Jermaine O’Neil is the only move to make, if anything…Lakers need interior defense. JO or hold.

  • yoda

    lakers have injured center so they will trade for j.o. to get what? another injured center? please explain.

  • Dime Magazine


    Let’s go point-by-point here.

    1. You ask how this helps L.A. now.

    They have one good power forward on their roster right now in Pau Gasol. Lamar Odom is not a back-to-the-basket guy by any stretch of the imagination, and he CANNOT bang down low.

    David Lee can. As I said, he’s a great rebounder. He would take a lot of the beating off of Gasol that he’ll otherwise have to take. This move would do a lot to help Gasol continue to play at a high level.

    ALSO, as I say above, the Lakers don’t lose a lot if Lamar Odom leaves. Trevor Ariza has proven to be a huge asset for them at the three. Sure he won’t score as much as L.O. does, but he’ll play better D, and he’s better in transition.

    2. You don’t like that Lee can’t block shots or intimidate in the paint.

    Does L.O. intimidate anyone?

    3. You don’t like that Lee could walk after this season and the Lakers are left without him or Odom, and they’re still stuck with Curry’s deal.

    I agree that being stuck with Curry’s deal sucks. But Odom’s contract expires at the end of this year. So he could walk too. However, I will say that if L.O. walks after this year, the Lakers will have all that money to play around with. If they make this deal, a lot of that money will go to Curry to sit around.

    Odds are that they could re-up with Lee at a cheaper price than they could re-up with Odom.

    4. Are you really saying that Turiaf and Lee are comparable?

    Turiaf’s career high in rebounds per game = 3.9 rpg.
    Turiaf’s career high in points per game = 6.6 ppg.
    Turiaf’s career high in minutes per game = 18.9 mpg.

    Lee’s career high in rebounds per game = 11.7 rpg. (Even take his second best year, his sophomore season when he put up 10.7 rpg.)
    Lee’s career high in points per game = 15.9 ppg.
    Lee’s career high in minutes per game = 35.2 mpg.

    No comparison.

    – AK

  • Kobeef

    These Craptor fans have to stop dreaming in technicolor. No team is taking Jermaine after he just spent half the year injured.

    Jermaine had a nice season or two but his knees retired in 2006.

  • Lee

    Lamar Odom to Phoenix for their medical team !!!

  • fallinup

    It’s crazy how “well” some players can heal up when on a winning team…with a chance at a ring. JO would definetly not have to work as hard as he did in Indy or Tor if he were on the Lakers..actually, all he’d have to do is man the paint, rebound, and block shots…the man just had 9 friggin blocks on the Lakers yesterday…and he’s washed up??? C’mon now.

    If there is anyway to turn Lamar Friggin Odom into a serviceable big man…you take it with no delay. If it’s even the shell of Jermaine Oneil…and you have to admit he’s at least more than a shell of his old self…

    You do it. Not for the sake of covering for Bynums loss…but to be rid of Lamar Odom for good.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’


    sad attempt to justify your scenario. just pathetic. please stop. your hurting yourself and your credibility.

    just look at your suggestion at face value:
    your suggesting the lakers trade lamar odom for david lee and eddy curry?!!?

    hahaha. comical. please tell us your joking and dont really support such an idea.

    Here’s why is DOESN’T make sense for LA; point-by-point if you prefer:

    1. David Lee is a restricted free agent after this season. for this to make sense for la, they would HAVE to re-sign him. David Lee is expected to earn $7.5-$10mil in the offseason. If they don’t resign him, then officially they would have moved Lamar Odom for Eddy Curry.
    And if they do resign David Lee….that would put LA’s frontline (bynum, gasol, curry, lee) at an estimated $49mil next year. And that doesn’t even include Kobe’s contract.
    Financially—doesn’t make sense for the Lakers

    2. On the court, while David Lee is a stud in his own way, he doesn’t address the lakers need. they need interior defense and point guard help. He bangs…but is that the reason your going to move lamar odom?…for a banger who still cannot do anything for you defensively?

    3. I was not comparing Turiaf to Lee per say, moreover that if Mitchy didn’t pony up for Turiaf, why would you believe he would ante up $7mil (at least) per year for david lee?
    And just on eye level…turiaf plays half the minutes david lee does. so…(le terms) if turiaf minutes doubled to lee’s…his output would be comparible at 8pts and 13rebs per game. In addition, Turiaf would block more shots and take far more charges. But I wasn’t making a player comparison btwn the two anyway.

    4. Trevor Ariza? Hahaha. is that who you think can/will replace lamar odom? Ariza is an open court player. If the lakers are running, Trevor is a non factor. He actually hurts the triangle since he cannot stretch a defense with his shooting. He cannot dribble and he cannot pass. Ask Phil Jax why Ariza wasn’t named the starter


    Well done my friend you support your argurment with great enthusiasm.

    Heckler you got served. Trying to compare Turiaf to Lee?!?!?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’


    I ain’t against trading lamar odom. hell, i aint even a lakers fan. but if your going to move him, at least get back some quality in return. or a player to fill a needed void.

    david lee and eddy curry dont help la on the court or on the books.

    come up with another scenario.

    if thats the case, the lakers might as well move odom to OK city for nick collison and chris wilcox

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’


    no way this katz fella can serve me. he’s got to come with something stronger.

    as for you…please go back and re-read #22. there is no lee/turiaf comparison.

    it was more of a mitch kupchak reasoning i used. NOT a player comparison btwn the two.

    “thanks for coming out. god bless. goodnight”

  • fallinup

    And to reiterate what I stated earlier..and also, support Heckler..(yallreadyknow, whats up brudda I thought you disappeared!)…I would not want to have anything to do with Eddy Curry, or Eddy Curry’s contract.

    Lee does not fill what the Lakers need. And Curry’s contract would be an albatross.

    There are other options better than Lee. Not saying he’s not a baller…just saying, he don’t fit.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’


    whattup homey. i take hiatus during the offseason. but you know i resurface strong. #1 most hated on this board; and i love it.

    maybe katz next suggestion will be to move odom to njn for eduardo najera and stromile swift

  • Dime Magazine

    Fallinup –

    I think that you’re the one who is on to something. I’ll come back to that in a second.

    One last thing for my friend Heckler…

    Nothing like a good heated argument – thanks for taking this seriously. My apologies if I misread you as comparison Turiaf/Lee. However, though you say that you aren’t making a comparison, you proceed to say that if you “doubled” Turiaf’s minutes, you’d arrive at Lee’s production.

    You know that doesn’t hold water. If you leave him on the floor for more time, he’s either going to foul out, or he’ll not be as energetic, spry, productive as he is during his first 18 minutes.

    The last thing that I’ll say about the Lee/Odom debate is this. I think that you’re drastically undervaluing Lee.

    Look at his numbers right now versus Odom’s.

    * L.O. – 9.4 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 1.1 bpg, 1.4 spg
    * Lee – 15.9 ppg, 11.7 rpg, 0.3 bpg, 0.9 spg

    The other thing that I think you’re undervaluing is rebounding. There’s an expression that you’d know if you played ball – “Offense sells tickets. Defense wins games. Rebounding wins championships.”

    Without Bynum, they’re losing 8.2 boards per game. They need to replace those. Lee’s a good candidate for that, and thus he addresses a need.

    Now, moving on to Fallinup’s good point. The Sacramento Bee just published a report that the Lakers are actually in trade talks, in which they’d move Odom to the Kings for Brad Miller.

    Miller is a great candidate for L.A. for a number of reasons. He’s a great passer who will be able to play the post in the triangle. He can rebound (8.0 rpg). But he isn’t going to intimidate ANYONE. (Especially without the braids.)

    The difference between dealing with Sacramento and New York is simply that L.A. wouldn’t have to take on Curry’s deal. They would still end up with three monsters on their books through 2009-10 (Miller gets about $11 mil this year and $12 mil next year.)

    Thus, L.A. could handle their need on the glass, without getting someone who is going to block shots, and most importantly, without having to take on Curry’s bloated deal.

    – AK

  • fallinup

    Screw you AK!!! Hahaha….dude. SO weird. I was just on the trade machine making that trade work. The money is right.

    I just came back here to post that it would be a cold day in hell if this trade happened, but Miller for Odom works!!

    haha At least i know someone else is thinking that.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’


    Love the back-n-forth. The only thing better than watching/playing bball…is discussing/arguing bball.

    I dont quite understand you stats comparison of David Lee to Lamar Odom. David Lee is a starter. Odom is not a starter. He’s been a bench player for all of 2 games. So right there…discredit the stats. They’re not comparable.

    I am still not comparing david lee to ronny turiaf; but i don’t see how you can compare stats of a stater to a bench player and expect it to be comparable. …and you suggesting a player would foul out or run out of energy…c’mon….are you serious? theres no fact in that. just your personal speculation. …and that doesn’t hold water.

  • fallinup

    I think Miller could fill the lane. He’s had Shaq so pissed enough that he took a swing at him, so he’s good for something. haha

  • added

    i love david lee, but you dont wanna mess with the chemistry the lakers got right now…pau and odom play extremely well together…

    lakers should wait for a better offer…

  • fallinup

    From what I saw, Miami and Sac have been talking about Miller and Marion. But, if the Lakers somehow find a way to convince Petrie that taking Odom for Miller is better.


    Also read that Sactown is about to have a fire sale. Everybody aside from Thompson, Hawes, Garcia, and Martin are on the block. So anything is possible.

  • IrishBaller

    nonsensical… odom does everything lee does and better (except, obviously, snatch every rebound in sight), only odom is a better defender and fits the triangle more…. no way this trade goes down, I’d be pissed just seeing eddy curry on the lakers bench

  • Celts Fan

    Who knew the move they’d actually make would be to acquire 3 refs tonight

  • Celts Fan

    Nevermind actually. Just saw the replay of the last shot and ray didn’t get hit hard enough for a whistle in that situation. Refs were AWFUL tonight but equally awful

  • KnicksFan84

    Bad trade. Knicks would have nobody to rebound the ball. D. Lee is not getting traded at deadline. Knicks will not be making any trades @ deadline folks. Trust me!

  • qwerty

    Getting Curry is a waste.

  • MSkittle

    Great idea

  • Joseph

    Time to elaborate on the below. While David Lee has some nice numbers, in fact better then Odom’s, the fact of matter is that under Mike D’Antoni’s system, David Lee has the ability to put up inflated numbers in points, rebounds, etc. With the Lakers, Odom has to contend with rebounds against Bynum (during the first half of the season) and Pau Gasol. Odom has also been the Lakers 6th man. If Odom were in fact with the Knicks in Lee’s place, I’ve no doubt that his points would be higher, rebounds would be comparable, and his steals, assists, and blocks might be a bit higher as well. I think Lee is actually be overvalued. In fact, if you put Lee on the Lakers, his numbers would drop considerably.

    Dime Magazine says:

    Fallinup –

    The last thing that I’ll say about the Lee/Odom debate is this. I think that you’re drastically undervaluing Lee.

    Look at his numbers right now versus Odom’s.

    * L.O. – 9.4 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 1.1 bpg, 1.4 spg
    * Lee – 15.9 ppg, 11.7 rpg, 0.3 bpg, 0.9 spg

    – AK”

  • ricky bucketz

    Trade Odom for Bmiller and flip miller for marion. Done n Done

  • ricky bucketz

    that way when bynum comes back marion can slide to the 3 anywys

  • Scott

    Yall are fucked. If they’re taking on Curry, they better get more than Lee. Kwame at least got himself in shape, and wanted to play well (he just flat our blows). Curry could care less about being in shape, its easy to see, he knew the majority of the offseason who his coach was, and he came into camp looking like he just left fat camp and failed miserably.

    There is a hell of a reason the Knicks will give up damn near anyone to rid themselves of Curry, and we only know probably a quarter of the story, but if they’re THAT desperate, there’s got to be more there that we don’t know. I mean ya, dude may be a nice guy, but he might also just be jolly. Either way, Lee isn’t worth taking him on.

    I would put money on the fact that Eddy stays a knick the rest of his contract then retires due to severe fatness. At least Oliver Miller figured out how to play while fat. Eddy can’t even do that. lol.