• jay

    hi doc,

    who should i play: varejao, posey or mcguire?

  • fallinup

    What about Manu, Doc??? He’s killing me with when he’ll get at it.

  • son#1

    is Al Thornton going to be healthy enough to go at all this week?…thanks

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Doc what up!
    I got one of the 2 first round byes so nothing urgent but…
    What do you think about Hughes, Biedrins and Rip- not just health but production wise when they are back.

    A few guys avail: Raz Butler, McDyess,Barbosa, Gil, Gooden, Bynum

    Im gonna have to make a call on these guys for next week.

  • SJ


    Any news on Josh Howard?

  • mules

    I’ve got a bye this week but I’m trying to set up my squad for my championship run. Who do you like between Sessions and Dooling? McDyess and Camby?

  • BrickLayer

    Hey Doc,

    I currently have a couple of spots that i am not sure about going into the playoffs.

    The 2 guys i am not sure about are:

    Aaron Brooks
    Wilson Chandler

    Players on waivers i am considering

    B Wright

    Who should i move?