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(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 3/23/2009

Start em if you got em.

Start em if you got em.

Fellas (and to the two ladies that are reading my fantasy column), my bad on last week. Work roadtrip and it was a little hectic to say the least. That being said, did you think I’d let you down on lineup Monday? It’s week 22 and playoff lineups are due. Let’s get at it.

The Two Gamers – Both Houston and Sac-Town play only two games and with the possible exception of Yao, EVERYONE should be on your bench.

The Phoenix Suns – WOW is this a great time to own Suns players. The Suns play a five game week and you should get them all in there. Nash, Shaq, J-Rich, Matt Barnes, and even possibly Grant Hill. Leandro Barbosa is hurt and is not expected to play this week.

The Chicago Bulls – The Bulls are the other 5-gamer this week and you should start Rose, Gordon, Salmons, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, and probably Brad Miller. Based on Hinrich’s game log, I would leave him on the bench.

Devin Harris – Sorry Harris owners. Devin stays on the bench. If you’re in the playoffs, hope to get through this week because it looks pretty good for Harris to return next week.

Jamal Crawford –
The only thing you can trust in Nelliville right now is that Jamal Crawford won’t play enough to start this week. The Warriors are a three gamer this week and the risk level in G-State is very high. I would probably still start Monta and Captain Jack if I owned them.

Rip Hamilton – Tough, tough call. The Pistons play four games this week and Rip could return by game 1, which unfortunately is tomorrow and not today. Unless you have a great replacement, I think you have to roll the dice.

Rasheed Wallace –
I would bench Sheed. Originally scheduled for a Tuesday return, now it looks like Thursday is more likely. Go McDyess or go home this week.

Jarret Jack – Coming off a 13-14 game for 31 points Jarrett Jack looks like a must play right? It’s a tougher call than that. He’s been getting steady minutes since Granger returned but the scoring overall has dropped to the 10 to 13 points per average. With only 3 games this week, Jack is a midlevel start.

Andrea Bargnani – With his day to day status Bargnani is a no go as well this week. As well as Bargnani’s played, the Raptors aren’t going to rush him back and there is a high probability that he misses at least one game this week. It’s too risky to give him the start.

Mehmet Okur – Here’s one guy it looks like you can give the go ahead to. Okur is good to go for week 22.

Marcus Camby – This is amazing. The LA Daily News noted that if Camby plays in 10 of the next 12 he earns significant contract bonuses. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Migraine (insert other injuries here) works the next couple of weeks. Camby will be looking to play, the Clippers, knowing the Clippers, will not be looking to pay. Start him this week but don’t expect classic Camby.

Chris Kaman – Kaman’s numbers are very Brad Miller like right now and most disappointing is his blocks are under 1 per game since he has returned. He’s a risky start, a riskier one that Camby, but could put up decent second center numbers.

Kevin Garnett – Start him. His minutes should steadily climb and let’s face it, if he gets 20+ minutes he finds way to help your squad.

Ryan Gomes – Every time I say something negative about him he goes off, but I can’t help it. He’s just consistent enough. Especially in his last five where he’s been in single digits is scoring three times. There it is…the negative comment that Gomes needed!

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  • jay

    hi doc,

    who should i play: varejao, posey or mcguire?

  • fallinup

    What about Manu, Doc??? He’s killing me with when he’ll get at it.

  • son#1

    is Al Thornton going to be healthy enough to go at all this week?…thanks

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Doc what up!
    I got one of the 2 first round byes so nothing urgent but…
    What do you think about Hughes, Biedrins and Rip- not just health but production wise when they are back.

    A few guys avail: Raz Butler, McDyess,Barbosa, Gil, Gooden, Bynum

    Im gonna have to make a call on these guys for next week.

  • SJ


    Any news on Josh Howard?

  • mules

    I’ve got a bye this week but I’m trying to set up my squad for my championship run. Who do you like between Sessions and Dooling? McDyess and Camby?

  • BrickLayer

    Hey Doc,

    I currently have a couple of spots that i am not sure about going into the playoffs.

    The 2 guys i am not sure about are:

    Aaron Brooks
    Wilson Chandler

    Players on waivers i am considering

    B Wright

    Who should i move?