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Andrew Bynum Is a Genius

Andrew Bynum

Goodness gracious this guy is brilliant. Last everyone heard, Andrew Bynum was weeks away from being ready to get back on the court with the Lake Show. But this past Saturday, Bynum was at the Playboy Mansion, picking playmates up onto his shoulders, jumping over velvet ropes – basically running through the Mansion as if it were an obstacle course.

Therein lies his genius: even though he was partying poolside while his teammates were prepping for the Hawks, no one can really get mad at him now that he’s officially ready to return. Is anyone in L.A. really going to waste time yelling at AB when they could be bringing him back into the fold?

He picked up Playmate Nicole Narain and placed her on his shoulders and got somebody to take a picture with his digital camera.

Upper-body strength, check.

He hopped over a velvet rope near the DJ booth so he could take a picture with Narain and other Playmates who ended up sitting on his lap.

Jumping ability, check.

He sidestepped a few of the roaming cameras and got down with some Playmates on the checkered dance floor set up in the backyard.

Lateral movement, check.

Later, with lines around the bar getting longer, he pulled out a bottled beverage from one pocket and four plastic cups from another and offered up drinks to three Playmates who were with him.

Ability to adjust to game situations, check.

And maybe the best part of this whole thing is how eerily similar Bynum looks like Tracy Morgan in that photo. But if his physique has gotten anything like Morgan’s, maybe he isn’t quite ready to return.

Source: Fan Nation

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  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    Ability to adjust to game situations, check.


  • LAballer

    LOL..i love la

  • Kudabeen

    I was just about to post this…Not made…Some people rehab with weights others with playboy chicks…Not a bad look…

  • fallinup

    Ew…that Playboy chick is givin me the creeps. I don’t like how her eyes are starin at me…


  • S-SiN

    that’s game on top of game!

  • SJ

    i want to go to there

  • Ric Hardwood

    If that’s what rehab is like in LA, it’s no wonder Bynum gets injured every year… hehe

  • YOUNGFED…”AKA New Camaro Pharoah” “Yeah I cop’d it.”

    LMAO, check

  • YOUNGFED…”AKA New Camaro Pharoah” “Yeah I cop’d it.”

    Andrew Bynum=FUGLY, check

    His head smelled like hoochie crotch allnite, check

    She prolly R-Kelly’d him, check

    Him and Heff beat in the poop-shute, check


  • lifep

    Baby mama in a couple of months…check!



  • LakeShow84

    Lol its always good to reutrn to work after a long vacation..

    Bet he comes back even better lol maybe not but wishful thinking..

    So haters.. looks like Bynum WILL be back.. Anyone still think we wont

  • shake&bake

    Damn he looks like Tracy Morgan.

  • Kermit the Washington

    Wait…that wasn’t Andrew Bynum on 30 Rock this whole time?

  • Celts Fan

    N. O. E. No-e


    very funny

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    Just living the life.

  • Mrbball

    YoungFed & SEATTLELITE

    Not funny, Glad you two Donkeys are not comedy writers.

  • Celticsdada

    seriously what have this guy done during his entire 4 years career?? Nothing, zip, nada…he hasnt done anything worth that contract he got. Yet keeps getting injured and party his way out so he can rehab like this? Wow another black man with lifetime opportunity to do smtu with his life and he keeps fukkin it up

  • Dcam323

    He does look like tracy morgan. LOL

  • doc

    @Celticdada-Didnt that black man just get a 80 million contract/He doing something better than ya ass.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Is Andrew Bynum even 21 yet haha?


    Looks like a tranny his on his shoulders right now are you sure he’s at the Playboy mansion or the blue oyster????

  • E$

    And this guy is the missing piece…..Laker fans should start going to church


    this guy is a joke.no wonder why the C’s beat them..LA has BS like this goin on. Cue the duckboats

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)


    can’t blame the young buck for living the life…

  • http://nofeedbackpuh-leeze.blogspot.com/ Slammer Mac

    Bill Laimbeer retired awhile ago. So, I don’t quite understand the necessity of putting one’s self through the very torturous piggyback rehabilitation regime.
    BTW, Andrew should be facing the other way. Kids these days….