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Anything Less Is an Epic Failure

LeBron James
Today’s New York Post quotes Knicks GM Donnie Walsh from an interview on his team’s web site where he discusses “backup plans” if New York isn’t able to land LeBron James in 2010. Absurd.

“You always have a backup plan,” Walsh said from his Westchester office on the videotape, in which he answers submitted questions from fans. “I really didn’t know what the list of free agents were.

“It wasn’t like I was going after LeBron or this guy. It was just, we have to get in the free-agent market. The market in that year, I won’t have to pick all the players. The fact we’re under the cap will put you in much more flexible position and not strung out over a long period of time where you can’t do anything. That flexibility is what I’m focused on, not the who, when and where.

First of all, he doesn’t know who the free agents are that year? Come on, Donnie. And after all of the build up, the speculation, the hype, the going back and forth, if the Knicks come out of the free agent sweepstakes with, say, Chris Bosh instead of LeBron? Epic failure on the Knicks’ part.

I guess a solid consolation prize would be Dwyane Wade, but with the way he plays and the load he has to shoulder in Miami every single night in order for his team to be competitive, he might not really be a great long-term solution.

If the Knicks don’t get LBJ, should it be viewed as a failure for New York?

Source: NY Post

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  • http://www.marketreachadvertising.com amanalone

    It would not be a failure on NY’s part if they don’t get Lebron, but it would be a win if they did. The league is not Lebron, he’s just a great part of it. They’ve given themselves the flexibility to build a great team – that’s what this is all about. Not one great player.

  • Luigi

    ^ summed it up perfectly

  • Deacon

    I third that sentiment with a caveat: It’s not a failure if everyone fails to lure Lebron from Cleveland.

    If Lebron leaves Cleveland but DOESN’T go to New York, it’s a failure.

  • Michorizo

    It would be a failure for LeBron not to end up there.

  • hahns

    agreed- definitely not an epic failure.

    i actually think we should lock up dlee first, and then go after whoever

  • Prof. TX

    The media needs to stop acting like Kobe and LeBron are the only good players in the league. If NY uses all that money to grab Wade and Bosh instead, they will still become an instant threat even if the rest of the team is just decent roleplayers. How many championship teams have been built around LeBron? The Knicks can build a contender by taking the championship Pistons approach: lots of very good players, but not necessarily any hall of fame guys.

  • Sccob

    I agree witjh Prof. TX. One man doesn’t bring home a chip…

  • Max

    Good sense in these comments, particularly Prof TX. Especially good considering the ridiculously sensationalistic headline (worthy of the NY Post for sure).

  • Rat’s Ass

    Who gives a me?

    Ya know what’s epic failure? Pinning your future plans on a scenario that has little to do with wins, losses, or championship. So what if Bron does go to NY. There is no championship guarantee.

  • Kobeef

    I bet Donnie has John Hollinger calculating his odds of landing any of the 2010 free agents on a daily basis.

    Bosh – 90%
    Joe Johnson – 85%
    Amare – 85%
    Dirk – 80%
    Lebron – 50%
    Wade – 40%

  • iain.

    IF Walsh is being serious about not knowing the Free Agent class of 2010, it is just another reminder that this great, proud, mutli million dollar organisation is being run into the ground by their incapable management.

    Seriously, nothing coming out of NY surprises me anymore.

  • Coop

    I think it’s worth noting that historically, and anyone worth their salt already knows this, ‘star’ players are what get results. Perhaps not Small Forwards but only Detroit in recent times has won with a bunch of team guys. New York HAS to get a dominant piece (I believe only Bron and Wade qualify). With a big money club, you can pay out for a star and you can easily afford to surround him with enough talent to win. See the Lakers. Getting a guy such as Bosh will make them good and the chance to be very good but not chip calibre imo.

  • Chaos

    maybe the knicks should have been trying to build a team that could at least contend for the playoffs instead of gutting a team for one player that possibly will be so expensive that it will be almost impossible to put a team around him to contend

  • fallinup

    And in other “who gives a shit” news……..

  • s.bucketz

    i say if we get bosh its an epic failure…even if we get lebron or wade

  • Prof. TX

    In other news, Carl Landry just got shot twice, and plans to be back on the court in a week or two.

    Last year he got teeth knocked out in a playoff game and kept going, now this. He’s going to get some kind of 50 Cent reputation in the league if he keeps this up, pretty tough roleplayer the Rockets have there.

  • flavur

    No one is gonna get D-wade he has invested too much energy and effort into that team to just let it go that east especially since he already won a chip there. And one person definitely does not win a chip if that were true lebron would already have one that year they went to the finals basically because of him.

  • Brown

    I don’t see Lebron leaving a championship-caliber team that can pay him more money than anybody for the Knicks. I think the Knicks are living in fantasy land pinning the future of their franchise on MAYBE signing Lebron.

  • ERIC

    Agree with Deacon – that if LeBron stays with Cleveland, you cant fault the Knicks.

    Also, if the Knicks end up with Bosh, aging-Nash and some other pieces, its better.

    2010 should all about the Knicks returning to relevance and the playoffs, as opposed to LeBron and role players. If Knicks get LeBron, great, if not, there are plenty of other decent combinations of players you can get who want to play in NYC and play for D’Antoni.

    It’s all about the Knicks becoming an attractive destination for free agents again.

  • Big Shot BOB

    IMO every player that they expect to be a free agent that year will just be resigned with there current team. They would be hella funny everyone clearing all this cap space for no reason.

  • Big Shot BOB

    IMO every player that they expect to be a free agent that year will just be resigned with their current team. They would be hella funny everyone clearing all this cap space for no reason.

  • Big Shot BOB

    IMO every player that they expect to be a free agent that year will just be resigned with their current team. That would be hella funny everyone clearing all this cap space for no reason.

  • haslem

    they have to sign other players to surround Lebron as well.

  • haslem

    I hope Lebron signs with the bucks or something random that would make my day. or the KINGS LBJ ON THE KINGS (yea yea won’t happen I care little about that minor detail)

  • Chaos

    the funny thing is they really cant bet on bosh (or any other high profile player)because toronto isnt playing THAT bad (aside from defense). Bargnani is getting better, and calderon is playing like he gives a damn and i think with them around Bosh is playing a little better. They just need a better bench.

  • haslem

    with Lebron, Wade and Bosh signing elsewhere the Knicks sign Charlie V to the max. Charlie is excited for the opportunity

  • Smackdown

    Just getting Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford off the books was a collosal success in itself. Now if they can just get Jeffries and Curry off next season Walsh deserves GM of the year for that alone. The Knicks are not going to get Wade or Lebron, they’ll just use them as leverage to make sure Miami and Clevland literally give them a piece of the team when it’s all said and done (i.e. Magic Johnson job for life) Chris Bosh would be an incredible coup for them especially with a much better Det team waiting to pounce on him. Cuban will open up the vaults to keep Dirk so honestly Amare and Nash are looking like a real possibility, though I’d love Joe Johnson and Amare so much better! Not sure if him and D’Antoni have any bad will from his PHX days.

  • Big V

    Agree with Deacon. Also, you might as well write what you wanted to, namely “Epic Fail” instead of “Epic Failure”.

  • Tom
  • LaMont

    Actually, nobody knows the list of free agents for that year as there could be extensions signed with their current team between now and then. So it is an anticipated list and he’s right you can’t put all your eggs in one basket because if you don’t get the one you wanted the next guy may feel like he’s not really wanted (remember when Wiz owner told Juwan that some other guy not sure if it was Jason Kidd or not was the guy they wanted to draft but he wasn’t there and you were). I’d like to see Joe Johnson and Lamar Odom come to NY and a shot blocker

  • dagwaller

    Ummm…no. As a fan, I hope that LeBron is looking at more than just the dollar signs. Furthermore, it’s not like the Knicks will be able to put THAT much more money on the table than any other team, marketing be damned. MJ did pretty well in Chicago, Kobe is doing fine in LA…there’s more than just NYC.

    And on Walsh’s part, there are 29 other teams that want that guy. Are you guys suggesting that 29 GMs get the axe if they don’t land LBJ? Absurd.

  • LakeShow84

    Lebron will GO to NY on his own free will and will be villainized by the basketball world for being a sellout.. unless your a Lebron fan..


    Donnie wouldnt be doing all of this for nothing.. he may say he dont know nothing but its been talked about for surely.. IMO thats why Lebron got defensive when Charles got on him for feeding the fire so much.. Lebron has turned into his own hype machine.. he wants there to intrigue and excitement TWO years before he even shows.. Next year i bet he will say some shit like “they are lookin pretty good over there with the pieces they have” and NY’ers will inch a little more closer to an orgasm..

    How you going to announce your going to be in the dunk contest the NEXT year DURING the current one?? just an example..

  • LakeShow84

    and that was just a prediction..

    I would be insanely shocked if he signed an extension this summer.. and with what the Cavs have put around him recently he SHOULD sign an extenstion..

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…P.T.I. Pardon the Illness

    I wouldn’t say failure but still with all they are doing, it would be like a shock more than anything probably.

    Still not a failure and they will still be ok.