College / Mar 18, 2009 / 4:36 pm

Barack Obama’s NCAA bracket: North Carolina all the way

President Barack Obama

While the rest of us have the luxury of filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket in relative peace — only having it picked apart game-by-game if somebody in your office pool is really bored — President of the United States Barack Obama (I still like typing that out in full) gets no such treatment.

On ESPN yesterday, President of the United States Barack Obama started filling out his bracket, which was posted today and taped as he made his picks in front of Andy Katz (not our AK, the other one). The President went with North Carolina to win it all, beating Louisville in the championship game. Memphis and Pitt round out his Final Four, and some notable upset picks include taking 10-seed Maryland over 7-seed Cal in the first round, Syracuse to knock off Oklahoma in the Sweet Sixteen, Temple to beat Arizona State in the first round, and VCU to beat UCLA in the first round. (Notice the Virginia/Maryland/D.C.-area leaning?)

You can see the rest of President of the United States Barack Obama’s bracket HERE.

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  • SayItAintSo

    Damn…even Obama hates on the Pac-10 this year…that ish hurts.


    Again as I said in Smack today. It feels good to have a President who knows and loves the game.

    Aside from politics it’s good to see him enjoying himself more than many Presidents I can recall…..except Bill Clinton LOL!

    UNC fans have to have some extra swag knowing the Pres. is behind their squad. Wow!

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    did any other president fill out a bracket before?

  • Mark

    I hope President of the United States Barack Obama’s selection of the NCAA championship will improve the economy.

  • funkymunky

    Hahaha it cracked me up when Prsident Obama said “Don’t eve embarass me in front of the nation again” hahaha. No pressure, North Carolina. The leader of the free world is counting on you lol

  • MoxWestCoastRep
  • Michorizo

    And the whole time I thought your AK was ESPN’s AK, but with a little more Funk!

  • Reed Ewing Frazier

    Go TERPS!! fear the turtle CAL! The prez made some good picks I might use it for my brackets.

    KNICKS UP!! all the rest down!!

  • SteveNash

    Good pick on the Mag cover!!!

  • Mr. A

    Politics aside, it’s nice to have a President who loves the game as much as we do.

    I do agree with Mark, though. It would be phenomenal if his bracket helped the economy. =P

  • Taj

    If he can get his Bracket picks correct then the Economic Crisis should be a breeze…

    I noticed he’s got VCU to beat UCLA… I was tempted to make that pick as well but UCLA is a more experienced squad.


    I concur with the HNIC — Head Negro in Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bruinking

    Someone tell Obama that he forgot to fill in the tiebreaker!

  • doc

    Barack aint pick Nova,so that tell me he dont know ball.

  • m.rob

    Hahahaha check out Coach K hating on Obama’s selections


  • Caleb Guidry aka C.G.

    Obama i agree 100%
    I’ma HUGE fan of UNC
    Hansbrough is a MONSTA

  • Bobby Bob Boberson

    Final Four:
    Michigan St.
    Michigan St.
    Michigan St.