NBA / Mar 6, 2009 / 5:07 pm

Chris Bosh Cries About Shaq Diss


Within a span of a month, Shaq has gone from everybody’s favorite Jabbawockee to the biggest bully in the League.

If yesterday’s victim was Stan Van Gundy, today’s is Chris Bosh. CB4 is crying about when Shaq called him the “RuPaul of big men” after the Diesel hung 45 points on him.

“I didn’t laugh or anything, it wasn’t funny,” Bosh said. “I was kind of upset with that.

“He has been around the league for awhile and I expected a lot more professionalism out of him. I thought we were cool. Whatever.”

O’Neal’s been pretty quick to bite back at comments from other guys around the League – both Bosh and Van Gundy – neither of whom said anything that was on the order of O’Neal’s responses. But both Bosh and Van Gundy have timidly responded when asked about the Diesel’s comments. Honestly I would have expected both of those guys to borrow a page from Kobe‘s book and laugh off Shaq’s disses.

Source: Toronto Sun

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  • isotope

    Lets see what he has to say about Yao after tonights game.

  • “””””””””””

    U want me to comment that???? Oh shit i just did btw 1st

  • Blue

    shaq is one of my all-time favorite players, but he’s been acting like a dick lately. he talks about respect, but in order to get respect, you gotta give respect.
    people could’ve laid into him more when he was suckin’ ass the last couple of years, but they didn’t. now that he’s rejuvenated a bit, he’s just talking some mad shit. i don’t dig that.

  • akash

    If you read the whole interview you would include the part where bosh tells the reporter, “Kazaam, thats my favourite movie” i thought that was pretty funny. A more subtle shot.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The first person Shaq talked shit about this week, it was mildly funny. But now we’re about, what, four or five people deep into the Shaq tirade of snark and hate, and it’s only Friday?

    I stopped caring.

  • David Brandon

    am i really the only one thats never really been a shaq fan?? granted, yeah ok, i’m still a little whatever about the whole kings-lakers series haha, but come on man…this dude is talkin SO reckless

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com Iannyb

    Shaq is a lil bithc badmouthing persons his whole career and a big kiss ass .These days he’s all haq get a damn life You aint Young Jeezy but u’re nothing but a put on

  • vince

    shaqs losing respect from fans and media mostly
    i think hes just worried about bosh and howard being liked by loads of fans nowadays. he feels threatened

  • Flip

    Dime, you shouldn’t critizize Bosh for his response. It is actually pretty mature, he’s definitely taking the high road here…

  • st8ganksta

    We can’t judge Shaq’s personality based on what he says through the media. The guy is just playing the media. I’m sure that he’s chuckling to himself as he throws out these disses (and salivates at the fact that the media will go bananas over his words).

    The guy is str8 playin. At the end of the day, we don’t know what he’s like outside the locker room and can’t judge his chracter based on these comments. Its all a show people – get with it.

  • Taj

    Ticktock is right… Its starting to get old. I’ve always liked Shaq but he’s tarnishing his legacy acting like a spoilt lil valley girl with these tantrums.

    Good on yah CB…

  • Ric Hardwood

    i think Bosh might make fun of Shaq youTube style…

  • http://GEE2.COM GEE…I don’t know about cuttin that cord

    DB what up family!

    Naw I ain’t never really been a Shaq fan. I always called pimpin “The Big Turd” I promise dude looks like a big greasy turd to me.

    Matter of fact you but a fat long turd in a lakers fit and you have it right there.

    Anyway I started enjoying his style after the whole Jabawock deal but then with him going after Dwight and P.E. I am back on I hope that turd loses lol.

  • dbw1019

    Shaq, the only turd visible on Google Earth, is turning into a grumpy old man. He’s having a career rebirth in an offense nobody thought he could survive in. But all we talk about is who he is dissing.

  • AY

    I don’t understand why anyone would talk smack about shaq. He lost a hundred pounds and he’s still 320, your best possible outcome for putting him down is him talking back. If he gave you a zach randolph reaction everytime someone talked him down, there would be a lot of players in the nba with broken faces. Everyone has a mouth, they just don’t come as strong as shaq; can’t blame shaq for that.

  • Quedas

    Andrew Katz, you’re getting kinda annoying in your ‘defense’ of Shaq. I mean, I’ve always found him funny (still do) but you’re being an asshole with these repeated posts about everybody else being a crybaby. Most of them are just taking the high road and you’re crucifying them for it. Frankly, you’re kinda sounding like those douchebags who claim to love the ‘badboys’ in an grotesc overcompensation for being wimps. Please stop it. Dime is better than this…

  • Ian

    andrew quedas is right u started that shit blasting howard for not sayin anything to shaq but praised the diesel for being a retard.

    david brandon i always hated the douche always thought he had no talent and talked to much shit he just made me like him a bit with the allstar dance.

    and for real a dude who made kazaam , some color steele and shaq fu shouldnt be talking shit to anyone.

  • snook

    Blue says:

    shaq is one of my all-time favorite players, but he’s been acting like a dick lately.

    lately? shaq’s been a douche for most of his career

  • deeds

    Bosh crying? It’s called taking the high road and not coming down to Shaq’s level. Bosh never insulted Shaq personally to begin with, he just pointed out something during the game that was frustrating him (he also voiced his displeasure towards the refs during the game), then Shaq makes a personal attack back. Not sure how you can trash Bosh for that.

  • TomGfromCanada

    shaq cant help it, big man big mouth big ego.

  • sh!tfaced

    Shaq is getting old and insecure…

  • sh!tfaced

    Happy birthday, Shaq

    He IS old and insecure…

  • skywarp

    wasnt bosh the first to insult shaq?.. to me h ewould be a douche bag if he actually started insulting people who didnt do anything to him like… KG…

  • Murakami

    i heart shaq..

  • ekstor


    Bosh did NOT insult Shaq… go reread the previous headlines. Bosh complained about the officiating allowing Shaq to camp in the lane beyond 3 seconds, but there was no attack on Shaq period.

  • Dagomar

    The media is creating this entire “argument.” Bosh is being much more mature than a guy more almost 15 years older, even if what Shaq said was funny. Bosh could’ve said Shaq was the Fat Albert of big men or something. Kudos to him for not going there.

  • john

    Katz, you suck

  • joe

    well said.