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Orlando jumps Boston for No. 2, and Al Harrington’s latest antics

Dwight Howard

The numbers and the impact are MVP-like, but Dwight Howard will most likely have to settle for this year’s Defensive Player of the Year trophy. And, maybe, a two-seed in the playoffs. Dwight posted 24 points, 21 boards and four blocks in last night’s win over the Celtics, which put the Magic ahead of Boston for 2nd-place in the East. But as Jeff Van Gundy pointed out during the game, maybe Orlando would secretly rather take that third spot — right now their first-round matchup would be against the Pistons, who still have Dwight’s number. The Centaur would never admit it, but he’d 100% rather destroy Sam Dalembert for a series than battle McDyess, Maxiell and Rasheed … Boston was getting blown out late in the third quarter before rallying to cut the lead to one with 1:30 left in the fourth when Ray Allen hit a three and Paul Pierce wetted a jumper over Hedo. Orlando tried to stop the bleeding a couple times during that stretch by feeding Dwight in the post, but his Shaq-in-5th-Grade post game got in the way. When the Magic needed their superstar to either produce a bucket or get to the line, all he could muster was off-balance hook shots without an identifiable basketball move to set it up. Switch Dwight with Tim Duncan, and he gets something worthwhile out of those possessions … And without Dwight as a realistic option, the Magic had no one else besides Hedo who could create his own offense. But Hedo (3-18 FG) was having a terrible game and Boston’s defense definitely knew it … Down one in the final seconds, Pierce (26 pts, 7 rebs) drove the lane and got blocked by Howard. There was some contact at the rim, but only three people in the world would say it was a completely bad call: Pierce, Doc Rivers and Tommy Heinsohn. It really could have gone either way … Kevin Garnett played 16 minutes — Doc said he’s bumping the PT up to the 20’s next week — and four points with eight rebounds … Did Van Gundy really call Stu Scott a “superior broadcaster”? Does JVG know what “superior” means? … The Orlando win also helped them clinch the Southeast Division, along with the Hawks’ loss (at home, where they’ve been invincible lately) to the Spurs. In a game where where Manu Ginobili made his return (14 mins, 2 pts) and Duncan was given a night off, Tony Parker stole the show with 42 points (18-25 FG) and 10 dimes. Whether it was Mike Bibby, Flip Murray or Joe Johnson, nobody could keep TP in front of them, and the bigs provided zero shot-blocking presence to make him think twice about getting up shots in the paint. Mike Woodson in his old Hawks gear and Kevin Willis in his “Pros vs. Joes” uni would have been just as effective … Bibby had a gash opened up on his head thanks to an accidental Matt Bonner elbow, or as Sean Elliott would have called it, “Where’s the foul? Bibby maliciously tried to break Matt’s elbow with a head-butt.” …

UConn goes in the Sweet 16 tonight

UConn goes in the Sweet 16 tonight

Did you see Al Harrington‘s antics last night? No one’s gonna remember that he beasted the Clippers, giving them 38 points and generally shooting Al Thornton‘s face off. They will remember that after Harrington spun off Thornton and crammed on him to put NY up three with 27 seconds left, he hung on the rim and got whistled for a tech, leaving the door open for the Clips to eventually force overtime and win the game … But that’s not all. You might remember the last time the Knicks and Clips played, when Harrington pretty much did THE EXACT SAME THING and his team ended up losing by one point. Last night Mike D’Antoni looked like he was ready to kill Harrington, who was stomping around and pouting like Cuttino after Stevie got traded … And apparently the Knicks are to fast guards what the Warriors are to halfway-decent big men; everyone has a career day against them. Mike Taylor dropped 35 off the bench for the Clips … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: LeBron had 22 points, eight boards and 11 dimes in a win over New Jersey; Carmelo dropped 29 points in a win at New Orleans; Jose Calderon put up 19 points and 11 assists in a win over Milwaukee; Jason Terry and Dirk scored 26 apiece in a win over Golden State; Grant Hill scored 26 in a win over Utah, plus hitting his second game-winner this week; and Thad Young went for 29 points in a win over Minnesota … With the Wolves’ starters playing like crap as of late, Kevin McHale took “sending a message” to another level by benching all of his starters and sending Kevin Ollie, Bobby Brown, Rodney Carney, Brian Cardinal and Craig Smith out there to start the game against Philly. You hope he got the point across, because we don’t ever need to see Brian Cardinal trying to guard Thad Young again … If there’s one thing the Pacers do better than any team in the League, it’s blowing winnable games. Last night was almost the worst, though. Indy was up 10 on Miami with like 3-4 minutes left, then next thing you know, D-Wade (of course) sparks an 8-0 run. Miami had a chance to win on the last possession; being guarded by Brandon Rush, Wade shook the rookie in the corner and got a good look at a three, but it hit the rim about four times before going out … Half of the NCAA Sweet 16 field is in action tonight: UConn/Purdue, Memphis/Missouri, Pitt/Xavier and Duke/Villanova. In the name of Worst Timing Imaginable, the UConn game could turn into a two-hour “Outside the Lines” rehash of the Nate Miles recruiting scandal; not that the players will be distracted by this, but what about Jim Calhoun‘s focus? … We’re out like Harrington …

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  • ianodelaleza

    phx-utah not happen for u guys last nite?

    LOL @ harrington


  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    tony parker working his way up the point guard ranks

  • E$

    Mario West got T. Park “lunch $$”


  • goonther

    Tony Parker can suck my balls

  • Celts Fan

    @Ranger – to me, he’s clearly #3 (can argue #2 too) and the only guy you can even throw in besides CP3, DWill, and TP is Chauncey (incredibly versatile and improves every team he goes to.) To me, that’s the top 4, without a question.


    Houston Up!

    Yeaa Suns keep winning. They got some hard games, but if they can just play D even every other play perhaps they can win the games lol.

    Feeling like I might want to see Boston and Orlando meet for real, hmmmmm.

    Love the Alley-Oop Howard caught and came down with the ill grill.

    I haven’t heard about any KG antics lately, what’s up with that?

    Get em Thaddeus!


    Oh yea and Tony Parker STILL sucks at individual defense! I don’t care if he drop 50. I will say he finds ways to score though, he most def. can score.

  • jzsmoove

    The Utax-Phoe game was over the top entertaining basketball. If you missed it, it was a heck of a game. Break-neck speed and rumble-tumble by both squads. Phoenix hopefully makes the cut, I dont mind if Dallas slips but they are aight too. And oh this Jazz team probably has a very good basketball product on the court rigth now, Sloan needs a COY award to solidify his status, he’s underrated still. If you havent seen a Jazz game this year, you all sleeping on them, dont!

  • ScoGo

    Back to yesterday’s Chicago drama, Ben Gordon is a shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later scorer with junior high school handles.
    – He’s not afraid of the lane.
    – He’s not afraid of taking a three with two guys draped all over him.
    – He’s mot afraid of stoppin’ and poppin’ in transition when none of his teammates are around for a rebound.

    The Bulls need to keep him around. They need the buckets. But don’t think he’s a point guard just because he’s 5’11 1/2″.

    Could he play the point in other systems? Only if that system doesn’t have a point guard, like when the Lakers use Lamar to bring up the ball and start the triangle-o.

  • QQ


    We gonna destroy the comp come playoff time. Fuck the haters.

  • that’s whats up

    I’d take Parker’s defense over Nash’s defense, but that’s about it. Parker’s D is bad because Timmy is back there to regulate.

    As for Al Harrington, “It’s about dropping dimes, not dollars” – he made it

  • that’s whats up

    Spurs are about to go on a roll, lock up that 2 seed and straight f**k up whoever they meet in the first round.

    It don’t matter if it’s Utah, Dallas, Portland or New Orleans……they’re ass is going home early if they’re meeting the Spurs in the first round.

  • Chicagorilla

    Ben Gordon is a very good (not great)shooter who can score against almost anyone. He is no PG though. I watch this cat every game. The reason he didn’t get the ball against Miami for the game winner is because his handle is so shaky. He can crossover and give you a nice move every so often, but he can not create against a good defense. He’d be perfect for the Lakers

  • Diego

    Parker just abused the Hawks last night; drove to the hoop at will. (Nice steal by Mario though!) Also, S.A.’s big boys just bullied the Hawks guys down low, even without Tim. And, again, Josh Smith just plain sucked–he is one overrated dude. Woodson should have had Zaza in for him most of the game, and the Hawks would have had a chance. (By the way Dime, did Woodson really ever play for the Hawks?)

    The Spurs just looked good, and Roger Mason Jr. sure was one great signing. The Hawks didn’t even play that poorly and still got beaten at home, without Duncan by the Spurs on the 2nd night of a back-to-back.

  • B-rad

    Cutino got traded and Stevie stomped around… but point made.

    I was in the arena for the Harrington thing — and you could tell it was bad when even the crowd wasn’t busting the refs balls.

  • Sanpitch

    i like this dime:

    Mike D’Antoni looked like he was ready to kill Harrington, who was stomping around and pouting like Cuttino after Stevie got traded

    dwight is a beast and is the hands down dpoy. if he could work on his offense this off season he would be unstoppable and a legit mvp-caliber type player. i have howard in my top 4 mvp candidates (lebron, wade, kobe, dwight) but there is a big enough drop from 3rd place kobe and 4th place dwight that i wouldn’t consider him legit, yet. if he can get an automatic 15-footer and something more than that hook shot, he’s going to be unstoppable.

    tony parker was making his own porno last night the way he was penetrating. cat has game, but like has been mentioned not much d.

    utah phoenix was great. as soon as memo put the ball on the floor for utah to tie the game and maybe force overtime. as soon as he put it on the floor i knew it wasn’t going to be pretty for utah.

    nice to see grant hill playing like he used to.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    come on parker is not a great defender but he is not TERRIBLE either. hell look at his last 10 games, his opponents have been held to 39% shooting on a combined 65 of 165. now look at parker, he is shooting 115 of 216 or 53% in his last 10.

    this has not been the best last 10 games for the spurs, they have gone 6-4.

  • QQ

    @ GEE:

    Yah aint heard of KG’s antics because IMO he realized that the playoffs is just round the corner and his weak ass screaming and staring won’t cut it no more. It’s all about playing the game this time. Good for him IMO.

  • Raj S

    KG’s been injured lately. That time off gave his knee, and your hating, time to rest before the playoffs. Save it; you’ll need it.

    Speaking of Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard, please recall:

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Grant Hills a BEAST!!!!!!

  • Celts Fan

    KG been screaming and shit for 13 years now, but now that he beat all your teams, he’s a punk?! Fuckin haters

  • LakeShow84

    Celtics LOOK like they slipping but with those 3 jockeying for position out there i wouldnt too much stock in them not playing so well right now..

    If i were Celtic fan i would be more worried that last year my team was 3-9 on the road in the playoffs.. and Stephon Marbury is proving worthless, oh my bad he had a big three against the Clippers, and Mikki Moore is lookin more more frail playing with the big boys..

    And Tony Parker isnt too bad on D.. he just gets outmuscled sometimes.. he aint as bad as Nash, Bibby, Udrih and i can name a few more starting PG’s in the league.. Calderon, Andre Miller slow as a sinking rock nowadays..

  • isotope

    Rafer had a good game last night too. Looks like he and centaur are building some chemistry.

    That TP move on the fast break on Bibby (i think) was sweet. Even though he could have been called for palming.

    “Orlando tried to stop the bleeding a couple times during that stretch by feeding Dwight in the post, but his Shaq-in-5th-Grade post game got in the way. When the Magic needed their superstar to either produce a bucket or get to the line, all he could muster was off-balance hook shots without an identifiable basketball move to set it up. Switch Dwight with Tim Duncan, and he gets something worthwhile out of those possessions ”

    ^^ thats one of the reasons I would still pick Yao over Dwight right now.

  • D-Nice

    I don’t know about you guys but, I’ll take
    24pts,21rebs,4blks ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!Magic
    won INSPITE of Hedo’s 3-18fg pathetic performance!

  • vinny

    al harrington is the dumbest mf in the league- again al again!!!! dammm!!!!!

  • isotope

    I’ll take winning the head to head matchup and being clutch offensively at crunch time ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

  • Celts Fan

    You still gotta take Dwight over Yao, he has no offense at all, but just being the defensive enforcer in the middle and oop-catching monster makes him the best 5 in the league…

  • Elev8UrMind

    Grant Hill has found the fountain of youth. The training staff in Phx is unbelievable…..first they rebuilt McDyess…rebuilt Hill…rebuilt Amare and look what they have done for Shaq…they even improved his free throw shooting. The staff should win a MVP award.

  • Celts Fan
  • isotope

    The trick is to get a PF that can do the rebounding and defense and let Yao provide the offense. Plus Yao is a much better FT shooter and he’s not a horrible defender but def not as good as Dwight is. Its close but i’d still take Yao.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    DIME YOU ARE COLD, COLD, COLD – “And apparently the Knicks are to fast guards what the Warriors are to halfway-decent big men; everyone has a career day against them. Mike Taylor dropped 35 off the bench for the Clips.”

    I like the “Mike Taylor” line at the end…you bought it full circle to your thesis.

    OKAY — Back2Ball — JAZZ can’t win on the road AGAIN.

    Funny, I was thinking during that entire 4th quarter, “Why aren’t they feeding Dwight?” And then, I saw that he has a VERY HARD TIME being crafty and subtle and economic with his footwork. Thus, my question was answered. But that’s weird!

    Why is Dahntay starting but not JR Smith? That makes no sense to me.

    N.O is starting to make me ANGRY. They can’t be THAT bad at home. This is the 2nd time they lost my money at HOME. W.T.FUDGE?? PAGING PEJA!!! PAGING PEJA!!!!

    I guess GERALD GREEN is Rick Carlisle’s VICTORY CIGAR.

    @20 – I agree. Grant was quite BEASTLY last night. Reminiscient of the 90s…good ol’ days…Detroit Pistons Summer Camp ran by Hill…I remember…he was the man! So yeah, it was good to see Grant BEASTIN!

    Celtics are still REALLY, REALLY GOOD!
    I knew Paul was gonna give Hedo buckets. Him and BABY ALWAYS DO THAT to Hedo. So I knew…but man o’ man…we must never forget that as long as PAUL PIERCE is on the court, anything can happen for the Celtics. He was BUCKETS in crunchtime…which brings me to…

    CARMELO was LIGHTS-OUT. He was ASTRONOMINAL, STUPENDOUS…his MARVELEXCELLENCE was on FULL DISPLAY last night. So maybe I can’t blame N.O. that much…but still…CARMELO was BANOODLES last night.

    He might’ve been filming one of those Jordan commercials or something. I swore the ish looked like his Syracuse commercial…except he wasn’t wearing orange.

  • http://dime sure

    We need to clone the PHX and Denver staff for the whole N.B.A. They even had Penny playing some decent ball. Man I miss Penny Hardaway. It’s great to see G.Hill ball like that again. Vince,Steve Franchise and Jonathan Bender should give them a call. Allan Houston too. Stackhouse

  • http://dime sure

    It’s funny a friend of mine thought of Chris Paul and Melo playing together. Ridicolous. Unstoppable when he wants.

  • dagwaller

    I would still take Yao. I thought this season would be the takeover for Dwight, but he really hasn’t stepped up his offensive game. Yes, Dwight is leading his team to the 2 seed in the East…but Yao might lead his team to the much tougher 2 seed in the West.

    Elev8, you forgot that PHX’s staff has kept Nash going for this long, too.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    props to grant hill and his time machine, suns did what they had to do to stay in the race. utah’s missed FT’s was horrible, but I’d actually like to see millsap get to the FT line when he’s fouled on shots instead of him landing on his ass with blood coming out of his head. he’s like leon from above the rim at this point, in that last tournament where he gets beat up but no fouls are called.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I wonder how good g.hill would have done if sloan had him checked by AK instead of Korver though . . .

  • Ian

    parker is not as bad as some of you guys make him out to be hes avg hes ok hes not getting destroyed by anyone and hes still going to cancel out the other pgs production no matter who it is.

  • LakeShow84

    Unless it Paul or Williams Ian..

    those two PG’s lead the way for their teams.. Duncan leads the way and keeps a lot of TP’s assignments honest.. there aint no point in driving if you going to run right into Timmy.. well lets just say resistance is futile..

  • Ian

    parker doesnt cancel out paul and deron when they play??? comon man we know they all destroy each other (well deron woops paul alot) exactly the same no one owns parker.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    PARKER gets to the rim like no other…but in my book, he’s rated SLIGHTLY lower than the BIG BOYZ : Deron and Paul.

    Slightly lower Mr Ian.

    Parker DOES NOT create like those other TWO.

  • Kudabeen

    In fairness to Dwight he was never really included in the offense in the crunch or throughout the night last night. It isn’t so mcuh about him not being Tim Duncan, but more so Orlando is not very creative in getting him clean catches in the post. Boston is a team that reaches a lot, so why would you past to Dwight in crunch time while he is slipping a pick from the top of the key?? that’s horrible. His to late attempts came of passes while he was on the move…As a coach and point guard you have to set your guy up better than that…

    Nevermind the fact that they never really involve him…yet he still gets 24 and does his work at the other end…

    I’ve said it before…Hedo is the reason Magic won’t be a beast in the playoffs and are susceptible to losing to a poor Pistons team…He is not aggressive when you get physical with him. Same goes for Rashard….They shrink when you get physical…

    Hedo was in the post multiple times with Ray Allen on him. Ray is not the strongest guard in the L, but Hedo made it look that way…It was sad. He couldn’t find a shot against a guy he has 5 inches and 20 pounds on…

    Orlando should’ve made the trade to get a real 4 man that can bang down for rebounds and hit outside shots…(Troy Murphy was my suggestion since last year)…

  • Ian

    mr brogden
    i always said u can rate them in any order no prob with that. the part i dont like its when people act like im crazy if i rank parker ahead of the others now u tell me if i cant make a good case for parker?

  • http://twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    Do we really have to get into the Parker/Deron argument again? One of them has three championships, one Finals MVP, and three All-Star nods. The other has zeroes across the board. I don’t need to remind you which one is which.

  • doc

    Dwight was 3rd to me in MVP all season.People get caught up in offense to much.D-Wade can score better than Dwight but Dwight team is 54-19 without him they would be 19-54.@Ian-sure u can make a case.Cochran made a case for OJ.That dont mean u right.

  • doc

    The other dont got zeros AB.He aint build his awards up like that yet.But 2nd team NBA means during the whole season u were the second best PG right?Thats what he won last year.I wont get to much into the TP and rings thing.I mean when Cornbread Maxwell got finals MVP they were smart enough in Boston to know without Bird they dont even get there for him to win shit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    PARKER’S the Man!
    I just don’t think he’s better than the other two.

    Mr. Ian – you’re not crazy. I just think it’s as much Anti-Spur sentiment as it is Anti-Laker sentiment on this board. And since Spurs and Lakers fans will defend to the death thier own…it’s always fun provoking them. I’m quite sure that’s the mindset of some who post here.

    AB — You’re right…can’t argue with THAT impressive resume.

    @19 – RAJ S — it’s not hating. Some people don’t like his antics. I do, personally. But some don’t…because he comes off as hyprocritical. For example…he should CHIN CHECKED the ISH outta PEELER…way back…but he didn’t…so…cats think he’s a BIA BIA!!

    @22 – Lakeshow : ” i wouldnt (put) too much stock in them not playing so well right now”…YEAH, I hear you. But y’all gonna miss that home court advantage. They got it in them but ceding home court to the 1-HOME-GAME-LOSER was NOT in the plans. Either was KG’s knee or Marbury taking forever to get his swag back.

    Oh yeah — “And Tony Parker isnt too bad on D.. he just gets outmuscled sometimes.. he aint as bad as Nash, Bibby, Udrih and i can name a few more starting PG’s in the league.. Calderon, Andre Miller slow as a sinking rock nowadays..” {{((–COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER.

    I wonder if anyone said anything to Harrington after the game…’cause I would’ve had some words for that nucca. Real rap. Stop the dumb ish dawg. You cost your team last time, this time…you were celebrating with ONE MINUTE AND 30 SECONDS LEFT IN REGULATION. Dumb azz…that’s a lot of time! That’s enough time for your dumb azz to do sumptin dumb and possibly lose a game, dummie. Seriously, THE REFS could’ve let that one slide though. Real talk.

    Anyways, maybe we should call Harrington GET SMART.

  • LakeShow84

    So that would technically be your arguement right Austin?

    You know Ian.. For some reason TP holds his own against Deron but when he plays Paul, Paul mops the floor with him.. but then when Deron plays Paul, Deron usually gets the best of him as well..

    Weird world we live in.. But Tony Parker said it himself.. He and Manu need to enjoy it all now because once TD retires the rough roads will become jagged..

    very philosophical on my part i know..

  • http://twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    @LakeShow — It’s not the entire argument, but it’s a good start.

  • Ian

    please man why does everyone want parker to be on his own but dont mind that deron has 2 power fowards also and paul has one good one????

    so its fair parker vs deron and millsap vs paul and west

    man fuck that shit duncan might be the man but this is turning into parkers team

    when duncan leaves like u said parker will avg 25 and 8 with no problems and if the spurs arent as good it wont matter because he already won and please dont bring up carry a team on his own because kobe is a top 20 player and was the second best player on his team also.

    so one second all nba equals 3 rings finals mvp and 3 allstar nods??? lol

  • the cynic

    can someone get Al Harrington his own show. the guy is a laugh a minute; i would love to see the worthless junk he spends his undeserved money.

    AL can I be your Protege?

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe is a top 20 player?? lol u trying to ignite me for another run??

    Ya know being top 3 in the league isnt bad Ian.. i was referring more to his defense as far as people saying he gets burned a lot.. Duncan is a safety net out there because his help D is superb.. but still TP is better than half the starting PGs out there defensively and it helps that PG’s are so erratic talent wise nowadays..

    But no doubt that it will be Parkers team once Duncan retires.. Thats what cracks me up.. Parker and Duncan won a chip without Manu but Spurs fans (rangerjohn lol) act like Manu coming back will add 30 to the team average and shore up the mental mistakes the Spurs been making lately, make them younger and fix the D.. Manu is only the 1st-2nd option in end game situations.. not the actual game..

    Hes great and a viable #2 guy but he isnt the most important piece.. if anything i think Finley is a good replacement for him.. Hill or Roger Mason Jr playing PG is scary.. Is vaughn still on the team??

  • Sanpitch

    hold up austin and ian

    sam i am cassell has 3 rings, nba all-star, all-nba 2nd team, so does that make him better than paul or deron and about par with parker??? hell no!!

    so bring those stats up all you want and yes it’s a good start but good hell it’s not the be all end all as far as determining who’s better.

    rick fox and ben wallace have won rings, are they better than karl malone or charles barkley??

  • http://www.twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    @sanpitch — You know the role player (Fox) versus star (Barkley) argument is silly. As for Cassell, he was one of the best PG’s in the League during his run, and yeah, he has accomplished more than Deron. But he barely played for his 3rd title team, and he was never in danger of being Finals MVP like Parker.

  • Sanpitch


    the spurs will never be parkers team so long as td is putting on #21 for san antonio.

    both deron and paul have a good cast but they don’t have arguably the best pf to ever play the game playing along side them.

    that is why tp will have a hard time proving himself ’til that guy puts his number in the rafters.

    deron has a great but raw pf in millsap and a heartless blue devil in booz and paul has west (reminds me of vin baker in his prime) who would be serviceable w/out paul.

    so you have parker who is playing with a hof player and deron and paul who are playing with all stars. there is a big difference.

    i guess the argument will be settled when and if td hangs ‘em up.

  • Sanpitch


    sorry austin but cassell was never considered one of the best pg’s in his hey day. his first 3 years with the rockets were his best years in the nba. at that time tim hardaway, gary payton, and john stockton were playing and were the best at their positions. if cassell was one of the best at his position then why did the rockets get rid of him?

    weak argument, and almost on the verge of blasphemy assuming cassell was one of the best!

  • http://www.twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    @Sanpitch — I was counting Cassell’s heyday as later in his career, around the Milwaukee era, when he was an All-Star. Pointing out that he wasn’t that good on the Rockets only weakens your argument regarding his championships. If you’re saying he was a role player in Houston (which he was), then that means he’s not on Parker’s level, therefore doesn’t apply to the Parker/Deron argument.

  • Ian

    austin u gotta love the people that use the well is longley better than ewing bs

    sanpitch we are talking stars here and u didnt get my point WHY DOES PARKER HAS TO BE ALONE WHILE THE OTHERS ARENT????
    isnt having a hard time proving himself only the the spurs haters apparently didnt jalen rose call him the best pg in the league??? didnt GARY PAYTON a top pg alltime say he doesnt mention parker with deron and paul because hes already an stablish and accomplished player?

    and my man want it or not this has been parkers team this season hes has proven it with the others out im a spurs fan manu is my fav player but i have to admit it the spurs are parkers while timmy goes into the jabbar part of his career now.

    and no it wont be settled when td hangs them up because parker wont have his millsap boozer west u r not being fair at all. it will be settled when the others win multiple rings being stars no some role player.

    let me ask u if u take jordans six rings away and give them to richmond who would be considered the best?? or will jordan be considered a top 5 player alltime and arguably the best?? hell no. keep fooling yourself that the rings dont matter in this argument

  • Ian

    alltime top 20 alltime lol not today

  • the cynic

    didn’t Cassel take the Bucks and Timberwolves to the conference finals also?

  • Ian

    omg lakeshow dont do that
    duncan and parker havent won without manu
    duncan did in 99 but not parker
    the spurs are a 2 games over 500 without manu so i think thats proof enough and to say finley is a adecuate replacement yeah sure back in 02 not now.

    no manu no ring simple the lakers can win without bynum we will get knocked out fast withou manu.

  • Biglang Liko

    tony parker is a beast PG. He’s just not set up like CP3 and D-Will as those traditional PGs who score, dish, get steals etc. But I think TP is the best attack point out there. He’s just unstoppable on the drive. Gets tons of and 1s. Sort of like what Devin Harris would like to be.

    He’s top 3 no doubt. He could have better defense but heck, no one can argue with the role he plays for the team.

  • D-Nice

    Hedo is really gonna have to step it up for the
    Magic to go deep in the playoffs.Magic are 14-4
    since acquiring Rafer Alston…