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LeBron crowns the Kings with 51

LeBron (Dime 31)

Since we all remember LeBron‘s NBA debut, at Sacramento back in ’03, each time LBJ makes his annual trip to Arco Arena now, it’s like a yearly checkpoint to see where the uber-hyped high school phenom is at in his career. Judging by last night’s show, ‘Bron is doing alright. While his run of consecutive triple-doubles was stopped at three, LeBron dropped 51 points (16-30 FG, 4-11 3PA, 15-17 FT), nine assists and three blocks on the Kings in an overtime W … Kind of like the Lakers’ last couple of wins (in Houston and San Antonio), the Cavs have been staying out of the “L” column but still showing flaws along the way. Last night they were down 14 in the fourth quarter before rallying to force OT, reminiscent of earlier in the week when the Clippers had Cleveland down by as much as 17 in the fourth. Another area of concern that the LeBron-haters won’t let you forget: When LBJ had a chance to give the Cavs the lead with 24 seconds left, he bricked the second of two free throws … Classic Kevin Martin stat line: 34 points on nine shots (9-21 FG, 13-14 FT). K-Mart’s game is like your school loan; even if you tend to forget about it, it’s not going anywhere, then at the end of the day you’re still blown away when you check the numbers … Mike Brown is making progress. Whereas 99 percent of his on-court temper tantrums have something to do with defending LeBron, last night he went to bat for Mo Williams, tearing into the refs after Mo got clobbered in the second half on a drive. Maybe you just have to make an All-Star team before Brown will flip out on your behalf … It was the end of an era in Philly yesterday, as the old Spectrum saw its last game. The Sixers have been playing across the street at the Wachovia Center since 1996 (Iverson‘s rookie year), but they packed the old gym one last time — Dr. J, Moses and Bobby Jones were among the Philly legends in the building — and gave the fans a hell of a show in knocking off the Bulls … Ben Gordon hit the game-tying three with 36 seconds left, before Andre Iguodala split a pair of free throws to put the Sixers up one. The Dalembeast swatted Derrick Rose on the Bulls’ next possession, leading to a Thaddeus Young (31 pts) breakaway dunk, then Gordon had a three rattle in and out at the buzzer … Rose had a couple of insanely athletic plays: First he went baseline and caught a two-hand dunk where he was still going up as he dunked it, then later got a up-and-under reverse layup that he could have dunked easily on either side if he wanted to … Watching that game last night, we’re pretty sure nobody would have an objection if the Sixers re-did the Wachovia floor to look like the Spectrum, right? … Vince Carter
In the first half of Blazers/Nets, Joel Przybilla met Bobby Simmons at the rim on a dunk attempt and sent him packing. Not sure if that block had anything to do with Przybilla feeling bold enough to challenge Vince Carter in the second half, but that one ended up with Prz getting straddled — think T-Mac on Shawn Bradley — and smashed on … Jersey had a lead in the fourth quarter, Steve Blake gave Portland the lead on a three with about two minutes left, then assisted Nic Batum on the dagger three a few possessions later when he drove and drew three defenders, setting up Batum as the Nets’ D broke down and nobody knew who they were guarding … Two of the hottest teams in the NBA that nobody is talking about, the Rockets and Bobcats, met up in Charlotte. A couple plays after Ron Artest hit the go-ahead J with 22 seconds left, Houston was up by three on the ‘Cats last possession. Vlad Radmanovic got the inbounds and had a look at a deep three, but Artest closed on him and snatched the ball right out of his hands, then coasted in for a layup to ice it … Some big stat lines from Friday: Chris Paul had 30 points, nine dimes and four steals in a win over Milwaukee; Leon Powe posted 30 points, 11 boards and five blocks in a win over Memphis; Joe Johnson scored 30 in a win over Indiana; Antawn Jamison went for 36 points in a loss to Orlando; and Rip Hamilton had 24 points and 16 assists in a win over the Raptors, on the same day that longtime Pistons owner Bill Davidson passed away at 86 years old. Davidson was just inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame a few months ago, highlighting a career where he won championships with the Pistons, the WNBA’s Detroit Shock, and the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning … Some things don’t change. Even with the mess that’s been made of the Warriors since the ’07 playoffs, Nellie still has Dallas’ number. Handing the Mavs a crucial loss last night, GS played one of their best, most focused games of the season, getting 31 points and 10 dimes from S-Jack and 29 points and 11 boards from Monta Ellis … Even with Corey Maggette out (sinus infection) and Andris Biedrins leaving in the first quarter (ankle), the Warriors were still too physical for Dallas. Ronny Turiaf (12 rebs, 5 blks) came in for Biedrins and beasted the Mavs’ front line by himself … The play of the game (maybe the night) came from the Mavs, though. In the second quarter, Jason Terry drove past Monta and went up on Anthony Randolph. Taking a bump from Randolph in mid-air, Terry actually gained a couple of inches on his vertical after the contact and crammed on the rookie. The Mavs’ bench exploded; James Singleton got so pumped he looked like he was about to soil himself … We’re out like sleeping on Vince …

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  • http://afl.com.au josh tha roc

    rip is officially goin nuts.

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah Im from 8 mile but nothing like the movie bro.”

    Lets have a moment of silence for Bill Davidson……..Ok moments up (lol)

  • that’s whats up

    lebron is on a tear – points, assists, whatever…. he’s gonna do it

  • the_don_mega

    CAVS are doin ayt… but they can do better… dime’s right, there’s still too many of them flaws that can be straightened up before the playoffs… imagine if they get kicked out in the 1st rd… Bron would be surely pissed…

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah Im from 8 mile but nothing like the movie bro.”

    YOUNGFEDS VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lebrons Fart Break


    Heres some more random funny ish: 50 Cent “Officer Ricky”

    BTW to all my Pistons Haters…….”We Da Beesssssttt!!!!” – DJ Khalid

    Also everything green (e.g. Celtics) can kick rocks except money and trees, cause we need trees to make more money. (lol)

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah Im from 8 mile but nothing like the movie bro.”


  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com Iannyb

    I realize Dime is very supportive of big scorers even if it means they take a million shots.Not the direction they wanna go.the pistons have really beeen at it especially Rip.The dissapointment on the side would have to be Wallace, he got all the talent but him being a knucklehead is holding him back. I say trade him and let Maxiell loose.Ill be youtubing that dunk of VC over Pryzbilla.thanks Dime.

    Showing love from St Lucia

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah Im from 8 mile but nothing like the movie bro.”

    YOUNGFEDS VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lebrons Fart Break


    Random funny ish: 50 Cent “Officer Ricky”

    BTW To all my Detroit players… “WE DA BEEESSSSTTTT!!!!” – Dj Khalid

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Jason Terry and Derrick Rose dunks were NASTY!

  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah Im from 8 mile but nothing like the movie bro.”
  • rafa23

    how did terry do that? he really got higher when randolph hit him. you dont it often from, but he can really get up there. but why doesn#t he do it more?

  • rafa23

    you dont see it often from him…lol

  • http://nba.com terrance jones wade jr

    dwade is better than lebron and lebron just want admit to it and look what kind of teams u scoring high points on

  • floRida_evans

    Jet doesn’t do it more because his launching pad (Randolph) isn’t always on the schedule.

  • baron boy

    Nellie is a total moron. I didn’t watch the game but i saw the stats for last night’s GSW/DAL game. B Wright got like 10 minutes of burn and score 12 and 5 rebounds. Did he get injured or is nellie just being a dick?

  • jzsmoove

    Why isnt CP3 in the MVP voting race? Is he just simply overshadowed right now or what by the big 3 (in no specific order Kobe, LBJ and Wade)? Well if he still aint CP3 is creeping up on that MVP discussions.

  • Atom

    Yea Randolph got bucked on, but he was also blocking shots all over the place and wreaking havoc on the Mavs offense. Except for a point early in the game where he looked like he was about to cry because Captain Jack bumped his shoulder after he tried to leave the game when he thought it was messed up (he was fine), the skinny 19 year old was really playing like a man, sanding back shots by Dallas bigs like Bass and Dampier. Now if he just put on another 75 pounds and the Warriors MIGHT have a player on their hands.

  • vinny

    How can anyone take randolph seriously when he always looks like you stole his lunch and he’s gonna cry until he gets it back!

  • E$

    He’s been killing them since his 1st day on the job, get it? 1st day, 1st game…nevermind :)

  • AB_40

    vc dunking on pryzbilla isn’t even in the nba top 10.

    if he played in new york that would’ve been the number 1 play or no 2 of the night JT jumping of of randolphs leg was sick as well

  • CDouble

    I don’t know whether to be impressed by VC’s dunk, or saddened by him NOT being able to blow by the vanilla gorilla.

  • the cynic

    Anthony Randolph is going to be pretty good, i remember him scowling at Yao Ming early in the year after a dunk and crying like a kid(he is only 19) after Tim Thomas posterized him; i thought he might punch Thomas but alas, no luck. He has made big steps this year for a project player.

  • rocky lobs

    i like when jason terry dunks, cause you wonder if hes gonna do it, you know he can, but you’re just on the fence until…..BAM! lolll

  • LakeShow84

    Rip Hamilton is playing out of his mind right now.. How was this man sent to the bench?? he must be averaging like 8 assists his last 5-6 games.. thats your PG right there!!

    Silly Dime, Dont mention the Cavaliers flaws with our Flaws ESPECIALLY referring to the last two games.. we played Houston and San Antonio our last two games.. who did the Cavaliers play?? the Suns and the Kings?? really?? Gimme a break.. that team aint on our level and Cavs fans should be real scared cuz it looks like they are starting to get used to playing garbage teams..

    Lol i almost didnt read the rest of the smack when i read that dumb shit.. If we meet the Cavs in the Finals they win ONE game.. Boston is a better matchup and they would be a harder out.. plus we want that revenge.. Starbury my ass..

  • Mr. A

    Okay so LeBron was fantastical last night, per usual! haha but anyway, I’m drunk and don’t want to be some sort of spammer but I just heard this hot new joint from some Greek American rapper called n.googs, who just released a song trashing KanYe West. It’s pretty dope, it’s called “Little Bunny Kanye,” and you can listen to/download it here.

    or the kid’s MySpace, which is here

  • Tom