NBA / Mar 13, 2009 / 1:03 pm

Donte Greene Makes A Terrible Mistake

Bobby Jackson

While every Syracuse fan is not only tired but happy today, I can’t say the same for ‘Cuse alumnus Donte Greene.

After failing at his rookie duties which led to his car being filled with popcorn, Greene vowed revenge and went after the culprit: Bobby Jackson.

Let’s just say, that’s not a very good idea. What did Greene do? How about “dousing the outside of Jackson’s white Mercedes with a mixture of dog food, soy sauce and condiments that sent a stench emanating from the car and sent Jackson into a locker room rant not likely to go unresolved.”

Wow. It’d be one thing if you were Derrick Rose or O.J. Mayo, but come on Donte. You’re averaging 3.7 points and 1.4 rebounds per game. I believe Sactown Royalty said it best:

“Memorial services for Donte will be held Saturday. In lieu of flowers, please donate paper towels to the Donte Greene Memorial Stupid Rookie Mistakes Foundation, c/o Bobby Jackson, 1 Arco Arena Drive, Sacramento CA.”

Donte Green

Donte Green

Source: Sacramento Bee

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  • Promoman

    I’d have got after Bobby’s ass too. I don’t blame Donte.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    First how’d they get into his car?

  • Taj

    Stole his keys, perhaps?

  • Big North AKA Buck Nasty

    Nah @Promo, it’s a right of passage man. You do your rook duties and you shut up, next year you take it out on the next rook. If I’m Bobby Jax right now I’m looking into gettting his car stolen and ran through the chop shop. You cant have rooks bucking and thinking they bigger than the system. In ball just as much as life.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    how you gonna put chocolate syrup on a new cl…i say greene and thompson jump bobby..rookies unite

  • d

    I’m wondering how bad B-Jax actually retaliates. This kind of seems like one of those incidents that goes a little too far, and then triggers all hell breaking loose. So not only do my beloved Kings suck on the court, they may be losing a rookie who gets kidnapped and taken to South America for ransom or something. hahahahaha

  • Jim

    When I first saw this picture and headline I thought there had been a terrible car wreck. Glad to see it’s hi-jinks.

  • calvin brodus

    Homey needs to put some shoes on. Walking around that parking lot barefoot is nasty.

  • Coop

    Haha I can’t stand this ‘rite of passage’ crap, it’s just a way for idiot jocks to dick-measure. If some fool thought it was okay to mess with my property he’d get the business too. Good for Greene.

  • doc

    Bobby shouldn’t have put popcorn in his shit.If it was me news woulda been that day after I knocked Bobby the fuck out.

  • Brown

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a rookie getting hazed then taking revenge. That’s an invitation you don’t want out there.

  • Big Island

    That always pisses me off. Making a dude get donuts or something is cool. But messing with a guy’s car is wrong.

    I wonder if anyone hazed Oakley? Or Larry Johnson? I hope Bobby Jackson gets his ass kicked.

  • Big Aaron

    @ Big Island:

    Oak would’ve straight knocked them the fuck out if they tried that! Don;t fuck with the Oak.

    But I’m with Donte on this one. IF someone messes with my shit, I’m coming back at them twice as hard.

  • Baby Huey

    Look, Greene got his car messed up because he didn’t bring the donuts like he was supposed to. If he had just done that littel job, none of this would have happened. He simply didn’t do his rookie duties and now the whole situation is getting out of hand. B-Jax has every right as the team vet to put the rook in his place

  • Frank

    Donte Greene rulez, cuse rulez, BJ sux(2 meanings of the phrase)