NBA / Mar 10, 2009 / 1:39 pm

Eddie House Will Shoot Your Face Off

Eddie House

Eddie House is not a great point guard.

Statistically, he doesn’t really stand out in any one area. But when he steps on the court, things change. The reason House plays for the World Champion Celtics is because of one thing: he will shoot your face off.

With the constant green light from Doc Rivers, House would let it fly from the bench if he could. But don’t think this happened overnight. I recently got up with Eddie to talk to him about his training regimen, his impact on the game and his own 61 point game back at Arizona State.

Dime: Take me through an average training day for you.
Eddie House: I get up in the morning, go to the gym, hit some weights and run on that treadmill. When I get to the gym, I try to get close to 1000 makes. But if I don’t get 1000, at least get over 500. You know I do that. Then relax for a little bit, get something to eat and then go play.

Dime: When you step on the court, how do you think things change?
Eddie: I think for the most part they don’t help off me so it creates driving lanes for guys like P, Ray and Rondo. Gives the opportunity for the big fellas to just go one-on-one.

Dime: Back at Arizona State, you actually had yourself a 61 point game. What do you remember about that night?
Eddie: We needed all 61 to get that win. We went into two overtimes, and if I didn’t get that 61, I don’t think we would have won the game.

Dime: When you’re in the zone like that, how do you think the basket looks?
Eddie: It looks the same. You getting the same shots you’d been getting but you’re just making ‘em. So you just try to ride it out as long as you can.

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  • hahns

    god im glad he didnt say “the basket looks as big as the ocean” that every player says when they’re in the zone.

    when im on, the basket never looks bigger, i just feel like i can control exactly where the ball goes. more like a sniper than throwing the ball in the ocean

  • Jose

    The Suns could’ve used him in the playoffs a few years ago…

  • SayItAintSo

    When I’m in the zone, I still can barely hit the backside of the barn and my j is still broke as all hell…but you know for damn sure I’ll be getting my own miss at least 8 times.


    Still don’t like him. I don’t care if he can shoot.

    This guy ain’t going every day shooting no 1000 shots for practice either. Probably why he came behind it with at least over 500. Probably lying.

    Ain’t like he a dude creating his own shot. Pimpin is living off of leftovers. Granted now, he is living good and doing what is necessary, I’ll give him that.

    Still he lying again talkin bout cats don’t help off him. They do help off him that is exactly how he gets open. I am sure they are not helping off him less cause he can shoot.

    He knows himself, most of his shots ain’t contested, which ain’t his fault, but he don’t need to be poppin like he is out there creating ish.

    Plus this ain’t a humble cat, and I don’t like cats that think they are more than they are. He talk to much for me to be a roll guy.

    Waiting for someone to punch this dude.

  • Celticsdada

    Hey Poopi are u having ur period today? Lol keep hatin dude while E House will win another champiomship. Its cool. I wish sumone smack the orgasm outta ur mama too

  • SteveNash

    i tried to hit 1000 shots one time with my training partner… then i decided if i hit 700 i’ll leave the gym… then i when i reached 200 i said 300 and i should be home for lunch lolz… we started at 10am and i hit 300 4 hours later…

  • doc

    @gee-He a pro that get paid millions for his J.Believe he do that shit bro.

  • Poppi GEE

    doc I doubt he does though.

    Plus many of them dudes get millions and don’t do crap. You know that is a long list.

    Celticsd…ahhh you not even important enough to finish typing your name.

  • dank

    eddie house is a POS garbage player. the future Damon Jones. seriously, one of the players i hate to see. one of the guys i want to see get fuckin CLOBERRED while shooting a 3. he’s like Nate Robinson minus the fact he’s more annoying. God i hate eddie fuckin house. and i agree with Poppi he DOES NOT CREATE HIS OWN SHOT. whats so frustrating is that youre watching TV and see his man leave him to help on the other good for nothing celtic dbags and he gets the ball and hits a 3 and starts screaming like hes shooting off eyes. SHUT THE FUCK UP EDDIE HOUSE!

    you needed 2 overtimes to hit 61. just like the d-bag ESPN Utah Valley kid that hit 63 in 4 overtimes. really, thats a feat? i know 50 year olds in my rec league that hit that much as much and we play 1’s and 2’s. seriously, not impressed. nothing anyone cannot do. even the faggot celtics fan could stand there and go 2 for 5 from three. fuck eddie house. and fuck this article. GARBAGE

    hey dime: STOP SUCKING GREEN DICKS! get back to some purple and gold!

  • srb

    i love when eddie comes in. it rains threes.

    also, dank is one of the most annoying posters on dime

  • Celts Fan

    damn, lots of hate for a guy that never did anything and never really talks. I’m sure when you play and make a shot, you don’t act happy and just walk back, right? haters…


  • Ted

    I think people hate him because he is so nice. This is a man that can hit threes covered or not- so that is not an issue. I don’t know about the 1000 shots- I think hes doing closer to 500 most of the time- but even 500 is a lot but I was always wondering how he got so damn good and now I know- not a lot, but a TON of practice.

  • Chad

    Dude why would you hate up on a guy like eddie?? honestly you shouldnt say shit about any pro-basketball player if you havent made it out of high school, because it takes alot more than just knocking down 3 pointers and talking smack about the players in the leauge when you sit on your fat ass and complain about the players that show their greatness.