NBA / Mar 30, 2009 / 4:28 pm

Jason Kidd will win a ring in 2010

Jason Kidd

After KG, Pierce and Ray scratched their names off that “Best Players to Never Win a Championship” list last spring, Allen Iverson jumped to the forefront as the crowd favorite to get his first ring next. That it would actually happen seemed pretty likely when A.I. was initially traded to the Pistons, but we’ve seen how that’s worked out since.

After A.I., one of the remaining future Hall of Famers still looking for that elusive ‘chip is Jason Kidd. And I’m calling it right now that he’ll get his in 2010.

Kidd will be a free agent this summer, and having just turned 36 years old last week, he’s clearly in that space where he’ll only sign with a contender. So even if that means he’s Gary Payton in Miami — if not quite Mitch Richmond with the Lakers — the team Kidd ends up with will be one that’s already a championship threat, that he’ll only make better.

Over the weekend, Kidd was quoted in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

“I could sit and watch from the bench,” Kidd said. “[LeBron] is so talented, he’s going to get guys wide open shots. So we’ll look at free agency and what happens for me next year.”

Don’t read too much into that and think Kidd only has eyes for the Cavs. Kidd was probably asked by a Cleveland reporter specifically if he’d like to play with LeBron, so what else would he say? But the Cavs would definitely be on his short list, one that probably includes San Antonio, Boston, Orlando, Utah, the Lakers, and maybe Houston, New Orleans and Portland (still not quite there in terms of competing for a title) if he thinks he’s got more than one year left in his body.

If Kidd is truly willing to play a lesser role and/or take a big pay cut — which everything about him as a player says he would be — he immediately improves a contender’s chances. He knows his place and limitations offensively, and Kidd’s basketball IQ is high enough that he could adapt to any system, whether it’s Phil‘s triangle, Pop‘s deliberate offense, or Stan Van Gundy‘s three-happy style. And while Kidd has slipped defensively in recent years, he wouldn’t be asked to guard Chris Paul or Deron Williams for 30 minutes.

Everything is in place for Kidd to find the right match this setting. His entire career he’s played a winning style of basketball, and it’ll pay off for him next year.

Where do you think J-Kidd will play next season?

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  • Tha Boddy “Agent Zero Still DMV Hero”

    I saw the Cavs starting.Mo Williams as good as he is is a Shooting guard.Throw Kidd in the starting lineup and you have 2 HOF’s who can do pretty much the same things except that Lebron is about 100times better than Kidd at his age.In my eyes I see Jason Kidd as the prototype and LeBron James as being the finished product.I know someone agrees with me.

  • Guitar Hero

    LA seems like a sweet deal to me. 2 aging PGs splitting time, one is trigger-happy, the other one is pass-first…nice combo.

    Houston is also a possibility, but it remains to be seen what they’ll do in the offseason with T-Mac’s contract.

  • DurrtyInjun

    The Lakers would probably be the best fit since he could have the most impact there while allowing Derek Chucker to take his rightful role chuckin; 3’s off the bench. But if the Cavs don’t re-sign Sideshow Bob, and get the cap space it’ll probably happen for Cleveland.

  • Jah

    Too early to tell, but perhaps Cleveland…

  • thomasmmm

    LA or Miami. Definitely not Phoenix.


    Man Kidd will be teamed up with LeBron in NY and yes they will get the chip(s).

    If Cleveland was smart they would have somehow worked something, just something to get Kidd now and already be headed towards the podium for that trophy.

    So see him possibly in Cleveland first but def. in NY when the big LeBron to NY drama happens.

    Still I so wish A.I. could get him one.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Would the Lakers be willing to trade Fisher if they can sign Kidd and pair him with Jordan Farmar? I’d think so.

  • Lee

    Lakers – Kobe would like a point gaurd that can’t shoot … plus if he wins a Championship he can say he was right about trading Bynam for Kidd. (You know Bynam will get injured for next years playoffs too !!!)


    AB I think the Lakers would jump at letting Fisher go at this point, and that Kidd/Farmer combo would be vicious anyway you wanna slice it.

    Still I see that Kidd/James Alley-Oop happening all over the L.

  • Dragonyeuw

    Lakers likely, then Cleveland. I’d like to see him in LA personally

  • dagwaller

    A. Kidd has already shown that he’d rather take money (NJ) over winning (SAS).

    B. By 2010, the Celtics and Spurs window will have closed. The Blazers will be just as good if not better by then. Don’t know if he’d be a good fit, with Brandon Roy being there for the foreseeable future – I think that they both play similarly. And we’ve seen how that works out (Rip/AI).

    The Lakers might not even be all that by then, either.

  • http://www.eddiemachado.com Eddie M

    I think he would be a hell of a fit in Orlando. Can you imagine D Howard getting dunks even easier? Scary…

  • Ian

    when was kidd behind all those players u mentioned kidd was the best player of that group when they were all ringless by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    no way u know that in 2 years duncan is goind to miss the whole season and the spurs land the number 1 seed to draft a center that will carry them for the next 15 years, isnt that what they always do?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’ve always been a fan of J Kidd but at this point in his career I don’t see him being the missing piece to a championship.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Ian — “Behind” as in, a couple years ago if you asked people, “Who do you want to see win a ring?” it was always Garnett and Iverson 1-2, then a mix of Pierce, Kidd, Ray, T-Mac, Nash, etc.

  • SGT Mase

    Am i the only one who doesn’t wanna see him play for the Cavs. I like the team now and agree we could use another piece but Kidd is a liability on defense and Lebron is better when he has the ball and can create on his own. The Cavs are a defensive team and Kidd gets ripped by all the guards he faces. Just my 2 cents.

  • Chaos

    Kidd needs to go with a contender that has a young pg (like cassell behind rondo) and just mentor him while playing stretches to give the young buck a rest. who wouldnt want mentorship from a bonafide HOFer

  • http://www.layupdrill.com LayupDrill

    Lakers and Cavs would be the favorites

  • Chaos

    if he goes to LA i say start farmar and bech/get rid of fischer and play kidd behind farmar. fisher would actually be the death of that team. his best days are behind him and in a triangle O, he disrupts the rhythm

  • Diego

    Fisher had zero assists in 30 minutes vs. the Hawks. Nice! (And I was making it pretty well-known to Farmar and Kobe at the tail end of that game–I sit pretty close to the visitors’ bench and they hear it.)

    Personally, I hate this carpetbagging bullshit by the vets signing for a minimum. It’s one big reason we will never again (yes, it used to happen way back in the day) see a big underdog win the title. (No, I don’t count Detroit or Miami in recent years.) In any event, e.g., what do you think Steve Smith cherishes more–his playing time with Atlanta and Miami or his bench warming title with San. Antonio? Unless he is a total numb nuts–which he is not–, I’d bet the former.

    Weak-ass frontrunning, bandwagon jumping, creaky ass old vets.

  • http://deleted Duke

    Even if Duncan misses an entire season I don’t see the Spurs not making the playoffs behind Parker and Ginobili.

  • Pioneer

    “Allen Iverson jumped to the forefront as the crowd favorite to get his first ring next. That it would actually happen seemed pretty likely when A.I. was initially traded to the Pistons, but we’ve seen how that’s worked out since.”

    Now this is an odd thought? It seemed likely AI would win when he went to Detroit? In what universe did anyone think the Pistons would actually win a ring?

    Kidd would be a great fit in Cleveland coming off the bench. Cleveland needs another guy to handle the ball b/c far too often Gibson is their backup PG. Not good. DimeMag would wig out of that happened though.

    LA seems to make the most sense for reasons stated above. Lakers don’t need more scoring, Kidd could fit in nicely there.

  • Ian

    my bad austin u meant as sentimental favs i thought it was as best player.

    duke i was messing because of the luck we have had picking 1 but with manu playing the way he does and the injuries hel prob be dead by then

  • http://deleted Duke

    I also like the Spurs luck of picking players in the later rounds that turn out great.

  • LakeShow84

    In 2 years he will be even slower.. We’re talking Nash like defense peoples..

    He can go to Cleveland or New York to meet up with Lebron it dont matter.. We in the Finals the next couple of years anyways and i would love to see those two..

    But would i welcome him in LA?? sure.. would i be hyped and think it would THAT MUCH of a difference?? probably not.. PG’s will kill you in this league if you cant STOP them..

  • frankie

    Ian – classic, haha.

    Diego, funny post. I’m inclined to agree with you with the frontrunning.

    Duke, I’m just saying that they’ll be done as legitimate contenders. TD will be two years older by then, Manu’s already played a TON of games in his career, and all three of their Big Three missed chunks of change this year due to injury. That stuff doesn’t get better with time. If they can keep Gooden for two years, and Mason, good for them, but they’ll need more chippy vets like Finley (who may be retired by then) to keep them in contender status for that long.

  • Sanpitch

    if i am a laker fan i think i would rather have farmar than kidd with an extra season on those knees.

    kidd would be a great addition but i don’t think he would be the missing piece on many teams (see ’07-’08 dallas mavs).

    diego i agree with some of what you said.

    if he does go to la i would start farmar and have kidd come off the bench.

    i think he would fit in better in miami, orlando, boston, or houston.

    i don’t think every team will be jumping out of their chairs to sign him. he might be disappointed.

  • AY

    The problem with JKidd is that he’s too slow to guard the point these days, so he can’t start on a team as the point if their 2 isn’t going to guard the other team’s 1. There’s a reason why juan jose barea gets minutes: he’s the only guy who can stay in front of the opposing team’s 1. He can’t play on the lakers to replace fisher unless kobe guards the other team’s 1, and kobe will spend too much energy doing that. His best chance is the Hornets, he knows the system and he can just picking up the play calling when CP3 is resting and get them going at a great pace throughout the game. But his ego is too big for being the 2nd string point guard, not to mention playing for a coach he ran out of town.

  • yeezy

    kidd will play anywhere………..but new orleans.
    back in nj, he was the one who wanted scott out and i dont think hed want to go back to him

  • johnny

    Pistons. :D

  • ProphetGK

    L.A., there isn’t a better fit for him; he’ll get good pt, and add more depth to the team, no offense to farmar. With J-Kidd there you can almost guarantee a championship. You can also tell Lebron & Wade to wait until Kobe retires to win a championship…

  • buffaloballa

    …DIME and DUMMER
    I see you have Hulk Hogan and Rodman wrestling,

    -Do yourself a favor and run the Guitar Hero commercial
    with Pitino, Williams, Krooshwooski and Bobby Knight
    it’s a classic…

    Like the “Ankle Insurance” commercial

    you probably can’t for some reason….

  • doc

    @Pioneer-Believe it or not.Dudes was getting slammed on here for saying Detroit was about to fall off.I guess those people gave up on that idea.Kidd can go wherever.I hope he gets a ring,if he plays for the Sixers or with Bron.Anywhere else fuck him and feed him beans.

  • http://Dimemag.com Rafael Dasilva

    L.A sounds sweet up lets be honest they will have 3 point guards sharing time and it just wont happen, jordan farmar is coming into his own and should be starting within the next couple of seasons. someone will have to go unless kidd is willing to take the back end and play limited minutes. as much as i would love to see a kidd/kobe tag team with L.O on the run and bymun and gasol in the post i dont think i would happen unless he just wants the ring that bad.

  • jeremy

    i’d like to see him in orlando or miami…