• Leify43

    i agree that AZ is very dangerous. 3 NBA players with tourney expirence but idk how far i can put them cause they have been playing bad lately adn are wildly inconsistant

  • Luigi

    Dukies losing??..i dont see it happening. but anything can happen

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I could see Dayton knocking off West Virginia, USC upsetting Boston College (surprisingly easy, too) and Michigan beating Clemson.

    Let’s go Binghamton!!

  • Luigi

    yeah i remember reading about the Binghamton team that had a snub as their conference player of the yr [DJ] n now hes pissed…

    n My Terps. FEAR THE TURTLE!. haha yo if MD beats Cal… do u think they have a shot against Memphis?

  • go_Bing!

    binghamton? where on the map is that? well lets not forget that it was the place where Dr. Watson found the little compand known as IBM. Really glad to see the bearcats made its first NCAA appearance and puts the city on everyone’s mental map

  • loganlight

    Real talk?

    Maryland should be feared. They are playing good basketball right now… maybe not great, but if your team doesn’t come ready, they’ll send you home real quick.

    I like these “upsets.” I can’t wait for y’alls coverage either… DIME always does it right.


  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Luigi — Just wondering, what do you think of Eric Hayes at Maryland? Some people at Dime think he’s a future (good) pro, but I’m not so impressed. You?

  • http://deleted Luigi

    ehh i like his game. but his game is suited for the college game and if he gets drafted…it might be in the late 1st – mid 2nd rd. He’s probably coming back for his Senior Year to improve his stock…n if he ever gets PT. in the NBA i think he would be a good role player on a bad team. [eg. my Wiz] or a benchwarmer/garbage time players on a title contender [eg. Lakers.Celts.]

  • http://www.KixandtheCity.com MaZe


  • http://www.KixandtheCity.com MaZe


    On Vestal PKWY ;). Across the street from the Chinese buffet! Yes, I said Chinese buffet. Don’t act like you don’t know about it.

  • gilbo

    haha eric hayes leaving early? Not a chance. And not even a chance he gets drafted. Look at his numbers and watch him play. He was recruited to be a PG and he cant play it. As a UMD alumni I am certain he won’t be going anywhere

  • doc

    All them are good picks and AB’s too.But aint none of them Maryland dudes except Vasquez getting a shot.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I go to VCU so I see Maynor and Sanders on a regular basis. These dudes are legit and a lot of the players are from hotbeds of basketball in Florida all because of head coach Anthony Grant, former assistant to Billy Donovan and University of Florida. Shit even Lil Wayne gave us a shout saying we were a team “to watch out for” ya dig…

  • heavy d

    Binghamton over Duke could happen, but your comment shows how little you’ve watched Duke of late. If the opposing back court is too quick then Greg Paulus gets no run. Sure Scheyer’s out there, but so is Elliot Williams who can handle anyone defensively. Add to that Nolan Smith’s back and playing good minutes. This isn’t a slow Duke back court anymore. Offensively they got 3 solid options as well with Singler, Henderson, and Scheyer. Duke haters should not get their hopes up until Boston.

  • Max

    Picking Duke to lose in the first round? Wow, that’s some delirious hate for an already much hated team. This isn’t the same team that folded the last two years…Paulus hardly plays for them these days. They’re not going to go too far, but they’ve got enough to get past Binghamton.

    VCU is a good sleeper pick. Arizona, I’m not sold yet.