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NBA Draft ’09 stock watch: B.J. Mullens

Ohio State's B.J. Mullens

Ohio State's B.J. Mullens

If Ohio State coach Thad Matta really did have an undercover plot to keep B.J. Mullens on campus for at least two years, it didn’t work.

Right before Siena ousted OSU in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, I wondered if Matta was purposely limiting Mullens’ playing time to drop his NBA Draft stock and squeeze another year out of the 7-foot center. After all, before Mullens even became a Buckeye (and before Blake Griffin started playing like The Hulk), he was seen as a possible No. 1 overall pick, and Matta had already lost Greg Oden and Kosta Koufos consecutively after one-and-done careers. It would make sense to keep his new big man under wraps, bringing him off the bench, playing him around 20 minutes a night, not giving him the green light to shoot threes. (One of the most attractive things about Mullens to pro scouts is his shooting.)

Still didn’t work. After averaging 8.8 points and 4.7 rebounds and winning Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year, Mullens announced yesterday that he’s going pro.

In most mock drafts, Mullens has already dropped from a definite Top-3 pick to somewhere around the teens, just outside the Lottery. Looking at the other players at his position, he’ll still fall behind Hasheem Thabeet (UConn), but is probably the second-best center available, ahead of guys like Jerome Jordan (Tulsa) and Craig Brackins (Iowa State). The only other center I could see being taken ahead of Mullens is Kansas sophomore Cole Aldrich, who has been killing in the Tournament and might go pro a year earlier than expected.

Working in Mullens’ favor is the idea that every team in the NBA could use an athletic and skilled 7-foot, 275-pound kid with an identifiable mean streak and a smooth shooting stroke. But when you really look at it, a lot of this year’s Lottery teams might pass on the unproven Mullens because they already have their own promising center projects: Sacramento has Spencer Hawes, Washington has JaVale McGee, Memphis has Marc Gasol and Darko, Indiana has Roy Hibbert, Golden State has Andris Biedrins, the Clippers have DeAndre Jordan, New Jersey has Brook Lopez, and Phoenix has Robin Lopez. Mullens would be a good pickup for Oklahoma City or Toronto, but there’s a good chance he doesn’t hear his name called until later in the first round, landing with a back-end playoff team like Miami, Detroit or Dallas.

Where do you think B.J. Mullens will go in the Draft?

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  • YOUNGFED…”Yeah Im from 8 mile but nothing like the movie bro.”

    This just might be the worst draft in the history of drafting. lol

  • Shrink This

    Someone will probably draft him in the late lottery or mid first round based on ‘potential’. Problem is, it requires hard work and perseverance to realize one’s potential; not one of BJ’s stronger attributes apparently.

    What’s he going to do when he’s sick of sitting on the end of the bench in the NBA? Try to declare for college?

  • shake&bake

    I’m hoping he gets drafted by the Bulls and I’m also hoping he brings that mean streak more often. The few times I watched him this year he seemed a little soft and hesitant.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Damn. 8.8 and 4.7 can make you a lottery pick? Potential wins again I guess.

  • Chaos

    After watching dude play, he could use another year in college. As big as he is, he would get punked by the second year players, especially since he doesn’t have the best work ethic. Brook lopez benefitted from being in school more than one year and I see him. Actually having that type of game with more athleticism

  • Chicagorilla

    Back end playoff team huh? What about Chicago, or can you east coast guys not stand to hear that Chicago has a good chance and becoming and elite team. Doesn’t Chicago own the rights to Oak City’s first round draft pick next year? In the trade for Thabo

  • doc

    Who knows.Id take him in Philly though.

  • http://www.twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    @Chicagorilla — I’d think the Bulls would be more concerned with getting a bigger two-guard and/or a shooter, since BG might be leaving.

  • Mikey F Baby

    Another year of pwning the OSU girls would have been reason enough to stay. Pro groupies just won’t be the same

  • Bron42 aka Knowing is half the battle

    Dudes a bum and been a bum. another overrated stiff in the robert swift mold. “Athletic” 7’0 white kid who was bigger than everyone he played in high school but couldnt keep up in college. Hell he wasn’t even the best kid on the team. My boy Evan Turner deserves most of the credit for any season OSU had. Hes the next josh howard…minus the weed issues lol

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    Early guess — Late lottery to mid first round.

  • grayski

    I thought i was the only person who thought thad matta was holding bj mullins minutes back…i thought he was doing that to daquean cook also to keep them for another year

  • Kyle

    Or Matta didn’t play Mullens because he didn’t do much, didn’t show ANY mean streak, didn’t do much on offense, seemed dazed and confused, wasn’t a great defender and didn’t block shots, never seemed to care or show anything worth mentioning.

    Lauderdale easily out performed Mullens this year.

    But hey, if Mullens wants to skip sophomore year and go be an NBA bust, go do your thing, make the money while you can.

  • AB_40

    patrick o’bryant… I rest my case

  • My 2 Cents

    I read somewhere that this kid use to be homeless, can’t blame him for declaring and making instead $$$

  • buffaloballa

    …nba can always use a new Shaun Bradley…