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No. 1 Overall? Louisville Got Screwed

Rick Pitino

After Austin beat me to it this afternoon declaring that Louisville will win it all, I’m actually glad he did. Because after watching the brackets unfold, it seems Louisville winning is the last thing the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee wants to see happen.

Without seeing any of the other regions, once the Midwest bracket was announced, I texted my buddy four words: “Most stacked region ever.” It’s true. When CBS declared Louisville the No. 1 overall, I figured it would have been Easy Street all the way to the Final Four. But with Michigan State, Kansas and Wake Forest in the region, the only explanation is that Rick Pitino must have slept with committee chair Michael Slive‘s wife.

Just a few weeks ago, Wake was one of the scariest team in the country. Compare them to the other No. 4 seeds – Washington, Xavier and Gonzaga – and it’s not even close. Plus, Michigan State (Big Ten), Kansas (Big 12) and Wake Forest (ACC) are all from power conferences, something you cannot say about the other three regions.

And if that’s not enough evidence, this will be. In the final ESPN/USA Today Poll, the Spartans were No. 6, the Deamon Deacons were No. 9 and the Jayhawks were No. 11. Really? You think it’s fair to put four of the Top 11 teams in the country in the same bracket, let alone the bracket with the No. 1 overall team? I think not.

It’s not just the top four seeds though. Teams like West Virginia, USC and even Arizona are sleepers to do some damage. Unlike Austin though, who says Louisville reminds him of last year’s Memphis team, I see the Cardinals much more like last year’s Kansas squad. You know, the defending champs. But with a draw like this, it’s going to make Louisville’s run at the title much harder than I thought it would be earlier today.

What do you think? Is the Midwest region the most stacked of the bunch?

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Louisville Will Win It All

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  • doc

    They aint got no excuses.If they the shit they gonna win.

  • that’s whats up

    Dime, that sure is a lot of March Madness posts.

    Where is the “My Girlfriends Pussy Is Better Than Your Girlfriends Pussy” article…??? Is that coming out soon???

  • JC

    Aron we still good on that UCLA Final Four Bet?

  • Big Sneezy

    Memo to Louisville: Kansas’ big man Aldrich is garbage. Lock down Collins and you good. Don’t know much about Mich State, though. Izzo always has his teams prepared for the tournament.

  • Big Dog

    UConn, who was supposed to be the fourth 1 seed, appears to have the easiest road with Memphis, Mizzou, and Washington as the 2,3,4 respectively. Louisville got jobbed.

  • http://www.layupdrill.com LayupDrill

    Without question Louisville got a raw deal. Carolina has the easiest draw, and it seems they would love to see a UConn/Memphis winner vs. UNC for the title.

  • Yo

    Let me try all your GF’s pussies and I’ll tell you

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    To tell you the truth. I don’t know. I’ll put y’all on to some Final Four picks later in the week.

  • star_bury

    I disagree. Mathematically, you’re going to get 4 of the top 13 teams in one region.

    With Michigan losing to Ohio St., Wake losing to Maryland and Kansas losing to Baylor, all those rankings would have dropped.

  • Mikey F Baby

    Keep sleepin’ on Dayton I tell you, keep sleepin!!

  • Big Shot BOB

    @ Layupdrill…you sure about that. UNC could potentially meet up with Blake Griffin and co. and Syracuse who has been on fire lately.

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    @ sneezy

    Aldrich is not garbage. Pretty athletic for a big goofy white center. Collins will straight shoot Kansas out of games too.

  • DartStarDeWv

    With due respect of course, I could not disagree more. The only consistency that this season has given us up to this point is that the rankings haven’t REALLY meant anything at all.

    1. Every team that got to number 1 – North Carolina, Wake Forest, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Duke – lost very shortly after. No one top team separated themselves from the pack, they just kind of hung around together. I don’t count Louisville because they’ve been there for a week. (I’m aware that Carolina held it down for a while early, but they were feasting on weak squads. Go back and look at those games and you’ll find 1 team that’s in the tournament, and I’ll get to that team in a minute.)

    2. Where in this tournament will you find Georgetown, Notre Dame, Davidson or Florida? Nowhere. All of them ranked and touted too highly at different points of the season, and all of them fighting for NIT glory.

    3. Look at the other teams you mentioned. Michigan State and the Big 10 (funny, same thing as football) are so overrated it’s comical. Their brand of ball just can’t get it done anymore when they go up against the other more athletic leagues. They went 2-7 in last year’s tourney. Carolina beat them by 30…the UNC taxi squad would have buried State by 15. Their second game may be against a team that beat UNC (Boston College).And Wake Forest and Kansas are so darn young that I can’t put a lot of stock in them. I see them both wilting under the pressure. Their potential second round match-ups aren’t good at all I think – an extremely underrated West Virginia and Arizona, whom many believe is as dangerous as they come in the tourney.

    I see where you’re coming from, but I just think that Louisville has legitimized themselves far more than any of the other teams in the region, and as of late all teams across the country. Plus, this region has three teams that nobody wants to play right now – a tough and well-coached West Virginia, an extremely talented Arizona, and a USC squad that just won the Pac-10.

    Just food for thought – love Dime, keep it comin’

  • http://dimemag.com/ Aron Phillips


    I think we agree. The Midwest is the toughest. I mention
    West Virginia, USC and Arizona as teams that no one wants to play as well.

    But I just came across another piece of info that strengthens my cause: “Ohio State received a bit of a pass by getting to play in Dayton in the first round. The selection committee said it protects the seeds only in the first round. So if Ohio State beats Siena and gets Louisville, the Buckeyes will be the home team.” Wow. One more obstacle!