College / Mar 25, 2009 / 1:32 pm

Osiris Eldridge Will Give You Buckets

Osiris Eldridge

I’m not going to lie. I hadn’t seen Illinois State’s Osiris Eldridge play that much this season until I saw him against Northern Iowa in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. But after one ridiculous pull-up jumper after another, I was ready to hand him a 10-day contract.

Just watching the mohawked guard get it in on the court, you can see the Chi-Town native has swagger. But unlike some cocky ball players, Eldridge has the game to back it up. After making the All-Star team at adidas Superstar Camp alongside guys like Brook Lopez, Reggie Redding, DJ Augustin, Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington, he wanted to go to a school where he could play right away and be a star. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of Doug Collins, Osiris became a Redbird.

Check out his story and baller profile on BallersNetwork.com.

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  • B Nice

    I go to Drake(in the same conference), and I have seen him play. If he is as good as advertised i want to see more consistency and domination from him.

  • mosduff

    good shit Dime. I saw this guy in his conference championship too and I was really hoping that he could have gotten into the tournament.

    He seems a little undersized for the pro game but I think I’d give him a chance if I were a GM.

  • karizmatic

    I’m pulling for him just because his name is Osiris. The league could use an Osiris.