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President Obama Has Spoken: LeBron vs. Kobe in the NBA Finals

President Barack Obama
This appeared on NYTimes.com yesterday:

President Barack Obama‘s NCAA basketball picks have been well-documented, thanks to ESPN, which scored an interview with him two weeks ago in which he meticulously went through his selections with the sports network’s college hoops guru, Andy Katz.

But the First Fan – who picked North Carolina to win the tournament — has been publicly silent on his picks for the upcoming National Basketball playoffs. Until now.

At the end of an interview Friday with the New York Times (ostensibly about Vice President Joseph R. Biden), Mr. Obama was asked which teams he anticipated would meet in the NBA finals.

His prediction: Cleveland would play the Los Angeles Lakers.

No Celtics-Lakers rematch, in other words.

The president did not predict a winner, but was effusive about the Lebron James-led Cavaliers. “I’m telling you, those Cavs,” Mr. Obama marveled. “They’ve only lost one game all year at home. Thirty-five and one.” (Actually 33 and 1, as of Friday.)

“And they have home court advantage. That’s pretty impressive.”

We love it. The most powerful man in the world knows (more or less) the Cavs’ home record.

Source: NY Times

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  • SJ

    too bad he’s got it wrong. spurs vs cavs in finals

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    he should be worried about more important things then this and his bracket!

    things like where he is going to get all the money he is spending

  • srb

    his PR guys deserve raises.

  • ruben

    well he’s wrong. its going to be a rematch of the 1995 finals. rockets vs magic. oh yeah.

  • lifep

    Ranger John…Just like you use sports to help you unwind after a long day or view sports as a pleasurable past time, how much more would the leader of the free world need to unwind and take a break from the stress of his job!!

    …THINK homey…

    Constant pressure and being surrounded in a dire situation like “reversing our economy” is unhealthy and not wise. He would be like a tea kettle on a stove under CONSTANT HEAT with no sprout to RELEASE PRESSUE. Eventually, the tea kettle would EXPLODE!!!…you feel me??

    Sports is a way that he can “release some of that pressure” under the intense heat of our economic crisis we all are enduring..

    Let him have his sports, in the long run it’ll make him a better and balanced president.


  • Prof. TX

    I like the Rockets-Magic pick. I don’t think it will happen, but I hope you’re right.

  • Ian

    spurs vs cavs same result as in 07 hehehe

  • fallinup

    Sorry Superfans. I agree with the prez and had the same two teams going to the finals since the All Star break.

    As far as him getting chastised for catching ESPN as he works out in the morning…BEFORE HE BEGINS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD….

    Puh-leeze….I’m sure the same people chastising him for that also think he shouldn’t be sitting for dinner with his family too huh? President = SERIOUSBIZNESS!!!! LOL

    Could be worse though…we haven’t heard of him choking on a peanut yet. So give that to our Prez at least

  • srb

    apparently obama also picked uconn to win the women’s tournament. he’s really going out on a limb there..

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    Lake Show.

    Bynum is just giving a preview of what the victory party at the Mansion is going to look like.

    Laker Nation!

  • Curtis G

    To Ranger John:

    Let me start by pointing out that this is basketball forum. True, DIME did open the door by talking about President Obama, but I have noticed that you always turn political in just about every board I have ever seen you in. While I usually find your posts and your exchanges mildly amusing, I have to post say something about this right now:
    You obviously are educated on politics and maybe a few other things judging by the way you type and present yourself, however, your one sided disdain of American politics is particularly shameful. Where will he (Obama) get the money that he’s planning to spend? Probably from the same place Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan did when the economy began to lag. And since you’re obviously educated in such matters, I guess you already know that Obama, Bernanke, Geithner, and countless other political and fiscal authorities subscribe to the Keynesian Model of Economics which calls for expansionary fiscal policy (i.e. spending) during times of business cycle contraction (the Keynesian equivalent of a recession). The Keynesian model works, but I think we are seeing some of its limitations as the economy of the US becomes more globalized. Not surprisingly though, every president that has had to deal with a lagging economy since Hoover has looked to the Keynesian model to repair and spur the economy out of a recession. Lastly, if you or anyone else subscribes to the superficial belief that there are actually TWO separate parties in the US, then I feel for you. In a country where the most conservative Democrat can easily run as a liberal Republican and vice versa, I find it humorous that anyone with any political sense still identifies themselves with either party. Let’s call the parties what they really are instead: government backed PAC’s that generates and doles out substantial amounts of money to any politician that is willing to sell their soul to be member.

    NOW! Enough of that… back to basketball:
    The Lakers are definitely going to the NBA finals for the west, but in the east, I am calling the Magic if they face Cleveland in the EC Finals. My reason? The Magic are just too balanced for Cleveland to counter… especially in a drawn out seven-game series. While the Magic would have no answer for Lebron. Cleveland would have no answer for Dwight, Hedo, or Rashard. Lebron is a terrific interior (weakside) defensive player but he stands no chance of containing Dwight. Ditto for any of Cleveland’s bigs. And because Hedo and Rashard are just as effective away from the basket as they are close to it, all of Lebron’s iffy perimeter defense will be on full display as well as the iffy defense of their two forwards. Cleveland’s defense is really predicated on team defense rather than individual defense with lebron (and the now useless Ben Wallace) providing the bulk of individual defense. And I am sorry, but there is no way in hell Lebron, Ben, or Varejao will be effective against Orlando’s big three. Don’t believe me? Look at the evisceration of Cleveland by Houston a few weeks ago. Cleveland was beat by a Houston team that had a dominant big man in the middle who kicked out to perimeter shooters all day while that same big man kept Lebron out of the paint on offense. However, if Cleveland does make it out of the east and faces LA, he may go down as one of the few players to be swept in two consecutive finals appearances.

  • doc

    As long as Bron go I dont give a damn if they play the Washington Generals.Or the Rangerjohn Sticksintheyassholes

  • E$

    Do the Fakers take another 40pt azz whippin’?

  • lifep

    Curtis G for president or NBA Commish. in 2012!

  • Ian

    “BEFORE HE BEGINS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD” gotta love americans that think they are the most important thing in the world. fallinup please that sounded a bit redneckie and i dont think u r one so u gotta check that post. americans should rename everysporting event that has the name world in it to american yeah im looking at you baseball.

    i wouldnt even say the president of my own country has the most important job please that is just total bs.

  • Ian

    btw fallinup im not insulting u im just saying damn to the whole WORLD thing keep it in america man

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn


    you are correct, well partially. not since the rosevelt era have we seen numbers like we see now, and in the history of THE WORLD no country has ever been able to spend themselves out of a recession or a depression. just ask japan in the “lost decade” that was the 1990’s where they dropped a high % of GDP on their problems. this did nothing but make their maters worse. it was not until they created tax cuts FOR EVERYONE (ie businesses and people REGARDLESS OF INCOME LEVEL) that they turned their economy around. you can not triple the national debt and expect a country to become profitable. i mean that is like me as a business owner tripling my overhead in a single year with no new income. you have to have the money to spend the money, but the us govt hasnt figured that out. and finally, i wonder what “other boards” you have seen me post on that i get political on.

    reminds me of a joke, repo man comes to the door and says “sir im here to repo you car unless you can pay $5000 you owe in back payments” the man says “i dont carry that kind of money” the repo man says “you cant just write me a check or something?” the man says “well hell yeah i can write you a check, i thought you needed money!”

    yes i realize the president needs a break, the issue i have, this guy thinks he is either still on the campaign trail or he thinks he is a rock star. the tonight show, all this BB stuff, still wants to carry his blackberry even though there is no way to keep the info in it safe from hacking. he has shown poor judgement in most everything eh has done to date. i also understand it is very early and we will see how things change but if things continue down this path we are in for a long 4 yrs. hell his aproval rating is down nearly 15 points lower the bush was at this same time and it has fallen nearly 20 points in the last 2 months depending on which poll you read.

  • the cynic

    @ rangerjohn

    he’s going to get the money from the same place bush got money for the war and those “amazing” refund checks; china.

  • fallinup

    @ Ian

    I forgot the sarcasm tags. Was more poking fun at the fact that some folks think being president means that you can’t be a normal human being.

    Hence the:

    President = SERIOUSBIZNESS!!!! LOL


  • Ian

    lol sorry man
    president=seriousbizness yeah bush proved it hehehe

  • Curtis G

    To Ranger John:

    I guess we have to agree to disagree although I will point out that tax cuts are a form of expansionary fiscal policy so you basically confirmed what I had already pointed out. In any case, government spending and tax cuts are both called for right now if you believe the conventional wisdom associated with Keynesian economics (I would, but I am not in charge), so arguing anything to the contrary is pointless. Even the politicians crying foul know this but I suspect they are just posturing themselves for their next re-election. As for the deficit, what most people don’t understand is that this country has operated with a deficit for quite some time; it’s just that there are some years where it is lower or, in some cases, some years there was a surplus (like under Clinton), but overall, we were still in the hole. And not even Bush is totally responsible for that. Sure, the excessive spending in Iraq exacerbated it but, in truth, we can all thank the diminished dollar and China for a lot of the current deficit along with their incredibly (manipulated) fluctuating currency that causes an uneven trade deficit and some other things that I am not even going to get into on a basketball forum. In short America has been spending money it doesn’t have for quite some time and, I suspect, it will continue to do so well into the future.

    On a basketball note:
    The Lakers would destroy Cleveland in a seven games series. Of course Lebron would get his because he is way better than he was when he threw up the duds against San Antonio two years ago. But against this Laker squad, he would have to damn near average an Oscar Robertson triple double every game… and Lebron has already shown that he can’t do that consistently against some of the leagues premier defensive teams. And you know what Cleveland’s main liability will be? Mo Williams. By taking Mo out of his element (no more driving the lane) and inhibiting his ability to break down defenses, he will be rendered into a jump shooting version of his regular season self which does not bode well for two reasons; 1)his jump shooting is streaky at best and is not the bread and butter of his game and 2) LA contests every shot and closes out on jump shooters… hard! But that won’t stop Mo from jacking up bad shot after bad shot. So, again, Mo is out of it which leaves only Lebron to create havoc, unless Varejao comes up with a hell of a lot better post moves than those nifty “the shot clock is running down so why don’t I take on Tim Duncan and throw the ball over the backboard” beauties that he threw up in the finals two years ago. Really, when you look at it, has Cleveland changed that much from that team of two years ago? The one solid difference maker that could viably have a huge impact against the Lakers probably won’t even be healthy for the series (Wallace). Zedrunas won’t even be effective since he likes the wing but will be facing big (but better) wing players on the other end that like the wing just as much except… you know… they can score a lot more than he can. Regardless, you heard it here first folks, if LA and Cleveland meet in the finals, I am calling a sweep. The refs won’t even be able to give Lebron a game.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    1st finally someone who has enough brains (or balls, or both) to even make an arguement around here.

    the thing is this admin is spending at an alarming rate, a rate so fast that no mater how we try, we will never catch up. spending on things that make no sense, (3 million on grape research in upstate new york?, a frisbee golf course in austin tx for 1 mil?). people are focusing (including this admin) on silly things like AIG’s bonus when the amount paid is but a pitence in the overall scheme of things. how about obama still wanting to tax those making 250k+, and expecting them to create jobs locally? hell you could tax every person/business in the USA 90% and it would not cover the budget he is proposing now. this is not the time to be spending money like this. and it has not all been him, i have been against the origional “tarp” program and against giving detroit and the big 3 money. let them fail, let them file chapter 11 and let them restructure.

    obama proposes “cap and trade” on carbon emissions, there is a reason it is called cap and tax. sure we are MAYBE cutting carbon emissions and MAYBE helping the environment (no proof as of yet) but then fule is going to rise, electric is going to rise, heat is going to rise. and not a little, A LOT!

    well i have to pick up my son from school, then out to dinner for my brothers birthday but i will try to check back in later

  • doc

    @curtis-u had me fooled thinking u were smart until u said LA would sweep Cleveland in the Finals.What yall got politics 101 in special ed class.

  • hotshot

    What the heck…this country is going to crap. Who the heck cares what Obama thinks, what does he know…about anything! I mean it’s cool for the president to have opinions about sports…but not when there are actual problems with the country, oh and he has no experience dealing with any of these problems…so I would rather him work on his presidential game and spend less time working the public through sports.

  • craig990

    wtf is up with these long posts?
    Basketball ppl.. basketball!

    It doesnt matter who comes out the east.. they will not beat the SPurs or Lakers.
    Im going out on a limb and predict that the NBA finals will be Cavs. vs Spurs.

    The Lakers are incredible.. but… In any 7 game series… with T.P, Ginobili.. and Mr Fundamental/Mr Consistent.. 20 and 10.. the Spurs will always have a good chance.

    Yea.. the Lakers bench improved.. Ariza, Walton, Farmar,…but so has th Spurs.. they have now have a proven clutch guy Roger Mason, Matt Boner is playing good minutes and can shoot the lights out.. and he always seems to be open… Finley is still reliable.. and now the SPurs have more big men to throw at any other team.. with Duncan, (Oberto, Bonner, Thomas, and Drew Gooden).,, being above average, or at least average.. compared to L.A’s limited big men.. Josh Powell, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, and Dj Mebenga…. behind Gasol and Odom.. are below average big men….. bearing Bynum doesnt come back in time.

    dnt count those Spurs out

  • dano

    Why cant obama have an opinion about sports? I bet that espn bracket took all of half an hour, while the nba finals question was the last question of an interview from a newspaper reporter. come on guys, id rather have a president be a ball junkie than a president who likes to shoot armadillos. Makes him seem more personable and real.
    Spurs have the trio from hell back, always scary.
    Lakers getting no help from the bench, always scary as well.
    Orlando will live and die by the three, which is not a good tactic, especially in playoff time.
    KG is hurting, and the Celtics bench isnt any better than last year. Repeat is unlikely.
    Cleveland Lebrons are invincible at home, and they got home court throughout the playoffs.
    I dont know why everyone loves the Rockets, they got handed the western conference title in the beginning of the year because of the Artest trade, and have not proved that they are capable of winning any big games.
    I say the conference finals
    West: Lakers and Spurs
    East: Cavs and Magic
    cant decide on the finals

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    im just wondering how many smokers there are around this place. cigars cigarettes, doesnt mater. how you like that 1000% tax increase?

  • DG

    OMG like Obama is sooooooo totally awesome!!!