NBA / Mar 2, 2009 / 7:54 am

Shaq on Chris Bosh: He’s the “RuPaul of Big Men”

ShaqThe Diesel

First, Shaq drops 45 points on Chris Bosh‘s cranium on Friday night. Then, CB4 throws up the biggest asterisk he can think of, complaining that the Diesel didn’t really crack him because he was actually “cheating.”

“He was just camping down in the lane,” Bosh said. “I mean, if they’re not calling three seconds – I thought it was a rule, but I guess not.”

Bosh should realize that you can’t go at O’Neal like that without him coming back with something much more clever (and more insulting) than the original comment. I’ve been laughing ever since reading the Diesel’s response.

“I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that’s strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men,” O’Neal said. “I’m going to do the same thing (in their next meeting) I did before – make him quit. Make ‘em quit and complain. It’s what I do.”

Unfortunately for us, the Raps and Suns won’t meet again this year. They don’t have any more games slated on the regular season schedule, and there’s no way in hell that they’ll play in the Finals.

Sources: Real GM and SI

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  • Jayy

    Serves bosh right, hes starting to turn into a p***y

  • ToAn

    Hi i’m not from the US so can someone please explain to me what a ‘RuPaul’ is ’cause i have no idea..

  • fallinup

    @ ToAn
    RuPaul the ……lady….in this video.


    She’s hot.

  • AB_40

    fallinup you know rupaul is a drag right?

    or am I missing your ‘joke’

    and seriously he’s still the reigning quote king of the nba and you call him out like that?

  • fallinup

    no AB

    She’s hot. I’d do her.

  • My 2 Cents

    @fallinup = lol

  • ToAn

    thanks man.

  • fallinup

    Wait wait wait…hold the phones.

    She said it was a hot dog in her pocket.

  • http://GEE2.com I’m da baby pappy …GEE

    Bosh must not know his history. Shaq is that dude who created “Sacramento Queens” and “Kobe tell me how my *** taste!?”

    Bosh had to know he was in for it. Now he will be known as the Rupaul of big men forever lol.

    Classic Shaq.

  • thomasmmm

    here’s hoping that the suns and raps win their last thirty games and meet in the postseason.

    RuPaul vs. BeBe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUEcbdvA2PM

  • jzsmoove

    Yeah I like Bosh cuz I’m a Raptors fan. He aint bad for a big fella. But if at any point he gets traded I wont feel at a loss that bad. I mean he’s plenty more than alright, inside, outside, post moves, finesse. Shaq got it right, he needs fire and killer in his repertoire.

  • heartbreaker85

    you just don’t talk smack with the shaqawokee.






  • Mikey B

    BOSH got served.

  • Dagomar

    Shaq Fu strikes again.

  • control

    Bosh is playing like he wants out of Toronto on the first thing smoking. Bargs has been the best player on the team for a while, and that’s saying a lot. This team is having the worst season it could have with the players it has, based on raw skill it should be doing A LOT better.

    The main problem Toronto has right now is Jay Triano, the guy has been an assistant coach way too long, and now he is scurred to call his guys out for their stupid mistakes. Why is Kapono shooting anything other than jump shots? Why is Chris Bosh camped a foot inside the 3pt line jacking shots instead of driving? Why is Jose walking the ball up the court instead of running? Why is Parker fading away with EVERY shot? Why is Joey fucking Graham the only guy on the team playing like he has a set of balls..and then being put on the bench when he starts going on a run?

    Triano has to quit being a bitch and make sure his guys don’t fuck up by doing the same stupid shit over and over, and if they do, bench em. Fire him and make him assistant coach again, get someone who (like Sam Mitchel) would physically put a beat down on the players if they play like idiots.

  • sh!tfaced

    If Bosh is the RuPaul of big men, does that make Pau Gasol the Miss Shangay Lily of big men? LOL


  • Kobeef

    Awesome line from Shaq. Bosh’s game is small and weak he only looks like a big man…totally RuPaul

  • doc

    Give em the truth Shaq.

  • the_don_mega


  • vinny

    @control- tell us how u really feel?

  • Kobeef

    You are off with your comments about Triano. The guy is not going to win coach of the year but there IS NO WAY he should take the blame for what’s going on in Toronto.

    Management has made a string of immensely stupid decisions over the past few years that got them in the trouble they are in now. The most recent being the decision not to trade Bosh at the trade deadline…or last summer. By the time the 2009 draft rolls around Bosh will be near the end of his journey to being fully exposed. His early season MVP declaration will go down as one of the most ridiculous claims ever made by an NBA player.

  • control


    I’m not disagreeing with you. The players themselves have to be making the stupid choices they are making on the floor. Like, does Bosh really think that jacking up near 3 pointers is how he can be the most effective? Someone has to call him out on that shit, and it’s the head coach’s job.

    Management before BC was HORRIBLE, management after BC seems to be over correction after over correction. BC makes a team that has all the tools to be a fast breaking, “Phoenix North” team…then they are last in the league in fast break points. The management, personnel and coaching staffs don’t seem to be on the same page at all.

  • flavur

    Look remember how bosh was playing with Sam mitchel he was averaging a double double until Sam got fired I think that was the last straw and since then he’s been playing like he wants to be traded. When bosh leaves and goes to America then he will play a lot better and be averaging a double double including 27-25 ppg.

  • http://bleacherbrothers.com/blog/ Al Qaeda Jada


  • Kobeef

    Bryan Colangelo just sent a copy your comments to the other NBA GMs.

    He also appointed you to the position of “Special
    Assistant in Charge of Trading Chris Bosh”.

    Seriously, people like you are the only hope the raptors have of getting something in return for Bosh before he leaves in 2010.

  • http://thoughtsof100k.blogspot.com 100K

    LMAO @ Shaq

  • nick

    i think bosh was more taking aim at complaining how badly called the game was. however you can’t take a shot at the diesel not get a classic respone and complete regreting what you had said.

  • Brown

    @ control

    Stop drinking the kool-aid man. What makes the Raps capable of being a fast-breaking team?

    In order to fast break, you need to grab defensive rebounds, which they’re painfully bad at. You also need players who will push the play, take the ball to the hole and finish at the rim, something the Raps haven’t been able to do since VC left.

    Triano might not be a capable coach, but it’s not his fault. The team plays the same way they did under Sam Mitchell, so you can’t place blame on the coach. The Raps have terrible personnel and don’t spend money wisely at all.

    Top to bottom, the organization has bad management, that’s their biggest problem. If I was running a franchise, there’s not one player on the Raps I would want on my team, at least not in the roles they’re currently playing.

  • nunya

    Bosh makes Gasol look butch…and that’s not easy…

  • QQ

    Even Raptor fans are saying that Bargnani is the best raptor player for the past month or so. Chris Bosh is so bad he makes an douchebag look like a beast.

    And to see people are saying that I was wrong in telling that Bosh doesn’t deserve to be in the allstar. An all star is someone who excels statistically but also plays with heart and leadership. Bosh is NOT an allstar.

  • qzezst

    rupal is a man!!!!

  • Dagomar

    The Raptors’ problems are not nearly as easy to diagnose as you people assume.

    It’s SO easy to point at any team in the league and knock them for what they don’t have. Okay, nobody thought the Raps were going to win a championship at the beginning of the year. That said the Raps dealt with a shitload of injuries the year before and still pushed Orlando to 6 games in the playoffs; they won 47 games the year before with a much younger, greener roster.

    Trading Rasho and TJ Ford for O’Neal was, in hindsight, obviously a mistake. But if that trade would have originally been for Marion I think it would have been solid. Think about it, in theory: this roster has a starting lineup of Bosh, Bargnani, Marion, Calderon and Parker. Those starters alone should be able to comfortably get you into the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, especially when you bring solid players like Kapono and Graham off the bench.

    What happened to the Raptors is similar to what happened to the Bulls. Young, up-and-coming team that starts to teeter, fires its coach, and then falls apart. Personally I attach a good portion of the blame to Bosh. The Bulls did not really have a franchise player, but if Bosh wants to talk about himself as an MVP candidate he needs to more things than score. Lebron or Kobe would get any team in the league into the playoffs because they lead, play defense, and more importantly drag their teams to victories. Those are things Bosh doesn’t do. He’s become a lot like Pau Gasol in that he’s an amazingly skilled player who works best as a complement to a superstar. It’s also possible to (again) point the finger at injuries: Calderon has been dealing with them since the beginning of the year and the team is nothing without him at 100%; O’Neal was in and out of the lineup, Bosh is fatigued and has dealt with some nagging problems. But that’s only a secondary reason at best.

    So far the ONLY plus side in this season for the Raps is that Bargnani is slowly transforming himself from draft bust to future star. But that’s just about it. Fucking Kapono didn’t even win the three-point shootout. What a scene.

  • floRida_evans

    I…I guess there’s just nothing left to write..Bosh is an alleged n*gga made b%tch made n$gga made b@tch.awesome.

  • floRida_evans

    Not an actual link..

  • K Dizzle

    Comedy is sayin the Raptors suck cuz of Triano. Dude is a solid coach, he calls timeouts to make adjustments and the players can’t execute.
    Facts are – Raps ain’t shit w/o Calderon and that hammy pretty much killed this season
    -J.O gave nuthin and now the Raps could actually use TJ Ford
    -Good trade for Matrix…..who’s on the shelf sick
    -Bargnani could be the best player, but he’s not as aggressive as he needs to be (still a step up from when dudes were callin him a bust and sayin trade him. I’d love to see the Mavs offer J Howard now so they could get hung up on)
    -Bosh is still an all star and you smokin dope if you think a tongue lashin by Shaq downgrades him to a scrub

    Back to reality. There’s not a squad in the l who wouldn’t take Bosh if they could.

  • Wizzkid19

    How does Shaq know who RuPaul is in the first place…someone have someone on their mind too much Shaq ?? Someone having some freakish fantasies ?? Oh a a oh… I don’t know about you Shaq ? or Shaqueer !

  • jimmy da baller

    raptors are all nice guys….you just cant win with that anymore……3 point shots only take you so far……they need sum thugs out there….then we can call them a real contender……no one is afraid of bosh!!! or calderone??? cmon people wake up!!!!!

  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    i’ve been a Raprors fan for my entire life and honestly this is too much. atleast with oour other miserable teams there was something to look forward to. watching these raptors is too painful. they have no swagger, no toughness, and no intensity. i really think this whole Euro movement has backfired. Euro players are gud when spread evenly around the league, a whole team of theme cannot win anything. the honest truth is that they are too soft and its obvious that the raptors picked the wrong Pg in Calderon

  • snook

    meh. both bosh and shaq are correct.

  • dagwaller

    Wow. Dagomar broke it down, I couldn’t add a single thing after that post.

  • 3seconds

    nice early 90’s reference shaq… when are you going to break out the MC Hammer jokes? what a douche

  • KJ

    Did someone use the term “cleaver” and Shaq in the same sentence? Shaq is certified buffoon. Has anyone paid attention to this guy giving interviews?

  • Dave

    Ha, he’s not the RuPaul of big men anymore.

    Bosh OWNS this year.