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Shaq on Van Gundy: “All the Players Hate Him”

Shaquille O'Neal

The moral of this story is that accusations of “flopping” can really piss some people off.

Stan Van Gundy dug at Shaq for “flopping” on a Dwight Howard spin move, saying that he was “shocked, seriously, shocked.”

“Lets stand up and play like men, and I think our guy did that tonight,” said Van Gundy.

That set Shaq off on a tirade. Before the Suns/Heat game, the Diesel went off on his former coach, calling him a “master of panic,” a “frontrunner,” a “broke navigation system” (not sure what that means), and he used the word “despise” like 45 times in his mini-rant.

Enjoy this.

“He (Howard) came with the same old, stale Patrick Ewing move so I tried to stand there and take the charge. The new rules say if you come through, you fall. But as I fell, I realized that it was a flop and it reminded me of Coach Van Gundy’s whole coaching career. The one thing I despise is a frontrunner. First of all, none of his players like him. When it gets tough, he will become the master of panic like he did before and he will quit like he did before. The one thing I despise is frontrunners. Yeah, he’s got a young team playing good but don’t be a frontrunner. Him and his brother and even the legend on the bench ain’t done what I’ve done in my whole career. So flopping would be the wrong choice of words.”

“I just tried to take a charge. The (expletive) rules say you can’t stand there and get hit. You’ve got to fall. The (expletive) got the same old stinking move that Patrick Ewing has been doing his whole career. I went down, got up and didn’t complain. I see him and Stan complaining the whole game because they’ve got to. Remember, I’ve done more than him, his brother and Patrick Ewing.”

“Stan Van Gundy reminds me of a broke navigational system. He knows everything about everything but ain’t never been nowhere. Think about that. If I’m right here and I type in the address of where you’re going, I know where it’s at but I’m not going there.”

That wasn’t it. This verbal barrage has to go down in the Diesel’s history right next to the “Kobe, how my ass taste” as one of the most complete insults he’s ever doled out.

“When a bum says some (stuff) about it and I respond, you can (expletive) cancel that cuz I know how he is in real life. We’ll see when the playoffs start and he (expletive) panics and quits like he did when he was here (in Miami). And you (expletive) print it just like that. Do I look soft to you like you can say something and I’m not going to say something?”

“Notice they didn’t play me straight up. We’ll see how far they go cuz I know Stan. I said this a long time ago but I was actually talking about him: ‘When the general panics, the troops will panic. Like in business, when the head panics and takes out all his stock, what happens?”

“All the players hate him. The players don’t even like him. I hate frontrunners. I really do. I don’t like any frontrunners. There’s a pecking order involved. I’ve been there six times.”

“I ain’t going to let no bum like him rip me and not say anything back. You can cancel that (expletive) all the way. Usually, I let (expletive) go. Not that. Not him. Hell no.”

“The rules say when a guy goes through your chest you’ve got to fall to get the call. It was a flop. You’ve watched me play for 17 years. I don’t play like that.”

“I’m not going to sit around and let nobodies take a shot at me and he is a nobody to me. And if he thinks he can get in a little press conference and take shots at me like I’m not going to (say) something back, he’s got another thing coming.”

I’ve read through this like 10 times, and I still can’t get enough of it.

Source: AZ Central

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  • G1

    Childish. Always has been, always will be.

  • Ric Hardwood

    whoa… simmer down, Shaq… lol… he didn’t call u a perrenial flopper. He just called you out on one flop… just goes to show, don’t F with Shaq… hehe

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    true words.
    stan van gundy sucks. i’ve said on here several times. he is a puss ass coach. not as good as most ppl think.

    harsh words for patrick ewing though. no need for shaq to take shots at ‘P Ew’. leave that gold club member out of it though.

    but i love when shaq spits fire!!

  • Patrick

    If he wasn’t on my team this would bother me, but if in any way it helps the suns win some more games and get in the playoffs then spit fire big fella.

  • E$


    Larry Hughes assist of the night

  • http://www.edthesportsfan.com SoulOnIce


    I love The Diesel, but even I gotta admit he might have gone too far. Then again, Van Gundy challenged his manhood, and we all know Shaq wasn’t havin’ that.

    CLASSIC material, from The Big Aristotle.

  • LakeShow84


    Did he really have to diss Ewing though lol well this goes along the lines that you never confuse a Mexican with a Puerto Rican and likewise lol..

  • d’Antonio

    Shaq is a spoiled bitch.

    Did Jordan go and launch personal attacks against whoever criticized him? Did Magic do so? Bird? Hakeem?

    This is completely unasked for, and it’s not even close to be funny. Would the Big Cactus like it if SVG calls him out for what he is: a lazy underachiever, a big fat waste of potential. Yes, he’s got the rings, but with the lack of competition he was facing and the teammates he had, he should have had twice as many… SVG on the other hand is doing the most he can with his Ron Jeremy looks…

  • YOUNGFED…”My neighborhood was the roughest, but still I remain. Just kept stackin’ my change remained the same.”

    Shaq is my new favorite player…..atleast for today that is.

    Best line
    “Stan Van Gundy reminds me of a broke navigational system. He knows everything about everything but ain’t never been nowhere.”

    This statement holds true for soooooooo many DIME posters.

  • JLE40

    Shaq is a joke. The dude has had an amazing career, no arguing that. But that does not give him the right to talk down to everyone in the league. You make mistakes too, Shaq. Dont bitch and complain when those mistakes get pointed out. He’s a baby. He can take all of the positive words people have to say, but when he is criticized, he cries like a little high school punk.

    Further, what do JVG and Ewing have to do with it? Making fun of Ewing’s post moves??? Really, Shaq? He’s a Hall of Famer. Get a clue jo.

  • fiyaman

    Shaq is a big pussy.. He should be called BIG BABY.. he cries everytime someone says something about him..STFU and go change ur pad…

    Shaq hasnt won anything by himself yet so all that talk about rings dont really mean nothing cause he won with Kobe and Wade.. Let him win or even get out of the first round with the Suns…. He has more talent on his Suns team than he did with the Heat and Lakers.. The difference is he doenst have a Kobe or Wade…. So he aint all that he’s cracked up to be.. Yeah he can put up good stats and make players fear him but that doensnt lead to Rings w/o Kobe or Wade.

  • Scott

    As much as this is jokes against Stan. I just read a REALLY GOOD read on the situation over at yahoo http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=AvYDS6jX5K_nD_EL3Mh8vcPqbwM6?slug=aw-shaqvangundy030509&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    The author basically discusses how Stan elevated the pressure of Shaq vs Howard to make it more Shaq vs Stan.

    Regardless of who’s in the right, I do applaud Stan for taking the heat from Shaq and letting his young star breathe for a minute.

    One point that was in that article that I can’t discount is Shaq’s need to rip on Howard when Dwight is clearly a good guy who wants to have as much fun as Shaq did when he was that young, or hell, as much fun as Shaq wants to have now, lol.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    An assist for AK,

    Broken navigation = no direction.

  • d’Antonio

    “”Stan Van Gundy reminds me of a broke navigational system. He knows everything about everything but ain’t never been nowhere.”

    This statement holds true for soooooooo many DIME posters.”

    ‘d be curious to hear where you’ve been…

  • hahns

    lol damn….i agree w/ lakeshow, the coldest thing in the whole tirade was the rip on ewing.

  • YOUNGFED…”My neighborhood was the roughest, but still I remain. Just kept stackin’ my change remained the same.”

    I couldnt vote in your poll today beacuse its a draw between Pierce and Melo. But if I had to choose i’d prolly say Pierce just because Melo cant shoot threes really. However Melo is a more efficient scorer.

  • fiyaman

    Jealousy is a Bitch

  • fiyaman

    OOps i meant jealousy is SHAQTASTIC

  • SayItAintSo

    I have said this time and time again. The media LOVES Shaq. They lap up anything he’ll send their way and they’ll take care of him but he is a cancer. He is just as, if not more egotistical than Kobe. You see how even Wade didn’t want to shake hands with Shaq in their matchup lastnight. I think Shaq is funny but he is one giant Diva.

    It’s all fun and games and he can poke and prod until he actually does something and then he disses everyone and anyone involved. He seriously had no right to say the majority of things he said. Flat out rude, disrespectful. It’s sad to see one of the all-time greats be such a teenage girl about all of this. It wasn’t even funny, just spiteful and sad.

    He flopped. End of story.

  • YOUNGFED…”My neighborhood was the roughest, but still I remain. Just kept stackin’ my change remained the same.”

    ^^^^^Did he just say “poke and prod” lmao what the hell does that mean.

  • K Dizzle

    Shaq needs to be careful cuz he’s gonna go down as the bitter dude who couldn’t take any kind of criticism. He comin off lookin like Rick James in those Charlie Murphy real-life stories.
    “No, I didn’t flop…….Yeah, I flopped, but he can’t say I did cuz he’s a shitty coach….”

    I agree with Fed on the Melo vs. Pierce debate today but I’m sayin PP the better pure scorer cuz I seen him put it on the best defensive players of the day for a long time. Still remember Ron Artest in Indy pullin Pierce’s shorts as PP gave him an bunch of fakes then a long jumper then glared at him….cold

  • Taj

    Thats SALTY!!!!!! The Big Legendary doesn’t like anyone tryin to steal his shine. He pulled a Dylan and “spit some hot fyah” on Stan Van!! LOL! Classic!

  • SayItAintSo

    Poke: an action of tapping and/or softly jabbing another person using a finger, stick, or similar object to gain their attention most often done in a teasing manner.
    Prod: to rouse or incite as if by poking; nag; goad.

    To poke and prod is an idiom used (and often understood) by anyone who does not live under a rock or passed the fifth grade.

  • YOUNGFED…”My neighborhood was the roughest, but still I remain. Just kept stackin’ my change remained the same.”

    Never passed the fifth grade

  • SayItAintSo

    Haha, my bad Fed…got me feeling like the Big Cactus…making and @$$ out of myself here.

  • SayItAintSo

    Haha, my bad Fed…got me feeling like the Big Cactus…making an @$$ out of myself here.

  • YOUNGFED…”My neighborhood was the roughest, but still I remain. Just kept stackin’ my change remained the same.”

    You do realize that I have a masters and was just being facetious

    YOUNGFED’S WORD OF THE DAY: Facetious (Fa-ce-tious)
    Facetious means not meant to be taken seriously or literally; amusing; humorous; lacking serious intent.

  • SayItAintSo

    An MSW I imagine.

  • bobbys

    a little sensitive aren’t we big fella?

    and what’s with bringing jeff and ewing into this? those guys are awesome!

  • Michael Jackson

    Shaq is being such a baby lately. KNOWING that he flopped, and KNOWING that Dwight straight TOOK it too him in that game because he ran his mouth about the kid…

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    MSW…that’s funny.

  • rlf

    it’s amazing how immature some people can be. to enjoy a grown 37 year old man, berate another person, it’s WRONG.

    shaq is a very small person.

    and the people that enjoy his actions are smaller than him.

  • http://GEE2.com POPPI GEE…going back like babies and pacifiers

    I hope someone in the L will grow a set and go back and Shaq in a real way before he retires.

    I can’t even blame Shaq if dudes just gonna sit there and let him just go off on them and not come back.

    As much as I don’t like Shaq, I am really trippin on the dudes just taking it. All them cats that are just letting Shaq have his way I am losing measures of respect for.

    Shoot if they gonna let Shaq talk and not even verbally go back at him, then Shaq have your way.

    Still I hope the Suns do horrible! Especially Matt Barnes!

  • Diego

    What’s with his frontrunner accusations? You gonna tell me Shaq himself is not a frontrunner, with his career choices in teams? Hell, in a couple of years he’ll probably be signing the vet’s minimum to win a couple of more rings with the Celts–after he leaves the Suns and rips his former teammates there!

    But I did love the Shaqawakkee performance at the All-Star game–and his shoe phone from a few years earlier!

  • Big Shot BOB

    Shaq is the most dominate big man since “The big dipper.” Get off his nuts and give him some respect. All you cats on here are brave behind your computers but wouldn’t even look Shaq in the eye in real life because you know he’ll knock that ass out.

  • YOUNGFED….”Never said I was clever just funny as hell”

    I take a knock out for 22 million….lol

  • http://GEE2.com POPPI GEE…going back like babies and pacifiers

    ^^^Agreed! LOL

    So Big Shot you aren’t brave behind your computer? Dang homey lol.

  • SayItAintSo

    I’d hella talk trash to Shaq, without hesitation. Then, presumably, I’d get destroyed by a left or right diesel hook (nothing a nice settlement couldn’t fix). Next, I’d take him to court and finally I’d be in Cancun for spring break looking at all the dime pieces instead of sitting in my cubicle posting on dimemag.com

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ givin Shaq some respect.
    Gee’s right. It’s only cuz they respect him that nobody has said anything back to dude. It’s like grade school shit. Dude flopped, tryin to get a call, he gets called out on it and gets swoll up like someone just called his moms a ho. This from tha same dude who got voted to his first allstar game and when Ewing got mad about it said he hoped he didn’t get salty when some young buck takes his place. Shaq needs to ball hard and fade away gracefully

  • Tha Boddy (Shaqified)

    Damn…That rant has been “Boddy Approved”

  • LaMont

    Shaq needs to respect Ew and recognize that Pat did more than Shaq could imagine doing in his career. The fact that Pat rolled with the team he had, didn’t force trades or make power moves to get his choice of coach. Also, Shaq never had to go through Jordan in his prime and I don’t remember Orlando versus Houston going seven games like the Knicks versus Houston Finals did. Pat came in getting the short end (aka bad calls) against Moses, the Chief, Jordan and then on the end of his career he got the short end against guys like Shaq. Shaq’s move was charging into (but never getting called for it) smaller players (i.e Greg Anthony) then looking at them and then dunking the ball. It’s quite possible one of his signature moves was a charge then three second violation then dunk. Pat’s got NCAA ring, NCAA Player of the Year, three NCAA Championship appearances, two Olympic Gold Medals, double digit NBA All-Star appearances, All Time Knick Leader in several categories, number retired, Hall of Famer, and above all…yes, even ball…Patrick Ewing has R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Shaq’s ridiculous, someone tell him that we haven’t been laughing with him we’ve been laughing at him.

  • king ralf

    they made the big shactus angry. suns for the champs now :D

  • Ian

    like i said yesterday shaq is full of shit
    post 8 agree on everything shaq is a retard and talks shit only to people that wont do shit back (ala garnett). didnt he blast divac for this same shit and now is talking crap because he did it.

    i would love to see shaq carry the knicks like ewing did this fat lazy bastard is an underachiever like someone called him and again hes the center the has benefited from more guard help ever to make up for his fuckin flaws.

    i mean ewing and jvg wtf?

    shaq no superstar sg another first round exit there is something no one mentions isnt shaq the superstar that has been sweept the most in nba history

  • kennypayne

    shaq being a straight hater! that “he used that old stale patrick ewing move, was funny” but straight up he has always had a good sidekick to help out- penny in his prime, kobe and d-wade. to say he did more than ewing, come on stop hatin- Ewing’s best sidekick ever was john starks … now i love john starks but he ain’t no kobe or d-wade. Lets not rewrite history Shaq- Ewing had to go up against jordan in his prime and I remember a Shaq, penny team couldn’t do it against jordan when he had a full season. he couldn’t do it against an olajowon team in the finals. I think olajuwan spanked him pretty bad, I mean olajuwan didn’t back down from nobody!
    He couldn’t beat jordan so when he had the opportunity to go out west he did as a free agent. Then he had it handed it to him when jordan retired by D Rob and Tim Duncan who didn’t back down … Now he’s having a good season with no sidekick and his team might not make the playoffs.
    pick on someone your own size Shaq, D howard scares you shaq!

    much luv john starks, Hakeem, Ewing

  • Ian

    u nailed it shaq usually got destroyed in the playoffs by teams that had players that didnt give a fuck about shaq
    (not number wise but sweept out of the playoffs in case some fan wants to post his avgs)

  • Teddy Ted

    Shaq’s Last Big Man Standing Mixtape, the soundtrack to his rage — and one Fu-Schnickens track because he’s likes them.


  • john

    Andrew Katz
    Get off Shaq’s nuts, oh wait never mind, you like em in your mouth

  • the scola

    shaqs a beast but no need to bring poor ol’ jeff van gundy into the mix. jeff is already more legendary then patrick ewing.

  • dagwaller

    A. Flopping is part of the game. Til they re-write the rules, flopping is a smart defensive play.

    B. If you flop (which Shaq did), expect to get called out. I like Shaq and all, but he can be a bitch. “The Legend Behind the Bench,” I assume is Pat Riley, who has more rings and appearances than Shaq does, so his quasi-funny jokes don’t even make sense this time.

  • CT

    Shaq is the biggest front runner ever and hater. Every time he goes to a new team, they are the greatest, until he leaves and badmouths former players, coaches, etc. There’s no need to do this, he’s had a great career with tons of attention. The worst is with Dwight Howard, who’s a really nice young guy who looks up to Shaq.

    The other thing is Shaq only treats people by rank, he’ll only respect somebody like Pat Riley for example. If he thinks someone’s a nobody, he thinks it’s perfectly ok to disrespect or dismiss them.

    I used to like Shaq, he’s a very funny guy and a great player in his prime. I just don’t see where all the hate is coming from, what has anybody ever done to him? He dissed Stan Van Gundy first, by not respecting or working hard for him.

  • This Cat

    I think Shaq respects all people who respect him. I’d like to see some proof otherwise. He just doesn’t take sh*t from anyone, either. If you cross Shaq, he won’t forget about it. If you do something for Shaq, then he won’t forget about it, either. I can respect that. I’m like that, too.